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  1. We bought a new car about 6 weeks ago. We were pleasantly surprised to receive what we felt was a very fair deal in a short amount of time. It was a Volvo, BTW.
  2. Nope. I've told my husband that for years. Love him to death but I just can't imagine ever trusting a man to that level again. Especially in this day.
  3. ZiMom

    Disney sad

    I'll be another to add that my husband's coworker traveled to Disney a couple of weeks ago. Parents vaccinated, children not. The whole family came home with Covid.
  4. Do you have a lake nearby? Catfish love dog food.
  5. yes, nursing mothers can bring their babies along with someone to help. They will not be staying in the village. They will be staying nearby in other accommodations but utilizing Olympic transportation. The bubble will be all very tight and safe.
  6. Athletes under 18 may have one parent travel with them to the Olympics/Paralympics as a chaperone. This is due to increased crack downs with Safe Sport. The parent will be with them at all times except actually staying with them overnight in the village. I assure you this 'bubble' that is being created for the athletes is very tight, very safe.
  7. First 2 were in traditional braces. Youngest was evaluated for braces and we were priced for traditional and Invisalign. We moved to a MUCH higher COL area and traditional and Invisalign were about 25% LESS. I opted for the Invisalign for her for several reasons (which again, was so much cheaper than even traditional braces at our old home). Can not even begin to stress how much easier they were for her. In hindsight I wish I had used them on all of my children (although my oldest may not have been a candidate). After she finished her Invisalign I finally treated myself to Invisalign since I did not wear my retainer in college. In talking to parents now, I always strongly suggest they consider Invisalign if it is a possibility and they have a fairly compliant child. .
  8. I feel like someone gaping at a traffic accident but I'm still trying to figure out how much of the building collapsed. Even viewing the picture from the beach I'm just not grasping how much is gone. I wish there was some type of aerial shot before and after. To my eyes it seems like just the balconies but realistically I know it is much more. When I first heard the news this morning it was hard to believe it was in Miami. Haiti, China, but not here in the US???
  9. I believe they only go up to 4 bikes but I always highly recommend 1Up bike racks. They are not found in stores: https://www.1up-usa.com They are so easy to load and unload and the sturdiest bike racks you will ever find.
  10. For a small guest house move we used the U-Haul version of Pods called U-Box. They were much more reasonably priced and worked well. I would guess they service more areas since U-Hauls are everywhere. You can pick them up with a car or they will deliver and pick up. Just ask.
  11. I've been receiving botox for about 10 years for my migraines. Not going to lie, I like the side effect of my forehead looking nicer. My youngest will tell me I'm starting to look mad when it is time for me to have it again ;) I know the injection sites are not all the same as for cosmetic botox but it gives me just enough to my forehead. Guess all that to say, is don't overdue it, you might be surprised by the effects of just a few injections.
  12. Just the base one. All of the information needed for health is in the raw data provided. I have been able to enter the raw data, from the base test into several different sites and obtain the health information.
  13. Psychiatric service dogs still have to have a trained task. They are more than just for emotional support. However it was very confusing before though since they were for psychiatric services that they were often lumped into emotional support animals. I am going to get my organizations confused and don't want to research right now but a few years ago the legal definition of a service animal was clarified to be a 'dog' and in certain circumstances a miniature horse. That did away with individuals that wanted to use any animal including pigs, snakes, and yes monkeys. My own thoughts as far as flying with a miniature horse would be that in most service dog circles, it is understood that your service dog must be trained to curl up very small at your feet as to not impede on anyone else's space. Therefore a miniature horse could certainly not do that unless you were to purchase the whole row of seats in the first/business class. The airline, by law, does not have to accommodate your service animal.
  14. But it definitely doesn't sit up like a Yukon, just FYI. I had several Expeditions and then tried to downsize to a Traverse. I just didn't like being so low on the interstate. My husband really loved it though. I kept it about 15 months and traded it for a Suburban. I <3 my Suburbans. My husband wished we never sold the Traverse and purchased himself one about 2 years later. It has been perfect for him. I much prefer sitting up as high as possible, he prefers the size of the Traverse. He has put many, many miles on it in a short amount of time and has had zero issues.
  15. There have been many great posts specifically about his medical costs. Let me explain about his amputation. First, based on what has been posted, he will NOT need a specialized car. Modifications to his home, maybe, maybe not. Prosthetics, that is a whole different story. His insurance should cover one decent prosthetic for him, usually at the same benefit level as his other medical benefits (although there are still unfortunately exceptions of much lower coverage). However, if he wants a specialized running leg, he will have to cover that 100% out of his own pocket at a cost of around $15,000. I believe I read it was below the knee. If it is above the knee, then much, much higher. He will need to replace that around every 5 years.
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