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  1. Just curious, what is 7+? Is that a Purina thing?
  2. ZiMom


    Take this advice or not. My husband is a banking attorney. He strongly advises against Venmo and similar cash apps. My understanding (from him) is that you do not have the same protection from your bank that you would have if your checking/savings account were compromised. He will not let our children use them. So, for example, you enter your banking information into the app and then the apps are hacked and your account is emptied, your bank does not legally have to make you whole again.
  3. 3 labs, never a problem with weight because we feed them the amount they are supposed to have. No free feeding in our house.
  4. I'm so glad you were able to find this dentist! We were ones that had difficulty finding a good pediatric dentist. My older DD has PTSD from time in a foreign orphanage. She was the most well mannered, sweetest kid anyone ever met UNTIL it came to the doctor or dentist. We knew some of her history and what caused this but none of that really mattered, she would absolutely freak once she started going toward an exam room, especially once she had to lie down. We took her to 'the best' pediatric dentist in town who proceeded to berate me and tell me it was about lack of discipline. Needless to say, we never went back.
  5. My son began with migraines when he was around 8. Talk about guilt, thinking that I had passed along my migraines to him!! Fortunately, his pediatrician was correct that he would likely outgrow them with puberty. I do remember my mother having migraines occasionally but not near to the degree or as often as I do.
  6. Yes, I always track mine. I use an app now called Migraine Buddy. I only count them if I resort to a prescription medication which is either the generic Imitrex pill or most likely an Imitrex injection. Of course, one week of the month I will generally have them 3 or so days in a row, more days than not. The app also allows me to track other factors such as the weather, stress, sleep patterns, etc that might be contributing.
  7. No. Have started being irregular so guessing I am 'peri' at this point. Of note, I did not become consistent until about 15 years ago. Anywhere from 2-4 months before that. My migraines are very much stress and hormone related so it will be interesting to see what happens. This month has been just as stressful as others!
  8. Yes, if it is swollen, you will want to wait until the swelling goes down. If it looks fine, really nothing else to do as long as she is breathing ok too. If it doesn't look right or if she is having problems breathing, then take her to an ENT. Obviously, if she is having considerable difficulty breathing, take her to the ENT sooner. (worked for ENTs for 20 years)
  9. It has been 25 days since I have had a migraine. I can not even begin to tell you what a milestone this is for me. Best I can remember I was probably in college the last time I went this long without one. Trust me, college was a very.long.time. ago. I first started having migraines when I was around 16 years of age and they have rollercoastered since then. Around 10 years ago they hit their peak, maxing out at 20 days of the month. I added Botox to my regimen that knocked them down to 6-8 a month where they have stayed. April 1 I added the new monthly injectable Aimovig to my daily Topamax and Botox (every three months). I realize it could be the placebo effect but for now, I am beyond happy. If there are any other chronic sufferers, you might want to check out one of these new monthly injectables. I think there are three different ones that recently hit the market.
  10. Not trying to derail at all, but we are dealing with an 8-month-old lab with elevated liver enzymes right now too. Twice as high as normal. They have been tracking him for about 8 weeks now as he has no other symptoms. Please keep me posted.
  11. My daughter has had this happen numerous times. Of importance is that she is missing a leg. Of course, with her personality, she laughs it off to us and asks if they are praying that her leg will grow back??? It does really tick her off. She does not want any pity and it has only happened with our family when she is included.
  12. And btw, I generally recommend Phonak for kids.
  13. You have received some great advice. I was an audiologist in my prior life. I missed in your first post that this was for a child. For a working adult, the first response is a great one, look through your state's department of vocational rehabilitation (called different things in different states), as they may be able to help if needed for work. For children, there are different agencies out there to offer assistance. I worked with a large ENT group and we were always able to find some agency or some ONE to help so that the parents were not on the hook. I would say in all my time working I remember one private insurance company providing coverage, although interestingly, our own insurance now finally does which is helpful considering my middle DC wears a HA. In our area we had programs for newborns, of course, Medicaid, Childrens Medical Services, which is a step up from Medicaid, we had a local cancer charity which would help any child that fell under that umbrella, and I had certain 'angels' that I could always count on from different areas that would always either pay outright or fundraise for their county for 'their' kids, Find a local university with a program as mentioned, or call around to ENT practices and ask what is available. There has to be someone that is willing to help you find some help. Stick with a good reputable audiologist, and hopefully, that will go the extra mile to keep your costs to a minimum. This will likely be a long term relationship so you want someone that you and your child have a good working relationship.
  14. A few visits ago my stylist recommended Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast. I really like it but I'm too frugal to spend the $$ for the # of uses per can. YMMV. Apply it to dry hair.
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