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  1. Honestly, I just don't understand why any business would publicly support any political candidate. My husband and I were just discussing this. Obviously they may have views, but why attach it to a business???
  2. Yep, this was really our only con that bothered us but it was certainly not a deal breaker. We just always check our pool filters before getting in and watch where we walk on our way down to the lake. We love being on the lake and having friends over all summer. Yet another thing that makes our home be the place our kids and their friends hang out.
  3. If you want to just use the watch (messages and phone feature) when your phone is nearby then use will use it via bluetooth and it will not cost you anything, If you want to be able to use the watch (for messages and as a phone) when you are out an about and your phone is NOT with you then you will need to set up a cellular plan for the watch. Verizon charges me around $10 for this. So in a nutshell you have the ability to turn the cellular feature on and pay this fee but if you don't want to that is fine too. Now whether or not you activate the cellular feature, you watch will
  4. Which model did you purchase? Ours is on its last leg too. I don't need anything fancy, just reliable.
  5. And you can use several colors of inks with the Rocketbook and even highlighting. About the only negative is you need to let the ink dry, maybe 15 seconds or so before moving on to the next page or it will smear. After scanning you just clear the page with a wet rag and it is ready to go again. I know there is an OCR feature but youngest has not tried it as her handwriting is atrocious. She just scans as a PDF photo. Will need to ask my DIL if she uses the OCR feature. My middle DD's notes are quite the works of art, unlimited colors and highlighters, which is probably why she
  6. After seeing an advertisement for the Remarkable tablet around a year ago I did a little more research and found the Rocketbook Fusion. I decided to purchase them for my kids to try. They were a hit for 2/3. Youngest in high school, and DIL in college, My middle DD in college just never did find a working flow that she liked with the Rocketbook. They were much cheaper then the Remarkable tablet from my memory. The two that use them write in the notebooks using Pilot FriXion pens. They take a picture/scan with their phones and they are automatically uploaded to the correct note
  7. You do have to make sure the kiddos don't shoot each other in the eyes, but otherwise, it uses so little salt each shot, it doesn't end up everywhere. I'm telling you, they are the best thing! And yes, we may have more then one or two @PeterPan We give a few out each year!
  8. Have you ever heard of a Bug-a-salt??? We found them a few years ago and have to admit have a little too much fun using them. https://smile.amazon.com/BUG-A-SALT-3-0-Black-Fly-Edition/dp/B07RJZNY5C/ref=sr_1_4?crid=2FTNGFLZOAOGA&dchild=1&keywords=bug+a+salt+3.0&qid=1594830385&sprefix=bug+%2Caps%2C183&sr=8-4
  9. I would not. I would reserve a 911 call/ambulance if the patient can not be transported safely. Two family members broke their legs in such a way that they could not be transported safely. In those cases it would do more harm to try to move them ourselves plus I felt confident insurance would cover the ambulance fees, although we still had a hefty out of pocket.
  10. I purchased three for 'kids' at Christmas. My DIL fell in love with hers first. She is a graduate student. After she figured out how to use hers, uploading to OneNote and organizing, she helped my high schooler who has been using her Rocketbook since that point. My own college student has yet to convert from paper to the Rocketbook. It just doesn't suit her own note taking process which is very detailed. Although one can use many different colored inks, highlighters, and more, she prefers her own method on actual paper.
  11. We had this same dilemma yesterday. We normally just leave it put together in the basement storage. We are downsizing considerably and that is no longer an option. My husband went on Amazon and found artificial tree bags for a reasonable price. Ordered!
  12. Miranda: BBC comedy (with Chummy from Call the Midwife). Hilarious. Hulu Coupling: Pretty sure Hulu. BBC, a raunchier Friends if you ask me.
  13. Please keep us posted. I have not heard about this. So far, Aimovig has been my biggest game changer.
  14. Well one of my girls needs to shave occasionally because that .02 seconds the hair causes of drag can be the difference between gold and silver. She doesn't shave in between big meets because the drag is good for training. For the older one, yes, it is to fit into society. She has been bullied enough in her life due to differences. She doesn't need one more thing.
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