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  1. Have you considered a swim bag? There are separate compartments for your wet and dry things. Speedo has at least 3 different sizes. Amazon or google search for: Speedo Large Teamster Backpack, 35-Liter
  2. We have had 2 and would buy another. The first one was 'mine' but I decided it was too small for me so I traded it in for a Surbuban. My husband said almost every day he wish he never sold it and kept it for himself. A few years later when it was time for him to get a new vehicle (thanks deer!), he did then buy another Traverse. We have not had any issues with either one. We also have an Equinox which is the size down. It is my daughter's. She was t-boned at a high rate of speed and her Equinox that was only around a year old was totaled. She walked away without a scrape. We bought her another Equinox just like it. So at this point we have the small, medium and large; Equinox, Traverse and Suburban :)
  3. I had a double about 18 months ago. I wore compression socks for a good month after my surgery as otherwise I was swollen. They made my legs feel sooooo much better. I also made a point of keeping them elevated as much as possible. Additionally, I had the skin itching. I think I was on an antihistime (maybe generic Claritin), for a good 4+ months after surgery otherwise I itched fairly constantly. Many antihistamines take a couple of days to get up to maximum effectiveness and it helps if you take them every day. Interestingly enough I started with the skin itching again within the last week and started back on the antihistamine last night as skin lotion hasn't helped.
  4. or a clause of 'right of first refusal' to buy him back. Would be interesting to see if niece asks for $$
  5. I'm very picky about my tap water. Our tap water at our Georgia house (I live in Georgia and Central Florida) has actually won awards, and tastes great. Growing up I remember that I never liked the taste of Florida tap water. It even smelled of sulfur. I would buy bottled water when traveling here even before bottled water became a 'thing'. But now I have no problems at all here in Florida, it tastes great and has no smell. I really detest paying for bottled water.
  6. Any Yeti type cup works great. We have name brand Yetis and generics. Will leave my ice water in the car for hours in the 100+ degree heat and it will still be ice cold WITH ice when I return.
  7. Ever since my big surgery 18 months ago, I am now allergic to bandaids too. No other allergies so this really surprised me. I tried a few brands and then the paper tape and reacted to it too. I have silicone tape to try next but I am waiting until I REALLY have to as I fear I may have limited tries until I react to it too. For now, if I need a bandaid (such as blood draws, etc), I just hold gauze or a cotton ball over the spot until I can remove it.
  8. I had one. But fortunately it is done MUCH differently than mine 4 plus decades ago! To say it was traumatic is an understatement. Maybe don't share that with your friend. But seriously, I understand that for children they are always put to sleep now (unlike with mine), and I'm sure they even do something much better for adults now.
  9. We have spent some time at the RMcD house and know friends that stay for extended times. Great suggestions so far. Laundry detergent (pods, easy to store), restaurant gift cards (my daughter LOVES eating at the RMcD house but sometimes I needed a break), and a gift card for somewhere nearby to get essentials (Target, Amazon). Unless they will have use of a car, maybe Uber credit somehow??? The RMcD houses we have stayed in had plenty of toys and a 'welcome' pack for us each time.
  10. And my understanding is there is no time limit at all. So as long as you have typical insurance, you can plan for reconstruction at any time in the future. I plan to have one more revision and likely won't get around to it for another 2-3 years. However, keep in mind the insurance pays at their 'usual' rate so you are still responsible for all deductibles, copays, etc. They do add up.
  11. @Ktgrok I did not chose to save my nipples as my surgeon did agree that removing them too reduced my chances of cancer. It wasn't a huge difference but my goal was to not ever worry about BC again. I think many women chose tattooing, which I might investigate further later, but for now I use some great 'pasties' that look incredible. But yes, removing my post c-section tummy was a huge selling point!!! I also go braless 98% of the time at this point which is wonderful.
  12. Just my story. About 18 months ago I had a bilateral with the DIEP reconstruction. Mine was due to family history and genetics (not BRCA but another gene, ATM). The DIEP was much, much harder than I thought it would be, but now on the other side, I would still do it again. The initial surgery was around 9 hours and I have had one small revision. I was 'less than' an A before, a B now. I have never wanted implants, they are just not for me, and without the DIEP option I would have chosen no reconstruction and to 'go flat'. I would never recommend a DIEP for anyone without a good support system in place. My mother underwent a unilateral mastectomy decades ago and chose no reconstruction. My best guess is she was a DD. Seeing her being totally comfortable in her own body, one side flat one side most definitely not, obviously impacted me greatly to know that I would be ok, no matter my choice.
  13. First, IMO if you ask a chiropractor, they will tell pretty much every person one leg is longer/shorter than the other so please take that with a grain of salt. You are describing a medical issue I'm guessing diagnosed by X-ray from a MD for your child. Completely different. My daughter has congenital LLD (leg length difference) of her femur and fibula. Among other things she had the growth plates 'removed' when she was younger but it was in conjunction with a much bigger surgery.
  14. Thanks for this information. My insurance is not covering my Aimovig yet so I was just going to try to 'push' my Aimovig out past the 30 days I was scheduled to see how I would do. Guess I won't try that now :(
  15. When I say 6-8 a month I mean ones that were relieved for at least 6-12 hours by an imitrex shot. It is rare I will get them back to back days but every once in a blue moon I may get a string of them for 3 days in a row, but again, a shot of imitrex will initially knock it out for several hours, but I will have another one the next day. I think 3 days in a row (in the last 8 years??) is about the max for me. I won't take a shot just for fog, only for pain I can't function, that is what I really consider a countable migraine for me. If I'm willing to jab myself with a needle, it counts as a migraine as I'm a wimp LOL
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