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  1. Please keep us posted. I have not heard about this. So far, Aimovig has been my biggest game changer.
  2. Well one of my girls needs to shave occasionally because that .02 seconds the hair causes of drag can be the difference between gold and silver. She doesn't shave in between big meets because the drag is good for training. For the older one, yes, it is to fit into society. She has been bullied enough in her life due to differences. She doesn't need one more thing.
  3. Do you want me to tell you what NOT to do????? Mom glances down at DD16 legs and notices her hair has become quite long and dark. Mom: "DD16, I really think you need to shave your legs." Later Mom realizes DD has disappeared up into her room for quite a long time. When she finally reappears Mom asked her where she has been all this time. DD16: "Well you said I needed to shave so I was upstairs watching Youtube videos about how to shave and then I shaved for the first time." Yes, mother-of-the-year award again. I didn't realize she had never shaved!
  4. Well, despite all that, there was very little pain, I was just knocked on my @$$. So to me, that made it easy. And it was nothing like my good friend who had the open abdomen for months on end and had to keep going back into surgery for debridement, etc.
  5. I would say I had an 'easy' recovery and I was down, down, down for a good 6-8 weeks and it took at least 6 months of recovery. I don't remember a thing of the 5 days I was in the hospital. Unusual family situation right now but I had great friends that pitched in and my youngest daughter was just incredible and took care of everything for weeks on end. My arms were weak for 12 months. I had a great side effect of a frozen shoulder on my left side that took 18 months to get back to 90% mobility. My abdomen scar really doesn't bother me at all and I did have easy healing there. I had a good friend that had poor healing with her abdomen and it was open for over 4 months. Guessing that is worse case scenario. Weird side effect is that I don't really have great feeling along my abdomen area/scar but recently I will have occasional itching. However if I go to scratch the itch I don't feel my scratching LOL
  6. DIEP about 18 months ago followed by 2nd phase surgery. I need a 3rd phase surgery and I just don't have the energy for it. Hindsight I would have gone flat. I was a stomach sleeper before all this and I still can not lay comfortably on my stomach. I think I would be able to if I did not have reconstruction. To me, just not worth it. Just my 2 cents. Ultimately, you just have to decide what is right for you.
  7. In Georgia, medical marijuana was finally legalized but they didn't legalize a way to get the marijuana into the state. It has been a huge mess. I've posted before that my mother was one of just a handful in the whole country that had legal medical THC in the 1980s (in pill form). She had it during chemo, and made a huge difference for her. I don't even drink but I am a huge believer in medical cannabis and really don't even have a problem with recreational at this point. A year or so ago I had pretty significant chronic pain following surgery, a post-surgical complication, and since I won't really take opioids either (addiction is very strong in my family), I did finally try CBD/THC oil when I was in a legal state. I didn't notice a huge difference but at least it helped me get through the worst part and kept me off the Rx meds.
  8. My new favorite place is Rock and Brew. But 90% of it is the atmosphere of sitting out on the patio with 80s rock playing which I'm guessing you can't do. I really like their cajun pasta and their gumbo.
  9. The audiology AUD program is 4 years of which the final year is a residency generally somewhere other than your school. Many AUDs are hired where their 4th year residency is, which is why I encourage her to see what the possibility is of doing her 4th year at Walter Reed.
  10. I can't speak to the school or area, but I am an audiologist. If she would like to talk I am happy to speak with her. I would not encourage her to have a large student debt when finishing. She can attend grad school anywhere, but try to do her residency at Walter Reed if that is where she truly wants to end up. I did love my career!
  11. An ESA does not have public access rights like a service dog so does not need near the level of training. The goal of an ESA dog is emotional support/comfort only, but you do want him/her to have very good manners. An ESA is allowed to fly with a physician's letter. Please, please, please do not fall for any of the online scams and 'register and certify' your dog as an ESA. Again, they are total scams. The only thing that makes your dog an ESA is a letter from your DD's doctor saying she needs an ESA. It is then your responsibility to make sure that the dog is well enough behaved for flying (and no pet housing), the only times it really matters to be called an ESA. Due to the dogs age, you will want to be thinking of the future as although it might be fine as an ESA now, it won't be for long. Edited to add: I totally agree with the above posters who suggested the CGC, just wanted to add clarification.
  12. I tried to take a 'mom only' weekend once and was miserable LOL But then, I also had a whole family at home. I could see myself when they are all out of the house going on a cruise by myself, but I would definitely start with a short one to make sure it wasn't too much. I easily make friends when I'm traveling without my spouse but with one of my kids.
  13. I had a generic Roomba that my puppy would turn off by pushing the button if he got annoyed with it. I finally had to teach him a command to turn it back on so I wouldn't have to keep getting up.
  14. We had a similar situation when our daughter was t-boned at a high rate of speed in her 1 year old Equinox. She walked away without a scratch so we focused on the fact that car saved her life. It could have turned out much differently. We replaced it with the another Equinox.
  15. Have you considered a swim bag? There are separate compartments for your wet and dry things. Speedo has at least 3 different sizes. Amazon or google search for: Speedo Large Teamster Backpack, 35-Liter
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