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  1. Happy birthday to your DD! 🙂 I'm sorry you're struggling. *hugs*
  2. Thanks for clarifying what you meant, @Not_a_Number. 🙂 So, Beast Academy and AOPS Prealgebra both include the multiplication principle, so NT is not the first time DD#1 has seen it. And her grasp of the concept is very good, based on the arbitrary problems I just sprang on her with no warning (also, she's now irritated with me for doing that 😉 ). I think perhaps for many people there are multiple levels of "understand" - things that are more than simply memorizing formulas, but less than your standard of fully integrating into thinking. Like, I think someone could say their child understands fractions and mean that the child can recognize equivalent fractions and can add and subtract fractions, even though the child cannot yet multiply and divide them, or do anything with fractions that include one or more variables. So "understand" can mean "understand to a certain extent." (Not sure if that's the best example, but hopefully it communicates my meaning well enough.)
  3. My inference from your comment is that you believe I'm either lying or confused about what my own child understands. And I'm not really interested in defending myself against either charge, so, okay, you're welcome to continue believing that.
  4. My kid who's doing NT had no problem understanding that (and I do mean understanding, not just memorizing). We are going in the same order as @Clemsondana.
  5. I think what they intend to suggest with the map is more "you can do these in either order at this point in the sequence." You certainly COULD do both at the same time, but it's not necessary. Both of those are outside the traditional courses covered in schools, so they're both "supplementary" in that sense. They can be done whenever after Intro to Algebra. They're also both shorter than the other books - think one-semester courses instead of full-year courses (though of course the time people spend on them varies).
  6. I am angry to the point of tears on your behalf and your son's, @Mrs Tiggywinkle. I don't understand how an officer working in ANY school can think this is the right way to proceed, but especially an officer working in a school that serves this specific population of kids. Things went WAY wrong here, and I hope there can be accountability for those who made these decisions, and change going forward.
  7. Interesting. I was using ESV for years before I became Reformed/Calvinist, for the record, lol. And I've never attended a church that tried to dictate what translation people used; in fact most pastors I've listened to (Calvinist and not) use whatever their preferred version is, but also refer to other translations and to the Hebrew/Greek from time to time. So I guess it just threw me to read the "disillusioned with many churches" part in there, as I wasn't sure how that connected with choosing a translation. Anyway, thanks for clarifying! 🙂
  8. I'm not sure what the "I'm very disillusioned with many evangelical churches" bit has to do with selecting a Bible version, so I feel like there may be some nuance to the question that I'm missing. Just saying that in case it influences how my response is received. I personally like the ESV, and DH does too, so that's what we use at home and with our kids. Our church was using NASB for a long time and that's still what the pew Bibles are, but our pastor recently switched to NKJV. I think the plan is to replace the pew Bibles with that eventually (so that a person without his/her own Bible can read along and have it match what the pastor reads). I am not sold on NKJV, probably because certain people in my past argued for it with a very snooty attitude and I cannot get rid of that association in my mind. I'm sure there are very good reasons for using it, and I acknowledge that my bias against it is illogical. 😉 Really though, I think all translations have their pros and cons. Pick one you like.
  9. No sales (that I'm aware of), but I frequently see people selling secondhand copies of the books on Facebook.
  10. DH and I are credobaptist. We also consider ourselves Reformed. Our understanding of baptism is based on the idea of covenant, but we reach a conclusion different from what our church teaches. We checked with the session about this issue when we were joining (before we had kids), and they said it was fine as long as we weren't handing out credobaptist pamphlets in the foyer, lol.
  11. My first thought is always, "But why?" Like, what is it that made this person think this was a good choice?
  12. I am a Calvinist. Presbyterian (OPC). I was raised Southern Baptist. That's not typically considered part of the Reformed tradition, though in my opinion, the Southern Baptist view on the sovereignty of God is logically consistent with a Calvinist viewpoint. But most people I know in the SBC do not consider themselves Calvinists. The high school I graduated from was owned by a Presbyterian (PCA) church, so Reformed teachings were part of my upbringing. But I was 24 (I think) when DH and I left the Southern Baptist church we were part of and moved to a Reformed church. Wikipedia's comment below (from here) fits with my thoughts on "double predestination": "Double predestination is not the view of any of the Reformed confessions, which speak of God passing over rather than actively reprobating the damned." Yes, we are teaching our kids what we believe is true. Just like any other parent does with their beliefs. 😉
  13. That sounds absolutely perfect for you! Congratulations!
  14. DH and I learned using Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek, then there's another book we did after that but I'm blanking on the name (same series, but I think the author is different). It was great and very accessible. The best thing for ME, though, was that we did it with a group of people who all wanted to learn. There were 5 of us total, and we met weekly for 2 years. Even if you can get just one friend who's also interested to learn alongside you, that accountability is very helpful, along with the chance to discuss the different ways you approached translations.
  15. More than 48 hours since DD's second shot - still no other symptoms, and by this morning the soreness in her arm was already almost gone.
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