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  1. I thought of this thread today when my 5yo wrote the answer to a subtraction problem as 1, then decided that the 1 was a tree and needed to have a monkey hanging on it...and there was a worm on the tree too...and the monkey didn't say "please," but the worm still gave the monkey a banana...and...and...and... Meanwhile I'm sitting there thinking, you have six more problems to answer and I really need them to be finished before you're old enough for a driver's license, child. 😂
  2. I finally got fabric cut for the dress I'm going to make DD#2. Nothing worth sharing a picture of yet, though. My mom loved the Starbucks card, so that made me happy. 🙂
  3. Extracurricular activity log (and schedule, and expectations like instrument practice or fundraising participation)?
  4. I recently saw an article about news plagiarizing: Edit: It shows one about "Invoice Nye the Science Man." Looks a lot like what you posted, @Arctic Mama.
  5. We have had gas stations running out of gas over the last few days here in Tallahassee, starting before the path even got close enough to have us in it. Grocery stores are getting bare, too. Michael is pretty fresh in people's minds here. With this morning's models looking like it may not make landfall in Florida at all, we're barely still in the cone, but the local weather guy I follow reminds us that it's still days away so hold on before breathing that sigh of relief. I hope it keeps east of everyone!
  6. The largest families they know have five or are expecting their fifth, and it's well within the realm of possibility that some of those families will continue past five. Oh wait, I forgot - one family at church has six at the moment (some are foster kids). So I guess that's the biggest right now.
  7. I would love to see your literature-based quilts - they sound very cool! My wardrobe project is actually not a quilt, though, it's quilling - twirled paper, like the Starbucks card I posted. 🙂 Here's one of my snow-covered trees. The whole project will be about 8"x10"; this tree is about 1.5" tall and 1.5" wide at the bottom.
  8. I've done quilts before, but never t-shirt quilts. Good luck, Dawn! I finished the birthday card for my mom. The design idea is not mine - I imitated Isil Pinarbasi's Instagram post. I like how it turned out! (I'm putting a Starbucks gift card for her inside the card. She loves Starbucks. Like, we have family jokes about how much Mom loves Starbucks. 😄)
  9. What I'm working on at the moment is a little "I can finish this quickly" quilled birthday card for my mom. I should get it done today. (I'd better get it done today. It has to get in the mail!) My current bigger quilling project is a "Lucy looks into a wardrobe" scene. I have snow-covered trees done and am working on the wardrobe itself now. I've also promised my girls that I'll make each of them a dress, so I need to get working on those. Might do a bit on that this afternoon.
  10. I wondered from your OP if this was in Florida. When I taught at a private school, they said the same thing - we can't offer a course without a matching code that the public schools would use. I think they even managed to find codes to assign to the Bible classes. And for foreign language, levels 1 & 2 are always regular (no honors option), and levels 3 and above are always honors or higher (AP/IB). I was never clear on WHY we as a private school cared about matching public school course codes, but it may be that there's some regulation requiring it that I'm unaware of. That would probably explain the hybrid school thing. According to this FAQ from the Florida Department of Education (question 3), homeschooled students do NOT have to provide a high school transcript for dual enrollment purposes, so the way such a transcript is constructed (if you choose to provide one) should be irrelevant. The FAQ does say that the colleges/universities can add their own requirements, but that's listed separately under a question about age/grade level minimums, so I wouldn't think the transcript thing would be something they'd change...but I could be wrong and it could be a thing for your local DE options.
  11. We were at Disney Monday through Friday and I can confirm that the heat in Orlando is BAD, lol. Actually we're back home now and it's exactly the same here (I think the heat index was 106 when I checked it this afternoon), but I'm not walking around in it nonstop. I am so thankful for air conditioning!
  12. My son was in VPK last year, at a private school that uses Abeka for that age. He never had homework. When he had been absent, the teacher would send home whatever worksheets he'd missed at school, but she was clear that they were only for if he wanted to do them. The only thing that came close to homework was near the start of the year when she commented to me that he was a little behind the other kids in scissors skills and asked if I could have him practice a bit more. So, not all VPK programs give the kids homework. Not even those using Abeka.
  13. I'm fairly certain that a student who wants to dual enroll in Florida must be enrolled in a Florida school or homeschool, so sticking with your current state wouldn't work for that. But DE is free, and Florida's regulations are not onerous. I can't answer about AP tests or PSAT as my kids are younger and I haven't seen that discussed on my local groups. Hopefully someone else will have info for you!
  14. When we were having difficulty conceiving our first child, I had only told one friend. She got pregnant, I think four months before I did. She messaged me, before making a public announcement, and told me she'd found out she was expecting. She said something like "I am joyful about this, but I also worry that it will hurt you in some way, which is the last thing I want, and I'm very sorry if it does." I was actually very happy for her, but I really appreciated her approach - she acknowledged that the news might be hard for me; she made sure I knew privately so I wasn't caught by surprise with a public announcement; and she communicated in a way that allowed me to respond when I was ready to do so.
  15. Or organize a game of Duck, Duck, Goose!
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