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  1. AMC 8 rather than 10/12 here, but I contacted a teacher at a local school that's hosting it and asked if my kids could take it as part of her group. She was fine with allowing them to participate.
  2. Oh yeah, our CC is an Amazon one. I didn't think about the fact that the order numbers might not show up on the statement for other cards!
  3. When I place an order, I put the order number in the memo line for that transaction in YNAB. The order numbers show up on the credit card statement, so it makes it easier to reconcile.
  4. Between 11 and 1 here too. Sometimes packages will come later, but not often. A couple days ago a package was delivered at 8:30 AM - that was a first!
  5. Regularly. With DS, math is a roller coaster of speed up, slow down, switch over to this program for a bit NOPE time to switch back to that one, etc. 🤪 For handwriting I am making things up (just creating copywork from books he's reading or from topics in other subjects), and I pick one thing at a time for him to focus on improving, so I'm constantly evaluating whether he has mastered the current skill and what I should have him do next. With the girls, I've recently started creating overlapping assignments between history and writing. I don't want to overload them with writing assignmen
  6. Walking, and started playing Pokemon Go again for motivation. Message me if you want to be friends on there. 😄 Reading Scripture and theology books. Every so often, meeting a friend or two in a parking lot for a socially distant breakfast and chatting.
  7. Ah. I agree with you that they aren't actually like the ancient programs, but that doesn't bother me - I am fine with the path they do take. 🙂 When I started using Writing & Rhetoric, I wasn't sure whether I would like the overall program, but I figured I would stick with it as long as it did seem to be working. My girls are almost finished with book 7 and it has continued to work well for them, and I've seen their writing skills develop. But I don't think there's a single best way to teach kids to write. Outlining is introduced in either Chreia & Proverb (book 4) or Narrative II
  8. What is it about progym programs that makes you skeptical?
  9. I hadn't posted in here before because others had already mentioned the painful light blue - but today I have dark blue! It's on my phone and on my laptop. It is SO much better - thank you!
  10. Maybe a trivia game - election/government/president theme?
  11. I'm so sorry that happened - how awful. Glad you guys are safe.
  12. I'm not quite sure how to respond, but I'll give it a shot. 🙂 I think logic stage isn't a thing that kids enter into all at once across all areas, regardless of whether they're accelerated or not. It's a gradual process and some things will happen before others. So yes, younger kids who are accelerated in content may very well have areas where their ability is closer to what's typical for age (or even delays in some areas). When DD#1 was little, the limiting factor was writing stamina. She would get physically tired of writing, so she couldn't produce "logic-level" output. Sometimes I had
  13. Same as others - it's very hard to do anything in the brief moments of no one needing me. So I end up surfing websites a lot, because that doesn't require sustained focus.
  14. I voted for the first option, but we've already had ours. For several years I believed I had an egg allergy, so I didn't get flu shots (I described symptoms to my doctor and he said "sounds like you're allergic, probably shouldn't get flu shots"). When DS was six months old, DH, DD#2, and I all got the flu, and I ended up with an infection afterward. (DS decided to start crawling the week both adults were sick, of course - that's how I remember exactly when it was, lol.) So I went to an allergist and learned that I do NOT have an egg allergy, just an intolerance. I've gotten my flu shot
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