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  1. My daughter got her wisdom teeth out recently. We were told what to watch out for on pain and what to do. She was given a short prescription for narcotic pain relief, like three pills, and the after hours phone number. If the pain started during business hours we were to call in and then come in. They would deal with it at the time. If it started after hours but not the middle of the night, call in and then come in. Someone would meet us and deal with it. If it was the middle of the night, take one of the super pain meds and call the after hours number and someone would meet us before the office opened. They dealt with it as an emergency and deal with it immediately. Except in the middle of the night and even then we had a back up plan. We didn’t have any issues. She followed the instructions to the letter and everything went smoothly.
  2. Yes. The area code for where I lived in Arizona was 480. The area code where I live now is 408. I had to change it because no one was dialing the correct number. They assumed I made a mistake in typing it in. If the numbers had not been so close I might have kept the old one, but the problems were too big.
  3. I strongly suggest you measure the space that the fridge is going to be in before you fall in love with any fridge. After we measured our space, there were exactly two that fit. We picked one of them.
  4. My daughter was 20 when she got the label. It happens. You are not a bad mom. The diagonistic criteria has changed. Your daughter may not have gotten the label if you had asked when she was little. Mine wouldn’t have. The rules were different. She hasn’t changed from the person she was, but understanding and support is different now,
  5. How about an ‘It depends on the kid’ vote? Kid 1 wants to be an engineer. That is going to take going to college. So she is going to college. Kid 2 wants to do software programming and has taken all the classes he is interested in at the local community college. He is going to a four year school and spending his days and nights learning programming. Kid 3 wants to write role playing game adventures and run a game shop. Neither of these require a college degree. More importantly, he hates the idea of doing any more school than is required. I don’t know if he will go to college. And that is okay. It is his life and while I can make suggestions I can not (and don’t want to) live his life for him. My husband and I both have four year degrees.
  6. This book about clouds has been on my to read list since January. It looks really cool. The Cloudspotters Guide: The science, history and culture of clouds by Gavin Pretor Pinney
  7. Need? Probably not. But it would probably make things much easier if he did have the diploma. It also would depend on the particular UC and major he wants to attend. UC Berkeley, UC San Diego and UC Los Angeles are extremely selective and can be choosy about who they admit. They reject in state kids with a 4.0 plus gpa, great SAT scores and tons of extracurriculars. It is just the way it is. But if UC Merced or UC Riverside is the dream and the major is not competitive, your odds are pretty good. There are other UC schools too, they would be in the middle for selectivity.
  8. Bribery. My now 18 was awful about shots. I said that I would buy him ice cream at the Baskin Robbins down the street from the doctor’s office every time he got one. And then I did. I bought ice cream for him from about 8 to about 16 years old. (And then his doc was involved in a meningitis outbreak nearby and he looked up the symptoms and the survival rates and I never had a problem again.)
  9. I know this may be a strange thought, but is it possible you have whopping cough? You said the cough sounded like a barking seal and I remember that being a symptom, I think.
  10. We live in Silicon Valley. The employee perks can be extreme depending on the company. (Extremely good). But what you are describing is appalling. No company here could keep employees in those conditions.
  11. My daughter, the 20 year old, was prescribed it by a doctor at her school. She was having problems with asthma at altitude in super cold. She says it is helping. But even with it and the inhaled meds, she is still having issues. I expect she will get the meds tweaked when she is back in Flagstaff. She isn’t having symptoms here at home. We are at about sea level and it is much much warmer here. She isn’t having any bad reactions to it.
  12. You might try Sanctuary or Andromeda. Neither has sexual violence. Sanctuary has the characters of Henry, the engineer geek, and Will, a psychiatrist geek. Both are very smart and pretty kind. Andromeda has the captain, Dylan Hunt. He is very smart and very kind. As much as I like Stargate, I don’t think it will work for you. There is too much sexual content in the first season. Hathor and Broca Divide come to mind immediately. I think there are others as well.
  13. JenneinCA


    I do take it, but I take it for seasonal depression. It does work pretty well for me. It had no bad side effects for me just weight loss which was a welcome effect. I hope you find something that works.
  14. My 20 year old daughter received an official diagnosis of anxiety/depression over the summer. She had seen a counselor for years before who identified the anxiety but was not able to prescribe anything due to not having a medical degree. Daughter absolutely refused to even think about meds or talking to someone else. So I counted my wins and kept going. Freshman year at college was quiet emotionally difficult. Sharing a room with someone and schoolwork related stress were awful. This past summer she was finally willing to talk to a psychiatrist who immediately put her on meds. The meds worked! Daughter is happier and calmer and in every way possible better off. But the psychiatrist really wanted her to have a therapist to talk to at school. So with some effort my daughter found someone. A psychologist, the kind with a PhD in psychology. This psychologist is in Arizona and we have never met. My daughter likes her and that is the important part. But here is the deal... the psychologist says my daughter meets the definition of autistic. Many years ago when she was much younger I looked into this. But she didn’t have enough of the traits. I finally stopped dealing with getting labels when she was about six, in late 2004. I decided to just deal with the kid in front of me and hope for the best. The sensory wonkiness that drove me nuts, the total rigidity of opinion, the inability to read emotions or regulate the tone of her voice or tell when someone else is upset or happy or anything like that.... it was real and terribly hard to understand. But we survived. So what is the deal? Did the rules change? Is this psych in Arizona right? And more important what does this mean now? Is it possible that the psychiatrist that prescribed the meds knew this too? From my point of view I have always known she was different but i was roundly ignored by everyone when I was looking for answers. She looked at people. She could cope with social settings, for a limited time with lots of coaching and always with advance prep and an exit plan from me. And the colossal crying melt downs that no one else had to deal with because she saved them for me. Could I have saved me or her from a lot of heart ache if I had kept trying the get the labels? Could I have made it better if I had known more?
  15. I think I might have found something that will work. It does have kanji but it also has the kana for them. The print doesn’t look too small... I looked at this site for help finding the dictionary
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