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  1. My middle child graduated in May with a degree in Computer Science. He has a job and starts at the end of the month. He is also sharing a room with his 16 year old brother. This was not his plan. The plan was that he and a friend were going to get an apartment. The friend is in another state. He isn’t sure he really wants to be alone in an apartment anyway because of shelter in place rules and he doesn’t want to be that isolated. Oldest child is doing online study abroad. That is very weird too. Everything here is very weird.
  2. My kids did their time at the local community college until they knew what they wanted to major in and were ready to put in the effort to get there. My daughter has told her profs at the four year school she was at that “Mom said I could figure out what I wanted to do at $50 a credit hour and living at home. She wasn’t paying big money to be on the wrong road.” So far every one of them has said it was a good idea. My son knew what he wanted to do so that wasn’t a issue. He was just young and did his time at the community college too.
  3. We counted both of the college kids that should be at school out of state as being here. But we also marked that it was possible that they would be counted somewhere else. We figured that was the best we could do.
  4. It would depend on what she would find tolerable to do. Personally, a bike going no where would make me crazy. If I had the space I would like a weight bench and barbells and dumbbells and things like that. But that is me.
  5. sorry misunderstood the topic
  6. Way way higher. The number of people in the house during the day went from me and the 15 year old, who mostly stayed in his room, to my husband working from home, two displaced college students and me and the 15 year old who is now sharing a room with one of those displaced college students. I have gone to taking long walks and that helps with some of the alone time, but I really would like some time with just me alone in the house. That isn’t going to happen for several months. I know some people are really really needing the interpersonal interaction but I really really need to not be around anyone for a while. And it just isn’t going to happen.
  7. My son got the email this morning that his commencement ceremony will be online and not in person. He is disappointed. We are disappointed. I know it is the safe thing to do but... he worked really hard for this and he wanted to walk across that stage in front of everyone and get the diploma. Nothing really can be done, but I am sad.
  8. I found sucking on candy canes to be helpful. I don’t know if you can find them this time of year maybe the little red and white mint hard candy would work? Or Altoids? The kid I had the worst all day sickness with doesn’t like peppermint even now. I hope you feel better.
  9. My kids play games on Tabletop Simulator. It costs money but then you can use it to play a lot of games.
  10. No. I am in Santa Clara county. The kids are coming from Flagstaff with no cases in the county and near Albany, New York no cases at his school. It is way more likely that due to community spread they will get it from being home than I will get it from them. The whole situation is miserable. There is no way I can deal with the emotional fallout of trying to quarantine the college kids.
  11. This social distancing is causing me problems. Unlike almost everyone I know, I am having issues with the total lack of alone time. All of a sudden instead of just me and the 15 year old (who comes out of his room only for food and bathroom breaks) at home for most of the day, I have a husband and two more college age kids in the house ALL THE TIME. I am going to go insane if I don’t get some time with no one around, but it doesn’t look likely any time soon. And it is currently raining... so going back out for another two hour walk is not a good idea. Anyone else out there with issues?
  12. Oh many (insert rude words here)! My son’s school has decided to close the dorms and do the rest of the semester on line. They have until March 20 to be out of the dorms. The problem is that the kids are on spring break. My son is not even in the right state. We are looking at having to fly him back long enough to pack out and then come back. Arggggg! And now I wait until I find out what is happening with the other kids. One is at home doing a local dual enroll class. The other has made no announcements at all. Information please, people!
  13. This is us. My son’s instructor gave directions on how to deal with the class going online this morning.
  14. And my younger son’s dual enroll class has been suspended too. He actually had class this morning. The instructor gave directions on how to deal with the impending closure. Everyone expected it. Only my daughter is still having class as scheduled. I think they are desperately trying to make it to the end of the week. Their spring break starts Monday. Flagstaff is awfully isolated from everything so they don’t have any active cases nearby. I hope it stays that way.
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