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  1. Re: the classes at the community college in California transferring to UC or CSU campuses. This is actually really easy to figure out. Look at the course listing it will say if it transfers or not. If is says it transfers, then it does and that is all. You might be best off making an appointment with the college advisor at the community college she is attending. They have the latest information on in state transfers. Both of my older kids took classes at a California community college before going to a four year school, one as a freshman the other as a transfer student. Neith
  2. I have two kids that did physics first. One is getting a civil engineering degree. The other has already gotten a computer science degree. Both had to take calculus based physics in college. Both say that doing algebra based physics first was a good thing. It separated out learning physics and learning the math. They essentially got to stagger learning the math and learning to apply it. I don’t know about the provider you are talking about but for us physics first worked.
  3. I am ready to part with books and games but I don’t know how. Just putting them in the trash seems horribly wasteful but I don’t want to deal with lots of people coming and going to pick them up either. I would love to have a place I could just drop the lot of them off at once. (Anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area want games and books?)
  4. I would get a really cool aquarium with bright colorful fish and have someone come in weekly or so to keep it looking amazing and the fish healthy.
  5. I saw the turkey vulture today. It seems appropriate. I did see a mallard pair a little while later....
  6. Opiates make me puke too if the dose is high enough. That is what zofran is for. But even zofran isn’t enough to deal with the other problem with big doses of opiates, horrible horrible constipation. Sigh. Never break your ankle and need surgery to put it back together if you can help it. Especially if you can’t take nsaids. I went to straight Tylenol as soon as possible, but it was a miserable few days.
  7. I am greatly envious of everyone who is not allergic to nsaids, all of ibuprofen and aspirin and their cousins. Tylenol is fine but for serious pain it is opiates or nothing and sometimes nothing is a really really bad choice.
  8. LiveOnlineMath does math classes. They meet three days a week. https://www.liveonlinemath.com/
  9. I don’t believe the quarantine is enforceable at this time. The sheriff in Los Angeles has more important things to be doing than monitoring people at the airport. But, and this is a huge but, Los Angeles is not currently in the super strict stay at home order that went out yesterday yet. If and when that happens I don’t know what the situation will look like.
  10. Amazingly, there was better news today. The doctors are going to do an angiogram and place a femoral stent tomorrow at about 10 South Dakota time. It was a conference with five doctors, K (mom’s sister who is a nurse), S (K’s daughter also a nurse), R (mom’s brother) and another specialized care nurse. They all decided that this had a good chance of being in grandma’s best interest. I have to believe them. No news on the second COVID test. If you have positive thoughts for grandma, her doctors and all the other people who are involved tomorrow that would be appreciated. Grandma is Betty
  11. My grandmother is 96 years old and lives in South Dakota. A couple days ago she got very sick and went to the hospital. The hope was that a few days there would deal with the dehydration and urinary infection and she would go back to the place she lives. That has not turned out to be the case. Despite the negative COVID test, done when she was admitted, she has all the symptoms and pneumonia and blood clots. She had surgery late yesterday to deal with the blood clots but they had to stop because she wasn’t stable enough to continue. She is in pain and has told her doctors ‘to let her go’
  12. I would add italki or some other way of talking to native speakers. Other than that I don’t know. My kids went to Saturday school with the kids of second and third generation Japanese Americans. -Jennefer
  13. My middle child did this. His got his AA degree and his high school diploma on the same weekend. He was 17. He was also determined to spend as little time in college as possible. He did not want to go to grad school. He wanted to ‘do real work and be done with school!’. So that is what he did. He went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. They accepted all his credits and he graduated two years later. He was 19. He is now working for the big search engine company that starts with G. He still thinks going fast was a good idea. Given the COVID mess, he might be right. He graduated
  14. Nothing. We have had the opportunity to move back there before but there is no reason to. (Actually I suppose I would like to be able to wear my baseball team jersey out of the house. I can’t do that where I am now. I have been harassed about it because the local team is a major rival. But that is not enough of a reason to put up with all the bad stuff. Especially since I have no relatives there. Everyone moved somewhere else.)
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