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  1. I would add italki or some other way of talking to native speakers. Other than that I don’t know. My kids went to Saturday school with the kids of second and third generation Japanese Americans. -Jennefer
  2. We aren’t going to be with my parents for Thanksgiving for the first time in over twenty years. It is all my kids have ever known but to spend the day with them. First the Thanksgiving parade and cheering for the fire trucks, then relaxing and enjoying dinner together, and finally the evening at Zoolights. But not this year. We would have spent the day with them if we didn’t have to travel to get there. For us it isn’t being with my parents that is the problem, it is getting there. It is either an airplane trip or overnight in a hotel and neither of those is safe enough for us to risk it
  3. My middle child did this. His got his AA degree and his high school diploma on the same weekend. He was 17. He was also determined to spend as little time in college as possible. He did not want to go to grad school. He wanted to ‘do real work and be done with school!’. So that is what he did. He went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. They accepted all his credits and he graduated two years later. He was 19. He is now working for the big search engine company that starts with G. He still thinks going fast was a good idea. Given the COVID mess, he might be right. He graduated
  4. Nothing. We have had the opportunity to move back there before but there is no reason to. (Actually I suppose I would like to be able to wear my baseball team jersey out of the house. I can’t do that where I am now. I have been harassed about it because the local team is a major rival. But that is not enough of a reason to put up with all the bad stuff. Especially since I have no relatives there. Everyone moved somewhere else.)
  5. Does it count that I did it once and then COVID hit? The real solution for me was to reduce my stress levels and treat the underlying depression issues. It worked. I was happy. I was down 50 pounds. Life was good. And then covid happened. My stressors were causing problems again. And new stressors too. The meds still worked but not enough to overcome the stress problems. So I am back working on getting the quarantine 20 to go away. It is truly difficult. I am finally able to get to the gym which is helping massively. I am walking lots and lots and lots (a little over 11 mil
  6. If you are still within the drop deadline AND the kids are seriously unhappy AND you have a reasonable substitution then I would drop the class. But while we have had bad fits before I never had another alternative that I could shift to. In particular I wasn’t capable of teaching English. I just could not do it. Therefore they just had to cope with the class. It was not fun. I listened to a ton of complaining. But bad fits happen in other situations and it was good practice in dealing with it. I was annoyed at having spent so much money on something that didn’t work, but that was a
  7. Desks were places for the desktop computer and all the monitors and not so much for anything else here. Writing at a desk? Nope. But doing programming at a desk? Yes.
  8. I sent a private message to you. Dad is willing. If you have problems please reply here. I am glad I could help.
  9. If you are still looking I can ask my father. He was a photographer for the Los Angeles police department for many years. He took pictures of lots and lots of crime scenes. He retired several years ago but he has been teaching forensic photography at a community college for the past few years. I don’t know if he knows Zoom but he definitely can do email.
  10. Extreme sensitivity to sounds, smells, textures, lighting, food.... everything. Extremely sensitive to routine... everything had to be done the same way every time. Extreme interest in something to the point of not being able to think, talk or do anything else... in our case reading a certain series of books, earlier it was Thomas Trains, before that the tv show Arthur Done differently? Nothing. The way autism was diagnosed changed when this child was a teenager. The label and resources simply did not exist when we needed them. I did ask questions and was told I was wr
  11. The smoke here is awful. We are under a Spare the Air order until at least Monday. This means no grilling which means using the oven in the middle of a heat wave. This is no fun! We aren’t packing to leave We are not in any danger at least not now. We have Bay about a mile away on one side, a creek on another and freeways/expressway on the other sides. Our biggest issue is definitely the smoke. Stay safe everyone.
  12. I would go long before the county opens gyms. We have had hair salons open for 2 days since mid March. We are stuck in Phase Two and gyms don’t open until Phase 4. Santa Clara county is extremely risk averse.
  13. My middle child took physics in 2018 and used a later edition of the same book I used in 1989. We compared the pages. They were the same. Newtonian physics hasn’t changed since... Newton. You should be fine with the old textbook. (When I used it the authors were Halliday and Resnick. Since then Walker has been added. Walker redid the entire solution manual and got himself author credit.)
  14. My oldest was supposed to do a study abroad year this year. It is the fourth year of a five year program. Oldest was supposed to go to Germany and be at the University of Dortmund. There are other kids in the study abroad program that were going to other schools. One was also going to Germany but to a different school. Many were going to places in South America, they learned Spanish. Some were going to China and Japan. There were about 30 of these kids going to various schools around the world. In March there was chaos, first at the kids in China were recalled and then later when a
  15. My middle child graduated in May with a degree in Computer Science. He has a job and starts at the end of the month. He is also sharing a room with his 16 year old brother. This was not his plan. The plan was that he and a friend were going to get an apartment. The friend is in another state. He isn’t sure he really wants to be alone in an apartment anyway because of shelter in place rules and he doesn’t want to be that isolated. Oldest child is doing online study abroad. That is very weird too. Everything here is very weird.
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