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  1. Our snacks tend to be deviled eggs or fried eggs and toast, apples and peanut butter, banana smeared with peanut butter wrapped in a tortilla, hummus and veggies, and quasadillas with beans and a little cheese. I ask the snackers to have more than one food group when they're hungry. They also love beans and cornbread. In the cooler months, I keep beans cooking in the crockpot for them to help themselves.
  2. We have Canadian Meat Pies for Christmas Eve. I make them ahead and we serve them room temp with salad and whatever leftover Christmas sweets we have.
  3. I like to use cork trivets for baking pans that I sit on the stove or countertops. When I serve a dish straight from the oven to table, I prefer a fancier metal trivet with a design. My metal ones have feet like Queen Cat described.
  4. We've used hauling companies when we've purchases used cars out of state. It's a about $1 a mile. Maybe a local dealership can help you find someone. ETA: That's always been an open hauling trailer and not enclosed.
  5. This was how we got a piano for our kiddos when we were flat broke. It cost us $75 to have it tuned and $50 to replace a pedal. That piano lasted us for almost trn years, and we were truly grateful.
  6. We're like most on the thread and plan for leftovers at least a couple times a week. For winter days, we have some sort of bean soup in the instapot and have veggies on the side. Some days we'll add a green smoothie that everyone gets a glass of. Other quick things we enjoy are veggie or cheese quesadillas ( maybe these would work with corn tortillas) , frittatas. and sautéed veggies in a rice or cauliflower rice bowl with an egg on top. We have a "salad bar" shelf in the fridge so salad is a popular choice too. We don't eat much meat so the protein in the salads is usually black beans
  7. I do IF along with eating a mostly plant-based diet. It's worked well for me, and I'm healthier than I've been in years. My window for eating is usually 11-7 or so. The longer days has caused us to eat a little later than usual so we need to get back into the habit of having an earlier dinner. I was hungry in the mornings and evenings until adjusting to not snacking before bed, but that's gone away. Self-control as @Patty Joanna shared has been a wonderful unexpected side effect of my fasting. I actually feel much better and more relaxed now that food has become a smaller part of my
  8. How about wicking undies? https://www.duluthtrading.com/womens-buck-naked-performance-bikini-underwear-53280.html?&srccode=GPSHPWM&chnl=ps_prospect_pla_wm&region=out_region&gclid=CjwKCAjwmq3kBRB_EiwAJkNDp9ETZ1BF9EWwMSUiuLzdcxnIL7sR_iFwzYu4dFqd0XQBiaUAx-ZRJBoCf-cQAvD_BwE
  9. Love that mirror! I'm going to buy one. I wear my grandchildren at ages 3 and 6 in a toddler kinderpack. It's mostly the 3 year old when I have all of the grands. Sometimes though the 6 year old will ask to be carried. They're both within weight limit. I'll probably buy a preschool kinderpack just so they'll both fit better.
  10. This looks great! i'm making it for lunch tomorrow.
  11. Yes, to the bolded. Its such a sanity and money saver! We fill all of our car tanks on Sunday and use our gas points to save $. Only one of our cars needs a midweek fill, and we fill that one after school on Wednesday when we're in a nearby town with cheaper prices. I also only go to the grocery store on Sunday and Thursdays. It's what fits our schedule and saves us some money by not just running in the store to "grab one thing". We avoid a lot of impulse esp snack purchases this way. edited to add: Sink Refections by Marcia Cilley ( Flylady) is a good book to help with routine
  12. Ds joined first and foremost for the new dorms. They were really nice! The other perks were smaller class sizes, opportunities to interact with faculty and guests, and priority registration. No extra money was offered. The real perks though were the friendships he made and the advising he received through the Honors College. He's a STEM major and besides general studies requirements no liberal arts classes were required.
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