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  1. HEY!!! We ended up going here: , the oldest building in NYC, and the place Geo.Washington gave his farewell address to the army after the Revolutionary War. oak paneled original room, it was magical for us......and a great choice, not only to celebrate my dd's performance, but because it was also my son's 12th Birthday, and he loves the Revolutionary War period. So very cool. Thought a post in case anyone is in NYC and would like a great place to eat . Peace...
  2. Hi! Help Needed, for a restaurant suggestion: We are in NYC, and my dd will perform tomorrow at Carnegie Hall. We'd like to take her to special restaurant and and there are hundreds! Plus the NYC Marathon is tomorrow, and there'll be 50,000+runners. So, the East side is out of the question. We are staying at the Manhattan Club hotel, 200 West56th St, and would like something near there, if possible, within walking, preferably. The Russian Tea Room is Very pricey. ... Tavern on the Green, is booked up..... (just as well probably also very pricey/undoable) Thanks in advance!! nelewaf
  3. check this out I love my HP, number six on the above list. Good Luck!!
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