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  1. Update: Last night everyone agreed 100%, after hours of respectful discussion, no calling hours so that we honor my sisters' wishes to the fullest extent. Thanks to all so very much. Bless you all.
  2. J-rap, Thanks. I appreciate your thoughts on this. I'm aout to go meet with my nieces and sister now, so Thank s again to all.
  3. Thanks Peter Pan. Yes small family service at church. She wanted special sandwiches at her house afterward. That is all planned for Friday.
  4. The thing is, all four grown daughters (in their 30s) look to me and my other sister for guidance, esp since her divorce this spring. The insurance will cover everything. The daughters Want and Seek my input. That is why I'm conflicted. Do I say nothing? Do I say something? It's about what my sister wanted to me. I believe her daughters want that too. This was not like what one yells in childbirth, as she just had the pain med, and was lucid and clear. Believe me she was in extreme pain for the last three days. This was one day before that. Purple Owl thank you, great
  5. Kassia, thanks so much. That's what I am feeling and sensing, too. I knew my sister so well, and this is what she would have wanted.
  6. I do understand that, but with tears in her eyes, she said "Can't I even have my say now? Is this too much to ask for?" If she weren't so adament about it , it would be one thing. Anyone else, have another experience with this? I had an uncle, whose wishes were similar, and we' all found out afterward. "They" are the funeral director and the family. ps - the good friend was my sister - And funerals really are for the living who are grieving from the loss of their loved one. : Well, there is a balance of the wishes, though, for the one who is passing.
  7. Hello, A close friend passed away yesterday. I would like others opinions regarding her wishes. A few days ago while she was in the hospital, I asked if I could call two people to ask them them pray for her. She said very very adamantely, "No, don't do that. And for my service I only want my daughters, you and (her) sister." That's all. I don't want cousins I haven't seen in years coming..... So, my question is this: We were at the planning meeting at funeral home yesterday, and the small private church service is planned for Friday. We arrived a little late, and missed the c
  8. HEY!!! We ended up going here: http://www.frauncestavern.com/restaurant/ , the oldest building in NYC, and the place Geo.Washington gave his farewell address to the army after the Revolutionary War. oak paneled original room, it was magical for us......and a great choice, not only to celebrate my dd's performance, but because it was also my son's 12th Birthday, and he loves the Revolutionary War period. So very cool. Thought a post in case anyone is in NYC and would like a great place to eat . Peace...
  9. Hi! Help Needed, for a restaurant suggestion: We are in NYC, and my dd will perform tomorrow at Carnegie Hall. We'd like to take her to special restaurant and and there are hundreds! Plus the NYC Marathon is tomorrow, and there'll be 50,000+runners. So, the East side is out of the question. We are staying at the Manhattan Club hotel, 200 West56th St, and would like something near there, if possible, within walking, preferably. The Russian Tea Room is Very pricey. ... Tavern on the Green, is booked up..... (just as well probably also very pricey/undoable) Thanks in ad
  10. check this out http://list.ly/list/ECg-best-laptops-for-teachers-2014 I love my HP, number six on the above list. Good Luck!!
  11. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experience learning Latin along side their student? I'm interested in using Wheelocks, at our own pace - which will be aggressive at times and much slower at times, due to my dd's competition schedule. My student is 15. She has had Cambridge Latin 1, 2/3 of the book 1. TIA!!
  12. The museum& church at Stanford look great!! (She'll be at Stanford for 2 wks at a camp). Thanks so much - we've been so busy I've not had time to plan this trip at all, and this helps alot.
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