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  1. The man of the house made dinner the last two nights and it is my turn. Work. Bike locks: need to reset before sending my fellow bike commuter to school. Laundry rotation from (gasp) today: need to move the loads through to make room for the next load. Oh god, soccer practice.
  2. Good for you. Maybe you're just better than other people. Or maybe you got lucky with kids whose learning styles were close enough to yours not to have to research brain development to teach numeracy. (BTW, if you have ever taught formally you will find that the typical course load is set up to give you a 2:1 prep to teach ratio: 3 classes = 12 hours or 1/3rd of a full time course load of 36 hours with 10% for admin and office hours. Public school is reversed because didn't you know, teachers are millionaires with huge retirment funds and therefore don't need prep time lol j/k that's why public schools struggle to retain new teachers, you get what you pay for folks, they prep for free and grade for free, you're welcome!)
  3. You're being a good sport. I accept a lot but I also have a line a draw and then I will fight for everyone. The ultra expensive uniform would be over the line if public funds are being spent. I think I own one piece of clothing that cost more than $85 and that is my one suit, which I use for job interviews. However if I were you I too would respect my daughter's wishes. Maybe after a year or two, suggesting an additional option would not be seen as combative? I live in Seattle so it must be different but I think a lot of people here would flip out at $150 for a school outfit--maybe for competitive select sports? Even the whole lacrosse kit AND stick were around $90 together. You could spend more but that was optional.
  4. I didn't mean to imply you haven't flown, just to remind you that the rule is specific to international flights. You may indeed usually be getting your luggage at your first and last US port of call if you live near one. Lucky. No other country I have been to does this so you wouldn't notice if you live at a major hub. I usually have to pass through one other airport to get to SeaTac and this thread has given me flashbacks of those "almost there... Oh yeah now this" moments.
  5. Not if you fly in internationally. Then you have to meet your luggage at first port of arrival in the US and check in to your final US destination. Only when you arrive to the US, only if you are staying (receiving bags) in the US. If you are leaving the US or if you are making a transfer in another country (e.g. Paris to Lyons) then you are fine. I always forget this until I arrive in JFK or Atlanta or LAX or whatnot and then I think "oh Lord not this again why can't we just scan the bags argh!"
  6. Edit: realized this is coming into the US and that's why you have to pick up your luggage. Two hours could be tight if there is a delay but should be okay. They might just make you move your bag from one line to another. I think you're okay. PS I hate that rule. Of all the restrictions since 9/11 that one drives me nuts. So much additional cost and time lost!
  7. Sounds almost incredible. Possibly a troll or someone who works as a grader or something for the College Board, but maybe is not a teacher. Someone with a bit of "inside" knowledge but not enough to make solid decisions. Also may be AP online and he sees the bulk cost of distributing online materials to thousands, without realizing that individual pricing for real books is a whole different ballgame?
  8. Throwing my hat in the ring. I have never heard of this tradition, except that I imagine more women want their bio mom in the delivery room, than their MIL. But not because MIL is a pain. Mine wasn't, she is a saint. Just because mom is mom. Of course MIL will want to enjoy her sweet grandbaby. Fairfarmhand's letter was great and I would use that as MIL or mom to show my acceptance and support to the new mom.
  9. Agree that this is a specialized question and you should follow the link to.disboard or similar. Disney families who obsess about this can save you a lot of time researching. When I was a teen we loved planning the journey ourselves. We planned everything, drew maps, had schedules, etc. It was fun. Hopefully your kids will also enjoy making their plans, and you guys can have some parents choice time as well.
  10. I get the blended family thing. We are very lucky to be stuck where we are. Maybe you can put in time in the name of public good to get them to tone down the mandatory uniform requirements. I don't see anything wrong with an $85 skirt for those who can afford it but asking that there be a generic department store option for all families to ensure accessibility seems reasonable and doable. Often in private schools you get ultra rich people who have no experience with management, public services, education or anything at all actually, running committees for free. Because it is time intensive to run a school so they rely on volunteers. It can be easier than you think to get them to accept alternatives for good publicity. That said sometimes you just end up so sorry you got involved because people can also be incredibly controlling and ungrateful.
  11. ,You certainly are dealing with more difficult issues than most PS parents deal with. $85 on a non machine wash skirt would anger me. That's not publicly accessible. That said... No advice other than, like many families, you could move to an area where people support public neighborhood schools without dress codes, without so many forms. Like in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. I don't know if such areas exist everywhere in the US but we can't be in the only one. Also, the forms are usually one-time only. We updated ours when they moved to a new system but other than that we usually only fill one medical form per year. Re: the not questioning: if it is truly public they can't kick you out for questioning them. Is this charter with public funds or what? How do they get away with charging so many fees? We pay through property taxes. But it goes to the community and they can't kick us out.
  12. This phase, in which 95% of acquaintance small talk with kids revolves around age and school, lasts until they hit puberty. Come up with some fun responses or learn to grit your teeth. "I'm as old as my mom says I am!" "I'm in a kinderpot. We homeschool so it's not a whole garden, just me." "The universe is my school and my mom is my teacher." Etc. If it makes you feel better, people ask me where I am from and why I speak such good English. This has gone on my whole life, since I could talk up to 2010 or so. (My family is from the Southwest and we have been here for centuries and more, to answer their question.) I think someone famous must have explained why it is a rude question, or I got less interesting looking, because it stopped around 2010 for the most part. Maybe I just perfected my RBF. People just have to say SOMETHING. It's irritating so it is good to have a script.
  13. It's an errands booyah, Jean. Hi everyone. Tomorrow public schools in my city start. TOO EARLY YOU GUYS. I haven't even harvested all the carrots yet.
  14. Is that because most people you meet who have gone to public school have character issues? Or because you have heard that this particular school is full of liars? If you want to visit, enroll him. It is public school. So if you enroll him and then pull him out, guess what. They can't stop you from re-enrolling later. Some would say that could create bad feeling with the school. I doubt you are the worst they've seen. It doesn't sound like you think that is the case either. I am sorry you're facing this. We have teens as well. I will just say that I know it is hard and I don't blame you for your frustration or his behavior. Good luck.
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