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  1. Great thread and beautiful flowers, @Laura Corin! Dh and I went for a lovely hike in the woods yesterday and the maple leaves are a beautiful deep red almost purple colour this year.
  2. Dh and I went for a really nice 2 hr hike in the forested and rocky area with the beavers. I didn't see any beavers, but it was very nice to hike in the park again. Good work-out with all the climbs and decends. This evening we'll be playing doubles tennis. Happily my shoulder is feeling much better! 😃 We did a fun family activity of going to an escape room yesterday. It's the 5th we've been to, and the dc are getting to be experts. They are so fast at figuring out clues now. We escaped with 20 minutes to spare.
  3. Dh and I played doubles tennis last night for 2 hours. It was so good to get out and hits some tennis balls again! The only problem was that I hurt my shoulder somehow. I'm going to hike today instead of paddle to let it rest. Happily, my weight is still on a downward trend (rather than upward). My method of avoiding foods that trigger my allergies (and added fluid retention), avoiding snacking, and making sure I eat animal protein (chicken/eggs/fish mainly) at each meal is working well. I've tried introducing beans and lentils, but the bloating and gas is very uncomfortable. @EmilyGF Welcome! You can always post here and use the wonderful ladies here for support along your journey. 😃 I'm very much with you on not all calories are equal. It's a nice easy way for a large company dealing with millions of people to start people off, though. You have that experience and now can plan your own individual food program. @Ali in OR How is work going? I hope you have a nice bunch of students.
  4. Yes, the rain was a disappointment, but I was able to get in a really nice walk later on. So sorry your sleep troubles are continuing. This time last year I was having huge sleep issues. I've been doing really well this year, and I think the success has been taking daily cetirizine for my allergies.
  5. It rained again today, so paddling was cancelled. I did get an hour of walking the dog in the evening, which was really nice. @Soror Great job with all the push-ups!! Wonderful your shoulders can handle them all!
  6. It rained hard all day long yesterday. I ended up doing some walking inside at big box stores while my ds was in his guitar lesson. Not ideal, but at least there was some movement for me. 😉 I'm hoping to go paddling this evening with friends as long as the rain holds off. @Jenny in Florida Gorgeous photo! That is a heavy schedule with work and 2 courses. All the best!
  7. It was rainy in the morning, and I didn't get out for a walk until it was dark. But it was a really nice evening for walking - passed many people and fellow dog-walkers. I ended up walking a solid hour with the dog. @Laura Corin Hope your sleep improves tonight. Part-time work would be lovely! @Soror All the best with your new job and the application process!
  8. It was a lovely sunny and warm day. I took the dog for a short and a long walk. Otherwise just work and some driving around running errands.
  9. No regrets at all, however I was a teacher going into the 'new gig' of homeschooling and I really enjoy teaching. Having the opportunity to follow my 4 dc throughout 16 consecutive years of their education is an amazing blessing. It's the best teaching gig ever; a 'class' of children I really love and get to follow year after year, the freedom to choose curriculum that fits the learner (and me!), very little administrative duties, and much more. My dc have all graduated homeschooling, and I've started a full-time career in research. My experience in home education is actually seen as a benefit by others, as well as myself. I'm enjoying my new job, but if I get the opportunity to support one of my dc in homeschooling grandchildren, that would be amazing! At the very least, I'm saving up a lot of books to read to them. 😉
  10. I got in a long dog walk this morning and ds 15 came along, which was really nice. Then I went for a solo kayak paddle in the afternoon. It was sunny and beautiful, with lots of turtles sunning themselves on logs. Lifting and carrying the kayak around is feeling easier, so my muscles must be getting stronger. I'm not a fan of weight-lifting in a gym or home gym. I'd much rather do it naturally with practical activities. I like to carry the groceries by hand, laundry, etc. around the house. In the winter, wearing heavy boots while walking certainly helps build leg muscles. 😉 Finished off the physical activity part of the day with a short dog walk.
  11. I went for a bike ride with ds17 to buy him some running shoes, then a couple of dog walks. Otherwise it was a day to relax.
  12. Dh and I played almost 2 hrs of doubles tennis this evening. It was really fun! I also got in a very short dog walk. Tomorrow I'm canoeing with friends!
  13. @Jenny in Florida I love the visual of you and your dh marching in from of the TV! Well done! I should do more moving while watching TV. @Laura Corin Glad you could get a run in on the beach. Sounds lovely! @Harriet Vane Great to hear your breathing and allergies are much improved! I'm in a similar boat - waiting until the first hard frost before my allergies improve. @Ali in OR Hope you have a safe drive! @Soror So sorry you're having trouble sleeping. Hope it improves really soon. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I went for a short, intense bike ride to watch ds's outdoor basketball game. Also walked the dog once, and will give him one more walk today. My weight if finally going down. I swapped in eggs instead of rolled oats for breakfast, and I don't feel the need to snack before lunch. If I eat enough protein at lunch, I can also last until supper. And if I have enough protein at dinner I can last until breakfast the next day. So basically, cut out snacking and increased animal protein. 😉
  14. I got in a couple of dog walks, then dh and I went for a 45 min canoe paddle. It was a nice evening with a beautiful sunset. I'm feeling much better after resting yesterday.
  15. We have a few Boots drug stores in Canada, too. I didn't realize at first that it was a British chain. I'll use the terms drug store and pharmacy equally. I don't remember a lot of soda shops when I was growing up, but there were a few malt shops in department stores. Malts are just like a frosty at Wendy's hamburger restaurants.
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