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  1. "Never in doubt, often in error." We tried to translate it into Latin, too. It is more of a jokemoto for our youngest ds who speaks confidently about everything. 😉
  2. Tennis was really fun this morning. Afterwards we hosted our tennis friends back at our house for brunch. I usually get all uptight about trying to have a super tidy house before choosing to host. I simply did not have time to prep, but at least I had food ready to go. My friend observed that we had a lot of stuff, and said she was a minimalist. Without batting an eye, I said, "We have collected a lot of stuff over the years, and we like to display it all." I didn't even notice all the "stuff on display" until after they left; 5 basketballs, garbage bag full of items to go to charity, half the dining room table covered in Magic the Gathering cards, all the boys' nerf guns waiting to be re-housed (about 50 weapons in bins). It must have been overwhelming to a lady with no children. She took it pretty well. 😂
  3. I'm off to work on my own bingo wings this morning on the tennis court. I'll keep a sharp look out for other bingo wings that haven't made it south for the winter. 😉 Love this term!!
  4. Wait a second, are these the flappy things hanging down from my upper arms? I don't even play bingo! That's amazing!! I never knew what these were called. Thank you internet for the capability of linking up with so many international people. 😂 Glad your bingo wings are getting the extra support they need.;) Keep up the good work with the bingo blotter and other exercise equipment. And under the B.... some random number. It's been a while since I played the game.
  5. I ended up walking through some woods to the grocery store. Got in some great upper-body work by carrying groceries home from store. My arms are DEAD. I wanted to weigh the 2 bags to see how much I was carrying, but forgot. Now a lot of the stuff is in my belly. 😉 I booked a court to play tennis tomorrow morning from 7 - 8 AM. I can't believe that myself, dh and 2 good friends are going to get up early, drive 30+ min, park in a freezing cold lot, play tennis in a dome with no running water (only an outdoor porta-potty), and we pay for this. We will have an awesome time, too! We are nuts. 😂
  6. I went for a very nice walk with a friend as the black lab yesterday. I'm hoping to go for a hike or snowshoe today. It's nice and sunny outside. I just hope it isn't too cold.
  7. All the best on your belt test! Rock 'em! Do you have to do any board breaking? That was always a stressor for me. I never knew if the board was actually going to break on test day. It was so disappointing if it didn't.
  8. I slept well and am really to take on the day. It's even sunny outside, though I don't know how warm. This can be really deceiving in the winter. I'll throw on a sweater, step outside, and experience instantaneous freeze when the wind hits. It can be quite a shock. Done: shower, coffee, texts to sister To do: watch part of ds's basketball game, go to a classical guitar concert tonight The guitarist is from France, and is amazing on video. I can't wait to see a performance in person. If you want to check out a little tune of his:
  9. Could be overwhelmed with diabetes patients. Our pediatric clinic is, and they get pretty testy about us bone health researchers using their space.
  10. Can it do fresh ginger, too, without peeling? If so, I'm all in!
  11. Feeling like I can tackle the day now. Just watched a solid hour of comedians on youtube. Yay for youtube! Laughter is very good medicine. To do: - take ds to get his hair trimmed. It's a friend doing it. It will be a quick in and out, though, as ds doesn't even want to go, but I think looking less "scruffy" will make him feel a little less scruffy. Or at least I'll feel like he looks a little less scruffy. - go for a walk with a friend. - watch an on-line key note talk from a conference. It's recorded, so if I'm not up for it (which I'm not at the moment and it started 30 min ago), I can watch it when the mood hits. It's a well-known researcher in the field, but I don't know whether he'll be overly serious, a poor speaker, or annoying. I need to psych up for it. 😉 (I'm not too demanding, am I?) Done: - washed dishes left in sink overnight - Coffee!!!! Yay!
  12. Does it cost a lot? Do you have to go to a Pampered Chef "party" or know someone who sells the stuff?
  13. - Try to remove the picture in my mind of a poor young man beaten to death outside a Toronto pub (a vertebral bone was broken and this resulted in the death). I noticed the headline on a newspaper on my kitchen counter. Why did that paper get left on my counter? We don't even subscribe? But for the grace of God, it could have been my son. Not a great way to start the day.
  14. How do you separate the clove from the peeling? Doesn't it shred to bits, and then you're left with something like a raw egg with shell pieces inside?
  15. Enjoy the run with your friend! Either with the event or not. It's great exercising with friends! Congrats on the weight staying steady. Mine is also steady at just under 125 now. I'm not panicking anymore. Hope your sleep improves. How does appetite relate to sleep? I've never heard of this link. Inquiring minds want to know! 😉 I usually have trouble sleeping is I'm starving. But I'm also lazy, so getting out of bed to get food is too much effort.
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