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  1. I have to find a place to watch this show (I'm in Canada). I've been dealing pretty well with the aging process - I'm 52. I'm REALLY happy that I've been keeping active and eating healthy over the decades, as I'm definitely in better physical health because of it. I'm also thrilled that my mind is still pretty sharp and I've had success going back to grad school and did well on the courses. I've started work again in a completely new area, and it's been challenging but definitely doable. On the negative side, it takes longer to heal from injuries and to lose the "winter weight gain" that happens every year. My hair is also a little more curly instead of just thin and frizzy. 😉
  2. I enjoy listening to my favourite comedy shows when I can't see the screen (on road trips when the dc have the laptop in the back). The dialogue is funny and I can picture the scenes in my head. This might be an idea for your purposes. I enjoy Corner Gas (Canadian sit-com), The Office, IT Crowd, Get Smart, Black Books.
  3. For the teens in our house, electronics have become problematic on and off over the years. As parents helping our teens learn to navigate using these devices, we always start with communication with the teen. We talk about what the problems are, why they are problems, and what are alternatives to over-using or misusing devices. Then we may remove access to devices and/or computers for a set period of time, and support the teen in positive alternatives to fill their physical, social and emotional needs. For older teens especially, this process of identifying problems and figuring out ways to fix problems can really build their confidence. Sure, it's tough to lose access to devices that are enjoyable, promoted feelings of comfort and allow them to avoid lots of difficult or uncomfortable activities, and they will probably be annoyed at their parents. The huge benefit is that they learn that they can survive not having devices and they can experience the successes of doing other productive activities. Of course, this process has a much greater likelihood of being successful if there is some degree of buy-in from the teen. If this can't be achieved by the parents alone, then bringing in a psychologist may be really helpful.
  4. Sounds like there is a lack of mutual respect and love in this adult to adult relationship for whatever reason. I'm a little stumped by this statement, "a grandma should be the one person from whom he learns a good example because if it's not modeled, he could just end up being crass and obnoxious and oblivious to others." Is this from a fiction book, or do people actually talk like this? Why wouldn't a child's parent be a source of positive modelling? Is the grandmother the only available role model for this child?
  5. It's the first day of summer and I'm in the "when will spring ever start?!" mode. It's been cool and rainy for months here. The ground is still very wet. Maybe you can send some of that delicious dry heat my way! Even when it does warm up a little the humidity also "skyrockets" (at least for Canada). On the menu today is chicken and avocado for lunch and stir-fry for dinner. I've already done all the prep, which is unbelievable! I'll be heading outdoors this afternoon to walk/hike with a friend. I see blue sky, so it looks promising!
  6. Sounds really delicious, but that is a ton of sugar. Bananas are very sweet on their own already. I'd start with less sugar and add only if necessary.
  7. Hope you hear back soon! The waiting just kills me. My last job interview I had to wait months.
  8. Being in the "Great White North," food trucks are definitely seasonal. In my area, they are 99% fries and/or poutine. I've seen one with Carribean food that looks cool, but it was winter and it wasn't open. They are more often found in the outlying small towns and "Corners" (old villages where a couple major roads crossed), or in Canadian Tire parking lots. 😂 True Canadian culture!
  9. Congratulations! That's really exciting. Hope you enjoy the program!
  10. Great job getting active! There is definitely a build-up period where our bodies get used to being more active. What kind of aerobic exercise are you doing? If it's high impact, weight-baring activity like running, then maybe you need to do this 3 days/week and cycling 4 days/week, for example. Do you run or walk on a treadmill? If so, be careful of the slope of the treadmill. You could be over-stretching the muscles and tendons on the back of your legs. Also, try to incorporate gentle stretching into your exercising program. I'm 52 and very active and I still wake up to sore back or other body parts regularly. The pain usually resolves quickly with some motion. I think a certain amount of this is simply aging. The important thing is that you want to be able to keep on being active as it's going to be a huge benefit to your overall health. However, on-going, increasing pain could be a sign of something more serious, which you may want to have looked at by your physician.
  11. Seemed that you were willing to take 2 vehicles on a family trip so you could complete a set of 9 swim lessons. I guess I misunderstood all the details about whether there is or isn't money for swim lessons. Inexpensive lessons at home seemed an easier and cheaper option. I taught swimming lessons for many years - children and adults. Those people who were the most anxious about swimming, were the ones starting later. 4 year olds were typically more willing to try things in the water than 6 year olds. Adults beginners were often dealing with anxiety from learning as an adult, along with dealing with past negative experiences.
  12. Sounds like a completely normal reaction with the heat, strange smells, etc. Plus with the constant use of ear plugs and eye covering you are training your body to never have to deal with outside stimulation. Perhaps you need a little better balance? Unless you have a serious underlying medical condition, regular "stress" for our bodies helps them stay strong. Current research is finding that this is the case for many health issues, such as exposure to "dirt" in childhood to build strong immune system, and exposure to weight-baring activities to keep bones strong.
  13. Do these lessons that are 35 min away this summer. Sounds like the best option. Though swimming lessons for many 4 year olds do consist of mainly becoming comfortable in the water, it's important to start this process early rather than later in life. All the opportunities you can find for positive experiences in the water will be a benefit for your dc's life-long comfort and safety around water.
  14. It's year 14 for me, and my 4 dc are all in their teens. A few things have added into my life to enhance my "home educator career": - explore the free on-line Coursera options and create a small "co-op" of friends to do a course together. The dc sit and watch the videos, while the moms go for a walk and talk. Then the dc play together. Social and intellectual time for dc and moms! We're on a second physics course so far. - take an evening course for yourself at a local college to update your professional skills. The process of going back to school allowed me to navigate through the application process and on-line student tools so that I could help talk my dd through this when she was ready to start post-secondary studies. - get a part-time job. It's intellectually stimulating, not too demanding time-wise, and opens up new channels of networking for myself and my dc for future jobs and social opportunities. - get physically active on own or with the dc. Learn a sport or physical activity together, like tennis, martial arts, cycling, paddling, etc. The physical activity is beneficial for the whole family now and lays down positive behavioural patterns for the future.
  15. Is this barefoot on soft-surface flooring or hard surface. If hard surface, then I'd wear shoes with support. I would try to determine where the soreness is and what is causing it - work movements or boxing or cross-fit. Sounds like you're experiencing soreness from repetitive movements, and if you don't adjust those movements (or eliminate them) you will eventually experience on-going pain that will require a lot of rest time. I don't think 1 day rest will be sufficient to recover from the soreness if you don't also figure out what is causing the on-going soreness and try to reduce the stress on your body from these motions. It could be posture or movement technique, muscle weakness (usually small muscles are weak and larger muscles try to over-compensate), or joint issues.
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