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  1. New prayer request is that the inspector thinks the roof has at least 3 years left. I think that's all that is required by mortgage companies.
  2. I know I've seen it ranked up there as one of the most stressful events you can live through. I believe it!
  3. So for whatever reason, turns out my mortgage statements are triggered by me paying, versus on a particular date? So I paid October's payment yesterday,a nd this morning had a new statement. Weird..but okay, lol. I went ahead and uploaded that to the loan company portal, so they now have 3 months of statements showing 3 consecutive payments uploaded - hopefully that alleviates any issues with the Covid CARES Act forbearance we did.
  4. Always looking for new reads 🙂 I'll check it out! (turns out it is included in Kindle Unlimited under the original title - Eva's Eye")
  5. Florida's numbers continue to get better...I think we burned out a lot of "fuel" for now, and hopefully we will get kids vaccinated before the next round. DD desperately needs her eyes examined, our county is at I think 7%...may schedule it this week.
  6. praying! Can a nurse help her facetime or call your mom?
  7. well, I had some chocolate, and a hot bubble bath, and read a bit of a British crime novel and feel better. I think I ran out of anxiety - burned through it, lol. Plus, the loan agent actually called me, just to go over next steps. And hearing how nice she was made me feel better, and I told her about my trust issues with mortgage companies. I chickened out and didn't ask directly about the forbearance issue, not wanting to make more of it than it is, but did ask if she got my answers to her questions and she said yes, and thanked me for being prompt.
  8. well, I don't care how serious it is, lol. I actually see no issue with the box method that was linked somewhere in the thread - that made sense and the way it was written was clear. This particular problem/method was not that - they put numbers in places that MEAN things in other area of math. Putting the numbers along the outside meaning one thing in one place, but totally different thing on the other side, etc is super confusing. Heck, calling it an area model but not having it model area (the way it was laid out) was confusing. That they didn't use easy numbers as intermediaries was confusing - since that is the whole point of the box method. It was a bad problem, and writing it the way they did leads to confusing, in my opinion. Had it been the actual box method shown in the other link I'd never have posted about it - and in fact might use it. (now, don't get me started on lattice multiplication -HATE that stupid thing because it goes right to left and left to right in the same problem!)
  9. I bet it is because of all the charitable foundations that made the news due to people siphoning off funds, etc.
  10. So...I did consider sending DH to pick up the CBD chocolate from the health food store, lol! And I hear you on the insanity - they asked for a copy of the check I used for earnest money and knowing how picky banks can be was panicking they wouldn't accept the wire transfer paperwork - but it was fine, thankfully!
  11. We kept a chart up with the steps for a while when first learning it and used this mnemonic
  12. thank you, that is what I am reading...but I still was nervous, lol. I'm going to be a basket case until I have keys in my hand I think!
  13. A friend in highschool was diagnosed bipolar and went away to some kind of treatment place out of state for a few months..not sure if it was a school. She came back and did very well.
  14. So, never got any "holy cow, you DID have a forbearance?!?!?! We will never give you a loan!" email back, so that's good? And I did get an email saying that they will be sending me paperwork to get the appraisal set up, and to send them documentation of the earnest money put down. In fact, they asked for a copy of the check, but I had wired the money (per title company requirements) so I emailed back with the paperwork from that and asked if that would work, and got a response immediately saying it would. So I'm assuming if she had a response to the other email she would have sent it already.
  15. I'd definitely have a meeting with the principal and the school counselor. Let them know that there are rumors that are effecting your son so you wanted to clarify things and ask for whatever help they can give. Explain that your DH is dealing with depression and anxiety after the loss of your son, as well as some unhealed trauma from his tours overseas with the military, and with the insomnia and anxiety he voluntarily left his position because only someone at the top of their game reaction wise should have that job. Then, see if there are any parents you can talk to about it, as they can help spread the word via the same rumor mill. That's the best I can think to do.
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