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  1. group email? otherwise, all the cool people are using something called "slack" from what I understand. Not me, because I'm not that cool, but my husband and son both use it for stuff.,257483843273,slack&gclid=CjwKCAjw5fzrBRASEiwAD2OSV_HJRawdYmY-RinUQP9UkQeOPXueq9QOuV0tMvdwzxvjjVsGu1TvCxoCZeoQAvD_BwE
  2. think he got married in a church so she couldn't go, but didn't actually leave the JWs? Most churches aren't going to let you get married there if you are actively part of another religion and have no intentions of joining their church, at least in my experience. She didn't say anything about him leaving the faith, but she also didn't say anything about the wedding, or anything, until it was brought up.
  3. Because the problem with a kid who struggles reading is that he doesn't understand the pictures well enough to guess from them. Sigh.
  4. That conscience issue could simply be associating with him after he's been disfellowshipped. We don't know.
  5. What I'm trying to say is that it could be seen as him expecting her to come to a wedding outside her religion and her expecting him to have his wedding within her religion, or she won't go. some have speculated that it was a case of "I know you can't go if I have it at a church, so I'll do that and then try to make you go" But it could also have been, "if you want me at your wedding, you'll come to your senses and do it within my faith"
  6. Ha! Although somedays it does feel that way, lol.
  7. But we don't know that the truth isn't that she was the one manipulating him, saying he needs to stay in her religion or she won't attend his wedding, interact with him, etc. If he's left the church, and she's chosen to cut him off over that, why isn't that manipulative, rather than him being the one manipulating her by wanting her to attend his wedding? If he is no longer in the JWs, the only way he may be able to have a wedding she could go to would be to cave and go back to her faith.
  8. This assumes that there is no moral or compelling reason for them choosing the venue. I mean, if the ONLY place she would attend is a JW Kingdom Hall, not anywhere else, and they are no longer practicing that religion, then well, they can't just pick another place. Or if it doesn't matter where they got married, just that they say, left the church and have been disfellowshipped, then really, that is her saying "believe what I believe or I won't have anything to do with you". Which yikes. Not sure what can be expected to happen there other than what did happen.
  9. Well, I mean yeah..people are going to think some things are wrong. If someone asked you about the best way to say, lure a young girl into a situation where they could take advantage of her, you wouldn't be all "well, everyone has different morals" and just give advice, right?
  10. You can talk about them, but people may not agree you are right.
  11. I think part of it is it makes it all real. That it really happened.
  12. This kind of drama is why my husband and I went off and got married in Scotland without anyone there but the photographer and videographer. (and the priest, lol). But, we DID discuss it with family ahead of time, and come to the compromise of hiring that videographer and then playing the video at an event at our new home, etc. And our parents understood our decision. Had it been something that was going to drive a wedge in the relationship we would have done it differently. Which is why I just don't get not working this all out ahead of time.
  13. The podcast I linked a while back brought up a point I hadn't thought about much before, and may be part of what is bugging the OP - that in a tradition without women pastors/priests, particularly in those without women's religious orders, there is a pastoral vacuum left for the women of the community. There are some things they may very much need spiritual advice or mentorship with that they do not feel comfortable talking to a man about. And so in the absence of a trained, professional, screened authority like a priest or pastor, if they want to talk to a woman they get the "B Team" as she put it. They get bloggers or pastor's wives or whatever - not that there isn't a place for that but those people do not have the training and education that a Priest or minister/pastor has. It's just something I hadn't thought about much, but it made sense to me. (she advises some kind of position or training for women in positions to mentor, even if it is not a ordained role but at least some kind of seminary degree, etc). And might be part of what is bugging Ordinary Shoes.
  14. Expect Barbarella's story to hit the bookstand soon, lol. Poor woman! Between her son and her daughter, she can't win, lol.
  15. Sight reading PLUS the ridiculousness of teaching kids to, if they see a word they don't know, FIRST look at the pictures, then words around it, etc et and only lastly to try to sound it out.
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