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  1. yes! The first thing, just discussing things, I'm fine with and often have decent conversations. It's that second thing, people assuming you are "one of them" and can use language that is frankly offensive. It's not that they feel that way that is so upsetting, it's that people assume I feel that way too - thats what really bothers me. A lot of this is actually not about politics at all, but about things like racism, etc that always existed but have become more open in some places in recent years. Not that people are more racist , just more open about it. Other things as well, not just racism. This was a huge issue for me. I'm currently taking refuge for a while in a different denomination, and although that is not primarily for political reasons, it does play a part I think. Where I attend now is kind of a haven for those of my beliefs.
  2. At this point, in my head, Heigh Ho lives in a yankee version of Lake Woebegone, where all the children are above average but none get any classes except study hall, while driving on the ice uphill both ways, hoping to avoid the rush hour of 70-80 year olds working under the table jobs while collecting huge pensions and never paying any property taxes. I don't mean I don't believe you, Heigh Ho, but wherever you live just seems so vastly different than anywhere I've lived, or people I know have lived, or even people on this board have experience. It's like another planet to me.
  3. I live in technically a purple metro area, but in my neighborhood/town I'm in the minority politically and yes, it does effect me. It means I don't discuss certain things in public or at least not with neighbors, etc. It can be kind of depressing at times, to be so upset about something political and know that most of the people around you feel the exact opposite. It never bothered me before this last presidential election cycle, and to be fair it really isn't that this area is mostly people of the other party, it's that this area is plenty full of what I consider the worst of that party, if that makes sense? Things that many in that party would disavow, those in my area would be loud and proud about. So that's more the issue than politics in general. It's better now, I lived, but an existential way it can be a bit rough. I dream of living somewhere more in line with my views, but won't move just because of that.
  4. A 70 something year old woman should just quite and get another job??? Seriously? In what world is its easy for a person in their 70's to get hired pretty much anywhere? People in their 50s are facing ageism, let alone 70s! And not wanting to go to full time at 76 years old is hardly something to consider lazy, etc.
  5. Any chance of PANDAS? Two symptoms are OCD and refusal to eat.
  6. Can you get him away from his peer group? A different town/state?
  7. You said need psychiatric help not a therapist. I call BS that he has no psychological issues. He's exhibiting emotional disregulation, violent thoughts, anti social behavior, etc. He's gone from good grades and behavior to totally anti social behavior. Any chance there are other drugs in play? Any ADHD? Any head injuries before this happened? Has his regular doctor examined him and done lab work? I'd give him the option of stopping school and getting a job, volunteer or paid, doesn't matter. School isn't the right place for a lot of bright kids at that age, it just isn't.
  8. Please show me where it has been proven that it is safe and good to feed significantly less than the recommended amount of a dog food, in order to restrict calories in a high calorie food? You say it is well known and proven. I saw that the veterinary nutritionists and those formulating the foods say differently. You show me how it is possible that a dog would get the right level of say, calcium or vitamin E or since or certain amino acids if they eat say, half the recommended amount. Again, you keep talking about feeding excessive amounts. No one said excessive amounts. And you keep talking about stamina. How much stamina does the average housepet need?
  9. Can I just say, I wish we lived near each other and could go out for coffee or, in this heat, iced tea? Or I'd love to make you some cookies and lemonade or whatever. Or a margarita, your choice 🙂 It is SO rare that I come across someone whose window of faith expresses itself in the way that yours does. It's incredibly refreshing. If you are ever in Florida, let me know, and I'll buy you a drink.
  10. And we need to have jobs that do support a life, that pay a living wage, that don't require extra training and education. Not everyone can be doctors! Someone has to dig ditches and wash cars and clean schools, etc etc. It used to be that there were a lot of jobs that a person could do right out of high school, without much extra training or education, and support themselves. Now? Not so much. How did we do it before, where a person could work an entry level job and pay for a small place to live, groceries, etc and now we can't?
  11. YES!!! I BET THAT WAS IT! I totally forgot I had that! I bet that one was it, OP.
  12. Those saying that their dogs back in the day did well on whatever supermarket food, keep in mind those were made by the major brands. Now we have all sorts of tiny start up companies and various boutique brands with very little history behind them selling dog food, relying on marketing more than science...our parents didn't have that confusion of brands to pick from. The nutritional issues being seen are coming from those smaller companies, not the major brands.
  13. Bill, you can state things as facts all day long, but they are not. It is NOT true that the nutrients in dog food are balanced on the calories in such a way that seriously underfeeding based on portions advised is safe. Ask a veterinary nutritionist. If the food is designed to provide X amount of nutrient B per 1 cup, and you feed the dog 1/2 a cup it will get half as much of nutrient B. This has in fact been linked to the recent cases of nutritionally mediated cardiomyopathy. Yes, dog foods have slightly more than needed of many things to account for people feeding a bit less, but if cutting back by more than 1/3 the recommended amount you should feed a less calorically dense food to assure that all nutrient needs are met. And again you are misrepresenting what I said. I never indicated dogs should eat "massive amounts" of food. I said that they often are not satisfied by tiny amounts. Feeding a 60 pound dog 1 cup of food twice a day is not a "massive" amount of food. It is not overfeeding, unless the food used is too high calorie. As for dogs being adapted to burn fat, we've gone round and round about this. Dogs were biologically adapted to eat wild game, which is LOW in fat. Now, if you are trying to increase stamina and performance yes, you can increase the fat. But no, most people don't have canine athletes who exercise at high levels and need the high calorie diet that a canine athlete needs. Taking studies based on racing dogs or other athletes and saying that a dog that sleeps on the couch 8 hours a day while owners are at work and then goes for a stroll around the neighborhood at a sedate pace needs the same food as a dog burning many times their resting rate while exercising for hours at a time is going to lead to problems. High protein, we agree on. But I've seen older, less active dogs gain weight on high fat, calorically dense diets over and over again. So although I use and advocate for such a thing for highly active dogs I won't agree that every dog, including less active breeds/ages, should eat that as well. And the studies I've found on this were done on a small number of younger dogs, not across breeds/ages/activitiy levels. As a comparison, a marathon athlete may perform better if drinking an electrolyte and sugar replacement like gatorade instead of water. But that doesn't mean that I should drink gatorade instead of water while I fold laundry and do dishes - it would in fact be a grave mistake to do so. Because what is needed for peak athletic performance is not always what is best in a different situation. Now, ideally, sure, all dogs would be running miles a day. But that's not going to happen, and the dog on the couch is not going to be satisfied with very very small amounts of food, no matter how high fat, and they are not going to have their micronutrient needs met if they eat that little.
  14. I've been part of a facebook group for cardiomyopathy in dogs and the owners report if their dog has the issue (with veterinary notes/proof) and as of the last I checked there were zero cases from the big manufacturers. Since this is a social media group that anyone can join I don't think that is because of high paid publicity people suppressing the information. They just have food that is fully tested, etc.
  15. Thankfully the days of senior dog foods being very low protein is past - the Purina One senior formula is I believe 28% protein. It was thought at one point that too much protein would harm an older dog's kidneys, but that is no longer considered a blanket recommendation.
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