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  1. I just ordered my second pair. And yes, they are stretchy at the top.
  2. What doctors is he seeing? Just a GP or is he being evaluated by ENT and Neurologist? I think you said he already saw a cardiologist, wondering about the other two. Maybe an EEG is in order. And I'd make an appointment with someone that can diagnose POTS as it can take a while to get in anyway.
  3. ooh - thank you! will watch while cleaning or doing laundry later!
  4. Has he had lab work to check for autoimmune stuff - inflammatory markers, lupus, etc? And lyme?
  5. I don't have one but recently found out there is such a thing as a can strainer. Fits over a can of tuna, beans, corn, whatever so you can strain the liquid out. I had no idea, and now I want one! These garlic peeler tubes are miraculous - seriously.
  6. A lot of what others said as far as time, but we also utilize a lot of youtube, documentaries, etc in our schooling. My DD has dyslexia and probably some not quite diagnosable level of auditory processing issues and so the visual part of documentaries makes learning a LOT easier for her than reading OR listening to me read. We also have a family culture of researching whenever we have a question no one in the family has an answer for. So we "google it" a lot 🙂 As for curriculum, we do short and sweet for a lot of it, and then The Good and The Beautiful history and science has a lot of hands on stuff that they enjoy. My goal (not quite there yet) is to have a schedule so that twice a week we do history, twice a week science, and once a week a craft or outing. I need to put it on a loop schedule. (we don't count our evening documentary habit as part of that).
  7. I remember hearing I think it was Richard Rohn say that if you are asking what YOU can do to be "saved" you are missing the point of Christianity entirely. It's not about YOU doing anything. Jesus handled that already. You should be looking to find what you can do for OTHERS. And that is what I love about my Episcopal church - so much about serving the community.
  8. I'd also want thyroid auto antibodies checked. The weight loss is more concerning to me, you need fun lab work done.
  9. how is his blood pressure when standing? Could POTS be an issue? Also,why is he off the concrete? Would trying going back on help?
  10. I'll definitely check it out! DD tends to freeze up and panic when it is video, afraid she'll miss something and not be able to find it again. Mainly that it will go too fast, etc. And she needs a lot of cheerleading so doing it together is best. I'm mainly intrigued by the syllables thing for her spelling - she's reading quite well now. But spelling...ugh. And this seems like maybe a more streamlines, efficient method than AAS which we are currently using.
  11. Definitely - my husband has low D and it effects his mood hugely. Unfortunately for me even with great D levels in the winter I still get SAD. I don't think so - these are not an overhead type light. And you only use them for about 20 minutes a day.
  12. I had the K level of the old Kindergarten. yes, it was SUPER expensive - I remember I was on a payment plan in fact! I remember there was a lovely math book, phonics book, letter flashcards, a poetry book, handwriting book, arts and crafts, lesson plans, etc plus a whole bunch of supplies like manila paper, brass paper fastener brads, various clips, pencils, rubber bands, etc - everything needed for the various crafts. It was VERY much getting a "private school in a box". Very rigorous, but age appropriate. Very school at home. We even had a pennant with the Calvert name/logo to put on our wall and a little teddy bear wearing a Calvert t-shirt.
  13. Rosie, that's a good explanation! Of course, it is all those copycat letters that drive my poor dyslexic daughter nuts. We joke that it might be faster to learn Spanish and spell in that language and move to Mexico, since Spanish is so much more phonetically simple, than to learn to spell in English. And Home Again I found the video of him reading them and it is ce=see, ci= sigh, cy = sigh. They are all open syllables so long, they just put the marking on the first word in the patter in the tables.
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