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  1. And it isn't sports in particular, but just that if he wants to spend any time with the kids on the weekend he's going to have the same issue.
  2. Have you tried using the products (doubled sided tape, etc) to stop him from scratching what he shouldn't, and put up appropriate scratching posts for him? Both the corrugated cardboard kind and the big sturdy posts? seems that would be the first thing to do. sound like he's going to be indoors some of the time no matter what, so that needs to be addressed.
  3. Squirt bottle, or spraying a can of compressed air to startle him. And she needs to NOT play with him with her hands, body, etc - ever. Use toys - the kind with a string on a stick, etc. otherwise they learn to think of the hands and legs as toys.
  4. Most of my family has all backed into each other's cars at one point or another, if that makes her feel better 🙂 My dad has hit my mom's car, I have hit my husband's car, my mom hit I think my dad's car, etc. In other sleep deprived funny stories, my sister once reported her car stolen when she went out and saw it was missing from the driveway. Only AFTER the police came and took the report did she remember she'd left it at work the night before and ridden home with someone else!
  5. Bariatric Advantage is a brand that is well known and has good formulations. Personally I use EZ Melts which is also easily absorbed, and I like the taste, lol. Chewable will be easier to absorb than a pill, so either the chewable Bariatric Advantage or EZ Melts (they actually also make Bari-Melts which are for bariatric patients but pretty much the same thing, different marketing) which dissolve in the mouth.
  6. I don't blame you. It breaks my heart that this has happened to the breed. Or rather, been discovered, as it was probably always there. The breed started with such a tiny gene pool...and because the symptoms are hard to figure out so many were bred not knowing they had the problem. And without an MRI, which most breeders, even the good ethical ones, are not doing, there is no way to really know. And it is so painful for the ones badly effected, and you can't know usually until they are past the point where you would start breeding them. it's a conundrum for sure. I would hate to see the breed go away, but at the same time, breeding animals doomed to lifelong nerve pain isn't right either. I'm not sure what the answer will be - perhaps outcrossing will be needed, I don't know. They are trying to develop a gene pool unaffected based on MRI scans but given all the other diseases they are prone to, like heart problems, finding healthy dogs is proving to be nearly impossible. it's so terribly sad because they are WONDERFUL dogs. This is my parent's second one - the first was a rescue.
  7. My parents dog, by the way, didn't have huge symptoms. But for years she would sometimes whimper for a moment for no apparent reason. Or bite for a few seconds at her back. Weird small things. Vets never could find a problem. Finally it got worse and they went to a neurologist and it was found.
  8. Cavaliers really are the best dogs, more and more comes out I can't recommend them. It seems WAY more are effected by the neurological issues than at first though. My parents dog came from a breeder who did the testing...they still have a dog that has serious neurological issues and is on Gaba Pentin and other meds for life, and also a heart issue. They thought it was a small percentage of dogs, now they are realizing many many many have "silent" issues that are not noticed and being passed along. At this point they think at least half, maybe 3/4 of all King Charles have this. One study showed that 70% of dogs WITHOUT any signs of having it, had it. Which means most of the time the owners don't recognize the issue . Honestly it may be almost all King Charles, and certainly the breeding pool of healthy animals is way too small to be feasibly maintained. I hate that, because they are the BEST tempered dogs in the world. But I can't support getting a dog with such a high likelhood of living in pain.
  9. Given how often hospital acquired infections are antibiotic resistant, I'd be hesitant to take an immune compromised child into such an environment on a regular basis.
  10. Yeah, I wouldn't give in on this. Besides, then what if something happens due to sleep deprivation, and then he will feel guilty about that, you know? I think a meeting with the Priest is the appropriate thing. He can grant a formal dispensation. He can explain and maybe you can do a small "unit study" at home about how caring for "our neighbor" is how we show our love to God. So not only are you NOT committing a mortal sin by missing mass to care for him, but you are also doing work that Jesus commanded us to do - maybe a unit study on the Works of Mercy?
  11. Ok - this is an easy one! Caring for a sick person, or a child, is 100 percent valid as a reason to miss. No one's soul is in danger here! Also, as I said in another quote, endangering the health of your husband due to lack of sleep is not okay, and any priest would understand. What I'd suggest in this case is that the two of you alternate weeks during those times. So one attends one week, the other parent attends the next week. OR - weird idea - My parish has several speakers outside the sanctuary, and when DS was little I'd often sit on the bench outside and listen to the service, and then just go inside for communion. Could you guys do something like that? If you live where it is too cold to be outside, speak to the priest about having the service piped into an area where you could here it in a private area? But really....I'd trade off weeks. And I'd email your priest or set up a meeting with him, so DS can see/hear that this is okay. And since the Church teaches that what they bind is bound and what they loosen is loosened (freed?), if the Priest says it is okay, he should accept that.
  12. If you are or think you might be sick with any contagious illness - including minor colds. What is a "little cold" for you or your kid could be RSV or the walking pneumonia bacteria nd cause serious or life threatening illness in a preemie baby, or an elderly person, or someone on immune suppressing drugs, or someone with asthma, etc etc. God doesn't want you attending church at the risk of someone else's health. If attending will cause you harm - mental or physical, stay home. Personally I'd say this includes if you are incredibly sleep deprived and for your health or that of one of your children need extra sleep to keep from being so run down you get sick, depressed, etc but obviously that one is a little less black and white. If you are caring for a young child, someone who is ill or injured, helping another creature who needs it, that is a valid reason to miss it according to theCatholic Catechism.
  13. How long are you are work each day? As in, how many hours would the dog be left at home by itself? That would be my big concern. The breeds you are talking about have a huge need for exercise as well. Not a "walk" but running, fetch, tug, etc for at least an hour or so a day, minimum. Do you have the time for that? Time to let a dog out to potty during the day?
  14. They will want to know about appetite, any vomiting, how often there is pain, how often diarrhea or constipation, and want to describe the texture of the stool - there are charts on the internet you can look at so she can choose which one looks like her poop. They will also probably give you a script for lab work - bloodwork to check for certain inflammatory markers as well as vitamin levels, celiac markers, etc. They will also want you to collect a stool sample I imagine, to check for certain markers. You can put a special thing in the toilet to catch it more easily. Then depending on those results will schedule any additional testing - if those come back suspicious I'd expect endoscopy/colonoscopy.
  15. Actually, I had no idea what to do or even what had happened in the case of the acceleration problem. I panicked and called DH, who was in the bathroom - his roommate had to drag him out and then he instructed me what to do. I was then stuck on the side of the road waiting for him to come, which was going to be an hour, in the middle of nowhere. Luckily some police came by and took a look and figured out the problem and got it safe to drive. I went back to DH's place (not married then) and he stripped out the part that was the issue, but I missed a day of work, and was fearful for my life and that of everyone around me while it was happening. So no - most people do not find car issues to be non stressful events. And some people live paycheck to paycheck and can't afford to fix whatever it is right away, etc. That you seem to think nothing non fatal is stressful is...interesting. But not typical, I wouldn't think. Heck - they say the single most stressful thing in life is moving - that's planned for, not deadly, and yet people rank it up with the death of a family member as far as stress.
  16. Yes, but it is still stressful. It will cost money, it will cause delays, it will make dealing with everyday life harder with only one car, it can be less than safe depending on where you break down (I've had some dicey moments where I lost power in the middle an intersection and another where the car refused to stop accelerating - I was on a highway but there was traffic coming up - it was scary). Sitting on the side of the road for however long it takes a tow, knowing it will cost money and time - yeah, that's stressful to most people.
  17. One sign of it having been a longer term problem is how were you at executive function stuff as a kid? Like, I was the kid in class that never had a pencil or pen with her, forgot to restock my folder with paper for months at a time, would DO the homework but then forget to bring it or turn it in, constantly lost everything including the shoes I'd been wearing that day (as in, would go to a friend's house wearing shoes and come home not wearing shoes). As I got older I lost my purse many times a year. My DH, when we started dating, would carry my expired license on him in case I forgot my license when we went out to bars - because it had happened so many times. We once had to backtrack 40 miles to get my purse I'd left at a rest stop. I've left my wallet at several stores, etc. I have a very hard time paying bills on time, mailing things, etc. Library books are forever overdue. It's better on meds - I think more clearly and can prioritize, but even still yesterday I almost left my cell phone in the bathroom at Walmart. My 2 yr old noticed it sitting on the sink and reminded me!
  18. To be fair, I think MOST people find a car breakdown stressful. That's normal.
  19. MaBelle, that is AWESOME! We generally do a block party with several families in the neighborhood. Some have kids, one brings the grandchild, some don't have kids. We have food and adult beverages and kid beverages. Some adults take the kids ToT and the others stay back and hand out candy and then maybe switch off. We have a ton of fun! Only thing I hate is that the one neighbor, who dresses as a scary clown, thinks it is funny to chase some of the older kids with a gas powered weed whacker - no attachment on it, not dangerous, but sounds like a chainsaw engine revving. The older teens take it well, but as he drinks more he tends to lose track of who is a teen and who is a little kid. We had to hide it last year after he made a kid cry. (one of the times we realized my hound mix Tracker is actually very protective - he knows this neighbor, is very friendly with him, even in the costume, but when he chased the kids and made them scream Tracker went nuts barking and growling at him! I am pretty sure he might have bitten him if I'd let him off the leash. Once the kids settled down and the neighbor stopped being a jerk Tracker was back to being nice to him. He just wasn't going to allow anyone to scare the kids!)
  20. Middle schoolers are honestly my least favorite form of people, with 1 yr olds a close second. My first husband grew up in a house that was on the major walkway for kids going to the middle school, and when we were first dating I was often over there and would either be driving through that pack of kids or watching them from the house. It was so Lord of the Flies it was terrifying. Refuse to move out of the way of the car, calling each other names, swearing, etc. The high schoolers are so much more polite. And I know I was the same way. I never swore as much in my life as I did in middle school. I also wore more makeup then than the rest of my life, used more hair products, and was absolutely miserable in so many ways. My mother says my favorite obnoxious saying was, "I realize that" said with an eye roll. When I had a kid hit that age I actually called my mom and apologized. But yeah, they act like jerks because they feel miserable.
  21. Oh! BTDT! Probably not a lot of us in that club. I had 13 yr old, a 2 yr old, and was pregnant. It was not pretty.
  22. not sure if these will work, as they are chewable, but not gummy, so maybe? EZ Melts has a whole line of vitamins, including multivitamin. They are not chalky or weird tasting, have methylated versions of the B vitamins, and I think they are sugar free - I think they use monk fruit as the sweetener maybe - so won't rot teeth the way gummy vitamins do. My son uses their iron with no issues.
  23. Handwriting without Tears cursive doesn't slant, that might work better.
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