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  1. Yeah, that's what we do but it just is very diffcult to do safely with a wiggly dog with fur growing from every angle, lol. I can do the other dog's feet no problem, the other two dogs nails are not an issue either. This one..sigh. He gets a ton of snacks while we do it, to distract him, and it takes multiple people. And the fur grows so fast there is always some. Nails are faster/easier both because I have so much more experience and because it is just safer/easier to be quick about it than to try to get in between the toes. But those stair treads may help. Yeah...with a wiggly dog it's just difficult to do quickly without injury.
  2. Was Texas one of the places that was going to lose federal support for testing? Not sure if/when that actually happened but it was in the news a while back. Florida testing has dropped as well. My guess is that with school about to start they want fewer cases popping up, but I'm cynical. (and yes, that won't effect positivity but most people don't bother to check that stat...they go by cases)
  3. A little at a time. Frequent trims, just a little at a time, will have the quick receding. It is sensitive to pressure, so if you trim the nail the quick will recede back. Every two weeks is what we reccomended. And walking on rough surfaces helps. (but I wouldn't walk a dog with joint issues on sidewalks/concrete - too hard on the joints. Asphalt, if not hot, would be okay)
  4. @Bagels McGruffikin, if you want to watch a woman who cleans as she goes, try this show on PBS Italia with Mary Ann,Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA). I'm NOT naturally neat, although I've gotten much better at it, and never really notice if others are...but with her, I noticed!
  5. Ugh, I HATE that! My DH used to try to "help" by cleaning as I was cooking. Drove me bananas! I think I like Rachel Ray more now, lol. Yes, I'm fanatical too! And I NEVER run the dryer when we are sleeping, or if we are not home. or the dishwasher. Both are known fire hazards, and I know someone who lost their house from a dryer fire. Had it happened when they were asleep they might have died. (and not when I'm not home because of the pets)
  6. Yes, having actually SEEN how dogs do on the diet, in real life, I have seen only good things. That said, it is very expensive. But works. Awesome! I'm going to order some! As for fur on the pads, yes, I know it should be trimmed, but as I said, it is pretty impossible to keep up on with this particular dog, but perhaps the OP will be able to address it if it is a problem. In my case I have a dog with a TBI that left him permanently brain injured, neck and back trauma, and manipulating him is very difficult for him, and training is also very difficult because he is..well, dumb as a bag of rocks due to the brain damage. Sweet as pie, but not able to put cause and effect together well, so counter conditioning has not worked out. Distraction sometimes does. But not enough to keep his feet permanently fur free - too much fur that grows too quickly and he hates the clippers. Speaking of which - use caution with a dremel on a dog with furry feet! The hair can get caught in the dremel and that HURTS!
  7. Notgrass was what I was thinking of when you said like Apologia. Something that is written to the studen, clear cut daily lessons, etc. Yes, there is religion. My agnostic teen rolled his eyes a bit, and refused to answer any question that dealt with religion (which was fine by me), but otherwise learned a lot. It is a good choice if you are looking for something to produce a kid that has at least a basic understanding of history, important events, documents, etc. Many of the assignments can be done without a ton of writing - so there will be an option to do a poster instead, etc. Or you can skip those and just do the workbook that is optional.
  8. Sounds like younger cat is now a bit afraid of the older one, after the fight. But seems older cat is calming down.
  9. OOOH! Neat idea! Do they collect dirt or anything weird?
  10. Oh, I'll check for them, we have a Costco membership. My dog that slides has furry paws, and although with two people you can do his nails, keeping the fur short enough to not slide is nearly impossible, as he hates it. Could be that. And they do have force plate evidence of dogs showing significant joint improvement on that diet. And some older dogs do not tolerate high fat diets - mine doesn't. At all. Now, he has a history of pancreatitis, but he's not the only one like that. I'd be hesitant to make sweeping diet recommendations to a senior dog with health problems without knowing the dog's history. That said, we get extra protein into old guy to support muscle mass, but have to be careful how much fat goes with it, and how we do it. Also, muscle loss is often due to less movement due to pain, so getting his pain under better control might help that on its own.
  11. ooh - do you have a link to the kind of rugs? We have that issue here, too. yes, it works in a similar manner to the Cosequin/Dasaquin.
  12. Is she on any medication for this? Dasaquin, Adequan injections, daily carprofen? My dog has hip issues and is on carprofen twice a day, plus Dasaquin supplement. Carprofen is like doggie Celebrex (except they don't get heart problems from it like people can). Would REALLY help with pain, which dog usually show by being slow and struggling to get up. Also, it could be a back problem rather than hips at this point, or in addition to hips - gabapentin or steroids can help with that. Definitely schedule vet visit asap and give a trial of pain meds before making any decisions.
  13. But that's when she isn't in it, and sad to say, not your issue. When she's in it, it would be buckled and safe. But is she 5 now? At 5 my kids could do their own buckles on the 5 point harness. Unless she's having to ajust the straps a lot due to various weight clothing? Otherwise I left it as it was, and they just buckled/unbuckled by themselves. ( I did listen to be sure I heard the buckles snap in). But I think just using it as a booster is the better option here.
  14. I hate this virus for a million reasons, but one of them is that it is messing with you when you just got this awesome job. I LOVE that you are woking in the library, and hate that it might mess things up. Worst case, if schools go virtual, can your kids come to the library with you while you work? I know normally that wouldn't be allowed, but if schools are shut, a lot of jobs are going to have to be more flexible. And some libraries are doing learning pods, etc.
  15. Sometimes the puls ox sensor will double count the heartbeat - it is a known issue. Definitely check manually. And if still that high, immediate medical appointment....cardiology workup for sure. Also thyroid labs to check for hyperthyroidism - which can cause anxiety as well.
  16. I still am not seeing why this is better? Like, if it takes a long time..okay....but why is taking a long time and getting there earlier better? I mean, if the average lifespan is 70 yrs, are you saying that if you start at 5 you won't have enough time before you die? I know that sounds a bit crazy, but...I'm just not seeing why covering this math by age 8 is well, important? I mean, fine, it's not a BAD thing, but I don't see why it is a good thing, either? As for the reading thing, not being able to read yet might be a good thing, if it means they are more apt to listen to read alouds, which are usually of a higher vocabulary than what a 4 yr old would read to themselves. I mean, I get that it worked for you, but if half the time or more it would lead to frustration, and a poor attitude toward the idea of school, or a feeling they are not good at it, than it seems there is not enough benefit to make it worth the risk, as a general recommendation.
  17. that right there is the MAIN reason I homeschool 🙂 Why would I send them off to a teacher to let them get that fun! It's like when they take their first steps - it's so awesome when that lightbulb goes off, and you are a TEAM and so happy and proud! But, I have no particular care for all that other stuff you mentioned - graduating early or better scores. I think homeschoolers say that stuff because we worry people will look at us crazy if we try to explain that we just LIKE being the ones to teach our kids. Or heaven forbid, just like having them around! I remember when my kids were kindergarten age and I was like...but now they are really cool! Why would I send them away just when they are getting really interesting? (now, if there was some regulated "school" for 18 month olds....I might be more interested, lol) Yes, well...there are those moments too, lol. I mean, homeschool moms are all super duper patient, right?
  18. Yup. We started virtual only today, for 9 days, then they go face to face on the 21st I think? Right now Florida's positivity rate is finally, SLOWLY, trending down. Counties like mine have masks mandates, although the state as a whole does not...still, they seem to be working where they are...slowly. Which I 'm really really happy about. But I'm terrified of what will happen once schools go back face to face. I mean...2000-4000 teens in one school? Then going to part time jobs, stores, etc?
  19. So, it was for an investing firm! Totally weird! I guess aimed at the parents, or just part of the platform and no one thought about it? Get those 1st graders thinking about their 401K now? Meanwhile, I'm hearing horror stories. Classes ending early, so the child clicks on their next "class" but gets in trouble for showing up early. Sound not working. Needing to access an app that wasn't on the school issued laptop,and you can't add anything to them or download apps. Needing to run multiple programs at once, but if you try it crashes the device, so having to use multiple devices. Needing to split screen stuff that won't split screen. Just...a disaster. I had the good grace not to say that our school involved them each doing a lesson on Teaching Textbooks (no technical issues whatsoever), independent reading, and a read aloud I did poolside while they swam.
  20. Those are useful things, but I disagree they are useful to a 3 yr old. Fine to do that at five 🙂 Yes! It sometimes goes fine, but often does harm, and there is no real need nor much of a it's a risky undertaking that will more than likely frustrate kid and parent for no gain. I'd rather talk to my daughter about all sorts of other interesting things, than name letters or state capitals with her. We have great conversations .... what the letter B says isn't really part of that at this point. I do point out colors just as part of normal life, not to "teach" them. Same with shapes, or whatever. I count as I put things on her plate sometimes, or when we are cooking together. We sing nursery rhymes. But we are saying, there is NO time crunch, nor should anyone worry about it. There is no set amount of time to learn this stuff. If they pick it up from some PBS show while I'm making dinner, great. If not, we will cover numbers and letters in kindergarten or first grade. By 2nd grade it won't matter if we started in first or at 3. As for your bit about vocabulary, etc, that I agree on. But reading to a child does that as well or better than them reading to themselves. We have a language rich environment - documentaries, NPR on in the background, good children's shows, and we read to them and we TALK and TALK and TALK. We narrate what we are doing with little ones, "now I'm cutting the apple in half - see two pieces! One, two. Now I'm going to wash the knife - I have to be careful - it's sharp! Sharp things can cut us!" Stuff like that.
  21. yes! When my son took a single class with FLVS the mishmash of it was terrible! I got an entire DEGREE online - it was worked great. Why couldn't they manage? Part of it was that an online college class still uses textbooks, etc...where FLVS was random contect on various media sources with 4 different places to check for due dates, assignments, grades, etc. (this was years ago, i'm sure it has changed multiple times). We lasted 10 days. Then withdrew. And continued to get emails saying he was "on track" for weeks after that. he's not.
  22. Meh....maybe? I gave up on people taking anything seriously regarding schools or kids after Sandy Hook. Well....but if kids are sent home to quarantine they by definition need to stay home. Sending them to a day camp is hardly quarantine. At that one camp, over half the kids under age 10 got it. They seemed to spread it pretty fact I think they had the highest rate.
  23. A friend just posted she was trying to log her kids into their live virtual school. One got in, the other is just being shown ads while waiting for the teacher. They are streaming ads on the virtual school platform to the kids. is that okay? It's like something from a dystopian futuristic movie with Keanu Reeves or something.
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