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  1. I'm going to...just not sure how to get he right one, lol. Maybe take a drawer with me to the store?
  2. Well, my normal stained cabinets have a chip...and I'm realizing that touching up a painted cabinet is probably easier than fixing this!
  3. I think whenever you start repeating the thoughts in your mind, you could stop and say to yourself, like a mantra, "My office is making sure he gets the most appropriate sentencing for his crime."
  4. Nothing anyone has posted has shown that to be what is being taught. At all. Also, not what it is about. I mean, do we lie and say hey, it's fine, there are zero impacts from racist policies in this country, both current and past? Hide that from people?
  5. Yup. We'd all sheepishly say we really SHOULD get the kids inside and in bed...but it's so hard to do when it is just finally cool enough for them to actually play. Neighbors show up after dinner outside, no earlier than 6:30, then hang out in lawn chairs while kids play until dark, around 8pm. Sometimes someone would start a fire pit thing, even though it was hot, for fun and we'd stay out later. But usually, mosquitoes would chase us in by then. As soon as the dusk came they come out in force and I swear NO bug spray totally works on them. Even if it keeps them from biting you still feel and
  6. Oh, didn't know that. AZA accredited means better care for the animals as well. FYI, if it is hot, there is a lot of shade at Gatorland..a LOT...but not much in the way of indoors/air conditioning. So be prepared for heat. The restaurant has outdoor, covered seating and I think maybe fans. But it is more like a snack bar type thing where you walk up, get your food, go si down outside wherever you want. They have a menu on their website that even lists what is gluten free, which surprised me. (not much..but some) We liked to take the train to cool off - the breeze as you are movin
  7. Right. IF it is JUST a once piece it can be a pain to drag up and down when wet, but no horrid. But if it is a one piece PLUS a rash guard over it, you have to mess with both wet, clinging items, then pull down the wet board shorts if you are wearing them as the OP mentioned, THEN the one piece down the rest of the way. Maybe it's just me, but I pee way more after swimming - between the temperature of the water, and the water pressure squeezing out any fluid in the tissues so it gets returned to the blood vessels and kidneys...I pee every 45minutes to 2 hours in the pool.
  8. So, the only thing shocking or upsetting about that is that it is developmentally inappropriae for 3rd grade, lol. That's too much abstract thinking and way too much writing. Keep it concrete in those grades. (Also, not sure this is technically CRT since it isn't particularly about race?) I'd say that's a liberal position, actually. I'm liberal - quite liberal - and that is exactly what I want. Unfortunately, right wing sources create strawman theories about what liberals want, to demonize them. Turns out, most left wing democrats don't want a one world order or whatever it
  9. And they don't do that by ignoring the obstacles facing their students. My sister is a principal, to say that all her students have an equal opportunity to succeed is false. Some come to school hungry. Some are sick and dealing with chronic illness. MANY are homeless. Many deal with alcoholic or drug addicted parents. Race plays into how likely a student falls into one of those categories. Providing extra resources for them, such as food, housing, extra tutoring, etc helps even things out. And college admissions officers can take into account that their grades may not reflect their true
  10. Black Hammock is a little out of the way place with a restaurant, store, and bar that has alligators you can hold, for a small fee. I want to say it was a couple dollars when we did it several years ago. It wasn't a busy place when we went. https://www.theblackhammock.com/black-hammock-restaurant/index Otherwise maybe Gatorland? It's not as big or crazy or loud as a normal theme park...there is a quiet area that is a bird roockery, but then they have gator feeding and you can pose with a gator. But the posing is in the middle of a pen/arena thing where others can see you if that is an iss
  11. So, why are those kids who are white students told the indigenous students go to that program? Are they told it is to help ameliorate some of the disadvantage they may otherwise experience? If so, that's teaching CRT, right?
  12. In a particular classroom that was done. But all aspects of CRT, including that institutional racism exists or has ever existed, are being banned. My entire state has done so.
  13. Well, it is a factor, and as their policy leaves room for skimpy one pieces but no full coverage two piece suits, the whole thing is silly and not going to do what they planned anyway, I'd bet. I've been looking for a new suit and a lot of the one piece suits are WAY skimpier than the two piece suits.
  14. So, if a teacher teaches that institutional racism made it harder for black veterans to secure a college education than for white veterans, that's history, and is okay. But if the teacher points out a current situation, where people of one color are favored, that is not okay? Because if it is okay to say that, for instance, people of color are treated less favorably in the court system, and the person has eyes and can see what color they are, that could be called making them feel like a victim. But...if you don't teach it, is that promoting ignorance?
  15. FYI heard on the news that my state has banned CRT from classrooms....what the heck that means in actuality is that anything mentioning racism can likely be objected to and banned. Once again, glad I homeschool.
  16. Right. It should not be controversial to say that institutions can have racist impacts, and that some of those were not bugs, but features, at least at the time of their creation. I mean, if we can acknowledge that jim crow laws were racist, we are admitting that laws can have racial bias. No. Marxism is not at the core of critical race theory anymore than marxism is at the core of critical text theory. What is the alternative? To not acknowledge racial bias in our courts, banking systems, etc? Pretend they don't exist? Do we skip over Jim Crow laws because that would b
  17. This bra is made out of a similar material to a swimsuit - just thinner. Dries fast like a swimsuit. I actually went in the pool yesterday in this bra and a pair of yoga shorts!( I'd been exercising while supervising kids swimming, and they wanted me to come in with them and it seemed silly to go inside and change. I just took off my tank and went in wearing what I had on and was comfy and dried as fast as if I was in a bathing suit. ) Would easily work under a rash guard. https://amzn.to/3xccske
  18. But lots of people spend more than 2 hours in a day swimming - going to a pool, going to the beach, water park, etc. Unless the suit is only for camp where swim time has a designated start time, ease of bathroom use is a real factor. It definitely is one for me - and no, I can't always go 2 hours without peeing. Especially when I'm in water.
  19. Shut up, that was NOT 20 years ago. Can't be. Was like...5....maybe. Otherwise I'm old, and that can't be true... Also, I LOVED LOVED LOVED that show. I got pregnant with my oldest when I was 21, which although not a teen mom felt really young compared to many women, and we got married after, so I just identified a lot iwth the show. Except I was never as cool as that mom.
  20. Thank you! For a while, I thought I was getting diarrhea (always in the morning) from eating sugar before bed - sugar can cause issues post bariatric surgery. But then I cut out the sugar and still had intermittant issues. Now, I'm wondering if this is the problem. I'm eating healthier, but a lot of it is stuff that is fermentable, lol. I think adding in the stupid xylitol product, plus cherries, on top of the regular stuff, just put me way over the edge. Like, I might be able to have onions OR broccoli or cherries, but not all in the same day. You know, like I did yesterday. Plus the xylitol
  21. ooh, I do have ginger tea! Good idea. This is miserable! And now I'm reading up on low FODMAP because I have off and on diarrhea...and I know I react to too much fructose, can't tolerate inulin at all, or polyols. I actually checked the label because I was wondering if it had inulin in it - a lot of probiotic products add it as a prebiotic. Instead found the xylitol and malitol.
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