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  1. Ours forbids mayors and such from creating mask mandates, and forbids mask mandates in government offices/buildings. But private businesses can require them. So yay? Our schools just voted - masks are optional, even for unvaccinated. I think they were rare, now they are not due to a new variant being dominant. Situation changed, so our actions need to change. It's like if you leave for the day and it is warm, but later clouds up and gets chilly so you put on a sweater. That doesn't mean the earlier weather was a lie, or there is a conspiracy around sweaters. It means you are using common sense and adapting to changing conditions. Why is that so hard to understand?
  2. The mRNA vaccines seem to work well on it, actually. Right, or even just a third dose. We give MANY vaccines in 3 or more doses, why would Covid be different? Pertussis is 3-5 doses, Polio is 3 doses, Hep B is 3 doses. I'm awfully glad that with all those things people didn't do 2 and then say "screw it" and give up, you know? If it stops people from getting really sick, that's the important thing. And it does reduce infection/transmission. Not as much as with other variants, but less spread is better than more spread. And a 3rd dose may bring it back up even higher. Also, testing is becoming easier! With at home tests at $10 each, we have another way to control spread. For instance, before I see my high risk mom, I can and will test if we've been somewhere with higher exposure risk. My son, who really felt fine other than his sense of smell, was able o test and immediately isolate. That is going to help. Personally, once my kids are vaccinated I'll feel content to at least do outdoor activities, have vaccinated friends over, see family. Without a booster I don't see me doing say, a big stadium unmasked unless rates go down here (our numbers suck). But life will be much better.
  3. So? Isn't that better? I'm still trying to figure out how less infections, and 80% less severe illness, isn't worth it when it comes to the vaccine? And we may find out a 3rd dose brings us back to high efficacy against infection/transmission. I mean, polio is at least 3 doese. Dtap/Tdap is 3-5 doses depending on age when you start. Hep B vaccine is 3 doses. I don't see why it would be surprising to anyone that Covid requires 3 doses. That's a common thing in vaccines. But so many wan to just give up, like, "well, yeah, i twould reduce deaths by 90% and ICU admissions hugely, and prevent a not insignificant number of infections and transmission...but it's not perfect, so why bother?"
  4. We don't know. Guess is an arcade they went to. He might not have been contagious until he was already home or on his way home.Or he is one of those who have super short time from exposure to symptoms/positive test, and got it on the plane or in the airport on the way home.
  5. Well, I'd turn that around and say the LEAST we dan do for them is make sure they don't catch a deadly disease on the job! And that they are the least able to afford to quarantine if exposed, or isolate if sick. And the least likely to be able to afford medical care if they get very sick. Vaccinating isn't punishing them, it is protecting them! But even less able to afford 10 -14 days of quarantine if exposed, isolation if they catch it, medical care if they get very ill from Covid, etc.
  6. ktgrok

    Disney sad

    I'm almost positive it is an elected position (but am tired so not 100 percent on anything right now). The governor already hates her. When they had meetings about Florida's reopening (too soon) all the cabinet members were invited EXCEPT Secretary of Agriculture.
  7. Or..fight fire with fire. Instead of the news telling people to get vaccinated, they shut up about it. Then hire some random people to make vidoes in their basement about "the real truth" about why the government doesn't want you to get vaccinated anymore. Like...they found out it makes you not have to pay taxes or something weird. Put the video on youtube, but then have it taken down right away for misinformation. That seems to be working for anti vax people...so maybe it would work against them too?
  8. I do think incentives are the only thing that might work...but even then. Ugh. I say we tell everyone that it will cure cellulite and make your penis bigger and advertise via random emails and see if that works.
  9. Thank you for this. I saw a documentary on Marfan, and halfway through realized my husband at the time matched a LOT of the features. He talked to his doctor about it, who agreed and sent him to a cardiologist. It turned out he did not have Marfan syndrome, but he DID have cardiomyopathy. We wouldn't have known if I hadn't seen that documentary, and sent him to a doctor. And if we hadn't known he had cardiomyopathy I probably would have let him go home and nap that time he had a weird cough and was tired. Instead, we checked his pulse, realized it was sky high, and he went to the ER where he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Had he gone home and napped, he would have died in his sleep before I got home from work. We only knew to be that cautious because of his diagnosis, and we only had that because of that documentary. I still think he had SOME kind of syndrome, but it doesn't have a name yet. He passed away a few years ago from a combination of heart failure and kidney failure.
  10. Private businesses requiring it is not the same as the government doing mass forced vaccination. As it is, it is now illegal in my state for a business to require vaccination. I asked that....crickets... They think that's a lie....it's not "their reality". And...they do. And millions, really. 1. They still prevent infection and transmission in a significant number of people. At this point, reducing infection/transmission by even 40% would be fantastic. 2. The mitigating hospitalization is HUGE. It means hat hospitals are not overwhelmed, people can get their elective surgery, there are beds for emergency patients, etc. It means kids won't lose their parents, siblings, etc to a mostly preventable death. Those two things are more than enough reason.
  11. My governor made that illegal in my state. I live on a hell mouth.
  12. Seriously. I mean, there is that old saying, you can't fix stupid. I feel like that is where we are at.
  13. Multiple spouting it, with memes at the ready, on facebook today. (friends of friends...I need to unfriend that person so I don't see this crap. I never liked her anyway - her kid was super aggressive and she never tried to stop him..ugh) I mean, if there is a meme, it must be true, right?
  14. I've started decorating the area...
  15. The Delta variant doesn't exist - it's just what they are calling vaccine injuries. I freaking give up. We locally have hospitals turning away people, and yet when I ran in - KF94 mask tightly in place- to the laundromat to grab my laundry from the dryer (I waited in the car for the 30 minutes it took to dry) I counted 20 people there including about half a dozen kids of various ages and 2 workers. ONLY the workers had masks on.
  16. Everyone he was with has now tested negative (all were vaccinated). Those he saw at work on Tuesday will be tested at some point, but it is too soon. They were all masked, and everyone but one there is vaccinated (she's waiting for third trimester I think...so maybe she already did, and I don't know if she was actually working yesterday)
  17. Not to mention, it takes time to get D levels up. It takes time to lose weight and not be obese - often years! A mask takes seconds. it is something to do to protect yourself NOW. Same with a vaccine.
  18. Um, yes? Both my husband and I have our D levels checked at least annually - him more often as his tends to be low. Exercise, diet, sleep, stress reduction, vitamins, etc are all part of our normal wellness visits. Visit before last I was also advised to start magnesium on top of what I'm already taking, etc.
  19. Heck, have one venue on each continent (well, not Antarctica, lol).
  20. ktgrok

    Disney sad

    Oh no! I know people who live there 😞
  21. Yup. When my neighbor got it I brought soup and mentioned how contagious Delta was. He'd never heard of it. This was only a few weeks ago - Delta was all over the news everywhere. but he gets his news from facebook memes and sketchy youtube videos.
  22. The flight attendants I know will quit. They are relying on others masking to keep them safe.
  23. I did cheap extensions once at a brow waxing place inside a walmart. My eyes burned from the glue fumes, but they looked awesome! Unfortunately I did not realize you are not supposed to get them wet or expose to high heat for the first 24 hours or something like that - and I did it for Christmas photos. I had to shower. And I was baking cookies and kept sticking my face in the open convection oven to pull things out or put them in. So...they started coming off pretty quickly. But were awesome while they were on. Magnetic ones are cheap, worth trying.
  24. Oh, my sister said the same recently. If you go to a county testing site it is free, but I don't know about a medical office. I think you'd need to check with your insurer. Insurance companies were covering at 100 percent, no copay/deductible for a while.
  25. Well, we don't know that there will be boosters every 6 months. For instance, we vaccinate many things with a series of 3 or 4, but then don't need boosters for years if ever. Look at the Hep B vaccine, for instance.
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