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  1. Even so, they are designed so that those wearing it prevent spreading it. You would need the covid patients to be wearing masks, as well.
  2. Yes, I'm very excited about her doing OWL, in large part because although I try to be the cool mom who can talk with you about everything, I'm not terribly good at it. And because honestly, she will get more and better info on things like gender, etc probably there - she already can school me on correct terminology 🙂 And because of the emphasis on healthy relationships, including friendships. And on self respect and communication skills. All such important stuff! That stuff I DO talk with her and feel confident in doing so, but hearing it from someone other than mom is important.
  3. Not being snarky, but what is the difference in terms of impact between an ipad and an iphone? Other than phone calls, don' they have pretty much the same capabilities? Or do you mean just access, in that a phone with a data plan can be used anywhere, vs a tablet that doesn't needs wifi?
  4. You know, you are right, they have been so careful, they must have a plan. And they have lots of areas to be outdoors there. And indeed, most kids won't be sleeping. I'm just honestly not going to worry about it until i hear more. There is a parent meeting later this month, and they will go over things then. Oh, and I just realized, it won't be the whole youth group, just 6-8th grade, as this is for the OWL class participants only, so way less kids than I was picturing. So less people = less risk plus more able to distance/spread out if/when they do sleep. That makes me feel a bit better. (they've adapted the 7-9th grade level of O.W.L. for 6-8th to do in middle school)
  5. DD11 started youth group yesterday. It is for middle and highschool. It is an amazing group, I was super impressed with the kids and the leadership. There is a lock in scheduled for mid october. They have their Sunday School and meetings outdoors, anytime they are inside they are required to mask. I'm assuming the lock in will be indoors, obviously, so masked, but kids are not going to sleep in masks - I mean I know I'd take it off in my sleep. Covid cautious me says no way. Mom who sees her daughter FINALLY making friends, and excited about ANYTHING For the first time in 18 months...is probably going to say yes. I hate all of this pressure! I wish I could just get her vaccinated! Waiting another month or two for that means she and her siblings are exposed. If i could just get her vaccinated, she's going to have the most exposure, I'd feel so much better. But I have no idea how I'd manage that.
  6. DD11 just started writing out her math problems neatly, but the impetus was getting problems wrong because she couldn't read her own writing, and I couldn't read it to help her. She HATES getting answers wrong. So she cried, I yelled "THIS IS WHY I SAID TO WRITE IT ON LINED PAPER" rather than scribbles with the mouse on a scratch pad on the teaching textbooks app. It wasn't pretty, but now her math is, lol.
  7. We waited over 40 minutes last time, to see the doctor for the well visit. Then saw him, then waited another 10 minutes for nurse to come in with the vaccine.
  8. Covid is rampant here, and the pediatricians do Covid testing all day on sick kids, so high risk.
  9. It's a liability thing - most doctors cannot prescribe anything to a patient they don't have a current doctor/patient relationship with. In most states that specified having seen them in the past year. That was the rule for vets regarding animals as well.
  10. Ok, former vet tech here. I've assisted in declaws. They are controversial for kittens, but an absolute NO for older cats. It's just too traumatic. They have wounds on every toe and they are much heavier, so more painful recovery. A tiny kitten that weighs a pound or two versus say a 10 pound cat putting pressure on open wounds is very different. Plus, they have been walking a certain way for years and now have to adapt. It's just not a reasonable thing to do and very few vets will do it on an older cat. Also, declaw is almost always just the front paws. Those are the ones they purposely scratch stuff with. BUT...that still leaves the holes they can make from just jumping up and down on furniture. On some fabric this is not an issue at all, but on others, say faux leather or vinyl, very obvious. Not sure if they penetrate actual leather. So, yeah I say try indoor/outdoor with hopes that she does her scratching outside where she is used to scratching?
  11. oh I'm so sorry. Praying for peace in your home, and wisdom for your husband.
  12. Not if your kid is locked down, not seeing anyone in person, etc. Ugh, I was feeling good about DC having 96% of young children vaccinated for measels, but Virginia is only 88%. So...we will see. Hopefully you area is pretty high. That only works if they have seen the doctor in the past year for a well visit.
  13. I definitely like the look of it - that it filters to find the concerning stuff, flags it, allows you to set websites as open or not, etc. Our fail in parental stuff has always been that it is so sensitive they kid can't do anything, and they are asking for a password every 2 minutes, or the next level up is a free for all. This seems a bit more nuanced.
  14. I assume you are talking about the 4 cases found in Afghan refugees. This is the info I found - we are vaccinating them when they arrive, but a few people were already infected. They are being isolated, contact tracing is being done. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/press-briefings/2021/09/10/press-briefing-by-press-secretary-jen-psaki-september-10-2021/ Operation Allies Welcome flights into the United States have been temporarily paused at the request of the CDC and out of an abundance of caution because of four diagnosed cases of measles among Afghans who recently arrived in the United States. These individuals are being quarantined in accordance with public health guidelines, and the CDC has begun full contact tracing. All arriving Afghans are currently required to be vaccinated for measles as a condition of entry into the United States. And critical immunizations including MNR [MMR] are being administered for Afghans at military bases in the United States. And we are also — MMR, sorry. We are also exploring measures to vaccinate people while they are still overseas, so that’s something we’re looking into. But it was, again, a step recommended by the CDC out of an abundance of caution, given four measles cases.
  15. I will pass that along to my in house technical support - aka DH, lol. He's more used to prevent russian hackers than preteen girls, lol.
  16. I had never heard of such a thing. Which was for the best, lol. (actually, I don't like cake pops, so if these are similar I'm probably safe. But the rest of my family does)
  17. So, I think we are going to give her a hand me down phone of ours, but DH is a cybersecurity professional and is going to figure out the best parental oversight on it we can.
  18. In happy news, the new church we tried DID have everyone masking! A few brought insulated cups of water in and were lowering it to drink, and obviously babies didn't have them on, but that was it. Oh, and the pastor takes his off for speaking from the pulpit, but distanced from everyone there and he is vaccinated. As is most of the church, likely, given how much it is promoted there. And I figure, if you are not Covid cautious you wouldn't be there, you'd go to a church that doesn't require masks of everyone. I even saw that people put them on in the parking lot, well before going inside. And the kids stuff was outside, and I fully expected they would take masks off outside but they didn't! When I went to get the kids off the playground at the end almost every kid still has a mask on. And then we ate outdoors - some sat closer than I'd be comfortable with but we found a ledge to sit on where we could distance. At youth group kick off it was again outdoors almost entirely and masks were mandatory inside, and optional outside, and still people wore them outside! Like, they CARE! Oh, and the outside seating area does have a roof over it (shade is important) but they put in big ceiling fans as well, so air doesn't get trapped under there with covid particles building up over time. They did have a choir and singing again in church, all masked. Congregation sang two hymns. Choir sang the rest on their own, and the air intake that goes to AC filter is right above them, and not a large choir. And the songs the congregation sang are old hymns, not the kind of praise music you belt out as loud as possible, lol. Not perfect, but honestly, the best I'm going to find and my kids NEED some exposure to other human beings. These are probably the safest ones I'm going to find for them to have that. And they have a backup plan for virtual if cases go back up - they did a full virtual sunday school program, youth group, etc last year and can do it again. They evaluate once a month.
  19. Yeah, we just dropped down to 14% in my county and I'm thrilled given we were at 20%. And hospitalizations are dropping steadily, finally! Deaths still rising...
  20. I think it was a "drug store"/chemist that DH bought a hair dryer for me when we were in Edinburgh. Also, was thinking of you the other day, I read a lot of Scottish detective novels and always think of you briefly when I do - wondering if the imaginary bystander could be you, lol.
  21. My 11 yr old is in 6th grade and starting a church youth group today, and hopefully soon starting homeschool activities again. When Covid hit she was still young enough she didn't really need or want to communicate with friends on her own, but it just struck me that she IS old enough now. And how do tweens do that? We don't have a house phone, she doesn't have a cell phone because um, she hasn't LEFT THE HOUSE IN 18 MONTHS, lol. She does have an apple email account so I can send her imessages from my laptop to her ipad, but that's it. Plus, my niece is about 9 months younger, and I'd like to be able to chat with her, or send her a cute meme or something. I have a feeling she has a device, I'll ask my sister, but before I go down that rabbit hole wanted to think on what I'd like for my DD11. How does a tween these days communicate with other tweens, relatives, etc?
  22. Same. I was physically ill when it happened, just overwhelmed by that amount of hate and violence. I was at work, and had to leave and sit outside in the little alley to get myself together enough to go back in. I can't sit through violence in movies, when I know it isn't real, so to see it happen and know it WAS real was overwhelming. Most years I go into with my kids to an extent, and end up crying. This year, I didn't. I just couldn't touch on it in any kind of supportive, parental, appropriate way. Because it still feels too real, and yet it feels like it never happened. I had no idea how on earth I could try to explain the way the country came together afterward and expect them to believe me. Not after seeing what they have seen. How would I explain how seriously 2,000 deaths were taken when they've watched hundreds of thousands die from covid in the past year and no one cared at all? I don't know how to explain it, so I just didn't. We will cover it next year. This year, I focused on my good friend's birthday (poor thing, what a terrible day to have a birthday). And that was it. I can't stand listening to people talk about patriotism when they have shown so little of that value lately. It rings false. (not hear, but in general)
  23. Right, but that's an average. Those who are elderly will have less protection due to weaker immune system. That's why boosters will start with the elderly, after those with immune deficiency.
  24. And really, a 75% reduction is risk from the vaccine is better than we hoped for.
  25. Celiac testing is not part of the normal metabolic panel, no. You have to ask for it specifically. My son had some similar lab results when we decided to check Celiac, and yup, that was the issue.
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