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  1. Likely fairly accurate, but it can take a while to really register. Often they will show low for a minute or so before showing the accurate reading, in my experience. Even hospital ones take a few minutes sometimes. Especially if hands are cold it seems.
  2. I don't know if you need to sober up or what, but I'm not the one with issues. Maybe your account was hacked? Cause I made that post yesterday, you had no problem with it then, and now you are freaking out over....nothing. I insulted no one. Meanwhile, you are insulting me and swearing. Which is not typical of you. But if it helps, I apologize for suggesting anyone in your family might rewash a load of laundry sometimes.
  3. You are now swearing....over laundry. That you don't even do. You need a hobby.
  4. Bill....you are making an issue where there is one. I said nothing bad about your wife! Saying that you might not have all the info on the daily workings of the laundry if you don't actually do the laundry is not insulting your spouse. I have no idea what you are getting upset about. But whatever.
  5. He'll have more energy when he can eat. And he needs to take the meds - some crackers would likely go down well. A bit of toast, pudding, something.
  6. Seriously? All I said was that if you are not the one doing the laundry, you might not know if sometimes a load needs to be rewashed. That if your wife is the one doing the laundry, she's the one that would know. I don't see how that is rude, or talking badly of your wife. It's laundry, that's all.
  7. I think I was talking smack about your washer, not your wife 😉
  8. If your personalities mesh, and you love each other, I can't see sex being a deal breaker. I mean, if I'm dating a guy who I love and trust and have respect for, am I going to break up with him because he's not terrific at oral? No, I'm going to explain what I want - it's a skill that can be learned, lol. Sexual compatibility can change, as well. You might be totally compatible in your 20s and then hormones change, or illness or injuries happen, or depression, or whatever and you no longer are. Are you going to freaking divorce an amazing spouse because of that? No, you work through it. But seriously, most of it is skill that can be taught/learned.
  9. I tried a tubing mascara and it wouldn't wash off! I think I ordered it on Amazon, and getting it off ended up damaging my lashes! I think the brand was Blinc.
  10. and now I have to google "bogan".
  11. Ok, found this to "explain" the differences between Rugby Union (UK version mostly) and Rugby League (Australian version mostly). Confusingly, both at least part of the time had the word "union" in the name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_rugby_league_and_rugby_union
  12. So, sounds like I'm right to try to find a used Speed Queen, for what I want, not a new one! Oh, another "commercial style" is made by Maytag but I don't know anything about it.
  13. Yeah, that's what I did in my HE LG - a quich wash with no detergent, just to try to get most of the yuck out, then a "whites" cycle with detergent, plus an extra rinse. And sometimes that still wasn't enough and I washed again.
  14. Wait...National Rugby League isn't Rugby???
  15. Well, I think German engineering is generally better than the cap w buy at Lowes. That said, heat sterilized poop bits are still gross, lol. I want to know that it is all washed out/rinsed out. I'm just not sure how that happens with so little water - I am picturing yucky clothes just stewing in filth for an hour, lol.
  16. No, but if a certain percentage of kids with covid have it severely, and due to this being more contagious more kids get it, then we will see more kids with severe cases, even if Delta isn't worse for kids severity wise. Just from increasing how many kids catch it.
  17. There are a few things for free on youtube - I think Wake Up is on there, and Stevie Richards has a few beginner ones on there. Might lt you try it out and see what you think before deciding. This is one
  18. I probablyshould have also said that other than Feb this year, July last year was one of our highest spikes. So...yeah, even more depressing. This is Florida's graph section on the NW Times.
  19. Our cases are almost where they were last July. Which is FREAKING RIDICULOUS given we have effective vaccines!!!!!!! GRRRRRR
  20. But it makes for pretty graphs, lol. Sigh...we have pretty graphs too. Just on a different scale.
  21. A lot of people feel that sex is an adult activity, with potentially serious consequences, and not appropriate for non adults. I know I feel if you are too young to vote, you are too young for sex, personally. My religious viewpoint, as someone who did have premarital sex and it did have negative impacts, including a pregnancy that led to an ill advised marriage....is that the Biblical stuff around it is not about being a good or bad person or holy, but that it is a safety rule just like looking both ways before crossing the street. Waiting to have sex until you are with a committed partner, both adults, capable of adult decisions and more importantly capable of dealing with any fall out of those decisions, is the ideal. Doesn't always happen, but I can promote it as an ideal. True, but there are other adult issues that surround sex, from the emotional aspect of oxytocin release to disease to being adult enough to discuss and enforce one's sexual boundaries, etc. Ok...so I"m not the only one that thought that?!?! I was like, man, I don't get a room alone with my HUSBAND on a road trip. No way is my teen getting that time! This. Don't have sex if you are not willing to deal with a pregnancy with that person. Even if you are okay with abortion, there is still going to be hard discussions and such to have. And if you are not, then you need to be ready to parent with that person. Or able to look them in the eye and talk about a disease you were just diagnosed with, etc. Or to say that particular position/action is not okay with me. And even if you THINK that person is who you want to have those conversations with, when you are a 16 yr old, your judgement is not...spectacular, lol. At least, most teens that is true for. Better to wait until frontal lobe develops fully.
  22. My neighbor that had Covid was out and about, symptomatic for days, perhaps a week, before getting tested.
  23. Definitely - I think we'd see a real pick up in vaccination rates in both African American and conservative Christian populations if churches would start serving as vaccine clinics.
  24. That should work, as long as the TV and the phone are both on the same wifi network. (my husband has two in our house and I'm forever dealing with my printer being on one and my laptop on the other and wondering why I can't connect/print, lol)
  25. My usual is a DDPY workout and a 1 mile Walk at Home video. Sundays I do longer cardio, usually a richard simmons video, and just a short DDPY workout - like the 10 minute Wake Up one. But yesteday and today I did nearly 90 minute DDPY workouts, both of which kicked my butt, so no cardio.
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