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  1. I think so to, because usually you get relief pretty quickly from antibiotics, and I didn't. The bladder irritant thing is hard...I'm cutting back, and taking Prelief to reduce the acid, but if I go cold turkey on caffiene on top of everything else going on I may not make it, lol.
  2. They already were not going to get vaccinated - that's why they are the unvaccinated. It's an excuse, not a reason.
  3. cat sleep about 2/3 of their lifetime.
  4. Ok, so not breathing well yes, makes you anxious. Body freaks out cause it likes oxygen a whole lot 🙂 Also, yes, albuterol makes you VERY anxious - or at least it can. Basically, it triggers the same chemicals in your body that go with fight or flight reactions. And of course, prednisone can cause mood issues as well. So if/when you get treatment and get on the meds, ask for something for the anxiety too, if need be. Or at least to help you sleep. And DEFINITELY use a spacer with the inhaler - when you use it normally a lot of the medicine "falls" out of the air onto your tongue, where you absorb it and get all the (not) fun side effects but no actual effect on the lungs. With a spacer, the stuff that is going to "fall" down out of the airflow does that IN the spacer, not on your tongue. You still inhale the same amount of meds, but without the nasty extra medicine on your tongue getting absorbed. Also, because you can breathe in SLOWLY with the spacer the medicine gets deeper into the lungs than if you inhale fast like with the regular inhaler with no spacer.
  5. This is my second in a month, but I hadn't had one in years before that. Maybe the start of one, but could drink a bunch of water and get rid of it. And yup, we had "relations" on Friday night and then again Saturday morning...and that did it. I'm going to start taking D Mannose at least when we have relations, if not daily. Yeah, I'm a bit worried about this actually. The antibiotics did help last time (or just time did...who knows) but if this happens again soon I'll get checked further. Just trying to get into the new house, help my sister with her stuff, etc and timing is bad.
  6. No underlying issues other than some mild asthma that usually is triggered by illness. And she is overweight, gained during Covid, but also very active. She's a highschool principal at a school with several thousand students and is on her feet all day, every day, plus then on her off time is taking kids to sports events, building her own cabinetry, etc. And yes, if you google, 1 in 3 people with Covid have neurological symptoms. Usually that's loss of taste/smell (which she also has), but also brain fog, short and long term memory issues, ataxia, and aphasia. The question now is how much is from inflammation (can't do steroids, it started while she was on prednisone for her lungs so don't want to do those again) or actual permanent damage from the virus.
  7. Yup, and come to think of it, these started after I stopped my hormonal birth control. Huh.
  8. There are esophogeal spasms, but those usually happen in people that also have reflux. You can get strictures as well, also usually in people with reflux.
  9. I normally do, but I can't remember if I did both times this weekend. I realize another "risk factor" is I've had stress diarrhea...which I think I remember reading can make it more likely bacteria get to the wrong place. And...stress eating cookies.
  10. Oh, I'm glad! Sorry you are sick, but Covid is such a monster.
  11. My 94 pound wolf hybrid/doodle mix hates the rain and will poop and pee on the covered screened in patio. I do NOT approve. I'm not sure what she will do when we move and don't have a covered back patio.
  12. Ooh, great idea! Will order tape now!
  13. DH and I had um, and amorous Friday/Saturday and by Sunday afternoon I had symptoms again. Wasn't totally sure, and was volunteering at the Pride festival/parade, which meant out in the heat, getting dehydrated, plus standing around in sweaty undies/leggings. Oh, and of course, under a ton of stress between my sister in the hospital, moving, etc. Ugh. This morning was pretty sure and by this evening was miserable again. Just got antibiotics called in, a different one this time. They wanted me to go to Quest to get my urine checked, but there are no appointments for days so they said to just start the meds and not bother, since testing after starting meds won't be accurate. But if it comes back again soon I have to go to urgent care to get a culture sent out.
  14. I have packing paper being delivered tomorrow 🙂. We have bubble wrap and tons of boxes in small, medium, and large. Lots of sharpies, and I've made labels for the boxes with the room and a number. Lots of hand tear packing tape. Never heard of mattress bags, will look that up! And the shrink wrap. I am actually a sensitive mover! Never put it that way, but I totally am. I STILL dream about places I lived as a little kid. And have a lot of homesickness for places, etc. It does make me sad to see a place empty, I'm not looking forward to it. I'm sure at least one of my kids will be the same. I'm hoping having cousins so close will help, but expect to be hugging, and reminding them that "you can feel more than one thing, and that's okay" or whatever the Daniel Tiger song is. SUCH a good idea! I didn't even THINK of getting some books! Thank you! And yeah, my kids were fine with siblings, but I think this will be hard on some of them.
  15. My sister with the breakthrough case is still having aphasia and tremors/ataxia. She is 3 weeks past initial infection. She will be starting physical therapy 3 times a week as well as speech therapy.
  16. I'm suddenly very thankful for my cats nighttime antics being seriously less active than some other cats! Mine mostly just want to lay by me and purr really loudly.
  17. When I got my Covid booster at CVS she had two plastic cups on the counter, one with syringes of Covid vaccine and one with syringes of flu vaccine. So I could see I guess how someone could grab one from the wrong cup...but they should be checking each time.
  18. I'm so sorry. There definitely is no one size fits all answer. Very true. One reason I was able to leave my ex was that I had the ability to move in with my parents. I'd been in counseling for 2 yrs at that point, off and on, and toward the end that was focused on how to best support my son through the process. Providing attention and stability were the biggest parts of that. I was VERY lucky to have the option to move in with two very healthy, loving family members. My son went from being ignored by his dad all day to always having an adult around who cared about him, interacted with him, put him first, etc. So although it was definitely a trauma, he had MORE attention, love, support, and financial resources afterward than he did before. I know that often is not how things work out. And I had the benefit of a very good counselor to guide me in parenting through this.
  19. Oh, we are talking about kittens who are taken from mom when young AND don't have another kitten to be with. No cats to teach them how to be a nice cat. An only cat that was with mom the right amount of time is TOTALLY different. (this was a side track)
  20. Good point about cleaning stuff - It's pretty clean, but will want to wipe things down especially in bathrooms/kitchen/etc. Walls were all freshly painted. We can move over several days or longer - but need to get stuff over as quickly as we can so we can start on painting the old house and putting in new flooring so we can sell it ASAP. (yes, it needs flooring and paint - even realtor said so). We will likely hire someone to come do a big cleaning on the old house, but we will need to do some first so we aren't paying for more than we need to. I'll make sure we leave cleaning supplies at the old house, have trash bags and toilet paper for both houses, etc. I love the idea of packing a suitcase with clothes for a few days! So smart!And we can put favorite doll in there as well.
  21. OOh! I'm interested in this..off to search...
  22. VERY good point - I totally forgot that's the main reason I like white towels - I can bleach them to kill mildew stink.
  23. I have always bought white towels. We for a long time all shared one shower (like, for a decade, with up to 6 people) so one kind of towel for everyone was easiest. Now we will have master bath for DH and I, a downstairs bath for DS22 that doubles as guest bath, DD11 gets her own (that DH will also sometimes use as it is the closest to his office but only she will shower in) and then DS9 and DD4 will share a bathroom. I am thinking as much as I like the convenience of bleaching white towels, they DO still show stains at times, and any dirt at all, etc. Not sure I want that in the guest bathroom downstairs? And as I'm revamping my laundry system to do each person's separately (or them do their own, depending on ability/age), maybe makes more sense to have them have towels that don't get bleached, so they can be washed with their laundry? And save the best of the white towels for DH and I and donate the older ones to animal shelter. Thoughts?
  24. It looks like this is likely actually going to happen...and in 11 days! I haven't moved in FOREVER and then it was never much stuff. Also we are increasing from 2 bathrooms to 4 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms to 6 bedrooms (one will be an office) plus a school room/loft area. So right there I need more shower curtains, small trash cans, cleaning supplies, bath mats, etc. I'm trying to figure out what needs to be in the "move first, open right away" category. Toilet paper, hand soap (need more!), coffee pot and coffee and mugs, (maybe buy some disposable plastic cups, paper coffee mugs, paper plates, silverwear, etc and put in a bag/box?) Thoughts?
  25. Yeah, we now have a kitty who was orphaned. She has terrible manners. Getting better, but she is still randomly feral, lol. We know what we are getting into, but yeah.
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