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  1. See, was hoping this was some kind of protest movement against the churches saying masks are evil because the human body is made in the image of God and therefore it is evil to cover the face (yes, some churches have said that). I keep waiting for nudists to show up at their services saying, "Oh, I can't wear clothing! I'm made in the image of God and it is wrong to cover that!"
  2. Do they have unvaccinated family members they are worried about spreading it to, even if their own case was mild? Or high risk family members who may not have a great immune response to the vaccine? Family members or coworkers on immune suppressant medication? They themselves on an immune suppressant medication, or have underlying health problem? Lots of reasons I'd wear a mask too, to a party indoors of mixed vaccinated and unvaccinated.
  3. And several people have given reasons why Miele may not be an option for them - either wanting used (me), not having service techs in their area, not having access to even buy them, etc. The point that you already stated your argument about a dozen times, so there is no need, nor any benefit, to continuing to repeat it ad nauseam.
  4. Dude, we get it. Your points are that they use too much water, cheated by creating a normal mode that doesn't really work well, and are rougher on clothes. We get it. There really is no point in continuing to repeat those same 3 points over and over and over and over. We get it.
  5. Praying. Although if it helps with the worry, with several of mine I was low, and had pressure, and they were sure I'd go early. Nope. Almost 42 weeks every time. We'd go from "stay in baby!" to "are you ever coming out?!?!". Hopefully she is the same. And seconding the advice for hydration and electrolytes. The heat in much of the country is really bad, and dehydration can absolutely cause contractions. If she can get in a pool somewhere she'd feel nice for a while 🙂
  6. Ok, so yes, seeing transmission masked, indoors.
  7. And hey, by buying used, I'm certainly getting some significant environmental bonus points! Can I carbon trade that for my water usage?
  8. And to throw a bone to Spy Car, if self repair wasn't a huge factor in our lives, and I wasn't looking to buy used (and pay used prices) vs new, I'd look hard at Miele vs Speed Queen, and definitely if I was in a water restriction area! Gotta love some German Construction, for sure. I think what we maybe can agree on is that Miele is the BMW of appliances, or maybe the Volkswagon, depending on which model, lol. And Speed Queen is the old American Muscle Car, or perhaps the Ford F250, lol. both have their purposes, and their admirers. And you don't want to try to haul hay in a BMW sedan. And that big box store appliances in the modern age suck eggs. That we can also agree with, lol. Get German made, or Wisconsin made, depending on your priorities, but not that other junk.
  9. I think that makes sense, as long as you don't mind the longer wash time of the heavy soil option, and are not, say, washing cloth diapers, lol. I think the way it does cool water to soak the stains/dirt, then hotter water wash, etc is pretty cool sounding.
  10. I'll be honest....I ruin my clothes on my own long before they wear out in a washer/dryer. I'm a klutz, and I spill. A lot. I run into doorjambs and catch my shirt on them...often. My cats claw my belly when they kneed on me. I cook a lot, with real oil/fat, and get spattered because I can never remember to put on an apron. And I don't think to grab a spatter guard until after I get hit with hot oil, lol. Oh, and the permanent marker, paint stains, bleach stains from cleaning with bleach...etc. I don't buy expensive clothing. And my kids outgrow before they wear out. I do separate out the delicate stuff, and I TRY to always dry the synthetic fast drying stuff separately from the cotton or heavy stuff that takes a long time to dry. And I hang my bras, and my expensive socks (my new found clothing obsession....I buy $10 pants but $16 socks, lol). But growing up we had old school agitator washers an I don't remember having holes in my shirts then either. But...we wear petty tough stuff I guess.
  11. The laundromat makes money off your clothes taking longer to dry, lol. I spent quite a bit of time at the laundromat recently and they did have speed queen washers and dryers, but they were NOT the same as the home version. Maybe my laundromat is extra fancy (I doubt it...I'm in redneck territory) but the washers are bigger and are front loaders, not top loaders. Still speed queen, but not the same. The dyers are not the same either - again, they were speed queen, but WAY hotter and harder on clothes than the speed queen dryer I ended up buying (used). My son actually refused to let me take his clothes back to the laundromat, but has no issue with the way his clothes come out in the speed queen dryer. The ones at the laundromat were SO hot...I put them on medium and still they were drying things in rapid time from being blast furnaces. Taht doesn't mean all speed queen dryers are blast furnaces. Same with the washers. Heck, there are differences even within the home speed queen models - significant ones. They have the same steel construction, same types of parts, but are NOT the exact same as a laundromat machine. Only difference we found was in the lack of electronic parts to break, and ease of repair. My husband has fixed many a dryer, and taken our old one totally apart more than once. This last time the only thing left that could be bad was the control board, which they don't make anymore and if they did was practically the price of a new dryer. This was after testing all relays, multipl fuses located in hard to get places, etc. He was cursing that dryer, lol. Then he brought home the used speed queen dryer - $200. He took it apart to clean it before we started using it, both to make sure there were no hidden bugs in it (read a horror story about roaches brought inside in a used appliance once) and to clean out lint. He was practically orgasmic as he took it apart - very simple construction, very WELL constructed, not a single chip board. All easy to repair, easy to get to the parts, etc. He will say that the parts are slightly more expensive than for our old washer, but I think hat was for name brand vs off brand. This was one of his tweets https://twitter.com/EanMeyer/status/1414349996745531396?s=20 TC5 is the old style agitator, which moves in opposition to the drum. Harder on clothes, but more washing power. TR5 is new style, where drum moves around agitator - but they did add the heavy soil option which is supposed to work well, but does make it take longer. So if speed isn't essential and you want more gentle on clothes, get the TR5. Otherwise look for a TC5 or for a used one.
  12. I know they are seeing transmission in Australia in pharmacies and retail places, right? Are people in those places masking? Or not? Also, it seems really weird to me that removalists/movers are so many of the cases of transmission - why is that? Are they spending more time in a person's home, breathing hard lifting things, not masking? Or? Like...that's just a strange job to me to be such a part of the problem.
  13. What do we think about say, splash pads or water parks? I'm wondering because on the one hand kids tend to be snottier from the water getting in their noses, but on the other hand, maybe the chlorinated water is continually rinsing them off so making it safer? Or???
  14. That is just unfathomable to me...we are at 38 per 100K and that seems like a lot, especially with other places around 3 per 100k! My main concern with breakthrough is transmitting it to my unvaccinated kid with two autoimmune diseases. Once all my kids are vaccinated I'll feel MUCH better. For playgrounds, I really don't think the equipment is the issue, it's the people on it. My concern with outdoor play is some kid sneezing in the face of my kid, or coughing on them. Which, as you know, happens more than anyone likes. So we've been trying to go at not busy times and at parks with lots of play equipment so we can move to a different area. But even that, now with school out, isn't very workable. But the same kids in a playground vs an empty field, you still have kids maybe getting up in each other's faces sneezing on each other. That would be my concern. Unless your worry is that doing the playdate at the playground means MORE kids, since it isn't just the invited ones there? That would make sense. We have a local group that just does outdoor activities - unmasked. I was all set to start joining back up when our positivity was below 4%. Now with it at 13% and climbing....and no good daily data since the state only reports weekly...not so much. There is another group that is meeting outdoors with masks, but with record breaking heat and humidity that's just not really a fun option. Yesterday we had the hottest day of the year, tied the city record, and heat index was 105. Running in 105 heat/humidity with a mask on is asking for heat stroke. And indoor activities, even masked, no longer seem safe given how transmissible delta is. For babysitter, is she vaccinated? And what is her exposure level?
  15. I did some research on this, and the only thing really proven to help was sunlight, of all things! Wasn't about looking at stuff farther away - even reading was fine, as long as there was enough light - the amount of sun that you'd get under a tree was fine. But at least 2 hours a day.
  16. Yeah, I'm 45 and my vision still changes year to year...at this rate I'll never be able to have lasik 😞
  17. Ok, looking at washers, someone explain to me why a washer or dryer needs a feature for you to control it from your phone? Like....I can't put clothes IN it from across town, so turning it on from across town seems silly, lol.
  18. Yup. I mean, I get it. They had to do a security walk through at one of the facilities, and then they were hungry. They needed to meet to discuss what happened on the walk through, and they all needed to eat. So...restaurant. I guess other option would have been take out taken back to the office? But where they were was a distance from the office, and at least one of the members had driven from their other office several hours away and going to the main office was in the wrong direction for him. I don't know..ugh.
  19. It's also talking about symptomatic illness, not infection. Which is good if you are all vaccinated...not as good news if you have unvaccinated family members you are trying to protect.
  20. Or...maybe I'm wrong...and the newest TC5, not TR 5, has that agitator motion. https://blog.bellinghamelectric.com/blog/speed-queen-tc5000wn-classic-top-load-washer
  21. Ok, so according to this, the TR3 and TR7 have the newer method of the drum moving around the agitator, which got bad reviews for cleaning power, even from people that love speed queen. The TR5 has the "old" agitator moving that is harder on clothes, but gets things cleaner. https://blog.bellinghamelectric.com/blog/speed-queen-washer-reviews-built-to-last-25-years
  22. what I read was that the amount of virus in a person's nose was 1000 times higher than with Alpha.
  23. So, the outdoor patio was closed, likely due to the heat advisories here. But he said the place was mostly empty, they went early and there was no one seated at tables near them, his table everyone was vaccinated, and he kept mask on when not eating. I still think it was a dumb thing to do.
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