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  1. Possible but unlikely. Plane there was a week ago, and first symptom was today. With Delta they are saying incubation is usually shorter, I think? And I'd blame the flight and the overnight stay in the airport but that would be too soon for him to have tested positive today, I think. Flight left Monday afternoon, late. Then he landed in Charlotte and ended up hving to sleep in the airport and got on a flight home Tuesday morning. Tested positive Wednesday morning. All his friends that he was with so far tested negative, thankfully. And he masked on flight with KF94, and in the airport. He specifically mentioned when he first got home that if he can sleep in a mask, in an airport, others can wear them for an hour at the store. I'm betting he was not masked the whole time at the arcade, as he'd likely have gotten a drink or food.
  2. Well, the least risky time will be the first few days she is there. But after that maybe a daily rapid test, with one of the at home kits? If negative, she's unlikely to be shedding enough virus to be contagious, even if she did catch it on the plane.
  3. Probably wise. My son likely caught it in NY - up near Lake George. He's thinking an arcade they went to is really the only likely place, as there were a lot of tourists and kids too young to be vaccinated
  4. I'll join back in. I was frazzled most of the day, but did take time to do a 30 minute DDPY workout - and actually nailed some balance moves I hadn't before, so yay!
  5. When I had skin cancer taken off of my leg, the plastic surgeon gave me a lollipop! I was 40 something!
  6. exactly. And with his Dad, my ex, when he got cardiomyopathy it went from a bit of a cough to he almost died, literally overnight. He came by my work and said he wasn't feeling well, he was going home for the afternoon sick. He just wanted to take a nap. He looked bad, and I checked his pulse - was like 120 standing still. Sent him to the ER. He was insisting he was fine, just needed a nap, but finally went. I got the call from the hospital he was in congestive heart failure. From the time he left my work to when I saw him at the hospital he was much worse, spO2 in the mid 80s if he tried to talk at all, and the got over a liter of fluid out of him - he was drowning. The only sign this was not a normal bug was that his cough sounded a bit odd to me, and him being pale. Had he gone home to nap like he wanted to he would have died in his sleep. So...having lived through that, and knowing that my son's father AND aunt (father's only sibling) BOTH had heart failure from cardiomyopathy, his fathers in his 20s, I'm going to feel much better being able to hear him talking through the walls, hear if he's coughing, etc.
  7. Yup, my son was saying actually a few days ago that he'd be first in line for a booster. Too late now, but yeah.
  8. In good news, the younger kids take melatonin nightly, and have for a while now, and they take a good quality vitamin D daily and have been out in the son for an hour a few times a week. My vitamin D is actually high, lol. DH has low D again and just started much higher doses.
  9. Ok, my current annoyance about this is....that's the only bathtub in the house! My routine is to take a nice hot bath with fragrant epsom salts at night, after my workout. It is my "me time", dang it! Just finished my workout and realized I'd have to bathe in an N95 mask, which doesn't sound relaxing, lol. GRRR! Maybe I'll buy some of those shower steamy things, and new body scrub or something. But even then, I'll need to make sure everyone else has pottied and hope they don't need the bathroom while I'm in there. Silly, but still...
  10. That man needs a hobby! Something other than harrassing you! Someone get him some paint by numbers kits or something, lol. In all seriousness I'm so sorry.
  11. Yes! Football is another sport with this, and I heard a pro wrestling guy (the kind with the silly storylines - that part is fake but gravity is real, and they really hurt themselves often) talking about how it was good that things like Cameo exist as alternate revenue streams so that maybe the younger guys won't stay in so long, or work to the point of breaking themselves.
  12. I think newer guidelines are 10 days if there is a negative test on a particular day...I need to look it all up again. Seems to change a lot. I will definitely make sure he gets a negative test or three beforehand.
  13. Oh, and I just hold my breath and shove stuff through the plastic, I'm not even going in there - just sticking my arm through and putting stuff on the floor. My brain knows I should have just sent him away to the other house, but my mama heart is very glad to be able to bring him a big bowl of homemade chili, cold drinks, etc. Telling my child, of any age, to get out so they don't contaminate me was not something I wanted to have to do. Thankfully DH is handy at this stuff and could build that! And we had all the supplies already from other home improvement projects. Only problem now is I'm freezing because the thermostat is on the other side, and with the air blowing out the window it is running more. Will have DS adjust it up, lol.
  14. This is the fan in the bathroom window. The foam board is to keep out bugs since that screen had holes in it. Tape is to keep fan from falling out, seal the foam board, etc.
  15. This sort of shows the triple layer of plastic
  16. DS tested positive today. He was vaccinated back in april I Think? He is congested, but has been for months due to allergies. (literally, we both are congested from Feb to October). His only new symptom is loss of smell. I took a test today as well, since I am having runny nose, etc but it was negative. Hoping it stays that way. He's been out of town - left last Thursday at 2am, got back yesterday at 10:30am, went to work at 1pm, came home at 6pm and was only in the shared space for about 15 minutes, then took food to his room, played a game online, and went to bed. He'd been up most of th enight before stuck in the airport after a flight delay, so was understandably tired. Woke up this morning with no sense of smell. I'm hoping that if he caught it while out of town, he wasn't home long enough with enough contact to spread it to us. But I ordered more rapid tests so we can retest people later.
  17. His window has an AC unit in it, that we are not running at the moment, so not accessible
  18. So, this is the set up....that plastic contains the part of the hall with the door to his room and the door to the bathroom. It is triple layer - so you sort of have to weave your way through it to get through. We put a fan in the window in the bathroom as he has a window AC unit in his only window in his room and we didn't want to go in there to take it out right now. There is obvious negative pressure now, you can see the sheeting bowing inward, towards his room, so we should be good. I put a cooler in the hall (while masked) with chocolate milk, orange juice, iced tea, and regular milk plus set in there the boxes of cereal he asked for, paper bowls/plates/knives/forks.
  19. So, DH built a containment unit. I'm impressed. Photos to come - but now DS22's room and bathroom are sealed off with layers of plastic sheeting from rest of house and air intake to AC unit. It doubles over so I can stick food/drinks through it.
  20. He has an air filter with UV light running in his room always anyway. Kids have on in their room as well.
  21. I should mention that the empty house is 45-50 minutes away. And further from good hospitals, etc.
  22. No, it is full to the brim with crap, we actually planned on renting a storage unit to move some stuff out of it tomorrow. And currently has a rat or two coming and going.
  23. Only one air intake....right outside his door in the hall that has his room, 2nd bath, and kids' room. DH is creating some kind of frame with scrap and plastic sheeting to try to isolate his room and that bathroom from the air intake and rest of the house. I have a Merv 11 filter on main AC. Will see if I can get a Merv 13. It is a 2 inch thick one at least. Old AC only did 1 inch. Kids cannot go to my parents as now they have been exposed and mom is highest risk. I hate to send him somewhere on his own in case he gets worse, plus food/drink/etc. DH thinks we should send him to an empty house that a friend's mom lived in - she died and they still have house but no internet, and again, staying by himself. His dad had cardiomyopathy triggered by a virus, so we are a bit concerned regarding that.
  24. well, we want the vents that go INTO his room working, it is the out that is an issue. He could run a window ac but that would create positive pressure, making it more likely air would be pushed into the rest of the house. He woke up with no sense of smell
  25. Yes, he is fully vaccinated. Works in a vet office, everyone masks, all staff are vaccinated other than one woman who is pregnant and waiting until 3rd trimester. He went on a trip for his birthday, delayed a year, this past week. Went to an Air B&B in upstate New York. Came back yesterday morning. Assuming he caught it while on the trip, which is so ridiculous since rates are SO much lower there than here! Ugh. Now to try to figure out how to handle ventilation to hopefully prevent the rest of the house getting it, including my kid with two autoimmune diseases who is too young to be vaccinated.
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