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  1. Ok.....I thought I read too many suspense novels, lol, but I hadn't thought of that! Now I will though, lol. Um, it is an actual vaccine. And that's what vaccines do, they prime our body to react to infection. That's...what vaccines do.
  2. Two thoughts - he needs an echocardiogram due to shortness of breath could be a hiatal hernia that is trapping a bit of stomach from time to time. Hiatal hernia makes reflux worse, but in my experience can also cause weird chest feelings that are hard to explain. And if too much of the stomach ends up above the diaphragm that can put pressure on the lungs. Also, the vagal nerve is right there, so could be irritating it which would cause rapid heartbeat possibly. Endoscopy plus upper GI series to look for hiatal hernia (mine is only visible when they tilt the table down...then I heard both techs gasp and one say, 'wow...that's a lot of reflux!". If that doesn't answer it, push for an echocardiogram - it is the only way to see the heart actually functioning. Cardiomyopathy can cause changes in heart function before you see much of a change in heart size. But my money is on hiatal hernia. Especially if he was being a typical guy and holding his breath while lifting weights...that's one way to give yourself one. (labor is another...that's how I keep getting them! had one repaired, had another kid, now have one again)
  3. Yup! I have one! I learned about it on the forums here and had to have one! I'm the only person in central florida with one as far as I can tell, lol. I buy outfits for every season for him. His name is Chip. But he's plastic.
  4. The power outage adds to my battery back up dying theory.
  5. Well, it does protect - just not 100%. Same as seatbelts, etc. But yeah, the more spread, the more people will pay the price, including vaccinated people.
  6. Our battery back up that we plug our electronics into does that if it isn't working. Always at night to wake me up, then it takes me forever half asleep to figure out what the sound is and track it down. oh! Or we have walki talkis and if the battery runs down on them they do that too. Again, seems only to happen at night so that half asleep Katie tries to pinpoint the direction every 15 seconds. Fun times.
  7. well, I mean, if you have 100 % vaccination, then 100% of those hospitalized will be vaccinated. IT will just be a much lower number of people.
  8. What kills me about people talking about the small risks with vaccines is all the OTHER risks they are willing to put in their body - from fast food to booze to drugs. Not saying this applies to the person you are talking about, but I know personally people who think the vaccine is toxic and risky but have done cocaine, do other recreational drugs, etc. I'm like..uh....you know that crap you buy from the guy your friend told you about doesn't have "full FDA approval" either, Right?
  9. https://www.fox13news.com/news/new-florida-covid-19-cases-nearly-double-over-last-week-positivity-rate-jumps Dr. Frederick Southwick, chief of the University of Florida medical school’s infectious disease division, said computer simulations show the delta strain will create "a marked surge in cases over the next three months." "The delta variant grows faster in human cells and can spread to others particularly in closed spaces even when wearing a mask," he said. "The only effective way to be protected from the delta variant is to get vaccinated."
  10. Well, Florida managed to nearly double the weekly number of cases. State positivity is up over 11%. More specifically, my count is at 12.8% and the neighboring county (I'm right on the border) where I shop, have doctor's offices, etc is at 14.5% positivity! UGH! And still, masks mandates are now illegal per governor. And schools say they are optional. And my church says they are optional, even in elementary Sunday School where no one is vaccinated. And yes, hospitalizations are up as well, not quite as fast as cases, thankfully.
  11. so I'm not the only one that does this, lol? I'll be dizzy and unable to function from fluid in my ears, want to drill a hole in my sinuses, with the class ic presentation of a cold that started to resolve, then got worse as it became a secondary bacterial infection, but if it hasn't been the right number of days since the initial symptoms started they won't give me/kids meds. So I may um...round up...the length of time it has been. I started doing this after the third time I took a kid in, was told to wait, and call if it got worse, only to be back the next day in their office with a much sicker kid who now could get antibiotics. I'm like, I'm trying to avoid the miserable stage and start treating it at just "getting worse and feel pretty horrid" stage!
  12. How can they say that she doesn't meet the criteria for a tick panel? Sudden onset joint pain, fatigue, weakness? How on earth does that not fit the picture of several vector borne diseases? That's so weird! I can tell you if you had a dog with those symptoms, we would sure as shooting run a full tick panel! As well as look for autoimmune diseases - in humans I'm thinking celiac, lupus, RA, etc. You don't pick as a diagnosis the the thing that has no test for it until you rule out the stuff you CAN test for!
  13. Fair. I mean, at some point we all judge others in some way or another. Doesn't mean we hate them but I think we all have feelings on the choices others make if/when they impact us. Now I know there are some people who could be vaccinated, choose not to, and because they are not are staying home pretty much always, masking when they can't. I'd prefer they vaccinate, in case they end up hospitalized for other reasons, etc..but I'm not thinking oh, how selfish. And yeah, I'm frustrated by people having big parties who are not vaccinated, but someone going to work, and masking while there, before vaccines were an option? That's not careless. Going to work is not the same as going to a bar (unless you are the bar tender in which case, gotta put food on the table). I think everyone here is reserving their anger or frustration for those who refuse to take precautions in general. Won't mask or vaccinate or limit time in public spaces, etc even though they could.
  14. Yup. It's ridiculous. Same with people on motorcycles with no helmets. It's not as good news now, but it is still preventing a good chunk of transmission. I think the mRNA vaccines wost case numbers I've seen are around 60% effective at preventing infection at all. So then that's 40% that may still get infected, but tha's WAY better, and if you figure (hope) that those 40% end up with a lower viral load - which seems reasonable at least in some- that means even they may be less likely to transmit it. But cutting transmission even 60% would be game changing if everyone who could get vaccinated did. It would mean that a lot of the time the virus would infect one person then just fade out rather than transmitting all over the dang place. And those numbers are for Delta - it's much more effective than that on other variants.
  15. I think the target consumers are people like me that really like meat, do better eating it, but also really like animals and hate killing them. More animal welfare folks than environmental folks.
  16. Yeah, before we had this program I used to joke that the school system should pay me to keep him home, out of their schools, cause no way did they want him. Turns out, that was basically true! (he's my one with ASD - and the school did NOT want him) My other son qualifies with his PANDAS diagnosis, which is good as him being in school where strep is passed around constantly would be a HUGE problem for him. And now DD will qualify for her dyslexia, hopefully!
  17. It really is. I mean, there are societal implications, if they are basically defunding some stuff in the schools, but on a personal level it's hugely helpful. They just expanded it this month to things like behavior and emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, etc. Also kids with anaphylaxis qualify, autism, etc. You pay out of pocket for most things (but not all - there is an online portal that has a lot of books, computers, supplies, sensory stuff etc where you can order using your account) and then submit for a reimbursement. Some therapists and such are direct pay providers so you don't have to pay out of pocket with them either. We are frugal with it, as you can use whatever is left over when they graduate toward college, vocational training, etc at approved schools as well as those books, supplies, etc and job counseling.
  18. No. No it doesn't. Most people are not doing what I'm doing. But the ones I'm upset with are the ones partying, not distancing not masking not vaccinating. And a large part of the reason I'm upset with them is because then when they get sick they put people like your husband at risk. Don't assume people mean something different than what they are saying.
  19. Agreed - joint pain, nausea, etc can be various tick borne/insect vector diseases. A full panel should be run. Especially since it was sudden onset - went from hiking miles to needing a cane! Also, is she medicated to sleep? Nothing will get better without some sleep.
  20. You are side stepping that you are repeating disproven information over and over again. Things like the vaccine doesn't prevent infection just symptoms which is just not true. And I know it isn't that you just were not aware of the information because I and others have posted it multiple times, often in posts quoting you. And yet you keep repeating the idea. That's not ignorance it is purposely spreading misinformation. Over and over again. It goes beyond trolling and into malicious when it comes to life and death situations like this.
  21. It has been years since I've been to vegas, but at the time you had to be staying at the hotel to use the pool, unless this was a private residence? Either way, seems they would be indoors as well.
  22. Thank you....that does make me feel better.
  23. yeah, a sports game where you are using shared bathrooms, standing in line in concession stands, etc seems riskier than a playground where you have more space. But..maybe that's wishful thinking.
  24. Since Australia is so good at contact tracing, are they seeing any outdoor transmission? Feels like if anyone would know if that was actually happening, it would be Australia.
  25. Thank you for specifiying! I eat more variety of veg now that I'm a meat eater than I did when I was vegetarian!
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