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  1. I'd not cut off all contact, but I'd cut off contact where we were alone, on the condition that DH is getting help and working to get better. The kids? If the kids really need the stability and support of this person, I'd let them be around the person, but if it could be limited some, or for a few weeks, I'd likely do that while DH works specifically on this issue with their counselor, and bump up sessions with therapists during that time, and likely the psychiatrist to adjust medication. And, having been in a relationship with somone who had mental health issues, I know how very exhausting that is, and I'd look VERY closely at myself to make sure I wasn't bonding too closely to the person in question. NOT that I'm saying there is anything romantic going on, I'm not! But if the friendship is getting deeper, and there is no support coming from the spouse, things can get trick, a sort of trauma bonding, and that can be unhealthy. Again, I doubt that is the situation in this case, but in my own experience, there was an element of that.
  2. Haven't talked to her today, mom and dad were going to be there during the day today and I'm on call for the evening/overnight if need be. She was getting around well and functioning as long as she moved slowly as of last night, able to converse with my oldest when he went by, albeit slowly, etc.
  3. I honestly am not sure why tey are there - my current church does not, and is the same size as the Episcopal one I used to go to, so not based on size.
  4. If you do, get the feliway diffusers meant for multicat households. It made a big difference for us when we were introducing our new kitten. And expect it to take quite a while for them to warm up to each other.
  5. So not just me having this issue with pick up/delivery? I had to throw away an entire thing of stew meat this week, have had half and half go bad in days, etc. Yeah, that's why. I will say, if you use say, cage free eggs, they are much cheaper there than anywhere else I've found. And their spice blends are great (but most are Frontier brand, not their own brand, so if you have access to those elsewhere then not worth the trip). And they have neat cereals both hot and cold that change throughout the year. But mostly they are known for healthier convenience foods. So I'd grab several jars of their curry simmer sauces, some frozen rice (why doesn't anywhere else have frozen rice????? SO convenient!), freeze dried crunchy broccoli snacks, the greek yogurt artichoke kale dip (which I would then eat too much of and give myself a stomach ache...every time), jars of salsa (their "authentica" salsa is a favorite of both my sons), cheap corn chips, etc. Regular items are cheaper at Aldi, for sure. But if you want say, cage free eggs or slightly higher end stuff it is cheaper at Trader Joes than most other places. Oddly, I don't love the Pumpkin one hot, but it makes AMAZING cold brew!
  6. Both are true, I think. Some of the southern states that were so high before are going down, mostly because so many have had it recently I think. And becasue we are SLOWLY vaccinating more people. But yes, more people are testing at home, or not testing, especially in hard hit areas as testing can't keep up with demand. The New York Times info is one of my go to spots as it shows by what percent cases went up or down as well as what percent testing went up or down. It also shows hospitalizations which are a good indicator and less likely to be thrown off by lack of tests, etc. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/us/covid-cases.html
  7. Off to google chocolate gravy. (and I've never had a fried pie or seen one, but despite being geographically south, most of Florida is not southern. I did live for 4 years in Tallahassee, which IS very southern, and border a ruralish area now that is more southern, but come from South Florida that is mostly transplanted New Yorkers and people from Ohio. The few natives are something, but not southern exactly.
  8. I get what you mean, but I will say that the Catholic churches near me all have armed police at every service, as does the Episcopal parish I attended.
  9. Mom is tired, lol. She likely broke a rib a week ago doing chair yoga of all things (she has osteoporosis) and between that and her dog and my sister's dogs climbing on her and taking care of my nieces and worry she is exhausted. Thankfully, my sister is more steady now, and my parents felt okay leaving her with the kids and went back to their own bed for the night. Knowing it wasn't a stroke, and this may just be temporary is helpful.
  10. He had known exposure and has symptoms but doesn't want to test?
  11. Ah, gotcha! I was like, "no...I swear...my church isn't like that!" lol. The pastor was just saying hey, if people leave because they don't like what we are teaching here, that's on them. But it is not our place to chase them out by attacking them on facebook, etc etc. Because I totally agree that things like civil rights, justice, mercy, the environment, etc are absolutely things we should be talking about in churches!
  12. Right, but we do have that law. And you don't have to agree to disagree, but you can disagree by stating your stance, your reasons, etc or you can disagree by swearing and screaming. I think you know I do NOT believe all politicians are alike, or that we shouldn't discuss things just because they are difficult topics or stir up big emotions. I was reffering to a particular sermon where the pastor was reaffirming that we are not to try to drive people out of the church because we don't like their politics, or to start calling them obscenities on facebook. That doesn't mean shying away from discussion of hard things, or things people disagree on. I do think that happens, but it's not what was happening here.
  13. That what I'm thinking. And looking back, while sick with Covid she had what to me sounds like a neuralgia - painful skin and sometimes pins and needles. So between those and loss of smell and taste, it is obvious she had neurological symptoms from covid even in the acute stage. Rest seems to help, and she got significantly worse after the steroids gave her insomnia and she went a whole night without sleeping. Nto that the lack of sleep caused it, but exacerbated it. And yeah, I'm finding more and more references to ataxia/termors/etc with Covid. Which makes sense - we know that strep, flu, and some other diseases can cause movement disorders.
  14. My sister is a school administrator and yes, has seen an uptick in threats and slurs directed at her by parents, including being called a Nazi.
  15. Yup, that's on the list I'm sure. she's been under a TON of stress, and then had Covid and was trying to care for two kids with Covid while sick herself and then work from home...it's a ton But they are definitely seeing movement disorders with Covid. so..yeah.
  16. different culture, is what she means. Mountain culture is different. Not better or worse, but different. Appalachian culture it it's own thing. That said, when you ask people who live very far south what southern is...well to us, places like Virginia are "up north" so we get confused easily, lol.
  17. And when I'm stressed I absolutely stumble over my words, call people and things the wrong name, etc. Ask me kids about how today was with homeschooling, as I worried about my sister. I have called every person the wrong name all day, stumbled and stammered while reading aloud, misplaced things, etc all day.
  18. I'd look at if he's getting enough good quality sleep, and if he's on any new meds like cholesterol meds. Statins are known to cause memory issues and brain fog. Allergies (like to pollen/dust/etc) give me brain fog that is terrible, plus they tend to make sleep quality worse which exacerbates it. But sleep quality is my first thought, after a statin.
  19. Yup, they think it is covid related. She does have loss of taste and smell which are also considered neurological. I'm hearing 3rd hand, and don't know if they referred her to a neurologist or will be, but if not I'll get her names of reccomended ones. I also am looking into post covid/long covid type clinics in my state. There is one in Lakeland that looks pretty great but has months long wait list. And then Mayo at Jacksonville, but they seem to focus more on fatigue than neuro stuff.
  20. Doctor said not a stroke, they are discharging her tonight. I don't really have more info, sister was tired and not up to talking/and texting is really hard for her with the tremors.
  21. It shoudn't matter. I did alternate but only by accident, not on purpose, lol. Just how I was sitting each time.
  22. This is a main reason I like shopping there. Also, they carry the "good" whipped cream in a can (Cabots). Before we had to go gluten free I was addicted to their gingerbread bars at the holidays. Real gingerbread taste, not overly sweet. And yeah, the frozen chicken and frozen microwavable rice was a fast easy dinner. And great cinnamon sugar! Big crystals. I don't go often, as the parking lot is TINY and requires 10 minutes of circling for a spot and stressed me out. But I did pay extra to order their pumpkin spice coffee from amazon - it is cofee with actual spices in it and bits of orange peel, etc. I love it as cold brew. And closer to Christmas I get the winter blend, again with actual spices in it. I like the tea tree oil bodywash (but be careful where you put it!) and the lavendar dryer sachets too.
  23. No news on the payoff, and the person who handles payroll at the university DH teaches at is out of town until Monday. They are having a meeting on Monday to address the missing paycheck issue, but the next pay period date to issue checks is 10/15. We close 10/22. Ugh. I'm hoping they can make a one time payment before the 15th. Otherwise they offered to speak to the lending company, or can provide I letter I'd think, explaining.
  24. But we can frame it as discussing individual issues, and the ethics of them, without using political terminology or telling people who to vote for. I expect my church to talk about human rights issues, etc. But not to say "this party is evil" or "you can't vote for so and so".
  25. Yup. My mom's whatever type of arthritis she has was misdiagnosed for years, and now she has hands that really should just not function at all. Even the doctors are amazed she has any use of them. Looking at her xrays, my first thought is "dear Lord, amputate and give her artificial hands!".
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