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  1. I've gotten on every list I can find -- trials here are massively oversubscribed, but I have a friend who got her 11yo into the Moderna trial, so it's worth a try. I am very glad to read about the expanded trials. My read is that it is a potential alternative to what the FDA floated last week, which was requiring 4-6 months of follow-up data before issuing an EUA .
  2. I was wondering about that as well. OP, so sorry that your DS is feeling so poorly. Hope he recovers very soon.
  3. Back in the 1950s my mom was a scholarship student to a very expensive private school, and then to a very expensive private university (to which she commuted 2 hours each way on the subway). While it sounds like the school, at least, could be a trying experience at times, her takeaway -- which she passed on to her kids -- was the same: Money is great to have, but it's certainly not something to be impressed by. Also, stand up straight and never ever apologize for your clothes or your home. These lessons have served me very well at certain times of my life. OP, I think that parents' attitudes are key in this situation. If you are going to feel at all uncomfortable hosting your children's classmates and/or their parents, or if the wealth disparity is going to bother you and/or your husband, I wouldn't do it. But if you yourself are genuinely at ease with the situation, that will go a long way in shaping your son's experience.
  4. Not sure if it's been linked here yet, but this New Yorker piece about SARS-COV-2 becoming endemic is quite good. The pediatric vaccines cannot come fast enough. And I'm encouraged by the news that several different promising antivirals are in the pipeline as well. I remember when this whole thing started there were pandemic scientists and historians who said that pandemics generally last 2-3 years. It seemed utterly inconceivable at the time. Yet here we are.
  5. Yes, I was going to post the same. It looks like she was probably being tested for sensitivity to the antitoxin for diptheria (see here and here).
  6. I have been wondering about this, too. The results were expected months ago! I imagine a lot of participants dropped out, but it was a huge trial -- surely they know how well their 2-dose regimen works at this point. Your theories for the radio silence make a lot of sense.
  7. I'm also in TN and have always been registered as an independent homeschooler. My kids have usually tested at our local zoned school, but I also had no trouble getting the LEA to accept a different standardized test done at a local private school. I just dug through my email inbox and FWIW here's the email I sent to the homeschool coordinator that year. She forwarded it on to the district testing official, who immediately sent me an email back saying he'd make a note of the change. Months later when we got the results I sent them on with an accompanying note. It was all very easy. Dear Ms. XXX: My son XXX is an independent home schooler registered with XXPS. He is in the 5th grade this year and is scheduled to take the TN Ready test at our local zoned school, as required. However, we recently received the testing dates and unfortunately we have an immovable conflict on two of the scheduled days. As per the option for alternative testing outlined in TCA 49-6-3050, I have arranged for my son to test at a local private school, at my expense. They will be administering the CTP exam ( https://www.erblearn.org/services/ctp-overview , which is a comprehensive, nationally normed test that includes language arts and mathematics, among other subjects. The testing will be administered during the week of May 13, and I can send your office confirmation that my son has completed the tests. I will also send the results when I receive them. Could you please confirm for me that this will satisfy our testing requirements for this year? Of course, please let me know if you need any additional information or have further questions. Thank you very much, XXX Our local homeschool office is very responsive and the testing official - with whom I've spoken on other occasion -- is extremely on-the-ball. However, the guidelines are outdated in many ways, the state legislature and dept of ed have zero interest in updating them, and the whole bureaucracy is generally overwhelmed. IME the LEA people just want to be able to plausibly approve whatever it is that you are doing and get your paperwork off their desk ASAP. So I would recommend coming up with a testing plan that is reasonably legit and then sending a polite letter explaining what you're going to do. I seriously doubt that anyone will have the bandwidth to give you a hard time.
  8. No. I am somewhat freaked out by the extreme weather events so am trying to remember not to let the car get too low on gas (and yes I recognize the irony). While I am extremely bummed that this pandemic is dragging on and am very frustrated by the apparent lack of urgency around both global vaccinations and pediatric vaccines, I'm actually quite optimistic about the medium-term Covid situation in the US and other wealthy countries.
  9. Those prices seem very much in line with Deva cut prices around here. The dry cut price strikes me as low, actually. The two-hour business, though, seems nuts. I guess they're including time under the dryer, but still.
  10. I have also been using e-salon and have been reasonably happy with it. I like that you can make slight adjustments to the color for subsequent orders. I get the demi-permanent color, which washes out gradually and, as others have said, doesn't leave a line. I am not crazy about the way that the grayest sections of my hair seem to absorb more color, but since the color is demi-permanent it evens out after a couple of washes. The mess is EPIC, though.
  11. The answer to the headline is right there in the article: Also, this sounds like utter nonsense to me:
  12. We usually owe at tax time but I don't see the benefit of opting out. I always try to minimize our interest-free loans to the government.
  13. Oldest DS is a rising 10th grader. I'd like him to take the PSAT this fall, just as practice. However, the School Search function on CB reveals that very few schools in my city are offering the PSAT this October. A few private schools and a couple of publics are giving the test, but even the big magnet high schools are listed as "Not Testing." Is this a Covid thing or is the PSAT falling by the wayside? The PSAT10 seems to be completely gone - as far as I can tell no school in the city is offering it. I suppose it's possible that the PSAT was never very popular here, but i really would have thought that many more schools would have kids wanting to try for National Merit. Separately, am I correct in gathering that PSAT testing is like AP testing --i..e, I have to call around to beg a school to please please pretty please accommodate my kid, and if nobody says yes he's out of luck? For some reason I had thought that once we were in SAT World schools had to let homeschoolers test, but I guess I was wrong about that?
  14. If you're not at all worried about catching covid yourself, I would concentrate on improving ventilation and not insist on masks unless parents want that to be the norm, which it sounds like is very much not the case.
  15. Are you vaccinated, and do you have any unvaccinated family members? How worried about you about catching Covid yourself? Also, can the parents be relied upon to keep the children home if they are exposed or sick?
  16. This book has been on my list for ages -- DH says it's terrific.
  17. I wouldn't think you'd ever actually be alone; I was thinking along the lines of 'little neighborhood park at 8am on a Tuesday morning' vs. 'Union Square playground at 3pm on a glorious Sunday afternoon.' But maybe nowadays there's less difference?
  18. This were also the oldest age groups, for which fading immunity has always been a concern. If I were in NYC with young kids right now, I think I'd mostly try to steer clear of the most-crowded parks at the most-crowded times, but other than that not worry overrmuch about playgrounds.
  19. This is such an incredible book. I am, like, person a zillion on hold for this at the library. I have been reading Alison Bechdel since her Dykes to Watch Out For days, so interesting how her career has evolved. Reading: Jonathan Sarna, American Judaism; Jen Gunter, The Menopause Manifesto Watching: nothing, but i might try A Very English Scandal Listening: lots of political podcasts. Favorite non-political podcast at the moment is Switched on Pop.
  20. This podcast features a terrific interview with former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, who discusses what's hopefully coming with these new antivirals.
  21. Following this thread. One of my sons definitely needs braces but there is just no way that he will be able to cope with the level of discomfort that my oldest went through with his standard braces. I've been wondering if invisalign might be a more feasible option. I was under the impression that it is more expensive, though.
  22. I've been following the news out of Israel and that 64% efficacy number seems pretty iffy. The Ministry of Health was responding to a leak and a number of scientists have since criticized the way the MOH calculated the number. Here one thread with some (somewhat disorganized) discussion in English. Cases are definitely going up, though.
  23. I have a relative who was in the vaccine group of the JnJ trial and has since gotten a mRNA vaccine. He is planning to get the second one as well. One dose probably would have been (more than) enough, but he had previously gotten two different antibody tests, neither of which showed him having any antibodies, so he had long been ever-so-slightly worried that perhaps there had been a mistake in the trial and he had actually been in the placebo group after all. I believe he just walked into CVS and got the vaccine. I don't know what happened with his insurance.
  24. Terrific -- if long -- overview of current vaccine study results.
  25. I agree with all of this. And I'd add only that.your DS may not be interested in getting his wife to change. I can only imagine how annoying this must be to listen to, though. I had a great-aunt and uncle who were married for 70+ years, sniping and yelling at each other the entire time, until they finally died just a few weeks apart. It was exhausting to be around them. Wishing you strength, OP.
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