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  1. Congratulations!!!! What an inspiring story!
  2. OP, your mom sounds utterly awful and nothing she is doing is remotely ok. So sorry that you and your DDs have to deal with this.
  3. The last I read, 85% of Israeli adults had been vaccinated Their population skews younger than the US's and so there is a larger percentage of people too young to get the vaccine. As I recall the Green Pass ("vaccine passport") system was dropped at some point when things were looking much better. They've just brought it back again, and the government just announced a new push to get everyone vaccinated by the end of August. The start of the school year and the Jewish holidays are both in September. Anecdotally I have heard from friends and relatives in Israel that "corona is out of control" in the sense that it's spreading like crazy and case numbers are soaring, but most cases are asymptomatic and are discovered mostly through routine testing for travel or attending an event. Then when someone tests positive everyone in that person's vicinity gets tested, which uncovers more cases. There has certainly been a significant rise in serious cases and hospitalizations but it's not even close to the situation earlier in the pandemic. Israelis over the age of 60 will start to get booster shots this week, and they're already started vaccinating very at-risk kids under 12. I will not be at all surprised if whenever Pfizer releases their data on the pediatric vaccines, the Israeli Ministry of Health quickly approves it for under 12.
  4. Thanks for the update! Thrilled to hear he's on the mend.
  5. I suspect that dogs are similar to young children, in that they can remember and anticipate certain things, but basically they live in the Eternal Now. I also suspect that we adult humans wildly overestimate our capacity to NOT just live in the moment.
  6. Holding a garage sale outside seems fairly safe to me, but it sounds as if you are just not interested in taking on any unnecessary exposure right now. I'd put the stuff out with a Free sign,. but perhaps just not on the same day at the garage sale? Anything left over goes to the dump. But if your neighborhood is like mine, there won't be anything left over -- people love free stuff!
  7. Those pediatric vaccines cannot get here soon enough.
  8. Same. Back in March 2020 my MIL sent me some thing from an epidemiologist who said "you will know people who die from this," and I thought it was a ridiculous exaggeration. Nope. I think of that email often.
  9. A relative in Israel texted me that he just reserved his third Pfizer shot for next week. Apparently boosters were just approved for 60+.
  10. My oldest loves math and has done very well with AoPS. My middle son could not care less about math -- or any school subject, really - and has also done very well with AoPS. Youngest seems to be more like oldest, but mostly he'd like to finish and go play with his Legos. I myself really like AoPS and have been very happy with the kids' math learning, so that's what we use for now, at least. I think you're on to something here. Even beyond elementary school -- my DS16 has been an RA for a computer science professor this summer and is just absolutely loving every minute of it. He's leaping out of bed in the morning, spending every spare minute on the project, etc. While he is a good and diligent student, this was NOT what was going on during the school year, especially towards the end. I was teasing him, saying, hey, what's with the getting up at the crack of dawn to work on X's project, while I had to drag you out of bed to do your schoolwork? He pointed out that unlike his schoolwork, in which he's learning things that were long ago discovered by others ("Isaac Newton figured out all of this physics hundreds of years ago!") with this project he's getting to work on something genuinely new, and that's a completely different experience.
  11. No. Just the one score (Physics) appears. There is no mention of the other one (Comp Sci).
  12. DS also took the 3rd administration but got one of his scores earlier this week, far ahead of the projected date. Possibly they're in the middle of updating?
  13. Thanks for the update. What a relief that he is now home with you. Hope he is on the road to recovery very soon!
  14. In general, Israelis tend to be pretty enthusiastic about medical interventions and the culture puts a high value on improvisation, especially in emergencies.
  15. I know I've seen the 1/10 figure in other articles as well -- I bet you're right that someone initially confused the Moderna/Pfizer doses and then it just gets picked up by other outlets.
  16. This is such a great point.
  17. I recently listened to an interview with an economist who said the same thing.
  18. From today's NYT - older couples "living apart together."
  19. Oh so I was wrong. I know I read about a 1/10 dose being tested (e.g., here) but it looks as though that is inaccurate reporting?
  20. Yes, I believe they're testing 1/3 adult dose in 5-11 and then 1/10 in younger groups (not sure how far down in age).
  21. Maybe. I do strongly suspect that if the promised September-ish results from Pfizer are good Israel will just go ahead and approve it for kids; they won't wait around for the FDA.
  22. Yeah, there was some sort of deal that let them buy a whole bunch of doses earlier in exchange for the loads of data that the 4 big HMOs collect on the population. Also they paid through the nose, much more than Europe or the US as I recall. I doubt that they're getting data before the rest of the world, though. I think the Israeli ministry of health is just less risk-averse than the FDA.
  23. I haven't seen any other info elsewhere either -- I saw one Hebrew-language report but it said essentially the same thing. AFAIK, the Israeli Ministry of Health generally follows the recommendations of the US FDA when authorizing pharmaceuticals, although of course they aren't legally required to do so under domestic statute. I'm quite sure that they haven't been running separate trials for the pediatric Pfizer vaccine. My guess is that the MOH simply made its own cost-benefit analysis for this population based on the data they -- and we -- already have available. Israel actually did the same thing with ages 12-15 -- immunized a couple of hundred medically fragile teens before the vaccine was approved for that age group in the U. I don't remember if they did that before or after Pfizer officially released its results. One interesting question is what dose these children will be receiving. If I had to guess, I'd bet that they will be using the stepped-down doses that Pfizer decided on in phase 1 of the pediatric trials, but who knows.
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