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  1. 53?! Oh, that's awful. I am so sorry.
  2. We have what amazon tells me is a Shark ION cordless stick vacuum. We use it daily and it works quite well, although DH has to unclog the roller periodically. And yes, it is super annoying to have to go find the attachments when you want to get dog hair out of a corner or something. Of course, it would probably help if we didn't store our attachments in what has only just now occurred to me is an absurdly inconvenient spot. I don't even know who put them there in the first place (probably DH)?! Also last week I discovered that somehow we lost the single most useful attachment (the narrow stick one). How does one lose a vacuum attachment? We hardly go anywhere, and on the rare occasions we actually leave the house it's not like we bring the vacuum with us. Just mystifying.
  3. Well, in our house all incorrect AoPS problems -- or any inadequate/incorrect work, for that matter -- gets redone. (Gnashing of teeth and rending of garments is optional.) Tests are to give feedback (to me and to them) and learn how to take tests. I firmly believe that the grades I give my kids for classes they do at home with me are completely meaningless. I find it baffling that colleges actually want such grades, but they do, so I give As and have zero ethical concerns about it. If they struggle, I reconfigure the class, change assignments, scaffold more, or whatever. It's the beauty of individualized learning (and why I think grades make no sense.) I haven't had a kid apply to college yet so I haven't given any thought to honors designations. Like grades, that also seems absurd to me in a homeschool context, so I would just do whatever is most helpful -- and looks reasonable -- for college applications.
  4. As an adult, I generally feel like I fit in just fine wherever I go. I am pretty introverted but am also very interested in people and can usually find something in common with most others. That said, this pandemic has made me feel unsettlingly adrift. I really don't like being scared of other people all the time.
  5. I have been wondering about this too. It seems like there just isn't good evidence on this yet, although some have theorized that later is better. My parents were vaccinated with Pfizer in January and just got their boosters, which I'm delighted about. DH and I were vaccinated in April, the the older kids were May. Our family has very little exposure and will stay that way until DS11 is fully vaccinated -- presumably mid-December -- so I think we're going to just hold off on the boosters until then. Hopefully we'll learn more about optimal timing in the coming months.
  6. The university here is following CDC guidelines quite closely. Vaccinated close contacts have to test 3-5 days after exposure but do not need to isolate. Masks are already required for everyone in public spaces.
  7. Unrelated, but Matryoshka, I am stalking you -- I am trying to send you a PM but it says you can't receive messages. Is there any chance your mailbox might be full? Sorry, OP, for barging into your thread!
  8. I couldn't agree more.
  9. I can't even be naked in my bedroom because my three sons are constantly barging in. In fairness, our bedroom is also my study AND everyone's music practice space AND a prime location for zoom classes, but still. I finally had DH install a curtain to close off an area near my closet so at least I can get dressed without having to carry my clothes into the bathroom like I'm living in a youth hostel.
  10. Thinking of your sister and all the rest of your family, Katie. Hope she feels much better very soon.
  11. My parents got theirs last week. My mom had no side effects whatsoever. (She also had no reactions to the first two.). My dad was a little tired and achy the day after.
  12. Oh, you mean like over video call? What a brilliant idea. I never would have thought of that!
  13. We have a friend currently serving at a a naval base on the other side of the world. I am putting together a package to send to him. I will definitely include some food that I know he would like and that he cannot get there, and we will put in some books. Is there anything else that is typically appreciated in such packages? If it's relevant, he is a reserve officer -- a 50yo dad with a whole nonmilitary career -- so, like, not a young person.
  14. FDA will be holding advisory committee meeting on pediatric vaccine on October 26.
  15. I completely agree with you that she should wear flats, for this reason alone. I see students clopping around in their interview shoes; it never seems quite appropriate for me to go over and show them how to walk properly in heels, but I always want to.
  16. This is not on topic, but I am finding the holidays just incredibly difficult this year. *Much* harder than last year. I am trying to find joy and meaning where I can, for the sake of setting a good example as much as anything else, but I feel like I'm teetering at the edge of darkness much of the time. And I am generally a pretty upbeat person who doesn't suffer from chronic depression or anything like that. For the sake of the other 98% of Americans, I really hope that we are in a far better place by Christmastime.
  17. I would wait for the results of the covid test and then -- assuming it's negative -- send him.
  18. That is amazing! I found a slot for my son for one AP exam (APUSH) but am still hunting for the other (AP Chem).
  19. Things are very lively on campus here. The university has both a vaccine mandate and a mask requirement, but social distancing has been largely dropped and nearly everything appears to be up and running again. The school is doing a combo of symptomatic testing, contact tracing/close contact testing, and sentinel asymptomatic testing. There was a small spike in cases when the students came back to school but the numbers have been dropped the last two weeks.
  20. My parents (78 and 79) went over to Walgreens on Friday as soon as they saw the announcement and were able to get their boosters as walk-ins. They were vaccinated with Pfizer in January and had already unsuccessfully tried twice to get boosters. My mom has had zero side effects (same as for her first two shots); dad feels kinda achy and warm. DH and I were vaccinated in April. It sure seems like we will need a third shot eventually but our exposure is low and I am content to wait a while until there is some decent evidence on the optimal spacing. I cannot WAIT to get DS11 vaccinated already.
  21. I warmly recommend this book, which includes an extremely detailed discussion of hormone replacement options.
  22. I think it was more like the prosecutor stretched to charge him with third-degree murder; it wasn't an outlandish idea, but it also wasn't squarely in the mainstream of how that statute had generally been used, and as it turned out, the MN Supreme Court wasn't on board.
  23. This article has a very good explanation of the issues that were up on appeal. The gist is that the MN Supreme Court clarified that the definition of third-degree murder does not include a crime in which the conduct was directed at a particular person, as was the case here.
  24. Yes, Pfizer. I also hope that they will be able to get boosters soon.
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