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  1. All done for the day. AHG was fun! Woohoo for a big ceremony! Came home, ate, chatted with Dh and Dd. Winding down and headed to bed.
  2. Got flowers, small gifts and a gift bag for tonight. Prepped everything. Also got rotisserie chx and eggs. And lunch out. Nice Greek salad. Finished the laundry and got my uniform on for tonight. Discussed homework with Ds. Next up: tutor one student AHG Ceremony come home and fall apart!
  3. Kitchen cleaned Italian sausage out of the freezer Laundry running Certificate printed Zoom link for tutoring sent Reminded Dd to put away her laundry, now not later. Next up: lesson prep ✔️ Ceremony prep
  4. The rain fly on 2 of our 3 tents does come all the way to the ground, which is nice. Warmer too. I sleep in a hammock in the summer, if the tent is stuffy. We have a 10x10 cabin style tent with a shorter rain fly - not nearly as good a tent in windy, rainy weather, but much nicer when it's hot. The square top catches the wind and the flapping makes tons of noise if it's windy. I re-waterproof them all once a year and we've never had a leak. I do use a tarp rather than the tent's footprint underneath when car camping or when heavy rain is expected.
  5. Some of those protocols are still in place here. Masks required in my city, orthodontist, dentist and several docs still have everyone wait in the car, still taking temps to enter many schools and other facilities.
  6. Not silly!! A tremendous accomplishment!! We are all cheering for you here!! 🎉🎈🎉🎈🍷🧁🎉🎈
  7. Good morning! I have b’fast cooking and the dishwasher running. Today: Ds to school My laundry running Grocery? AHG stuff - lots! Call about traffic school and payment for a speeding ticket. Pay a bill. Teach one student virtually. AHG Ceremony tonight! So fun!
  8. Do you do this in addition to your tent’s rain fly?
  9. I like to have both a poncho and a rain jacket. Good for different things.
  10. Today totally got away from me and I never got here this morning. Errands early, tutored two students, kids to piano, outside church. Got gas. Got vax appointments for my kids!
  11. Those little “hot hands” packets are great if you have a chance of a chilly night or early am!
  12. Yes, test-run for backpacking gear would be a different list for me. Absolutely back-up stuff in the car.
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