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  1. Yes! Very good product and service.
  2. For 8th, I like something light. A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  3. Good morning! My list: Get Ds up and out. Service project day. ✔️ Get Dd up and going. Reviewing for Alg 2 final. Tech Week begins today! ✔️ Electronic chores - lots! Tutor 5 students. Done ✔️ Log sessions. Check in with my boss about summer schedule and adding a student or two. ✔️ Dinner is leftovers.
  4. For school, not homeschool, so a mixed group. Academically strong, but perhaps with less exposure to classic lit than many homeschoolers.
  5. Assume an academically strong class (school, not homeschool). What are your top three picks? Or your kids’ top three?!
  6. For an academically strong class. What are your top three picks?
  7. Piano recital was nice. Wide age range of performers and wide array of music choices among the 12 and over crew. Dd is craving hot dogs, so we’ll build a fire in the firepit and cook hot dogs/sauages and s’mores for dessert. A busy day, but a nice one so far. No housework got done yesterday and my house is messy as well as not clean. Sigh.
  8. Good morning! We’ve bern to church and I am about to clean up the kitchen. Kids’ piano recital is this afternoon and I will pick up my mom and bring her. Dinner is ?? Later: walk, read, lesson prep for tomorrow’s tutoring students. Maybe some prep cooking?
  9. Hi y’all, Today I got Ds up and out to a Scout conservation project, went to the Farmers’ market, did two other quick errands on that side of town, took some things to a friend and stayed to visit, helped Dd clean out and reorganize her closet, and went to a graduation party for my nephew. About to go read my book. Need to remind Ds to shower.
  10. A good bit of tutoring work, lots of reading, 5 days of camping by myself, clean out the family room closet and the shed. Maybe plan a short family vacation? Thinking about rafting the Ocoee.
  11. @vonfirmath Two of mine are not-too-old, 10x10 car camping tents. I just get a couple cans of waterproofing spray and thoroughly coat the bottom, walls and rain flies. Our small, backpackers tent is an older, but still very serviceable, REI one. I got it for $10 bc the floor and underside of the rain fly were sticky - meaning the original waterproofing had degraded. I washed them in detergent to get rid of the residue, let then dry, and reapplied. You Tube videos and web articles were super helpful on how-to. Ds and I have both slept nice and dry in it in big rain since the r
  12. Praying! For provision, wisdom, health, the peace that passes understanding, for the Holy Spirit’s power, protection and presence.
  13. Band Night was fun! Dd sang and played well. Dropped her off with friends at the ice cream shop. Dh will pick up. Got a snack. Off to bed with my book.
  14. No cash rewards, but a vax card will get you a free beer or a coffee drink in my city. Latte anyone?!
  15. My Dd loved Anne Van Fossen at CLRC. Avg. high school workload, about 5hrs/week.
  16. Scouting organizations (which teach and require leadership), jobs (so far self employed teaching piano and pet-sitting, but real jobs this summer), volunteering in children’s ministry at church.
  17. Lasagna is in the oven. Checked on Ds' homework. Sorted the mail. Started the dishwasher. Did a couple AHG things.
  18. Good morning! Lovely cool, sunny spring day here. I have taken Ds to school, walked with a friend, had b'fast and coffee, planned dinner, and culled my inbox. To do: Call mom Grocery for 6 things. Make lasagna and salad, prep garlic bread Pull chx Electronic chores Pick up Ds Drop off dd for sound check Go to Band Night to see Dd and her friends perform (Get cash for this).
  19. All done for the day. AHG was fun! Woohoo for a big ceremony! Came home, ate, chatted with Dh and Dd. Winding down and headed to bed.
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