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  1. I would check the city website. Our website has the city council agenda online and recordings of past meetings online. You can learn of any issues and developments that may be planned.
  2. I will add another line ”In a golden cage on a winters day in the rain “ released same year as Beatles “here comes the sun” answer: “White bird” by Its a Beautiful Day
  3. at the play you are staging big Beatles fan “while my guitar gently weeps” lyric, on a winters day…in the rain
  4. My 2 cents would be for the moose print. I like the pop of red and the design of it. I think it goes with the snowboard t-shirt really well.
  5. Skouts Honor products might help. They specialize in pet odors. https://www.skoutshonor.com/collections/pet-odor-stain-remover?campaignid=9838130366&gclid=Cj0KCQjwtrSLBhCLARIsACh6RmhjV3VEwKU9xVpTEKpxuHEd7iEa2u5EmzUQ28vIVBMk0gCj5qR-m0QaAnc8EALw_wcB&hsa_acc=8765798122&hsa_ad=430922473893&hsa_cam=9838130366&hsa_grp=103758814761&hsa_kw=skouts honor odor&hsa_mt=e&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_src=g&hsa_tgt=aud-894735903774%3Akwd-394575317474&hsa_ver=3&src=google&utm_campaign=HM_SNO_Branded_B&utm_medium=ppc&utm_source=adwords&utm_term=skouts honor odor
  6. Purse magnet tile mate portable collapsible metal straw vaccine case if need to carry proof smart watch stand Himalayan salt night light smart light bulbs white or colored under cabinet lights gear ties cord organizers universal dust cleaner Universal socket mini mag flashlight extra long charger cords lock laces screen cleaning pads clean peeps eyeglass cleaning tool phone charger for car phone charger pack/card echo dot wallet card holder to attach to phone Flash drives nice stylus/iPad pen I need to remember this list.
  7. Regarding the brachs thanksgiving candy— Anyone else picture Violet Beauregarde?!
  8. My dh was in the marina business. I can’t count how many marinas and docks/piers/wharfs ….. I have walked. I did actually enjoy walking on the waterfronts and seeing all the different watercraft-much more than the indoor boat shows I had to go to.
  9. The toilet in the basement alone or with washer dryer seemed to be common in older houses with unfinished basements. I was told that the basements were plumbed for a bathroom that could be finished later and some people wanted the toilet installed so that the plumber wouldn’t have to come back and that it was available to use.
  10. Ive bought several shirts from litographs and my sons really like them.
  11. Pass! We had a neighbor that remodeled their 1960’s ranch house and put the bathtub in the bedroom all open. It’s right by the door between the window and the bed. They also had oak floors- wonder how it’s working for the new owners? I prefer my privacy.
  12. Very cute- my name suggestion is “Marvel” I don’t know if my hound would allow a cat in the house-
  13. It would be best if the person using it could try different sizes. It’s not only the size of the main part but the neck has different dimensions as well.
  14. I looked on Amazon and several of the artists have vinyl available, its more expensive 25-35$ Target online has vinyl available for around 20$ Vinyl has been more available lately.
  15. Vin number is a cars serial number- other vehicles use term serial number and I believe tag number is the license plate letters number combo.
  16. His insurance company may still have the vin number. Maybe the notary has a record of the purpose for the notary signature.
  17. So it looks like I’m not the only cat stevens/ Yusuf fan! FYI he released a new version of “tea for the tillerman “ album in 2020. he did an interview on cbs Sunday morning that is really good- I wasn’t sure if I could post the link here.
  18. I have a couple of Jack Johnson’s cds he is great. the beatles cat stevens aka yusof abba Doobie brothers Crosby stills Nash young moody blues steely dan joe walsh nicolette larson It’s a beautiful day mommas and the pappas loggins and Messina Eric Clapton Bread christopher cross
  19. I ordered from Lego and the box was delivered in a week. When I compared shipping times between Amazon and target, Target was faster by days. That is so frustrating to track a package and see it sitting for days. I’ve asked what people would like for Christmas and it’s mostly electronics which is hard to get too early because of return policies.
  20. I shopped for a relative at these sites: https://www.womanwithin.com/w/coats-and-jackets/?utm_medium=em_m&affiliate_id=009&affiliate_location_id=23&cid=L212606&mid=5555006636985&utm_source=Marketing&utm_campaign=LB_Thursday_09%2F23%2F21_PM_V1_WW_IPWARM_ACTIVES_NoLC_V1&start=30&sz=30 https://www.catherines.com/ca/coats-and-jackets/?start=30&sz=30 https://www.roamans.com/r/coats-and-jackets/ https://www.ullapopken.com/en/coats/c/articlegroup_110?query=*&b=UP&filterCategoryPathROOT=Coats&campid=100&partnerid=1001&adword=performance%2Fsearch_gen%2Fgoogle%2FUP_US_SEA_GEN__Mode%2F&gclid=CjwKCAjwy7CKBhBMEiwA0Eb7ajz4Th0mgBsozZAg42xRmbOv7OUFPZkbfplMD4VdY54EagFSASZJCxoCwaMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds This site doesn't have their winter coats on yet.https://www.ontheplusside.com/plus-size-coats-jackets-outerwear/plus-size-casual-jackets-coats.html
  21. You may need to request ROI release of information forms from each of her Dr’s so that they can give you all/any of the information. You would list yourself as contact and check all the box’s. You might also want to get a health care directive form established, medical power of attorney. It’s hard taking care of a parent, been there.
  22. I wouldn’t bother with a couch. Just get enough comfortable seating so that when you return it to formal LR you can rearrange. My kids had iPads or laptops so that they would/could be in the same room and watch or listen to what they wanted and the older person still felt involved-worked for us but may not for others. There were many shows that we all did watch together too- Who knew Harry Potter would be such a big hit with the older generation. I was also surprised at which older shows grabbed my kids attention.
  23. https://verilux.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1dGJBhD4ARIsANb6OdlOApHJtKiaFwB9tPZHBcbv8JYwBMOX3rQLdoiiFyv0DSdwS6CP3ssaAkqJEALw_wcB https://stanfordhealthcare.org/medical-conditions/sleep/advanced-sleep-phase-syndrome/treatments/bright-light-therapy.html This is the brand that I have. I don't have the one that mimics the sun rising. Mine is a stand alone it is the size of an ipad and I stand it on the table in front-side of me in the morning when I am at the table or my desk. I am including a couple links that can explain the whole theory of it-They explain it better than I can in this post. I think I paid around $40 for mine. Hope this helps you.
  24. I began using a verilux sun lamp every morning "Happy Light". I wasn't sure about it at first but I notice a difference in sleep patterns when I don't use it.
  25. When you talk to the person in charge of scheduling the visit maybe ask for advice. If they have an onsite salon maybe a giftcard for a few items like a hair set or manicure. If they can have food items in their room and if no diet restrictions-flavored water, snacks. If she is in a wheelchair I remember special cushions that the pt recommended. A friend of mine takes her 100 yo grandma home made jams, and pickles of all varieties. She is aware of any diet restrictions but her grandma really enjoys the homemade taste.
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