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  1. In my experience people who do not apologize when they wrong someone and they either 1)know they were doing/saying the wrong thing or failing to do the right thing or 2)didn't know at the time but realized it since then are not trustworthy. I keep people who are not trustworthy at an arms-length. I'm polite, I may even hang out (esp. if it's family), but I do not trust the person and their ability to have a meaningful, positive relationship with me is very limited. They also don't get to live rent-free in my head. I move on with my life without needing them to apologize, bu
  2. Ours has a "strong" setting that gets the water hotter.
  3. Yes - I use tea K-Cups in our Keurig multiple times a day! My favorite KCup brand is Tazo tea, there are multiple varieties. It can be found at grocery stores, but Amazon has the widest flavor variety. I tend toward the English Breakfast, Early Grey and Spearmint. My husband uses it for coffee - he likes trying different flavors without having to make a commitment to an entire bag of ground coffee. He has used a variety of brands and some of the most unexpected brands are really good as are some of the most unexpected flavor combinations (he has recently discovered a hazelnut & coconut com
  4. Cheese straws are the immediate need, however I use a cookie press for cookies at Christmas, too. I also have a recipe for lemon cookies (Angel Whispers) that I make at Christmas & this year I realized that it is good for all year long - I might make them this spring or summer.
  5. Has anyone bought a cookie press lately? I have an old battery operated Wilton press that I never really liked and it has reached the end of it's useful life. I'm hoping for one that has a fairly easy grip/press feeling, I don't want to feel like I am getting an arm workout every time I use it, if at all possible. I don't want another battery operated one as I want more control than they offer. Also, does anyone know if disks are interchangeable between brands? If I get a different brand, should I keep my old disks that aren't duplicates? I am looking at the Oxo Good Grips Cooki
  6. Very positive results with teens and adults in our home. If your teen is engaging in substance abuse, they are likely self-medicating. It is in their best interests to see a psychiatrist. Try to find a specialist in addiction if you can. If your teen is older - say 16 as opposed to 13, then see if you can find someone that sees both teens and adults so that there isn't a transition in adulthood. This has been a long term problem it's my experience that the solution will likely be long term as well. I strongly suggest you don't attach any expectation of a recovery time to your willingness to se
  7. I have that shirt in mint green sized for 11 yo me. Sorry, though, you can't have it. It's mine, mine, all mine....(insert gleeful laugh). Incidentally, he has a pretty funny Twitter feed. He doesn't post frequently, but when he does he has a sense of humor. He seems to have turned out nicely from what I can tell.
  8. I have had two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The only side effect I had both times was a sore arm.
  9. We have a credit card that earns Starbucks stars. We use it only at Starbucks because we earn more stars with purchases from there. We pay it off with our credit card that earns frequent flier miles, which we use everywhere. It also has an airline club membership. There is a fee for the card, which is a bit less than the club membership. It's worth it because my dh gets a lot of work done there when he is traveling and they also provide a variety of snacks that enable him to eat a light meal (soup, cheeses, crackers, yogurt, cereal, granola, a variety of beverages, etc. depending on the time o
  10. Praying for your niece, Scarlet.
  11. This has been eye opening. It isn’t as odd as I thought apparently! Thanks everyone!
  12. We have SimpliSafe. It’s easy to set up and navigate. It also interfaces with Apple Home. The monitoring fee is much less than we used to pay for a wired system. We have window and door sensors and a doorbell camera.
  13. We have a regional grocery chain here that has a bar in it, and the bar is almost always full after working hours and on weekends. These are not people killing time while waiting for others to shop. They have regulars and it appears to be a destination. FWIW there is a good pub in the same shopping center. Are grocery store bars a thing where you live?
  14. Do you know any Child Life Specialists? They are good at explaining things like this to children. You could call a children’s hospital and ask one for ideas on how to approach the conversations. One thing you may want to ask the funeral home to do for you is a handprint for each of your children so they have something tangible. In the hospital we call it memory making. When my father died the nurse brought in a new id bracelet for him, had me verify the identifying informant ion, then she put it on his wrist, removed the one he had been wearing and gave it to me. Sometimes I
  15. You might have a water filter. I have a water dispenser and an ice maker, each have their own filter. I am not sure you could have a filter and not know it, though. They are usually visible from the open door and some have a light on them that turns red when it needs to be changed.
  16. A yard dragon is just what you need! I can’t wait for picture! So exciting. Do you think the dragon will need a wardrobe?
  17. Why don't you just register them for school and then withdraw them if you need to? IMO, there is till too much unknown to determine what things will be like in eight or nine months.
  18. I have a new found appreciation for protocol these days. I think that is why the public ceremony is important. It communicates a lot of things to both the people here in the US and to people around the world about the way our government is run. It recognizes the importance of the positions as well. I think if you are going to be leading our country, it us all to witness the promise made to uphold the Constitution.
  19. It is a huge closet & I'm very grateful for that! Right now I am not going to make any shelving alterations, though. I have an office elsewhere in the house, so a desk isn't needed. As far as what it's used for - well, it's craft storage plus a lot of other things, so I guess it really is a sort of a catch all storage closet. Part of what is in there are supplies for care packages that I make for parents of hospitalized children. Individual items come in different sized quantities and I store the extras in between batches. I make 20 packages at a time and keep the extras on hand. So,
  20. Oh yes. All of those wood drawers are full of cassette tapes! The DVD’s are just out on the shelf. Our CD’s are elsewhere. DH isn’t ready to give any of them up yet!
  21. It takes time! When we moved dh took home videos to someone and had them digitized. He got the equipment to convert the cassettes, but we haven’t had the time to do it. We have some fairly old cassettes dating back to the eighties when we were in college. Sometimes I think it’s the inserts that are appealing, with the cover and lyrics. Then there’s my Shawn Cassidy album collection - and yes, we have a turntable! Not that I rock out to Shawn or anything, but if I wanted to, I could!
  22. I’m trying to get ahead of the clutter and use the space more efficiently. I have only been in this house for one year, so it isn’t bad yet. I am thinking about moving the cassette tape boxes to the top shelf. We rarely get into them and I can use a step stool when we do. I’m wondering if the DVD’s would take up less space if I put them in some type of bin. There are two rows - one on front of the other. I am watching clutterbug videos now. Wow, there’s a lot out there!
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