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  1. My birthday is Feb 22. I’ve been looking forward to 2/22/22 for at least 50 years. (I sort of wish it WASN’T on a Twosday, otherwise I’d give myself a blowout of a party!
  2. This is me. It’s mostly to (or from) my kids. Occasionally splitting a meal bill with co-workers. I def hide my transactions. (My daughters let the world see who they’re paying - I don’t get that at all!) OP, I’ve had no issues, but that’s my very limited experience.
  3. Truly. It is shocking how adjuncts are paid. What a ridiculous system!
  4. I started working at a community college in January. Now, starting today, we instructors in the department (full time and adjuncts) are supposed to attend training for new software that will be used in the clinic. It is three days for three hours each day. I will do the training at home at specific hours so that we can ask the presenter questions if needed. The presenter will be in California and we are in Pennsylvania? Am I supposed to attend these 9 hours without being paid? Additionally, there is a department meeting next week. One hour? Two hours? More? Who knows, it sort of depends. Last January (and again mid-semester) there was a department meeting which was on Zoom. I did not charge for my time. This year, it will be held in person at the college (45 minutes from me, not relevant I know). My husband thinks I'm nuts and not respecting myself if I don't get paid. I'm not sure what the policy is. I could ask the director. But I want to get a feel here first if I am going to be doing something inappropriate by suggesting I get paid when no one else does.
  5. I can totally see my mom only ever feeding us canned brussel sprouts in the 60’s and 70’s. Yup. That might be the problem.
  6. Try Love Beets - especially the chili flavored ones!! Yum! Celery needs to be prepared to eat raw. It’s one of my favorite snacks. I cut and peel the entire bunch as soon as I get home. Store in water in fridge. Restores limp celery, or keeps fresh celery fresh.
  7. I’m gonna go with brussel sprouts. Everybody keeps telling me how much they love them. I only had them a handful of times as a kid. I never fed them to my kids and they have discovered them as adults. My one dd says they must have changed since I was a kid! She LOVES them. I lump them in with peas and lima beans (which I have also avoided since I was a kid - I don’t wish I liked them though - I’m happy to continue to hate them).
  8. I second the suggestion to leave the door open when not in use and running the cleaning cycle! Agreeing about letting your dd know that the pods go directly in the tub. It took me a few times to figure that out. The pods don’t dissolve fully if you put them in the detergent dispenser!
  9. Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA, PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing Carbon Filter,Gray Sorry I can’t make a link, but copy and paste this on Amazon. We’ve been very happy with it. One of my sons had (asymptomatic) covid back in October. He was exposed to a very sick co-worker and tested positive twice. When the vaccine became available, he gladly got the vaccine even though he probably had antibodies. I strongly encourage your daughter to get vaccinated.
  10. @BaseballandHockey I just wanted to let you know that I made an eggroll bowl for lunch today and it was a hit. I found a recipe on Pinterest, but now that I’ve done it, I can see how easy it is to throw together. So thanks for the suggestion!
  11. My daughter bought a new Corolla last month at asking price. She had to wait two weeks for it to arrive along with two other Corollas which were probably also sold before they actually arrived at dealership. The (large) dealership had no new Corollas (and very few cars in general).
  12. https://globalepidemics.org/ I frequently use Global Epidemics site because I like the map where I can track my county as well as the counties where my boys live. I also sometimes just google PA coronavirus update, and it will get me to the latest numbers.
  13. It’s buried? Interesting. I don’t know that his is buried. But that makes sense to bury it. He mentioned that part of his backyard had gotten flooded with all the rain we got lately, so he assumed that’s why he saw one above ground recently.
  14. It’s a mole chaser!!! (And guess where those nasty rodents end up??!) Just talked to the husband “hey do you know where that noise is coming from?” He did seem a little sheepish when he said it was a mole chaser and added “it is a little annoying, isn’t it?” to which I replied, “eh, it’s not too bad if the windows are closed.” 🤦‍♀️
  15. They’re not dead. At least the wife isn’t. Lol. I saw her walking with her neighborhood friend. I was upstairs and couldn’t get to her fast enough (or subtly enough) to approach her to ask. Hopefully the friend said something!
  16. It’s not the sound of an alarm - an alarm is more persistent and alarming. This is just somewhat annoying. I don’t think they're dead cuz this noise happened in May also. But I do wonder if they’re out of town. I’ve been watching to catch them outside and say “hey, what do you think that noise is”. But haven’t seen them lately.
  17. I sort of think it might be coming from OUTSIDE their house. Like a battery going out on either their security lights or the pool alarm, or something else out doors. The sound (pitch? Timbre?) is very similar to a truck backing up, but not quite as loud and only lasts for 2 seconds, every 15 seconds.
  18. These folks are not elderly. I mean, they’re old than I am (60), but they're not decrepit. She walks every day with a friend, he does yard work often. They were putting together patio furniture the other day. I’ll ask him about it next time I see him out.
  19. Oh ok. Lol. Sorry. I never lived with a septic tank. And never lived anywhere with a sewage grinder either. Ya learn something knew every day!
  20. This reminds me…we had a power outage the other night (and the next morning retrieving the newspaper is when I first became aware of the noise. I wonder if the power outage set something off. I find it curious that the same thing happened back in May.
  21. Interesting. That sounds like a possibility.
  22. Definitely not a smoke alarm. At least not like one I’ve ever heard before.
  23. Dh thought it might have something to do with their alarm system. These neighbors never seem to open their windows, but the husband does do yardwork fairly often so I would think he would have noticed. My husband’s other thought that it might have been some kind of animal deterrent. That seems unlikely to me since I thought those things are supposed to be unhearable to humans, plus I just saw a deer family in their backyard today. Sewage grinders?
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