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  1. It looks like History Odyssey is a 4 year history cycle. Do I have that right? With the Story of the World books, how important are all the extra materials? Can you do it with just the text? I'm good with a Christian program. Did you get the full program including the novels?
  2. My oldest will be in 8th next year. She did homeschool from Pre-K -2nd, and 4th-halfway through 5th. We are seriously considering homeschooling her next year because of character issues that need to be addressed. It would likely be for only one year, and so I would like to stick fairly close to what she would be learning in public school. 8th grade here is World History. Budget is definitely something we will have to figure out, but it won't be a lot. So any suggestions for a one year World History course would be appreciated 🙂
  3. I was going to suggest Strayer-Upton as well.
  4. There is a giveaway going on right now for light blue grades 1-3. This is not a special link, as I just won one of their giveaways, so I don’t need this. I just noticed this one, and there is currently only one entry. You will have to scroll down to find the giveaway widget thingy. https://www.mathmammoth.com/packages.php#blue
  5. You have been very helpful! Thanks again!
  6. Just finished the MWIA, and the nonsense words tests. For the MWIA 3 short, both scores were the same, at 84 wpm, with one error each. The nonsense words test she did 29 wpm with 64% accuracy.
  7. Ok, I gave her the PAST today. She certainly did not score as well as she should have. She did get 100% correct, but the automaticity was not there. I gave the same test to my 2nd and 4th graders first, so I could practice giving the test, and without even looking at the scores, I could see the difference. My 6th grader stumbled a lot more and I had to repeat questions a fair amount. I looked at that book, but it is only sold in the US. It would also work out to be around $80 Canadian. I’m going to see if I can save up the money and have it shipped till the border. Hopefully I can get someone to pick it up for me. I read through some of the excerpt you shared and it looks like it would be an excellent resource. I’m planning to give her the MWIA next, as long as she is agreeable 😏.
  8. Thanks for your help! I will check out those resources. I gave her the Barton screening, which she passed just fine. We started with Explode the Code ABC, and 1 and 2, and then CLE Learning to Read, LA, and Reading through grade 2.
  9. You have all been so helpful in giving me some direction! Thanks! I will definitely look into those options and see what I can find around here.
  10. Thank you so much! This has been brewing in my mind for a LONG time, and I’m ready to just do something about it.
  11. Thank you! I was going to use the free tests at Lexercise and Dynaread. I thought maybe showing the results to the teacher would make a difference. I’ve heard that private testing can costs thousands of dollars, which is just not possible right now.
  12. My husband is pushing, so I’m hoping it will happen, but I’m looking into what I can do to help her in the meantime.
  13. Thanks for your advice! I’m in Canada and fairly certain we do not have a Scottish Rite anywhere around here. Do you have any recommendations on programs for working on reading? She is in public school currently. And we are in Canada, so I’m not sure if that is different. We requested the evaluation through her teacher. Her teacher went through some of her work with the resource teacher and neither of them saw the need for an evaluation. From what I can tell, someone in the school has to make the recommendation for an evaluation. So if they do not see the need for it, it doesn’t happen. My husband is not too happy with the teacher, so he is pushing back. We will see what happens. Thank you for the recommendations for programs! I will check those out.
  14. My 6th grader is in public school currently. I homeschooled her for K-2, 4, and the first half of grade 5. For many reasons I suspect she may have dyslexia, but her school teacher disagrees with me and won’t request to have her evaluated. There is no way we could afford to have her tested privately, nor do we have insurance. Is the diagnosis really important, or should I just start working with her at home? Her main issue is with spelling, but as she gets older I’m starting to see a bit of a deficit in reading as well. Some of the things I have noticed through the years of homeschooling: letter reversals till grade 5 at least, and I think even this year she really has to concentrate to get them correct. Poor spelling, even simple words. Today’s example was the word “idea”. She spelled it idia. Lately I’ve noticed a bit of a stutter when she reads out loud, kind of like she is tripping over words. She has difficulty reading larger unfamiliar words. There is also possibly dyslexia in the family, though never tested. My father-in-law quite possibly has it, as well as my sister-in-law. Neither of them finished school, and reading and spelling have always been difficult for them. TIA for any advice 😊
  15. I have two June babies. One started K at 5, and the other will as well. My November and October babies will at 4. My April baby started at 4 as well, I just didn't actually call her K that year. We have a December 31st cut off here. Sent from my HUAWEI KII-L05 using Tapatalk
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