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  1. homemommy83

    Inexpensive K Choices are one of my favorite friends on here😁. Thank you for always being so encouraging. I am actually being a bad girl😂😂 son is literally a week from finishing all of his prek workbooks....soooo I am spending the diaper money I saved from cloth diapering in my household budget on the CLE K2 program as a gentle review until the fall-he just loves I am letting him start on his 5th birthday😁. I just knew it was too light as a main program for him next year, but then I thought ooooohhhh....I just love those sweet I am surprising him soon😂. He will do CLE learn to read next fall😉. If I only had one the poor thing would be so overwhelmed....😁...see what I do with number 5. Brenda
  2. homemommy83

    Inexpensive K Choices

    I really love the Pentime Handwriting books...the are 5.50 on Rainbow Resource...and my kiddos look forward to their new book each year. Money is an issue here as well. I have a 250 budget for my 6 kiddos this year...I own tons of readalouds, pretty much all textbooks for Apologia and Rod and Staff that I need because my oldest is in HS now and I saved our main curriculum and used extra money to build our basic I am mainly just filling in consumables. With our extra check month in May I could get BF Around the World with Picture Books...and it is high on our consideration list of major splurges this year, but it is only if our savings doesn't have to be refilled for an unexpected expense. I originally thought I would have 250 leaves wiggle room to get craft and basic supplies for littles activities and bigs explorations😂.
  3. homemommy83

    Inexpensive K Choices

    I am doing that many options, but oh..look new and Btw I loved MFW K activities for K when my olders were younger....and if I could find my old manual I definitely would be adding them for my youngers...but I just can't justify buying it again. MFW activities have been some of the best memories with my olders when they were little😄. I actually already changed my mind again😂...and have decided on CLE learn to read program next fall...I did it with my daughter when she was young and it was a hit😁. It starts gentle, but goes pretty deep at the end of the year into blends and digraphs which will help his speech as well😁. Brenda
  4. homemommy83

    3rd grade language arts

    Rod and Staff Spelling 3 and maybe 4 if they are strong spellers. Alphaphonics is needed still or work on multisyllable words daily. I did CLE reading and enjoyed it for him at that level...but just reading widely is fine to. I love PLL...and Rod and Staff so I would finish the first and then begin the second😉. Brenda Hope you have a great year😁
  5. homemommy83

    CLE reading

    I personally think it will feel like busywork as well...but I personally love levels 3-8😁...and think it is well done. I would just let him read aloud to you each day and then go into level is so well done...imho. Brenda I personally see nothing wrong with busywork especially for the most important part of the curriculum...but if it is something that bothers you...the first 2 levels felt that way to me...and I didn't like the focus on pronunciation was a lot.
  6. homemommy83

    Inexpensive K Choices

    Those are nice...thanks😁
  7. homemommy83

    List of Topics to Cover? Please Help!

    I love the Christine Miller book All Through the Ages, as it shows major events chronologically and list major topics to touch within that topic and list some of the best books to use listed as a spine and by age level. It really is phenomenal. You could use Story of the World as a spine or CHOW for the younger years and just add living books😁. It also lists resources by Geography or Scientific Discovery. If you are simply looking for checklist style by topic Science Scope and History Guide plus are great for that. The same company does Natural Speller and Maximum Math and both of those are great as well. I hope you enjoy your new year😁. Brenda
  8. homemommy83

    Inexpensive K Choices

    I think I have made a decision😁. For workbooks I will get the Jumbo Activity workbook...for a daily fun page😉. Numbers with Spunky grade is more of a K program that goes deeper in the 2nd semester of more first grade concepts...and it uses a lot of handmade manipulatives😁. I am still debating between Explode the Code 1 and 2 or Pathway Learning with Sounds through the 1st reader and workbook...this is addition TYCTRin100EL. I will probably do Pentime 1 A workbook...a page a day. It will run just under 40 for all of it also fits the budget😁. Thank you ladies😁. Brenda
  9. homemommy83

    Inexpensive K Choices

    I think that Jumbo Activity Book will be right up his alley😁. I will look at the Complete Book of K closer as might just fit the bill😉. Oh my Word all of the resources! You are amazing! Thank you!
  10. homemommy83

    Inexpensive K Choices

    I agree...and is one reason I am purposely keeping K cheap. He is part of my prek-1 classic readaloud group and will join my evening primary group-finishing American History and I am heavily considering BF Around the World with Picture Books once finished😁. Books, games, pattern blocks, cuisenaire rods, matching games, memory games are the backbone of what I do with my littles. I am also considering MFW activities by letter for my littles...I just love doing those. All of this is already a part of what we own after 4 kiddos before😂. Reading is my main focus, but he absolutely loves workbooks so I didn't want him to feel left out and wanted it to be useful😁. Thank you for pointing out the foundation of the young years is playing and reading to them...and I totally agree😁 Brenda
  11. homemommy83

    Inexpensive K Choices

    I thought about using ETC 1 and 2 for K as it would fit the bill of where he is. That would leave me about 15 to spend on some other things...I would also like him to do some handwriting review...I can print that off for a couple bucks at the library or maybe I can get one of those complete K books as it would also have some math built in as well. I can easily do a calendar monthly, counting practice, grouping items or rolling dice for addition work. K is pretty simple...I just want to touch a lot of bases😁 I will check out the math workbooks you mentioned.... Thanks😁. Brenda
  12. homemommy83

    Inexpensive K Choices

    I was going to use Christian Light KII with my up and coming little Ker this year with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and some readers that I already have😉, but he just finished ETC primers and is almost done with the Rod and Staff preschool after looking at CLE again (which I love and have used before😁) I felt that it looked a little too easy for him. His skills: He knows all letters and sounds and has began blending sounds and some 3 letter words...would be further, but I have taken it easy with him being my 5th he had major speech difficulties. He can rhyme. He counts to 20, but mentally can go further...his speech gave him trouble...kwim. I am adding the next 10 every week or so for the next few weeks as he is able. He knows shapes, colors, same and different, visual perceptions skills are strong. Loves puzzles. Is great with coloring...and loves coloring, cutting, and pasting activities. Phonics orally has been helping his speech in addition to speech therapy and now he talks much more clearly. I have a 30 dollar budget and wondered what you all would get him to do for K in addition to phonics and readers which I have.😁 Thank you ladies for the ideas early😄. Brenda
  13. homemommy83

    How is My Father's World scheduled?

    Sorry it took me so long to reply to this... Those are my 2 favorite years of MFW btw😁. If I didn't have a large family then I would have done it all the way through though😁. Kindergarten The Character/Bible point closely correlates with the science topics you will study and is so much fun😁. The Basics portion can be done first or second each day😁 and isn't necessarily tied to the science except that they choose S for sun week...M for moon week😁...ect. Adventures Bible and and science are integrated as you study light when you do Jesus is the light of the World ect. History and readalouds do correlate to time periods mostly and are not to miss books😁. There is State sheets and sheets to write summaries as you go through the program. The Basics again are separate...Reading through a Bible reader, Math-you can use whatever you want😉, PLL is suggested for LA. Art is done separately from the units...and totally worth it imho! I hope that you have a great year😁. Brenda
  14. homemommy83

    Help me figure out social studies!

    Rod and Staff textbooks do have some Canadian history built in them. I like them as they do tracing mapping for geography and they include various social studies topics. One could always combine it with Story of the World audio books to go through history thoroughly in a very simple way. I hope you have a great year😁. Brenda
  15. homemommy83

    school plans for 2019

    I would do CLE K is so simple and sweet....and affordable. I would set at least half an hour to read to him. If he is your only I would add MFW manual K for the activities and would do them with the letter in CLE II😉...they are so much fun and I am not an activity mom. Brenda
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