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  1. I agree that there should be a difference between unschooling and nonschooling. What I wonder is whether nonschoolers are claiming the unschooling label or are people labeling nonschoolers unschoolers...kinda like our area public school that wants to label dropouts as homeschoolers....when they have no plans to homeschool at all. Brenda
  2. I have found the exact same thing when I tutor High School math students, that arithmetic especially fractions, eecimals, and percentages are very weak. Our schools in the area are pushing algebra and geometry into elementary and middle school, but arithmetic isn't strong at all. Brenda
  3. I agree in teaching solid basics😉 as well no matter what they want to go into. I guess I thought unschoolers looked at what their children want to do with their lives and set up objectives and goals to reach it and then provided materials and tutoring necessary-but may spend a lot more time on those things than others....but I think this is what I want to think it it seems I have seen a lot of those saying they are unschooling which just means free range to do whatever they want without help in reaching those goals. That makes me sad as the kids are missing out on so much that would allow them to reach their personal goals. Brenda
  4. I guess I must really misunderstand their unschooling mentality, as I was under the understanding that unschooling didn't limit a child's education, but instead taught them and focused on their interest and if they had goals the parent helped them reach them by giving them resources. I am a math lover and require Algebra 1, 2, and Geometry....and more importantly Finance before graduation, but if any of my kiddos desired a STEM career I would push further mathematics and science studies. I am only requiring my kiddos do Health with Human Anatomy and Physiology, Physical Science, Biology, and a very basic Chemistry....but hope they go further as their interest lies. I cannot understand not requiring a simple basic framework for English, Maths, and Sciences....and then allowing them to explore, intern, or apprentice in whatever they are most interested in. It makes me incredibly sad to hear about the unschooled kiddos really being nonschooled😢. Brenda
  5. Hi hive😁, My 3 hr. testing came back great! Fasting 85 1 hr. 136 2 and 3 hour just said passed without actual numbers. I am so thrilled!!! Thank you Lord! I am so glad that I won't have to be induced at 38 weeks...which they require of diabetics in their practice. Brenda Edited to 2 and 3 hours were just posted. 150 and 135😁.
  6. Just throwing another option out there😉.you may be interested in Khan Academy...he can earn badges and that motivates many kiddos😁. Free videos, problem sets with hints, and it will test him to place him...all for free😁. Brenda When we get our internet up and running Inplan to place all of my kiddos for the summer😁.
  7. Phonics-Alphaphonics for review...Wise Old Owl Guide to Polysyllables. Reading-Christian Light Reader 3 and lots of chapter books...I will print off various comprehension worksheets to make sure she is comprehending...without having to listen to more narration😉 brain can only handle so much verbal answering😂. Spelling-Natural Speller list and a homemade family study of important spelling rules. Math-tutoring through topics similar to MFW 1st grade, but without any workbooks. I will use homemade math manipulatives and teach place value, addition and subtraction with regrouping-up to 6 digits and multilayered addition up to 5 places, multiplication facts and basic multiplication of 1 or 2 digits, intoduce division, fractions-adding and subtracting like fractions and comparing them, counting by 2s-10s and 25s, calendar work, graphs, and lots of math and logic games and puzzles. If I find a workbook under 5 bucks I will add that for seatwork, but overall I will be tutoring, quizzing math facts cold, and writing 10 problems daily for her. Handwriting-cursive introduction and then copywork of paragraphs in print or sentences in cursive. Just getting a nice new composition book. English-Primary Language Lessons 1st semester and Rod and Staff 3 second semester. Bible/Science/History/Geography as part of the family studies this year...and is all stuff I already own. We are continuing reading aloud from the Golden Childrens Bible, Considering Gods Creation for a science focused year...and reading aloud about different cultures and weekly geography quizzing for fun. I am also reading aloud many classic childrens books as a group😁....all free and on my shelf. Some things came up this year and need to keep things as inexpensive as possible...I own everything on this list from many years of homeschooling...this year I may not make any purchases outside of my Ker and making activity bags for my preschooler, but they will have a solid experience still in the basics😁. More one on one tutoring never hurt anyone😉. I will keep on the look out at dollar tree for interesting crafting supplies and make her a special box to create with for art...and let her explore using nature in art as well. Brenda P.S. I have been homeschooling for a longtime so I have so much on my having a low-spend year (100 for all books, supplies, and printables for 6 kiddos) is actually doable...I understand this isn't feasible for others who are tight😉...especially if they haven't homeschooled long...I just wanted to encourage other moms that it is ok to homeschool on a tight budget...just plan well😉 using a scope and sequence.
  8. I would buy cloth diapers soft...and just makes babies even more squeezable. I will never get a full sized crib again...our house is too small...and we mostly cosleep and only ever used bassinets. I am getting a minicrib for this lady as it is studier than a bassinet and will allow them to take naps longer than 2/3 months as a bassinet gets outgrown so much faster. My babies are big and my milk is cream😂.
  9. I personally did books, toys, and then clothes at our house as it is what needed done for sanity😂. I always say do what you feel motivation to do😁. But to truly KonMari as you do entire things, not really rooms😉. You can alway Flylady your kitchen until you are ready for a full KonMari method to prep it for the arrival of your new appliances. Enjoy your new treats😁
  10. Honestly I would be fine with not getting any tax credits-even though it would be harder on us...if they also quit funding the vast majority of special interest groups, excess money to all federal programs outside of military/education/and health insurance for kids. But the last several presidents haven't had a stable budget-always spending more to keep their personal base happy... This will destroy this country, just like any home that builds debt to the point of not even affording the interest payments-which as a nation looks like we are headed. I would love to see ALL unnecessary funding stopped and let people write in on their tax forms where they would like to donate money towards...everyones own political focuses can be funded by the people who truly support the idea...allowing the government to focus on education, securing a strong military, and helping the poor children.
  11. I personally would use the following for your 5th grader😁. Rod and Staff English-it is a strong grammar program that incorporates writing throughout the program. I would take 2 days per writing focuse day😉. Christian Light Reading does vocabulary, literary terms, figuative language, and comprehension skills...I would just let him read daily for an hour or two in addition to this skill focused work. History- I love the simplicity of Rod and Staff and it incorporates many social studies strands...and is inexpensive. Each year is a major focus of a diffedent area. I would do level 4 first semester and 5 the second😁 OR Notgrass history of your choosing. My choice is Rod and Staff, but we just LOVE it here...especially the mapping in every lesson from the back of the book with simple tracing fun 😁. I hope you enjoy your first year. Brenda
  12. I definitely can loom into having someone else look at it...we did get a much smaller actc. Since our tax liability is 0 it is based on the old law that folded into the new-if that makes any sense. So we didn't get the expanded credit which for us was a 6000 dollar we have a bazillion sweet babies😂. It was originally part of theblaw, but the last night before the signing of the new bill it excluded the lowest income bracket as a way to save 1 percent on the bill...or it wouldn't pass😉. But the lowest bracket already gets the EIC and the much smaller ACTC...combined comes out similarbto what the CTC is- if our income bracket with our number of kiddos ended up with both they would actually get shy of half of their entire earned income as a bonus-that they didn't the EIC is already generous. Our close family friends had just a bit more than we did with 7 kiddos and they had a tax preparer do their taxes as they run a small hone business...and were told this as well...their liability is 0 so they got EIC and the old much smaller AcTC, but not the expanded CTC because of last minute change to the bill. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
  13. Absolutely the renovation😁...then take 1000 and take a short 2 day family trip when the work is done😁.
  14. Yes...we didn't qualify for the CTC at all because we made just shy of 30,000 and it puts us at not owing be honest I feel like the EIC is beyond generous already...Turbotaxcaster had us getting though...which I would have fainted😉...but when we ran numbers through Turbotax, HRblock, and Taxact we didn't qualify because tge kids actually make our taxes owed at 0😉 we don't get the expanded child tax credit because we have kids😂. The EiC allows enough to help us let me stay home and home educate the kiddos...and is such a blessing.
  15. Also some workplaces fire you if you miss 3 days...despite doctors they go with the flu and pnuemonia as they need the jobs. But in this case of Sunday School our church does not push attendance at all, and we send sick kiddos back to their parents...which has happened every single week. We don't send runny noses or minor coughs, but fevers and vomiting or general feeling like laying down is getting sent back...and then parents always say they knew the kiddo had xyz, or had been at the doctor the day before with flu, strep, is like really😷. I love these kiddos and want them to get better and come back😁.
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