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  1. We love Fred here, and I believe it could be stand alone for a strong math student. For average students I would do it as a supplement to BJU or Saxon.
  2. Rod and Staffs Patterns of Nature would be great to do this year followed by Abeka Health. We love Rod and Staffs simplicity.
  3. I switch after Rod and Staff 6 to BJU Fundamentals because I was given all of the middle and High School math free when a school closed down. I love the looks of the 7th and 8th books and have been tempted to do them with my younger set of kiddos.
  4. I will say BJU has more videos than Rod and Staff, but Rod and Staff 6 would be my recommendation followed by BJU for Fundamentals on up. The Rod and Staff 6 book lays such an amazing foundation. I sometimes feel like a Rod and Staff cheerleader😂. I would love to see Rod and Staff do HS maths, but since they don't BJU is also a great mastery based program and we love it to. Brenda
  5. My upcoming 8th grade daughter will be working on basics and enjoying a year to read all of the Apologia elementary science books/ some Tiner books. English-Rod and Staff English 6 Spelling-Rod and Staff Spelling 8, she is a great speller. Math-BJU fundamentals of math (1st semester) and Prealgebra (2nd semester). She is a hard worker and is focused on math this next year. She wants to be Algebra ready for 9th grade. Writing-Copywork using momdelights lesson sheets with Mcguffey readers. I may have her begin Writing with Skill 2nd semester if she finishes English 6 by the
  6. My little man will be 1st grade this year🤗. 1. We will continue doing mostly the same routine from kindergarten with a few extras. 1. Continue daily speech activity with his preschool brother. We target a sound by playing a game and this has done wonders for his speech. You wouldnt know at 3 and a half he had no words as now he speaks clearly and reads. 2. Finish Rod and Staff kindergarten workbooks- this is fun school at our house. 3. Adding a phonics workbook because he loves to write. But we are still working in some phonics primers and will until he finishes them.
  7. I have used Rod and Staff preschool and now the kindergarten books as well with my littles and have LOVED them. Here is what I do with my under 8 crowd. 1. Encourage outside play as much as possible or active indoor games. 2. Encourage them to join you in chores and everyday life, especially cooking. 3. Talk about what you are doing...builds vocabulary. 4. Play a game with them or craft a few times each week. My littles love HiHo Cheerio and matching games-the Dollar Tree has a set for a buck. 5. Set up a Montessori bookshelf with activities for them to play more ind
  8. These look beautifully done. I love the gentle progression and that it is heavy in homemade manipuatives and oral problems in teaching concepts. I really love extra that it is free. I may add this this year for my Kindergartner. Thanks!
  9. We are also doing Rod and Staff K books this year plus CLE K2 program...they seem to have different focuses...I love them both! Brenda
  10. I actually love Rod and Staff Science 2nd grade and 4th-8th....my kids absolutely LOVE it here. It becomes pretty independent for them from 4th grade on. BUT...for some reason we all thought the 3rd level was a bit boring compared to the rest of the series....so dont judge the program by the 3rd year. My recommendation would be to do the 2nd year Patterns of Nature-it is awesome and add Abeka Science 3. The lower level Abeka Science is great for kiddos, but Patterns of Nature is just not to be missed. Brenda P.S. Did I say that the first books my kids want to do during our readin
  11. I love the looks of Winterspromise to! I always disliked extra crafts and such...because it felt like here mom is you a craft to do..but now my kids actually do this type of stuff for fun so it would be great for them. Off to day dream about Winterspromise while nursing our little sweetheart. Brenda
  12. I used to do that with MFW rotations. I love the idea of teaching all of my children together except the younger and HSers, but in reality I only have time for Family Bible/ Readalouds, A littles readaloud period before naps, A primary group social studies/ science/ health and safety rotation, and tutor each child for about half an hour during our Robinson style rotation. We do 1 hour writing/ English, 1 hour Reading-2 in HS, 1 hour Math- almost 2 hours in HS. I loved the years when all of my children were young and I did have time to teach them all together...but now I have 3 groups plus a
  13. Community college and college here in Southern Indiana is affordable even if we had to pay for it...although most people in around here can get Pell grants and Merit grants covering it entirely. I was able to not only get my schooling paid for, but received 1500 a semester back to cover books and gas. Community College around here runs about 4- 5 grand a year if you paid out of pocket...add 2 grand for the local college...so affordable even for us who truly are low income. Living in the Midwest must really be much cheaper than elsewhere....I hear that in regards to everything-our home only
  14. I am a huge fan of Rod and Staff 4th grade Geography book.
  15. This is something we are doing as a 6 week intensive as well...as a group, but studied independently AFTER initial introductions of new roots. These are the type of things that are great to do in the summer before the school year.
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