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  1. I got to *comic* conventions! But not homeschool ones. Near me they are very religious which is not a good fit for me.
  2. This is similar to some of what they told us. She makes eye contact and initiates interaction. DD doesn't get tone, either. She perceives anger if she doesn't like what someone says, she does not sense frustration or "this isn't funny" from us. She will also speak to others in inappropriate tones and does not seem to understand what was wrong. I've seen DD struggle with this. I remember clearly a time she was on the phone telling a friend about our dog. It was on speaker so I heard the friend respond about our dog, DD said something else about our dog. Friend said something about what pets she has. DD said something about our dog. Friend said something about what she'd done that day. DD said something about our dog. This continued until I intervened and got her attention and told her quietly to ask friend about her new house (they had just moved a state away). DD shows extreme empathy toward animals. People not so much, but I know it's there. We just usually have to explain how or why someone is feeling/acting/reacting a certain way. I talked to DD's therapist about possible ASD and she is as unsure as us about it. She agrees with getting her re-evaluated.
  3. Math: SPM 5a/b Writing: Winning with Writing 5 Spelling: AAS 5 Grammar: Sentence Diagramming: Beginning and Editor in Chief History: BYL 5 Science: BYL 5 / RSO Bio 2 Extra-curriculars: Swimming, Ninja/Parkour, Theater Other: Typing, Tinker crate, piano at home. Art and PE at co-op.
  4. Okay, I think I have an idea of where we're going to be next year. Math: SPM 2a/2b and I would like to start her on Beast Academy. We will probably be starting Singapore 2a by June, so I may do BA2a right after and see from there which program we want to focus on. Phonics/reading: She flew through AAR1 and is halfway through AAR2 set to finish by May. If she keeps up this pace I'll need 3 *and* 4 next year. That's expensive so I'd rather switch her to OPGTR because I don't think she needs the intensity of AAR, but she really loves it. So I'm still torn on which way to go after 2. Free (I already have it) and simple, or expensive and tedius but the kid loves it. 😕 Spelling: SYS C Writing: Copywork and narration in BYL History: BYL 1 Science: Finish RSO Life (will be halfway through it by fall) and the science in BYL 1. Extra curriculars: Swimming lessons, Ninja/parkour, maybe theater. She hasn't decided for sure on theater, she's waiting until after the big performance this year. Other: I really do intend to start teaching her piano. For real this time 😳 Kiwi crate. Typing. Art and PE at co-op.
  5. DH and I talked it over and we are in agreement. So from our end, we are now considering her 4th grade this year. I have an email in to our charter to find out what needs to be done to adjust it on paper. But they don't require specific work based on the child's stated grade, so it really doesn't matter much until 9th when their benefits and requirements change. If we change now as far as DD knows, then if I need to wait and change later with the charter she'll never know the difference. And yes, she is often very oblivious to things like this. She struggles with jokes, she doesn't get sarcasm or idioms, she's sees no difference in being good friends with a 10 year old and being good friends with the 5 and 3 year old next door, she will curl up on my lap saying "mama, mama" right in front of other kids......Ya I could go on. BUT, she mimics really well. We don't see a lot of these things at co-op or when she was in PS for most of 3rd. If we're in a small group or with people she knows well she's more herself, but any time there is a lot of people (like co op and classrooms) she becomes quiet and behaves perfectly. She's often still oblivious to instruction or discussion around her and I've had to tell teachers to make sure to address her when giving an important instruction or she will miss it. We were told that was "anxiety winning" and that's why it wasn't autism, because "autism can't be overrode by anxiety." 😕
  6. Yes, it's amazing being so close to Primary Children's. They have several satellite locations for rehab so we don't even have to go all the way into SLC for therapy or evals (though we've spent a fair share of time at the main campus too) But they all have access to the same tools so they have a lot. And for the TLN, you said it was maybe Utah State and it could be, but University of Utah is more likely as they have a strong medical focus and Primary is affiliated with their medical school and hospital.
  7. Yes, very much this. Right now she is pretty socially unaware of what it means to go forward or back a grade. And while she is aware on some level that there are 12 grades and then college, it's not on her radar yet. She hasn't counted down the years to graduate, she hasn't figured up what year that will be. If we're going to need an extra year, much better to do so now than once she has become aware of all those things. I actually talked to her briefly today just to feel her out. She couldn't even remember for sure what grade she was but guessed 5th. I mentioned maybe 'changing' what grade she was because kids with her birthday could be 4th or 5th right now. I gave her a very brief run-down of why it could be good and assured her if we did it that it wouldn't actually change anything we did. She just said okay and asked for cookie dough. So again, very immature and not on her radar. That will catch up to us eventually. And yes, once it does, she would dig in her heels and not accept the change. She doesn't care now because her grade means nothing to her.
  8. I will call then and get a referral in through our ped for the SLP. So I want the SPELT and the TNL?
  9. I never considered that the narrative issue could need re-addressed as she gets older and the work changes. That makes perfect sense, though. I will find out if that will be done through this new psych. If not, I can go through Primary Children's rehab. That's where she did speech and OT before. She's done OT on and off since her initial dx of SPD when she was 6.
  10. The results of her first neuro eval actually sent us to an SLP for a full eval there. The result there was an expressive language delay, but it was very specific to ability to narrate. She did about 4 months of speech therapy and then was dismissed as having met all her goals. Which she did do in the office, but practical application was still not great and I do still see issues there. The one we're trying to get her into is a neuropsychologist. They do have an SLP in the offices as well, so I don't know if she would refer her straight over. I will find out more at our intake in April and hopefully it isn't *too* long of a wait from there to the eval.
  11. Just untill she graduates and only if we stay with them. We receive a lot of state funding by going through them so it is worth the small bit of reporting we do. Oh I like this idea. That might go over better if we do this.
  12. She will be 11 in June. Her only friend that is not over a year younger has a birthday just on the other side of the cutoff so though they are both 10, she is "4th grade" this year. I don't know if it would bother her or not. If I could phrase it in a positive way then I think in many ways she would like it, she would be the same grade as her friends. I do worry that she would see it as a negative, but that may be my ps experience coloring that. We have an intake appt for ASD eval in April. She was evaluated just before turning 8 and the doc said no autism. When I shared those results and her reasons for no autism, it was questioned. And has continued to be questioned ever since. The older she gets the more it becomes apparent there is definitely something else beyond the dx we already have. So we are re-evaluating. As for classes and things: Our co-op groups by age range not grades so no change there, plus we are flexible with if a kid needs to be in a different group. She is in swimming which is grouped by skill, ninja warrior style training class is by age. Theater is the only thing she does that is based off grade and she is in the 2nd-4th grade class this year. I didn't feel she was ready to join the 5th and up class plus her one same age/different grade friend was joining so the teacher let her stay.
  13. I've always been okay with my kids' grade level being based off of their age and where they'd be in PS and just doing work at whatever level they need. In the past this has worked for my 10yo. She used to be way above grade level in reading, a bit ahead in math, very behind in writing and get the idea. But the areas she was ahead she slowed down a lot and the areas she was behind caught up. She is now in the same grade level of material across the board. However, this level is one behind her technical stated grade. She is 5th this year, but as I'm nailing down plans for next year I notice everything will be 5th. She has some SN (SPD, ADHD, GAD, possible HFA), so I don't really anticipate her recovering this gap. Her maturity level is also quite low, often functioning closer to 6 than 10. Her friends are all a year or more younger (except one who has the same dx). So, would it be in her best interest to call her 5th grade next year, when she'll be doing almost entirely 5th grade material, even though she was 5th this year? I'm not really fussed about a label so much or worried about how she's doing now. My concern is for when we get to high school and graduation. I know it's still early but from where I'm sitting, I think she'll need the time. What grade we call her does matter because we go through a charter and report. I'm guessing it will be easier to adjust her grade through them now than it would be in 10th/11th. I guess I just feel like it's one thing to grade a child based on age and work anywhere and everywhere, and another to call them one grade when they are working entirely at a different one and that probably won't change. I just want to do whatever will be best for her.
  14. I really liked it and it actually got done last year for 4th. But when I went to get it again for 5th this year DD said NO! Granted she just hates writing so she'll never settle and like something. But I think she just didn't want to watch the videos anymore. They are simple and short, but on the dry side. She didn't complain much last year (well no more than she does in general because it's writing), it was only when I brought it up for this year, so I think it was the anticipation of more writing more than anything. I've considered talking her into it again next year. It really does fit our needs well.
  15. I can't compare them because I've never used NL but we really like RSO. If you really want to hit all the levels you could start with Life, but you could also start with any of the other level 1's and be fine, you don't have to do them in order. If it were me starting with a 3rd grader, I would let her pick from all the RSO level one curriculums. There's Life, Earth and Space, Earth and Environment, Astronomy*, Chemistry, and Physics. You can do any of those without having done anything prior. I'd choose based off of interest. *Earth and Environment and Astronomy are newer and expand and update the info in Earth and Space.
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