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  1. Our biggest change will be simply getting down to business with school work. This year went so sideways and I don't mean recently with covid related upset. We had a half-day co-op, they were in a two day a week hybrid program, and we had ABA from 1-5 three days a week. That left very little time to do work at home and we basically let everything but math go. Since Co op and hybrid school are on hold for the foreseeable future and we dropped ABA, I'm getting us back on a regular school routine.
  2. I'm feeling lost planning this coming year. This year both kids (5th and 2nd) did a hybrid program that was two full days each week. They did a lot of hands-on stuff and a lot of science and history. So I didn't cover those subjects at home bc after those days plus a half-day co-op we had only 2.5 days at home. That left us with the more boring things and took some fun out of it. I have no idea what that hybrid program will look like in the fall but I want to get back to doing more at home than just math and LA. Math: Continue Beast Academy and MathFactsPro. Langauge arts: I'm cons
  3. My 7 year old is all over the place. Just this morning "I haaaaatteeeee language arts. Do I haaaaave to?" Three minutes later: laughing at the language arts page because she actually really enjoys it. "Math? No! I don't want to do math! I hate math so much." Five minutes later "can I do another page?" Halfway through page "this is boring!" One day: reading a ch book no problem. The next day: "I can't read that! It's too hard!" to the same book. She loves (usually): My little pony, Trolls, gymnastics, board/strategy/card games, and baking. She doesn't like: having to stop/slow down to do
  4. I use excel because I love excel. I have a sheet for each child and I list subjects and then under subjects what I want to use for each. I use three columns so I can put in where to buy it and how much. I highlight the cells as I acquire them. I have a separate sheet for each kid with books needed for read-alouds, readers, history...... This sheet uses several columns because I usually check if each is available at our library and for the ones that aren't and spines I compare costs from amazon, thriftbooks, ebay...... to find the best deals. Next I take each curriculum and split it into
  5. She'll be going Mon/Wed. We'll definitely watch for issues like those. She did PS for nearly a year when she was 8/3rd. She seemed to do really well til about Christmas. After Christmas break she struggled a lot more. She had meltdowns in the evening when she got home and she fought going in the morning. When she started coming home with brusies on her upper arm from chewing them, we pulled her out. But that was all day M-F in a standard classroom setting with 30 kids and the teacher was not giving her the sensory outlets I requested. So we do have some amount of data on how she does in that s
  6. She was evaluated by an SLP about 3 years ago and they identified a narration issue. She did 3/4 months of therapy and they dismissed her as having the issue recovered. Over the years I've realized that they did help her be *able* to narrate, especially within the formula they were using in therapy. But on her own, it's pretty hit or miss with more misses. The neuropsych is going to consult with an SLP anyway due to speech patterns (she uses baby talk a lot. Especially when anxious, she presents as about 3) so hopefully we will already be getting a referral in to see them. I can go from there
  7. It's not a co-op, it's a private school. We'll be paying tuition and dropping her off. Both the neuropsychologist who tested her (who is pro-homeschool and homeschooled her 7 kids) and her therapist who sees her every two weeks thinks this will be a great thing for her. It will get her around other kids regularly, the same kids for several hours twice a week. They focus a lot on teamwork, cooperation, collaboration, and exploring ideas. They deal with discipline issues by helping the kids work through whatever is causing the issue. They have teachers on staff who act as guides to help the kids
  8. I'm all for focusing more on these things than solid academics right now. They want her to do ABA therapy, which I've heard both good and bad things about. I have a lot of research to do before I decide on that.
  9. My nearly-11-yo was just diagnosed with ASD. It's been a long time coming, a long time suspected. (I even posted here when she was evaluated before and received a dx of SPD, ADHD, GAD, a language issue, and social communication issue and yet not ASD.) The last couple of months I have been greatly wavering in my goals of homeschooling. I started strongly leaning to an unschool approach for a while, but I do think she needs more structure than that. Next year she will be attending a hybrid private school for homeschoolers. It is 2 days a week from 9-3. They do project based learning. I've
  10. I got to *comic* conventions! But not homeschool ones. Near me they are very religious which is not a good fit for me.
  11. This is similar to some of what they told us. She makes eye contact and initiates interaction. DD doesn't get tone, either. She perceives anger if she doesn't like what someone says, she does not sense frustration or "this isn't funny" from us. She will also speak to others in inappropriate tones and does not seem to understand what was wrong. I've seen DD struggle with this. I remember clearly a time she was on the phone telling a friend about our dog. It was on speaker so I heard the friend respond about our dog, DD said something else about our dog. Friend said something ab
  12. Math: SPM 5a/b Writing: Winning with Writing 5 Spelling: AAS 5 Grammar: Sentence Diagramming: Beginning and Editor in Chief History: BYL 5 Science: BYL 5 / RSO Bio 2 Extra-curriculars: Swimming, Ninja/Parkour, Theater Other: Typing, Tinker crate, piano at home. Art and PE at co-op.
  13. Okay, I think I have an idea of where we're going to be next year. Math: SPM 2a/2b and I would like to start her on Beast Academy. We will probably be starting Singapore 2a by June, so I may do BA2a right after and see from there which program we want to focus on. Phonics/reading: She flew through AAR1 and is halfway through AAR2 set to finish by May. If she keeps up this pace I'll need 3 *and* 4 next year. That's expensive so I'd rather switch her to OPGTR because I don't think she needs the intensity of AAR, but she really loves it. So I'm still torn on which way to go after 2. F
  14. DH and I talked it over and we are in agreement. So from our end, we are now considering her 4th grade this year. I have an email in to our charter to find out what needs to be done to adjust it on paper. But they don't require specific work based on the child's stated grade, so it really doesn't matter much until 9th when their benefits and requirements change. If we change now as far as DD knows, then if I need to wait and change later with the charter she'll never know the difference. And yes, she is often very oblivious to things like this. She struggles with jokes, she doesn't get s
  15. Yes, it's amazing being so close to Primary Children's. They have several satellite locations for rehab so we don't even have to go all the way into SLC for therapy or evals (though we've spent a fair share of time at the main campus too) But they all have access to the same tools so they have a lot. And for the TLN, you said it was maybe Utah State and it could be, but University of Utah is more likely as they have a strong medical focus and Primary is affiliated with their medical school and hospital.
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