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  1. i LOVE this haha i adore these sorts of questions and responses! Yesterday we had our dinner and i asked my daughter to finish her chicken... i asked for 3 pieces to be eaten on her plate. she bit a piece and said...'that's one...' and put the rest of the same piece in her mouth and said ' two...' and smiled very cheekily at me... so i said 'no that is one piece.. not two' and she replies 'technically mummy i have had two cos i made it into 2 halves...from the one' so i said 'ok il go get another two breasts seen as you are only eating one and i asked you to eat thr
  2. yeh this is exactly what i am struggling with, getting my groove 😄 it is quite daunting, i have wasted a lot of time and resources (OOPS) trying to work out'set a time table of some sorts but it hasnt worked. i am hoping i will find something that works for us soon :S
  3. thank you very much for your replies, i did write an introduction post but no one responded lol xxx
  4. yeah my DD is the same , would rather play. im still trying to get into the hang of scheduling but honestly she is more hooked on roblox and role play recently and like the lady above with her son asking inquisitive questions ALL THE TIME so does she. i love how the questions are so inadequaten depth smetimes, and other times i think...ugghh i don't know?!?! 😂
  5. Absolutely no judgment what so ever. I wondered (male or female) what children the same age as my daughter are into learning wise and there general preferences for fun ? Do they love Math? Reading? Or do you struggle to get them to concentrate on anything at all educational? What do they like to do as hobbies? Cartoon faves etc? My daughter likes reading but hates writing and she loves swimming, tennis, minecraft, roblox, barbie roleplaying, singing, dancing, keyboard and noodles 😂
  6. Hi i posted an introduction and background story a few moments ago and i wondered what peoples thoughts were on routine and scheduling? So far after taking our daughter out at the age of 4 we have let her learn mostly through living. Every day life has minute by minute opportunities to learn in anything we do such as cooking cleaning etc..half a cap of this goes in and I need 2 and a half potatoes in cooking etc. Science, Math and English i have found can be brought in with every day living and i feel now she is 7 it should be covered a lot more. I have got together
  7. Hey I am absolutely new here so please bare with me 😄 My name is Klaire and I home school our daughter. Here is how our journey came to be... Boy oh boy this is slightly nerve wracking and also good to lay it all out there. I am a disabled mum to an outstanding loving daughter who is 7. We took her out of school aged 4 and we have been very relaxed about her home schooling for the past few years, After a not so bad experience of her attending nursery we decided to carry on and pursue the next stage of primary school...reception. (- we are in the UK-) She has al
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