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  1. Are you still using Writing Strands? Which levels have you used? How far do you think you will go with it? I would really like some feedback from someone who uses it, sticks with it, will continue to the end. Pam
  2. YAY!!! I am hoping to 'expose it' more for others! Thank you for sharing that. Pam
  3. Have you seen this Blog post?... "In addition to my initial scanning of the materials, I decided to select one chapter and compare it to the Apologia, Bob Jones, and RealScience4Kids textbooks I already owned. Guess which chapter I selected? Quantum Mechanics! (Dad, you would be proud!) ☺ First, I read through Friendly Chemistry's chapter on Quantum Mechanics. Um, okay. That seemed pretty straightforward and easily understandable. Next, I read through Apologia's chapter on Quantum Mechanics. Say what? Oh my goodness! It was explained in such a confusing, complicated manner that I wouldn't have really had a clue what was going on if I hadn't first read Friendly Chemistry's explanation. Well, surely Bob Jones' Chemistry book would be easier to understand Quantum Mechanics, right? No way! I couldn't believe how complicated both high school chemistry texts were and how they made the concept of Quantum Mechanics so difficult to understand! I was sold on Friendly Chemistry." That was part of what intrigued me about Friendly Science. I understand that some programs may be more in-depth or 'rigorous', but if the student doesn't understand what they are suppose to be learning, and they just answer questions by memorization, what's the sense? And, I don't like when people label a program 'for learning disabled' either. (not saying you did this) I hope this program works out for us! Pam
  4. Thank you for the update. I had all 3 courses (Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy) with videos given to me to review. I am planning on starting with Biology next school year. I cannot find enough reviews for them to convince me that I really want to do them for our high school history. I don't think that our boys are going for STEMS programs, but one is very good in math and I don't want to shortchange him if he changes his mind. It's good to hear that you will be doing the Chemistry again. Pam
  5. Did you do both Friendly Chemistry and Friendly Biology? Pam
  6. I have Hake Grammar on its way. 😞 I knew it was spiral. What was I thinking??!! Same as CLE LA. So, what isn't? They do not like R&S. Easy Grammar? Back to the drawing board. ETA: I just decided to sell my W&R Fable. I bought EIW. UGH! Can you tell me more about your journey with W&R? Pam
  7. Do you think Hake Grammar and CAP W&R would be a good combination, or would you skip CAP and just do the Writing portion of Hake? Pam
  8. I am considering doing W&R with another family who did it last year. My friend, my age, is a teacher, and she is homeschooling her grandkids. They are the same ages you and I have. She did not think it babyish, either. I listened to some of their stories they had written, and you could definitely see progress and how each child wrote from the same lesson, but at his own level. Pam
  9. Are you still doing W&R? Can you write an update review? Pam
  10. Thanks for the replies! Looks like our average is not as high as I thought, compared to many of you. Sharing info with husband.... 😉
  11. Does anyone still use/LOVE the original Writing Strands by Dave Marks? Can you tell me how many levels you've used or how far you intent to go with it? Pam
  12. How many miles / do you put on you family vehicle. We already put 4,000 miles on our new (used) Durango in just 3 months! Pam
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