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  1. Looking for Chemistry for 15 & 16 year old boys. Neither one is planning on college, but not totally ruling it out. I am specifically looking at Spectrum Chemistry right now. I’d like something self guiding with labs. Not heavy in math. Video would be nice, but not required. (I know SC does not have video lessons) pam
  2. This was very helpful. Thank you. I have dabbled some in EIW, FixIt, and IEW. I have often wondered if I would have done any of them all the way through if it would be a thorough coverage. I never had that confidence though. thanks for sharing!! pam
  3. I read some reviews on Exodus Books. C. Hollis Crossman says this about BJU history... "This course will give your kids a solid knowledge of history. It may not give them as much of an understanding, since it doesn't cover ideas or movements in as much detail as it might, but they will be familiar with the general flow of events." Do you feel the same? I'm trying to decide on BJU American vs Notgrass American. Maybe Notgrass will give them a better 'understanding'? or "cover ideas or movements... (and) be familiar with the general flow of events" better? But will Notgrass g
  4. Could someone tell me what you think of this program? Looking for 6th grade. Possibly 10th grade for a one-swoop review. Does GUM cover all grammar? Anything left out? (I'm not talking about all English aspects. I have writing and spelling covered.) Pam
  5. I heard from 2 people I know that they did the 2 together for 1 credit. My 16 year old son is doing FB. He really likes it. I know a family who has Biology 101, who I might borrow it from just to view it. Sorry, that's all I know. Pam
  6. Time Left: 6 days and 9 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    STILL AVAILABLE! *Jacobs' Geometry Text *Jacobs' Geometry Tea. Guide *Geometry Semester 1 AND 2 Student Workbooks for the Geometry course taught by Derek Owens- NEW, NO writing This is all Third Edition that Derek Owens is currently teaching from. Buyer pays shipping


    Edinboro, Pennsylvania - US

  7. We decided on TT this year because I looked at some samples of R&S, CLE, and TT, and TT had the best explanation on that particular topic. Then I just read this: "My kids appeared to thrive in TT until we tried math outside the TT program and books. Then unrealized though they aced the TT assign nuts, they had lost two full grade levels of math ability by the time we left TT. It was sobering to see how important it is to dive deeper and not just tell kids do it this way because that's just how it's done (which TT actually said!!) Oh, NO! So, I LOVE the way MUS teaches the
  8. The lower levels are written by Mrs. Notgras, the high school by Mr. Notgrass. Right? That could be the difference? Pam
  9. There is a Notgrass fb page with a lot of talk about it and how people did it. (If I wasn't allowed to mention this here, I'll remove my comment) My daughter is ready to use it this coming up school year with her little ones. They are so excited! Sorry, no reviews available from us yet. Pam
  10. Are you still using Writing Strands? Which levels have you used? How far do you think you will go with it? I would really like some feedback from someone who uses it, sticks with it, will continue to the end. Pam
  11. YAY!!! I am hoping to 'expose it' more for others! Thank you for sharing that. Pam
  12. Have you seen this Blog post?... https://www.joyinourjourney.com/whats-new-blog/friendly-chemistry-for-homeschooled-high-schoolers-review-and-giveaway "In addition to my initial scanning of the materials, I decided to select one chapter and compare it to the Apologia, Bob Jones, and RealScience4Kids textbooks I already owned. Guess which chapter I selected? Quantum Mechanics! (Dad, you would be proud!) ☺ First, I read through Friendly Chemistry's chapter on Quantum Mechanics. Um, okay. That seemed pretty straightforward and easily understandable. N
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