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  1. I go! I was just curious if others did. 🙂 I have gone to our CHAP Convention (Harrisburg, now in Lancaster) in PA for about 7 years. Before that, I went to a few in OH. I love the 'vacation'! 🙂 I love looking IN all the books. There is always something new. I go now as a vendor for our local homeschool diploma association. This year my older dd is going with me to look for curriculum for her 4 dc. I can't wait to share the weekend with her doing something we both love.
  2. Are you doing the grading, or is DO doing it? What did you do for Alg. 1? Pam
  3. As I continued to research, I found this.... "The only course that I wasn't thrilled with was the geometry course. There is a disconnect between the instruction, the practice problems (from the Jacobs 3rd edition book), and the HW and test problems. For that course, I ended up listening to the lectures myself and then teaching the material to my son. I had to supplement heavily with problems from the Jacobs 2nd edition book, which has a much more scaffolded approach to proofs. In the end, my son did very well in the course and learned a lot, but it was a huge amount of work for both of us." Quoted from:
  4. Actually, I was hoping to do the grading myself. I have people at our church who are mathy, and they said they could help if we got stuck. This is exactly the review I needed. After more video samples, both boys like DO better, but I was a little nervous with some reviews of how difficult it could be. You have given me hope. 🙂 Pam
  5. That's just it. I'm not sure what to ask. I am hoping reviews will bring points out that I haven't thought of. 🙂
  6. This would be for first time Spanish students. No experience. Grade 10. Pam
  7. Could you compare these? Pros/cons? I am looking for 13 & 15 yo dss. 13 yo is very good in math and used Saxon Alg.1 (likes it, but wants to do a separate geometry...didn't like the looks of Saxon Geom.). 15 yo is not as good in math, and he did TT Alg.1. He is not excited about TT Geom. (He reviewed the CDs we have.) They both looked at sample videos of MwoB and DO Geometry courses. They can't decide by just viewing them. Pam
  8. Haven't looked. I don't know what's in the next texts either to compare. Pam
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