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  1. oh my, that is very nasty. Thanks for the warning.
  2. I have access to my sons' phones if I want it also. You raise some good points. I think we will wade into these waters slowly:).
  3. Yes, I think this is true of all social media, unfortunately.
  4. How do you check in? I don't know much about twitter, except for seeing twitter quotes when I read the news.
  5. Good to know. I definitely need to investigate this further. Thanks.
  6. Does anyone have any thoughts about twitter? I need to research it more. I have Facebook and Instagram accounts to stay in touch with family and friends. The only time I use them is when I get an email saying a family member or friend posted something. Then I will get on and see what they posted. I also get on Facebook after my birthday and thank family and friends for their best wishes. That's pretty much all I do on social media. So I need to research all of them further. I have always used my laptop to look at these websites and don't even have them on my phone. I downloaded the Facebook app on my phone today but, for some reason, it receives and error every time I try to log in. If I am at home it says it can't connect to the internet, which is strange because everything else works find. If I am not at home it just returns an error code and says try again later. Not sure what's up with that.
  7. That does sound like a good place to start, thanks. We could use it as a trial and if they handle it well, they could possibly have others they are wanting....maybe.
  8. You make some good points. Thanks for your perspective.
  9. It actually makes me angry and frustrated that the school expects the students to have access. We have heard from our sons that they are the only ones they know of who don't have open access to basically everything on their iphones and we have pushed back on that because we didn't feel it was appropriate. They will certainly have open access when they go off to college so we need to have some kind of plan to ease them into it, while hopefully keeping an eye on their online activities. But I would have hoped to ease into it more around the 16 year old timeframe than the 14 year old timeframe (they will be 15 in Sept & Nov). Now that they are going to public school, I don't want them to feel like odd balls or left out among their friends but I'm not sure how much to allow and how to go about it.
  10. I'm sorry, I just saw where you said you have the password and can access it anytime. I have read that sneaky teens sometimes create another account that their parents don't know about and use it for their "real" account, while updating the other one periodically so their parents don't suspect. My two are not usually the sneaky type but I'm just curious as to what other parents have experienced.
  11. One son is very tech savvy so he will be fine. The other only learns to use what he has to use but tech-savvy son is good at helping us all learn what we need to learn.
  12. Well I would have to go back and look through some papers and see if I can find that information. We went to a meeting for incoming 9th graders during the last school year and they talked about it then. I have been searching everywhere for information about school sports and have found a couple of things on Facebook about getting their sports physicals.
  13. I have two 14 year old sons who will be starting 9th grade at our local high school in the upcoming school year. The high school uses Facebook and Twitter to communicate with students so they are going to need to have access to these apps. Additionally, one of my sons has been asking for access to Instagram because he would like to post pictures and the other one is asking for access to Snapchat because he says that is how all of the kids at school communicate, not by texting. Although our sons have had iphones since around the middle of 6th grade, we have kept them very locked down with no access to social media, no access to the internet and no access to the app store. They are allowed to have two educational games on their phones, although they are no longer really interested in them much. They have access to some specific web sites for various things but not free rein on the internet. I am all for allowing more freedom over time, as their brains mature:) but I am pretty much a novice on social media apps. Any advice you can provide would be appreciated, as I work through what to allow and how to monitor them. Also, we have had many talks about what to do and what not to do online and the potential consequences they may encounter in the real world from making bad choices online. Bring on the advice, oh wise ones:).
  14. I have two sons who are soon to be 14 and they happen to be the oldest kids in the neighborhood, of the kids they play with. When the next door neighbors moved in, my sons were 6. The neighbors son was 3 and their daughter was 1. My sons have really enjoyed playing with their kids over the years and view them as younger siblings (they have even played dolls and tea parties with the daughter:). We have gotten to know the parents also. Although we have many differences in how we raise our kids, we have worked together over the years to make it work. Their kids have played over here a few times (mostly the son) but the vast majority of the time it's my sons playing at their house and even babysitting their son at times now that they are all older. With the age difference, it makes a lot more sense for my sons to play there than for her kids to play here. If you make your rules clear, the kids will learn them and it should get easier. My boys had no problem with their rule of not pretending to "shoot" someone with a toy gun at their house (except with nerf guns), for example. They are more lenient on the amount of video game time so my sons just come home if their son starts playing games. Their son knows that too so he won't play his video games if he really wants to play with my sons.There are other things we don't do at our house that they do but my boys know our rules and we have worked through any issues that have come up. It has been so worth the effort. They don't spend as much time together these days as they once did but they still enjoy each other even now.
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