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  1. My dad used to tell the story of him returning from coon hunting with a baby coon in a cage (the mom was killed). I was a very small child, who adored cats, playing outside in the yard. My dad told me to stay away from it, that it would hurt me. He later looked outside to see me holding it like a baby kitten. Danny the raccoon ended up being a family pet and lived in our barn. I'm not sure how that worked because we had chickens and dogs and cats. There were five of us kids and we would go out to the barn to play with him regularly. We have a picture of my oldest brother holding grown up Danny on his shoulder. I was too little to remember any of it. Not sure how long we had him.
  2. My two sons have finished 7th grade Saxon math going to a University Model school (two days a week they are taught at school then they work at home with me three days a week). It seems that after each lesson Saxon typically has a handful of problems regarding what they just learned but often it is not very many. They have additional problems in the back of the book for some lessons but not very many. Then they have a ton of review problems after each lesson. The teacher at the UM school usually just assigned problems from the review section after each lesson which would include maybe 2-3 problems of what they just learned in that lesson, plus other review problems from other lessons. Sometimes she would assign the lesson specific problems but there are normally not very many of them. I would like to find something that would give them more practice of the math they have been learning this year, before they move on to next year. Any ideas?
  3. This is exactly what I was looking for but I couldn't remember the name of them! Thanks so much!!
  4. They (two sons) are currently attending a University Model school, who uses Fix It Grammar, two days a week and working from home Mon, Wed, Fri. I don't think the way it is being used has been very successful. I should have intervened earlier and worked with them more at home but they only have 6 weeks left of the school year. When they were younger we used First Language Lessons and CLE. I homeschooled up through Jan of 6th grade, when we moved to the University Model.
  5. What would you use to cover a grammar review over the summer for 13 year olds / rising 8th graders? We need some review and practice here this summer.
  6. We have been using IEW since 2nd or 3rd grade for writing and it is really going well. My two sons started attending a University Model school half way through 6th grade, so they now go to school on Tuesday and Thursday and work from home with me as their "co-teacher" on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Looking ahead, I see they plan to switch from IEW to BJU in 9th grade (they are currently almost finished with 7th, so one more year of IEW before they intend to switch). I am not too happy about this because they are doing really well with IEW and it just seems to be such a great program. Has anyone else switched from IEW to BJU in 9th grade and, if so, what has your experience been? Anyone able to compare the two? I have never used any BJU materials so not sure what to expect, other than what I have read on Cathy Duffy Reviews. Thanks!
  7. I have a large set of white Corelle and granite countertops...with two 13 year old boys. We haven't have any trouble at all. The Corelle is the most durable set I have ever had. We are loving it.
  8. That's great information, thanks. Where would I find the Lego user groups?
  9. I had a male and female half siblings that grew up together. When they were younger, they loved each other, played all the time and cuddled together all the time. When they got older, he would sometimes attack her for no reason. I felt bad for her. She died at around 12 years old but he lived to 18. I missed her so much that I got a female kitten that looked just like her (so he was around 12 at the time). He hated the kitten. The kitten would try to play with him and he wanted no part of her. She would jump all over him and he would just be trying to get away. He was older and weaker so it was not a good situation and I ended up having to keep them separate for years which was not easy. I would definitely recommend not getting a kitten with an elderly cat. I don't think it is a good mix at all.
  10. If so, I am wondering who you used and what your experience was. I am preparing ours to sell and planning to use Decluttr. Wondering if anyone has used them before.
  11. I think I would take the spot I wanted and, if she says anything, I would say "I get here early so I can get the spot I want. If your friends want to have the spot they want, they should get here early too"...or something like that. I would be totally annoyed if someone was saving spots for that many people, ESPECIALLY if they didn't even bother to show up sometimes. If they want a special spot, they should arrive early like you do. Please let us know what happens:).
  12. I had mine out when I was in first grade (I'm 55 now). I have bad allergies (grasses, trees, pets, etc.) so I have had plenty of sore throats, strep, sinus infections, ear infections and even ended up having to have sinus surgery a few years ago and then had surgery to repair a hole in my eardrum earlier this year from a bad cold I had last summer. I'm can't know if it made a difference for me or not but I still get sick, even without them. My sister (who is an RN) was here for a visit recently and was reading a page out of one of my husband's medical journals (he is a doctor). It was an article about tonsillectomies and how studies are now showing that people who had them often end up having other complications....I'm sorry I can't remember the details and I don't know where the article is. I'm just throwing this in the mix and agreeing with others that she should see an ENT before making the decision and ask about both pros and cons, in case they are learning more info about it these days. I was a skinny little kid and my mom said they worried about me after the surgery because I would only eat gravy for quite a while...and I didn't want ice cream because it hurt too badly.
  13. We started taking our two 12 year old sons to the ortho for check ups when they were probably around 8ish. I knew there were some things that need to be fixed early and if they are not, it can be more expensive or painful later so we just started taking them without even asking our ped dentist. For the first couple of years, they just had free consults/checkups and said come back next year. Eventually, one son needed an appliance kind of like a retainer to adjust the position of his jaw and correct his bite when he was probably 10 or so. It is something he wears at night while he sleeps. The ortho said it would probably mean one year less of braces later. They will be 13 this fall and one of them is getting close to being ready. The ortho has always had him come back yearly for a free checkup but this last time he said come back in 6 months. The other son with the appliance he wears at night is still only going yearly because some of his permanent teeth are still coming in.
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