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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I will check it out.
  2. Anyone have any suggestions of a high school credit-worthy World Geography curriculum? I feel like I have looked at everything and am finding it lacking. I like the looks of BJU except it seems to cover more cultural stuff than geography stuff. Heart of Dakota seems to have a ton of moving parts and I can't see paying over $400 for World Geography. I know you get a lot more than just World Geography but I already have everything else I am looking for. Any other suggestions? I wanted to do this for 9th an then do World History for 10th. If I could find a real meaty combo course to do over two years for 2 credits, that would work too.
  3. Thank you. I will have to think about this and see if I might be able to add to it to make it more at the high school level. Maybe I can find some ideas on line. And thanks for the tip on Discovery of Deduction. I appreciate your help.
  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of this and explain it to me. I greatly appreciate it. It's very helpful.
  5. We are starting to homeschool again tomorrow (2 sons, 9th grade), after not homeschooling since half way through 6th grade. I want to back up and at a minimum do some informal logic classes with my two sons. If we did The Art of Argument in 9th grade and The Argument Builder in 10 grade are those classes of high enough level/content that it could count for those grades? I am really scrambling here because I never planned to homeschool high school and we just decided this on Friday. I'm not sure how to tell what constitutes a 9th grade level class. Would these have to be counted as electives?
  6. There are plenty of fears on both sides of the aisle. Biden has also been advised not to concede the election no matter what. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/hillary-clinton-says-biden-should-not-concede-2020-election-under-n1238156 This, along with states sending out ballots to all citizens, not just those who requested absentee ballots, has many on the Republican side of the aisle fearing an attempt by Democrats to steal the election also. This concern along with reports of Republican mailed-in ballots being found in the garbage, people receiving multiple ballots sent to them by their (mostly blue) states, the knowledge that there will be tons of ballots being sent out that could be tampered with (and have been in past elections), recent elections that ran into lots of issues with mail-in ballots, and former Democratic operatives admitting to and describing in detail how they have cheated with mail-in voting in prior elections, has many Republicans fearing a "coup" from Democrats. The reporting of this type of stuff is constantly in the more right leaning news reports, just as the reporting about Trump not conceding is in the left leaning news. It seems both sides are scared to death that their side is going to be cheated out of a rightful win. It is also being reported that even if Trump "seems" to win in a landslide on election night, that everyone needs to wait and be patient for all of the mail-in votes to be counted, which may take weeks. This is where all of the legal battles will come in to play and it is why both sides are indicating they will not be willing to concede right away, because they do expect there to be legal battles. I have heard reported multiple times that the Biden Campaign has hired over 700 lawyers to be prepared for this battle and I am sure Trump's Campaign has also. I just wanted to note here that the "coup" concern/discussion is not just coming from one side of the aisle. It seems to be very strong on both sides.
  7. oh my, that is very nasty. Thanks for the warning.
  8. I have access to my sons' phones if I want it also. You raise some good points. I think we will wade into these waters slowly:).
  9. Yes, I think this is true of all social media, unfortunately.
  10. How do you check in? I don't know much about twitter, except for seeing twitter quotes when I read the news.
  11. Good to know. I definitely need to investigate this further. Thanks.
  12. Does anyone have any thoughts about twitter? I need to research it more. I have Facebook and Instagram accounts to stay in touch with family and friends. The only time I use them is when I get an email saying a family member or friend posted something. Then I will get on and see what they posted. I also get on Facebook after my birthday and thank family and friends for their best wishes. That's pretty much all I do on social media. So I need to research all of them further. I have always used my laptop to look at these websites and don't even have them on my phone. I downloaded the Facebook app on my phone today but, for some reason, it receives and error every time I try to log in. If I am at home it says it can't connect to the internet, which is strange because everything else works find. If I am not at home it just returns an error code and says try again later. Not sure what's up with that.
  13. That does sound like a good place to start, thanks. We could use it as a trial and if they handle it well, they could possibly have others they are wanting....maybe.
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