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  1. Oh gosh...clearly I need to explore the program more. I didn't get past the TWSS or SSS and thought you *had* to do those first.
  2. Thank-you for bringing up psych evals. When my daughter was in Montessori preschool/kindergarten her teacher noticed a few *red flags*. The psychologist said she was a bit young for a PsychEd test, but the school offered to use some funding to pay for it so we went ahead. I just found some of my scribblings of her results. Everything was high-average (working memory, processing speed, visual/spatial, fluid reasoning)....everything *except* verbal comprehension (50%) and they said specifically 'verbally expressing concepts.' Their recommendations are very much in line with some of yours (l
  3. I just want to say a big THANK-YOU to everyone who replied to my post. There are some great options for curriculum here 😀 ...and you've all helped broaden my understanding of how to *think* about our writing journey in homeschooling. I've appreciated all the comments, perspectives, advice and support!
  4. The WTMA is a sort-of goal. It's only a goal if it works for her. I guess I just want her to be in a place where she *can* take online courses for her age level. And yes, some "going over" writing strategies would help me out 😄 Good advice for determining what her skill is using a straightforward dictation. To be honest, from what I have observed, she doesn't knows any rules. I think she is just guessing from her experience with reading. I'm *getting* that she needs extra support and structure. Thank-you for the variety of strategies to help with that structure. And I love
  5. Her writing always makes me smile...always. ❤️ Thank you for sharing this! It sounds like your children benefited immensely from their literature exposure. It's encouraging for me to hear of others taking their kids out of public school at this stage. Yes, my daughter is definitely mimicking the style of the books she's been reading. We are broadening the scope of her literature and she's thriving with that change! 😀
  6. Thank you for your posts! So helpful to have different perspectives. Rod and Staff are on my radar too. My daughter would like the directness of the program. I have been trying out all manner of organizing and checklists for myself too. Keeping myself organized and focused is a huge part of the equation actually. I'm adhd too, and have managed just fine for decades. But the homeschooling is realllllllly stretching me 🙃 And I seem to be choosing every teacher intensive program on top of it. 😆 Thank you for sharing the demo checklist. This is true! FOMO is real! 😆 The read
  7. I'll look at doing a test. Yes, it could be a combination of factors. She says she's never been taught punctuation or capitalization in school...buuuuut I'm not so sure that's the case 😆. We will definitely work some review in regardless.
  8. This comment about the Mensa book list made me LOL for real! 😂 Yes, she DOES have some real strengths. I think her mind thinks very big, but it's difficult for her to get it out. And she's consistently inconsistent (if that make sense). So your suggestion of 'Big Projects' with structure could be the ticket for her. Actually, even though she isn't diagnosed ADHD, a Dr. once suggested we read a *Girls with ADHD* book. He obviously suspected she might have some ADHD challenges.
  9. She loves French and was doing well! (Except Math was a struggle). I don't know how we are going to keep it up yet. I need to think about that too! Fairy tales in both languages is a great idea! She actually loves to practice typing and I will look at that program. I will go peruse LC! Yes...I'm starting to get that about Structure. It's like she needs the structure to *rest* on. I'm off to look at Mindwings! 😃
  10. I appreciate you letting me know your concern about using WWE with her. Thanks for sharing your daughters experience with that type of IEW program. I see what you are saying about IEW helping to give structure. Your concise outline of the skills we should focus on at this time is helpful. I was having a difficult time determining what her weaknesses were and what programs were available to address them. I haven't heard of Muse Magazine before, but I just looked it up and I'm so happy you mentioned it. She will enjoy that! Once again, thanks for your time and considerate
  11. Only waiting because Cover Story is geared for grade 6-9. She's on the younger end of the recommended age and I think taking the time to work on a few foundational skills will help her be successful and enjoy the program more. I haven't looked at it closely yet actually. But good to remember that these kids grow/change fast!
  12. First of all....a big thank you! Your thoughtful response is very much appreciated. How interesting regarding the working memory ! You can tell that from her writing? I will look into this. We just worked through MCT Grammar Island. We are switching to something more structured, and will keep MCT as a fun supplement. Thanks for suggestions! We will be getting Killgallon. She will enjoy it too I think! Thank you for mentioning the reading material. I did a major clean-up of our literature recently. Good-bye 'Babysitters Club', hello 'Sleeping Beauty'! We are now usi
  13. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with those programs...very helpful! I was wondering too about a program like IEW, but the consensus seems to be that it can be stifling for natural writers. Maybe an option for my dd7 though, who I think will struggle with writing. Is it the W&R *Fable* level that helps to find the main idea? 🤔
  14. Yes, I like all this! And Treasured Conversations was on my radar as an option. Glad to hear you think it's a good fit. Does it touch on summarizing? We are struggling with that now. It seems so obvious to me what the main points are in a paragraph or reading, and I don't know how to guide *her* to figure it out for herself. 😕 Thanks for the comments on Wordsworth Apprentice too. Sounds like a great option for summer. And I suspect my dd7 has a LD (really struggling with reading still...but slow, steady progress), so Wordsworth Apprentice might be a good option for her too in the fut
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