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  1. I have an actual chocolate drawer next to my desk. Mom's chocolate. 2pm chocolate break every day 😄
  2. The Pentel mechanical pencils that have an extending/retracting replaceable eraser. I buy a box of them every year because the kids do still lose them, but they last longer than wooden pencils in our house. Post-it tabs. I don't even know what I use them for, but I use them way more frequently than usual post-it notes. Whiteboards, markers, and erasers. Binders packed with loose-leaf; I don't like notebooks because they never use the whole notebook, and then I feel angry about throwing them away. At the end of the year I can pull the unused loose-leaf out of the binder and save
  3. Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry. What a shock. I don't have advice other than, don't tell the kids today, don't do anything today except grieve and process. The things you mentioned can definitely, definitely wait until tomorrow. When something catastrophic like this happens, you need at least 24 hours before dealing with the fallout. Maybe go to the park as a family or something else fun, depending on your community's covid restrictions. You're in my thoughts today.
  4. It's already seed-sowing season here in FL. We just moved here from up north last year and I'm still not used to how early it is! I am a gardening novice, really, but I get excited about seeds 🙂 On the list of things to attempt this year: summer squash, plum tomatoes, basil, nasturtiums, watermelon, sunflowers, peas, and possible cucumbers although I don't like them much. Last year I did cosmos, sunflowers, and zinnias, but I started so late that they just scorched up in the summer sun by the time they were at the blooming stage. I'll be clearing the patch tomorrow hopefully, and get the
  5. I'm so sorry. I only have 2, I can't imagine 4. My 2 are old enough that they can do online classes at this point. That has made things easier. I now schedule "catch-up days" basically every national holiday. The agreement is, if you are caught up on school, you (we) get that day off. I push them to get missing stuff completed before the catch-up day because Mom. Needs. That. Day.
  6. Badly? 😛 I'm sure other people do it better than we do. The house stuff is what suffers the most, even though in theory the kids help out. This year I finally figured out time blocks, so homeschool either happens during the homeschool block or it doesn't happen at all. Work stuff either happens during work time blocks or it doesn't happen at all. Housework did not get a time block 😉 Maybe I'll wangle that in next year.
  7. I'm trying!! Been taking a lot of baths and trying to read more good, non-ed, non-psych-related books 🙂
  8. Weeknights are really, really difficult for us. We are self-employed. We work late on the nights that the kids don't have sports, in order to make up for ending earlier on sports nights. I work until midafternoon on Saturdays as well. I figured out a time on Saturday when I'm not working and there aren't any family plans, and let him know that if she can make that time work, I will make it so they can see each other.
  9. Yep, he does that already. We are definitely open to the "half the driving" idea. I believe she lives in a single-parent home, so that is part of the issue. We've done the driving before, on weekends.
  10. No, her parents won't help drive and it would be plus/minus an hour round trip for us. We are looking for a compromise solution. We're not trying to be inflexible. It's just that these plans/proposals keep getting sprung on us last minute while I'm on my 5 minute break between work sessions.
  11. For new patients, 6 week wait 😧 We're on a cancellation list...
  12. No, DS15's girlfriend cannot come over on weekdays because 1) DH and I are working and don't want to spend the evening driving her home and 2) DH and I are working and can't supervise their time together and that is something that we value as parents while they are this young. He is angry and sad because we have family coming this weekend so he won't be able to see her this weekend either. Ever since his episode of self harm a couple months ago DH and I are on eggshells all the time. We are so afraid that enforcing even perfectly reasonable rules is going to push him over the edge. Hangin
  13. ((hugs)) for you. I'm so sorry that's happening. If they can't do subject tests, can they do CLEP? Just trying to think of alternatives. Anyway, I hope you get it figured out 😞
  14. This isn't academic, but monitoring screen/device time. I'm so over it. I wish we'd never allowed them to have phones or laptops at all, even though I know they needed the laptops for school and there were good reasons to get the phones at the time we got them.
  15. That's not very easy to interpret 😛 Is this something that can be treated with vitamins if we choose the right ones? During my research a while ago I did see that often depression can be a sign of B-complex deficiencies as well as vitamin D deficiency, so I started both kids and DH on multivitamins recently. I've always been the vitamin person but never really made the rest of them take them.
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