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  1. Yep. Grades seem to be very motivating when done well. I grew up in a more unschooled manner and always felt that when I went to PS starting in 7th grade, I discovered what I needed to do to get the "A" and wound up submitting work that was way below my true ability level in most subjects--but with my own kids, I have the flexibility to make the "A" standard just beyond their current capabilities in each subject, and that seems to really inspire them 🙂
  2. For a kid who likes to read, I would recommend Life of Fred... with reservations. Reservation #1: Only 10 problems per chapter until you get to Beginning Algebra, which has a "Zillions of Practice Problems" companion book. Some kids, like my DS, do OK with the smaller amount of practice, but my DD floundered with it once she started the Fractions book. (After loving the Elementary and Intermediate sets.) Reservation #2: It claims to be self-teaching, but my kids didn't have the maturity for that. I think a 5th grader could definitely read the lesson by herself, but she would need some supervis
  3. So here's the results. After making it through the first few tests without much problem, DS15 got bogged down relatively early in Alg 1 and so I started teaching him the lessons around L28-ish. I came up with a good system for Saxon that I'm using with his sister too. After he takes each test, I go through the next 4 lessons and circle any problems in the Problem Set that look similar to what he got wrong on the test. Then, at the end of each teaching session after doing the "Practice" problems, I have him talk me through how to solve the circled ones. Then he goes off to do the rest of the Pr
  4. We will meet tomorrow, 12/7 at 8pm EST! We will be discussing The Way of Perfection. Please PM me for the meeting link--even if you haven't read it, or haven't read it recently, we'd love your perspective 😄
  5. I'm late to this party but maybe the party was early this year 😛 Miss: -DE ASL. They moved to online due to Covid, the teacher was not the recommended teacher, and it was not a good fit. She refused to accept late work for points off--anything that wasn't submitted on time was an automatic zero unless you had a doctor's note. I understand that it's every teacher's choice how to run their class, but my DS15 just wasn't ready for that level of responsibility. Hit: -Homebrew US History class. I agree with @skimommaabove that the way I'm running it feels a bit like box-checkin
  6. We will meet online Monday, 10/5 at 8pm Eastern time! We will be discussing Sense and Sensibility. PM me for the link if interested 🙂
  7. Not really. I have one friend from high school whom I follow on instagram, and we occasionally chat. But literally all the people I was friends with in HS, including me, left town and went FAR for college (some internationally) and as far as I know no one who left returned. When I go back to my hometown I sometimes run into people I had classes with and sometimes we remember each other's names. College is different though! My freshman year they were experimenting with residential programming where students chose where they wanted to live based on common interest. A music dorm, politics do
  8. Back when I worked in a library, they had signs up asking people not to put back the books they'd taken out to read at a desk or sofa. I had thought that this was just because people are likely to put them back in the wrong place, but once I started working there, I found out that they also scanned them as though they had been checked out and returned. That way they were "counting" the books that were being read in the library as well as those that were being brought home. I have no idea how common of a practice this is, but I remember thinking it was smart. That was a library director who was
  9. Word-for-word, this is our current situation. DS is currently outgoing, and DD is currently rather introverted. DS wants more opportunities to connect with people in person as well as online; we have to really push DD to participate in anything involving "people," because if we didn't, she would spend literally all her free time by herself in her room watching shows or reading. Right now because of covid, we're doing youth group (one hour/wk, alternating one week zoom and one week in-person) and that is the extent of her social interaction apart from the two online courses she's taking. She do
  10. We use Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind (third and final year) and my DD13 is very, very good at most grammar concepts. But this coming week is Active and Passive Voice week and I'm dreading it because this has been her bete noire every single year since we started talking about it. It's covered in the Copia exercises in WWS as well, and she always gets it wrong. She just can't identify a passive, and she can't take an active and change it into a passive or vice versa. Here's what she does: Cocoa was harvested by Aztecs and turned into a delicious drink. --> Cocoa is the thing that wa
  11. Well-Read Moms of WTM will meet online tomorrow, Saturday 9/12 at 4pm Eastern for the official kickoff of Year of the Sister! No need to read anything ahead of time; we'll be discussing the first book selection at our October meeting. PM me for the Meet link if interested!!!
  12. And why, why is February like that?! They've only been back in school after winter break for like, 4 weeks at most. It's not burnout from "too much school." 😂
  13. Short notice, but we will be having a Well-Read Moms of WTM meeting tonight 8/10 at 8pm Eastern on Google Meet! PM me for the link if interested--just share about your recent reading, no need to have read a specific book for this meeting 🙂
  14. SWB has a good lecture about this: teaching students to work independently Basically, I did a "X minutes by yourself" kind of method, starting with "OK I'm going to set a timer for 10 minutes, and you work by yourself till the timer goes off." I started with getting them to read independently, then summarize back what they'd read. That sort of made it clear whether they were understanding/learning from what they were reading or not. We worked up from 10 minutes to about 45 minutes. That's about as long as they can work without getting distracted and needing me to refocus them. I'd say mo
  15. Resurrecting this thread to talk about the upcoming year. We still did not finish the purple books last year. We stopped after Lesson 111. I decided DS (going into 10th this year) will be done with grammar, and this will be the last year for DD. She is angry that she still has to do it when she had about a year of FLL before DS started to homeschool, so in the end he will have done 2 fewer years of grammar than she. But something clicked for DS this year and everything we covered was suddenly very simple/easy for him--including modal verbs, hortative verbs, etc. that were new to all of us--and
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