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  1. Aw man, poor kid 😞 The professor should have posted office hours, or if it's a bigger lecture-style class, the professor probably has a TA who did the grading and has office hours. The tutor may be helpful as well, but probably since she doesn't have the test to show the tutor, it makes more sense to consult the prof or TA.
  2. Thank you both! I was pretty sure the book was mistaken, but I was also insecure about it 😄
  3. OK, picky question here. I never learned diagramming as a kid, so I've been "learning along" with my kids through FLL and now GWTM. I was under the impression that any question sentence needs to be rephrased as a statement and then diagrammed. So "What is this?" should be re-worded as "This is what," with "this" in the subject space and "what" in the predicate nominative space. But GWTM says that the sentence "Whose are these lovely mittens?" should be diagrammed with "Whose" in the subject space and "mittens" in the PN space. Whose | are \ mittens This looks wrong to me. Shouldn't it be mittens | are \ Whose like this?
  4. Oh and that reminds me. I heard from my brother-in-law (who sometimes gets his facts a bit confused) that the tap water in Florida is not actually safe to drink. That's not correct, is it? I didn't see anything like that when I did a quick Google about it.
  5. Yep, it's definitely really tasty! My in-laws don't like the flavor of the tap water down there and buy cases and cases of that water.
  6. Do you have a recommended model? 🙂
  7. We've shopped there when visiting my in-laws! They are pricey, but I can't remember being treated more kindly by employees apart from when I was living in Japan 😄
  8. We've thought about the heat a lot! In fact, we have a family member who experienced something similar some years ago and only lasted about 6 months. We're confident that I can handle it (constantly freezing even in summer), but to be honest we are worried about my hubby's tolerance for it. However, we are doing--essentially in reverse--what I bolded above. We own a condo up here, we are hiring a property manager for it and will have to be returning relatively frequently due to a court decision that the kids see their birth mother a certain number of times per year. We'll be renting in FL, at least to start. Beyond that, our plan is to move this winter, with the hope that we'll get accustomed as it gets hotter with the change of seasons. We'll have to see how it goes, but we have certainly thought about it 🙂
  9. Oo, I love this idea!! Hopefully Polk County is similar 🙂
  10. Thank you both! I'd heard about the evaluation thing, we don't have that in MA so I was worried about it. Good to know it's not that big of a deal. Are the FL libraries networked so you can order a book online and have it sent to your local library for pickup? I really rely on that service for homeschooling here! (Also, do the libraries have museum passes that can be "checked out" for a day? Each library near me has one or two of those.)
  11. We have decided.... we're moving from MA to Lakeland, FL to be closer to my father-in-law! We are excited and also VERY nervous. We've never lived outside of New England! I'd love recommendations for how to navigate homeschooling (middle/high school), helping them find friends, good field trip destinations, etc! Also, if anybody has made this type of cross-country move, what do you wish you'd known/planned out ahead of time?
  12. Weirdly, anytime I've ever tried to learn a language that wasn't Japanese or Latin, I've utterly failed. No other language seems sensible to me!
  13. That makes more sense if it was review. Still though. Just reading the textbook isn't enough with a language course! (Is it enough for any subject??) I do too. The most effective foreign language teachers I've ever had were the ones who taught 2 things: (1) independent study skills. (2) English grammar. I try to remember that in my teaching as well, although sometimes I know I marry myself to the textbook! Definitely curious to read that!
  14. Yeah I cooked up some eggs and now I'm feeling better. Lunch had a fair bit of protein though, which is why it was weird feeling the spike!
  15. I think somehow I spiked my blood sugar when I broke the fast. Feeling very jittery.
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