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  1. Weirdly, anytime I've ever tried to learn a language that wasn't Japanese or Latin, I've utterly failed. No other language seems sensible to me!
  2. That makes more sense if it was review. Still though. Just reading the textbook isn't enough with a language course! (Is it enough for any subject??) I do too. The most effective foreign language teachers I've ever had were the ones who taught 2 things: (1) independent study skills. (2) English grammar. I try to remember that in my teaching as well, although sometimes I know I marry myself to the textbook! Definitely curious to read that!
  3. Yeah I cooked up some eggs and now I'm feeling better. Lunch had a fair bit of protein though, which is why it was weird feeling the spike!
  4. I think somehow I spiked my blood sugar when I broke the fast. Feeling very jittery.
  5. I know a fair bit of Latin from growing up in chorus! Practical is good 🙂
  6. Adventures in Japanese. Late middle-high school level textbook. Pricey. Huh, I had never heard of Nihongoshark! There are so many more resources out there than there used to be. 3,000 kanji is more than I know how to read/write! That's a lot! One other program I know of is Obento, but I've never used it, so I can't vouch for it. There's another college-level textbook called Yookoso, too. And Minna no Nihongo. (These are all beginner-level.) 1 Genki chapter per week? Or per CLASS?! That's.... nuts. Like, I've taught Genki many times to many people, high school level and above, and I just can't picture that. Not unless these are students who are literally studying no other subjects, have no job, and spending hours and hours per day on homework and independent practice. The Introduction to Genki itself says that on average, six class hours are needed to cover the content of each Conversation/Grammar chapter and 3 hours for each writing chapter. Intensive intermediate Japanese in my freshman year of college (6 hours of classtime per week) spent at least 2 weeks on each chapter of Genki 2, and a bunch of students freaked out at the teacher and accused her of expecting too much. Like, they actually went to the Dean and demanded she be fired. (She wasn't.)
  7. Off to break my fast! Then Troublesome Student, then a 1-1/2 hour break, then one more student, then dinner.
  8. Susan, in my perfect world we'd do it that way as well. But DH isn't an early enough riser to implement it on Dad School days, and that makes me into Mean Mom. He would have preferred getting them up at 8 and starting school at 9, and we compromised with 7:45/ 8:30. They don't usually need a whole hour.
  9. Yes, Genki is great for certain types of learners, but overwhelming for most middle/high school level students. AIJ is way less wordy. I honestly prefer the Japanese for Young People approach of no grammar explanations in the textbook at all, but this student and I have already gone through all the volumes of Japanese for Young People, and the only options for continuing are AIJ 2-3 and Genki 2. Genki 2 was not a good fit.
  10. The family has confirmed that they are still willing to pay. Phew! One annoying thing off my schedule!
  11. Yes, we love climbing but have had a heck of a time figuring out when to fit it in the schedule! It's a tiring activity and in our house, if school hasn't started by 9am the kids definitely get the impression that today is a rest day.
  12. I decided not to stress about it. Wrote up a couple sentences, had DH check it for politeness (not always my strong suit), and sent it off. They can let me know if they're not willing to pay it.
  13. Good morning! Matcha in place of coffee! The kids were SO GOOD this morning, guys. It's a Dad School day, but DH slept badly last night so I didn't want to rush him awake. Both kids were up, dressed and breakfasted by about 8:40, and DS went and pulled out his Bible and his Proverbs journal (Hubby's preferred Bible study method) and got started on it without being reminded! DD needed reminding about Bible, but she also asked me to quiz her on the Lewis and Clark documentary that we watched yesterday! (She did pretty well, except she can't remember Native American tribe names for the life of her, and she keeps calling the Northwest Passage the Northwest Expedition.) Today's task that I super don't feel like doing: my troublesome student has been struggling with the Genki program and wants to change to a different curriculum. Her family offered to pay for my copies of the textbook and workbook, since it's an unexpected expense. But gosh, the price-gouging on Adventures in Japanese is insane! I do think it will suit her better, and specifically the 4th edition because it doesn't require her to flip from grammar explanations to a totally different page for practices (this is one of the primary things she hates about Genki). But I'm honestly embarrassed to ask this family to spend an additional $130 for my copies. To us, that's a lot of money (even though I gather it isn't much to them), and I don't want to seem like I'm... I dunno, dishonestly demanding that they buy this really expensive thing when there's something else that would work just as well. But I've tried "good enough"-looking curricula with this student before, and she's just not somebody who does well with "good enough." She needs a perfect fit, or she melts down and blames me for suggesting something that's too hard. Where's the head_brickwall.emoji when you need it? So today's office task is phrasing the email letting them know how much it will cost. (They are not tech-savvy and prefer me to do the purchasing and they'll reimburse.)
  14. Actually I am, or I have celiac, which I guess isn't an allergy but an intolerance 🙂 When I got diagnosed I did a lot of reading and most books said that period problems would likely get better after a few weeks on the diet. But I've been on the diet for over 5 years now, and there's been no change in the Cycle Issues, if anything they've gotten worse. My GYN even looked for Endo but said he didn't see any.
  15. Stopping gluten didn't have that effect for me... Fish oil seems to be the key!
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