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  1. It varies now because my grocery store decided to remodel/aka relocate almost everything. Once COVID hit, I had a mission style grocery shopping approach - list, go in, get everything, leave - so maybe 15 minutes? Now it takes a little longer as sometimes I have to backtrack. I go early in the morning - but not too early so everything will be restocked (like 8:30/9 am). Cases are still increasing in our area, so I'm hoping to get my time back down again. Stop rearranging the stores!
  2. I'm so sorry. It is hard when your parents won't recognize your parental authority to make decisions for your own children. I think you did the right thing, you made reasonable guidelines, and they couldn't follow them, so this is on them. Personally, I would not trust them again.
  3. Now I'm wondering if some of the other neighbors had lock picking tools. I'm sure you will have other interesting conversations! It is nice that she called to let you know she got safely in and to thank you for your help.
  4. I'm fond of these: For Sell Garage Sell Nope.
  5. Add white distilled vinegar to the fabric softener section and wash again. This will strip the odor. I would not use ACV.
  6. I use Republic Wireless ($23.50/month with tax, 1 GB data which I rarely use, unlimited talk/text). My kids recently started using Hello Mobile (TMobile) - 4GB data, unlimited talk/text - maybe $15-18/month?
  7. Agree with curtains, rugs, tablecloth, runner, find a fabric hanging for one of the walls - a small quilt would be an option too.
  8. One of my young adults went to a psychologist. There they did an IQ test and a few other tests as well as questions. Dr. said based on that she did have ADHD. She went to regular doctor for prescription meds - they are still trying to find right med/right dose. Psychologist also gave her specific suggestions about how to work around some issues. One of the suggestions was to make things more complicated as you pay better attention to the details and getting it completed.
  9. Both of my kids are loved equally by me, I think. They are different characters - and they need different things. One has more needs I can help with, and one has always been independent. I think we do have to treat our children differently because they are different and have different needs, different wants, different ways to interacting, etc. Kids can accuse me of having a favorite, but that doesn't mean they are correct. I saw my parents struggle with this. One child needed financial help and the other two did not. So they elected to give the exact same amount to all children even though those of us who did not need it told them to save it for themselves. It's hard to figure out a way to treat your children all 'fairly'.
  10. Our island cabinets are a different color (lighter brown while the other cabinets are cherry). Granite on top is the same. I think it looks fine. It looked odd to me at first because I'm used to all the cabinet colors matching, but it works. We have a pullout drawer in our island that houses a frame for our trash can. Love it - trash is always out of sight. Cons - sometimes someone overfills it and you have to pull everything out to get that extra trash out. We also put a little lower piece at the bottom (hangs directly down underneath the bottom edge of the door) so I can pull it out with my foot vs. touching it if my hands are contaminated.
  11. If she does send cards, possibly a set of nice cards from Papyrus or something like that? I'd also include some stamps. Is there some magazine subscription that she might enjoy? Sometimes getting regular mail is a treat too. If she has trouble with her vision, I know some magazines offer large print edition (like Reader's Digest). I like the idea of a photo book of family photos. Assuming she would enjoy this too. I got some older relatives a Warmie each. Totally silly, but they enjoy them and they enjoy the weight sitting in their lap. https://warmies.com/ If she is the type to get cold/feel chilly, a nice fluffy throw might be nice?
  12. I'm so sorry. I do believe their expectations are not realistic for your situation. I'd have my dh call or go visit and explain that physically you and your parents just can't do that. That you love the children and you want to be a part of their lives but there is limits to what you can do. I'd have an idea of what you could do - maybe Sunday dinner where they all come, or they drop the kids off -and you and your DH and your parents are all there and you all eat together? Or some other day of the week? - Have him say you guys will do that (whatever) it is, but that is all you can do. And quite frankly, I never had any help with my kids. Two, 2.5 years apart, and my dh traveled internationally and worked very long hours when in town. I had no help, and I managed. They had kids, they need to learn to care for them. The children are their responsibility. Best wishes for you to navigate this in a successful way -to maintain relationships and to not be taken advantage of.
  13. I don't know if this is the same thing, but One of my children lied about completing their school work. I was busy at that time, so I wasn't checking regularly. She was middle school aged. We had a discussion about lying and trust. So for a LONG time, I checked her work every single day before she was able to go to anything else. I don't remember how long that was before I felt comfortable going back to a more spot checking approach. She hated it. She complained. I didn't care and reminded her we wouldn't be in that situation if she hadn't lied. It wasn't that the work was too hard or there was too much. She just didn't do it. She knew she could come to me and discuss load and/or if she didn't like a book (I've substituted before, I've also slightly changed assignments when there was a well thought out and rational reason.) She just didn't do the work but said she did. She is now in her 20s. She's admitted she doesn't really know why she didn't do her work, she was just interested to see how long she could get away with it. So maybe it was some sort of bizarre experiment that she came up with? I don't know, but - in general - being honest is very important to her now. At least with me and I think most others too. And it is important to her that others be honest with her.
  14. We've had some sag. But we have very heavy books on them. We only have a few of them.
  15. Hot here so chicken salad, broccoli salad, and fruit salad. Do you sense a theme? Also, all the chopping = therapy. Cheated and using the rotisserie chicken from Sam's so absolutely no cooking was done here!
  16. Coworker of a family member tested positive last week. This person had COVID (confirmed by PCR test) last year and is fully vaccinated. Tested with home test kit because they started feeling bad.
  17. This just changed yesterday. It's been confusing here in TX. This is also temporary - until the cases can be heard. I'm also not sure at all it will do any good. You will have a fair number of folks who won't have their kids mask because Governor said you can't make them, and it will be hard to enforce if you have over 50% of the school unmasked.
  18. Bambam


    I taught my kids to write thank you notes. They are adults now. They know there are some people who get miffed if they don't get a "thank you". They can decide on their own if they want to send thank you notes or not. I will not say anything to them either way. They are adults. It's all on them now. If there was someone they didn't want to send a thank you note to, that's fine with me. If anyone asked me why they didn't get a thank you note from dd, I'd probably say, "I don't know." and talk about something else.
  19. Bambam


    If dd needs to thank aunt via email for care package sent, she should do so. It is fine to include a line that she doesn't give her personal address out, and any packages in the future can be sent to her parent's address. She can also send snail mail letter saying the same thing (something I would do because no quick response like emails get!) - and use her parent's address as the return address. Explanations are not needed, and if aunt asks for them, ignore it. If aunt asked your dh, he should say that dd doesn't give out her personal address, and that is that.
  20. Another unfortunate thing about TX - at least from the school districts I'm seeing, there is NO requirement to quarantine if you've been exposed to a positive COVID case. One school will publish the number of known positives in each grade on their website. They will not call you to tell you if your child was exposed to a positive. You are not required to have your child quarantine if there were exposed. But our governor did just announce that they are opening 10 antibody infusion centers - like that will solve the problem.
  21. Yes, it is bad. Every county I see in my local area is increasing rapidly.
  22. Most of the counties in TX aren't reporting daily cases any more. So that 358 is probably a Monday report of the cases from Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday - so still not great at all but not quite so bad as 358 cases in one day.
  23. I would outright ask the coach to confirm that ALL seniors driving are over the age of 18 and let her know that if not, that would put the coach (personally, I think) and the school under liability if any auto accidents happen. I would ask definitely if the school were aware and had approved this. I would definitely ask about official permission slips. And I would still say no. And it seems like a hair brained idea to me. At best. Those seniors probably saw it in a movie and thought it looked like fun.
  24. So, let me be sure I understand: 1. School is already in session but they want to keep a 14 yo student up all night on a school night? 2. You aren't sure who (outside of two senior girls) will be coming to pick up your dd? 3. Is there a law in your state that those under the age of 18 can only drive one other non-relative minor in the car? (There is in ours) 4. They want to just sneak into your house and find your dd and take her? That is so bizarre. I'm pretty sure around here someone would shoot them. 5. What about the others sleeping in your house? They are assuming they won't wake them up? 6. So, basically you are agreeing to strangers coming to your house at 1:30 am and removing your dd - theoretically without her advance knowledge? 7. Is there not a curfew for those under 18 in your area? Why would this not be against that law? 8. Who is responsible if there is *any* accident? Auto accident? Fall with broken leg stumbling around in the dark? Your dog bites one of the intruders? This just seems like a bad idea. There are better ways, IMHO, building relationships with the team members. Go play paintball on the weekend. Go play bowling on a weeknight. Go play games. Go legit camping on Friday night and tell stories around the campfire.
  25. No. Hardwood floors in foyer, living room - dark stain. Kitchen cabinets - cherry all around except the island is a lighter wood (blonde). Doors, crown molding, door frames, window ledges all glossy white. Wooden furniture is all cherry in living room. Bookcases - one is darker than cherry (mahogany maybe?), those in dining room are a honey oak color, baker's rack and kitchen table in breakfast area are both a medium light brown. It doesn't bother me. I've never noticed until you asked this question!
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