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  1. A great workout at the gym this morning. I am in the last 3 weeks of an intensive program and miss my daily exercise/gym time. But once I complete and graduate this program, I can get my exercise time back. Plus, I have a few job offers once this is completed and that is my current motivation.
  2. YouTube for shows or I listen to music. Training tall on YouTube has some excellent rowing exercise videos.
  3. Allergies have been horrible here. Even making those who don’t normal suffer seeing what it it is like for the rest of us. Honestly, my first thought would have been poor kid with those allergies. Plus, combine with some people needing to use/douse themselves perfumes in church could have made it worse. I would have needed a lot of tissues and certain scents just make my nose run.
  4. Please report it to your doctor. There have been a few of these reactions like yours. A close friend works for drug company who has one of the vaccines has said they have a few reports of this type of response.
  5. Listen to your gut. We had an agency here who had some red flags to a few employees but not enough to bother some. With some odd conditions for employment. DS’s old therapist applied and got a position there quickly but kept sensing was off and left after a couple of months. They were in the end busted for fraud and some other stuff.
  6. Another option is to see if you have any local GED programs that will take it. Some will as it is a big deal to some of students/graduates to wear one and take a picture. An old friend of mine used to teach GED classes and would collect gowns for this.
  7. Let’s just hope that the seriousness of the children having to be questioned opens up her eyes a bit to the situation. I wonder how long until he violates parole. He seems to think he is above the rest of the world so it is a strong likely he will.
  8. This was exactly my neighbor’s experience. Honestly, her hair looked like crap afterwards. Her hair was thick and slightly wavy. It looked great before the treatment. She will tell you to not do it.
  9. This. If it was a financial crime, I bet they would be involved but not with this.
  10. It sounds like they knew about the money laundering investigation as the lawyer they hired is for that. I would expect some other charges to come out later.
  11. It takes awhile to handle these types of charges and built a tight case.
  12. Sadly, with what she has been taught it is her fault as she was not a good enough wife for this to happen. We can only hope she realizes the situation and/or CPS keeps a close eye on it and maybe that makes her realize.
  13. His family. They hold a lot over her head. They provide the warehouse she lives in on the property and rumor is manage the money ( I would not be surprised at that). I could see them being nasty about the kids if she left.
  14. I agree. Her dad set her up for failure. I would hope one day she takes the help offered by her sibling to leave. She could leave the warehouse they live in on his parents property and get a life without him.
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