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  1. Lawana


    Thank you for the update. I have been following your story from the beginning and am utterly fascinated by the crap that asshat thinks he can get away with.
  2. Is there any particular reason an option for being a birth parent isn’t included?
  3. As far as “hopelessly out of fashion,” in my area, I have not seen a single woman my age wear flesh colored hose and I am 59. Obviously anyone can wear what they want, but here, flesh colored hose would make someone look really clueless.
  4. Driving through avoids the high overpasses.
  5. I will agree with this. Also, look into getting a Peach Pass so you can use the Express lane. Just be prepared to go at least 75 mph lol. The Express lane turns into an HOV lane through downtown Atlanta so you could just stay in that lane all the way through the metro area until moving to the right to exit for I 20. Driving through Atlanta is always the pits,
  6. I fold underwear. Dh really likes and appreciates how neatly I roll his long boxer briefs lol. Sometimes I put them away and sometimes he does. Folding laundry is kind of my thing, ever since I was about 12 and overheard my mother on the phone mentioning that I was good at helping but still didn’t line up the folds on the towels. I was horrified because I had never noticed that she did that and she had never said anything to me about it. So I made it my business to become as perfect as I could be at folding. TMI 😝
  7. Not umsami, but it measures the glucose in the interstitial fluid. Can lag blood glucose values by a bit, so not as accurate during times of rapid change in glucose levels.
  8. I would have been flustered and embarrassed. Is the yarn area supposed to be off limits when a class is being held?!? Rude teacher. I could go on and on about the unprofessional, unhelpful and just plain @*!% employees at my local Joanns. The *only* reason I step foot into the place is that they are the only fabric store in town.
  9. If I am reading the subtext correctly, your dh thinks he should have primary say in just about everything, and for some reason you have difficulty being heard, whether because he is so dominant and possibly controlling, or you have a hard time speaking up, or some of each. It seems to me this issue is one more in a very long line of issues with the same subtext. My personal experience in a similar dynamic is that it took extended time with a warm, accepting therapist to learn to trust first her, then me. It hasn’t removed the marital conflict, but my emotional response to it is much different. I am increasingly able to validate my own point of view and depersonalize his crap. You desrve validation which I sense you are not getting in your primary intimate relationship. IMO you need to seek out an ongoing source of validation as a nonnegotiable resource for *you*. Thank god my insurance started covering therapy sessions at the same copay as a primary care appointment.
  10. Yes. My wardrobe is very simple: yoga type pants, leggings, T-shirts and hoodies, all which live in my dresser drawers along with my underwear and socks. A few dressier things hang in my closet.
  11. So very sorry for your losses. Be gentle to yourself. Grief has its own ways and can’t be rushed.
  12. In my experience it is not likely to be very successful to accomplish long distance. Even in person has its challenges. I don’t know how many times I have shown my 83 yo mother how to use her phone for navigation, but it doesn’t stick. It’s like she has a block against it. In case anyone wonders, instruction has included going super slow, writing down the steps, repetion, having her do it multiple times in my presence, suggesting she practice when she goes to already familiar places, but it just doesn’t take.
  13. In my experience no, none of them require fasting.
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