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  1. Sorry for the hijack: do you use a food processor for the dough?
  2. Not my experience at all. I heard the terms “duvet” and “duvet cover” in the 70s. My experience with comforters include fluffy, lighter weight, fashion fabric-covered ones and white, poly-filled ones intended to be used with a cover, as well as white down-filled ones. I had to give up my Company Store down comforter when moving from Chicago to the South lol.
  3. If you already have curtains, you can add a thermal liner. I have these
  4. Rub liquid laundry detergent directly on the stain. Work it into the fabric, then wash.
  5. Ds cleared up his face by taking Zinc, which I learned was a thing here on WTM. Zinc Picolinate 50mg (the Now brand I have is labeled vegan). Zinc is found predominantly in animal sources, and some say plant sources are not readily absorbed. So she might be deficient?
  6. For baked Mac and cheese I do bechamel with Velveeta and extra sharp cheddar. I undercook the pasta and reserve about 1 1/2 c (per pound of pasta) of pasta water to add to the sauce. Really runny going in, but creamy coming out.
  7. If you have a glucometer you could test the water to get an idea whether any significant sugar is present.
  8. Another perspective: I am on 3/4 gr Armour and 25mcg Cytomel and my TSH is always 0.01 or less and my ft3 and ft4 are within range. My prescribing doc is fine with it but everyone else freaks out. No hyper symptoms at all.
  9. An excellent resource:
  10. As another perspective: ds20 is a camp counselor at a YMCA day camp. They have some campers that are on the spectrum, some in foster care, and some with pretty serious behavior problems. The counselors were/are given zero training in how to deal with these issues. He has approached the directors with questions about how do deal with some of the issues and has been told to watch them more closely. He does what he can, but the ratios do not allow for anything close to one on one for those who would ideally need it. I definitely agree with contacting the director of the camp. The counselor needs guidance in how to deal with the situation.
  11. I have had this issue and despite the very best efforts of an extremely accommodating and competent optometrist, have not been able to solve this with adjustments alone. My solution was to buy silicone temple tips to pad the part behind the ear. I also have to be careful to match the width of the whole glasses to my head. If you have a larger or narrower than average head, this might be an issue.
  12. Lawana


    Thank you for the update. I have been following your story from the beginning and am utterly fascinated by the crap that asshat thinks he can get away with.
  13. Is there any particular reason an option for being a birth parent isn’t included?
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