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  1. Comfy clothes probably not what she used to wear at home, we got things from cheap places because they go missing all the time or get ruined by the hot laundry. So not lands end sweatpants- get Walmart ones.
  2. So not necessarily a mystery, but The Night Circus is my favorite audio book ever. It’s narrated by Jim Dale who did Harry Potter & is mysterious but not a mystery “who done it” book. But it’s amazing, I promise.
  3. Tbh, as a teacher I’m freaking out about lunch for myself, my kids, & and my students right now too. And we eat inside 😞 I’d get him his own location to eat- they should work with you and if he has a 504 or IEP they have to. Sorry this is one more thing on his plate.
  4. Here if you are quarantined by the health dept for an exposure you are expected to stay home for 10 days regardless of symptoms. It’s NOT optional. You can test on day 5-6 but that does not get you out of quarantine. If you actually test positive, your quarantine is checked on by the state troopers to be sure you are at home.
  5. Oh I just wanted to say that OWL is the BEST!!!!
  6. Yes, they have to go elsewhere. But this is a rural hospital in a very rural area- the next hospital is a ways away. (I know a few people who live there)
  7. This is awesome. Last week I had to pick up Dd at a house about 30 minutes away. I counted at least 5 light house type lawn decorations in various stages of disrepair and could only think of the monolith! None were concrete though.
  8. I have one kiddo who went to public school for high school- same issue. She found she was more comfortable eating in a friendly teacher’s classroom, guidance office, etc (that might not work with Covid regulations though).
  9. Tbh, I’d stay away from it as long as you can hold off. I’m teaching 4th grade these days and it (Facebook messenger, etc) causes lots and lots of problems.
  10. Yes. It’s the first time I’ve ever taught it or discussed it with students. I almost made it through our first read aloud without crying. I also taught about a historical battle from 1814 that happened on Sept 11th in our town as well yesterday to my students. It was an interesting juxtaposition. Times change and yet they don’t. So many lives lost in history to different tragedies.
  11. Yup that’s how it’s working here too… cuz you know, Covid isn’t airborne & kids don’t get in each other’s faces outside at recess when they aren’t masked. Err, not.
  12. School started this week here in upstate NY. I’m a teacher- sent home a sick kid this week, have another out on quarantine. My own child was quarantined today from a positive case in her classroom from the second day of school. The first time she’s been in a classroom since March 2019 😞 People- keep your kids home if they have symptoms. It’s going to be another long year. We didn’t even make it a full 5 days before we had kids with Covid in our rooms. At least we have mask mandates and testing or vaccinations required here. (we chose not to homeschool this year because my parents who were watching/ homeschooling the kids during the day can’t do it any longer, it’s just too much for them) But going on year 3 of this from the teacher side is feeling overwhelming today. I really thought about taking a year leave of absence…
  13. Time capsule? With family photo, picture of the house from outside, maybe a few trinkets. Ive never found anything except mouse skeletons
  14. For me, it depends on the context of who is asking… casual question in a group or when I introduce myself to my students I usually say 4 because if I say 5 then they ask ages and then realize I left one out & then I have to explain closer friend thing- I may say we had 5, one passed away a few years ago at age 9 after a long illness Its still a tough question every time and it’s been 5 years. My mom had a child who died as an infant & she still struggles at times when asked, I’ve noticed.
  15. If you think she’d be more into something social justice related- try your local Unitarian church. There’s usually something for everyone there. They also run the Our Whole Lives sex Ed program that is amazing & even our small rural area has a great UU youth group, religious Ed (social justice based) program, & does lots of community events.
  16. Teachers need to eat, pee, & return parent phone calls- last year our students ate in our rooms and we had to supervise them all day without a break…we did it (for free) for the kids, that just wasn’t going to fly for another whole year. It does suck. We could not find people willing to work at schools to cover those times.
  17. Both of my oldest kids were late readers and one grown one still struggles, but she still loves audiobooks & shares my love for books and characters that way 🙂 Have fun reading
  18. Oh my gosh- I was an Air Force brat and lived in Alabama a few times. Once for high school US History class. Literally a different version of the Civil War was taught there. Among other things. I’ll never live south of the Mason Dixon line again.
  19. Teacher here. Pledge is said daily. I stand but don’t say it.
  20. Ugh I totally forgot, so, nope 😞 I just ordered a bunch of disposable k95s or whatever they’re called instead. I’m never going to get Enro’s or happy masks. I’m like number 36,000 on the wait list!
  21. We didn’t wind up using them- due to the pandemic all state exams were waived in NY so dd was able to pass all of her public school classes & get a regular state diploma! But they were our back up plan in case we needed to homeschool again or in case she could not pass the state exams needed in NY. (silver lining!)
  22. 30 minutes on the weekend- I do bathrooms (only scrub tub when it really needs it), Dh vacuums, then I mop kitchen (but not every week). Now that I’m working & the kids go to school, it doesn’t get nearly as dirty!!
  23. I’d quarantine, test again, and most importantly- please do NOT send your child to school when you are having symptoms.
  24. Ah man, they are all out of stock now- I had wanted to try those.
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