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  1. I think this has helped my son transition to college, too. It's hard for him with hybrid classes, but at least he doesn't have any social pressures to have to deal with. He's a junior transfer student living in a dorm, and he's not going to college for the partying. In his own words, rolling his eyes, "Mom, I'm not going to college for the social life. I'm going to get a degree."
  2. We have often been able to find a campground right outside the city. We have a motorhome, and don't even tow a car, but we've found campgrounds that provide transportation into a city, and we've also rented a car and used Uber. We've visited Boston, New Orleans, Niagara Falls and Dallas/Fort Worth this way.
  3. My son is in his third week at Western Carolina. I feel that every day he is there is a gift. Tonight he had organic chem lab and made acetaminophen. He was so excited! He said normally they do this lab at the end of the semester, but I think they've moved some things up because it is likely that they won't make it the whole semester. On top of that, he only gets 1/2 the normal labs due to the hybrid approach. So I am happy for every lab he gets to do. They are so valuable! Some of this stuff you just can't do online.
  4. I bought some fun Halloween cocktail napkins at TJ Maxx. I've got hours to kill when I take my son to community college in the next county over, so I'm trying to enjoyably kill time without spending money. The cocktail napkins cost less than $2.00, and I also bought a bottle of EVOO for $4 (reduced to clear.). Those were two little things that made me happy. Oh, and two packages of tissues at Target in a square box with a mushroom print on it. 🍄
  5. So far, I think he is actually liking his classes. What he has the hardest time doing is actually keeping up with all the assignments for all the classes. Having labs just about doubles the number of teachers he has assignments from, since the labs are all separate classes from the lectures. So far, he is even understanding organic chem. I told him not to get too comfortable because it's gonna get harder!
  6. My son's classes at Western Carolina started this week. All of his classes and labs are hybrid. One of his classes ha switched to all online without any notice to him (!), but he saw his schedule last week and was able to switch to a section that was still hybrid It was organic chem, so that was a good thing. He had three face-to-face classes yesterday, all different. His genetics class was fairly traditional, with the exception of social distancing and masks, his organic chem class had 1/3 of the class attend in person with the rest of the class attending via zoom, and his organic chem
  7. Ugh. My son had his first organic chem lab tonight, and he called and said he doesn't think he can do it, and he wants to come home. 😥 It doesn't help that he's also taking physics, genetics and a scientific research class. He's a junior transfer and he is seriously overwhelmed. I will pass on to him what you said above. He's a biology major who doesn't plan to go into any health fields, but organic chem is required for general biology majors. He loves biology, but chem, not so much.
  8. People with joint issues shouldn't take it. And older people are vulnerable, too. I took this medication about a year and a half ago for a bad eye infection. I had had it before with no lasting side effects, but this most recent time I took it I was "floxxed." Basically I lost feeling in some of my fingers and part of my hand for almost 6 months. It started the night I took the medication. I didn't think much of it at first, but it continued to get worse. I have RA, so I was probably more susceptible. I will not take it again unless there is absolutely nothing else that will work.
  9. Thanks! This is good to know.
  10. I'm glad to hear these are decent. I may have to try them.
  11. I am not very worried about my son going off to college and getting sick from Covid. I'm much more worried about the negative consequences for him if he doesn't get to go. He doesn't learn well online. He is also a junior transferring from a community college to a 4 year school, and all of his classes except one are lab classes -- physics, genetics and organic chem. These are not easy classes to take online; he doesn't have any easy filler classes he can take. He also has a special research class as part of a scholarship, and this would essentially be for naught if the students are sent
  12. My younger son is in his fifth week working at residential Boy Scout camp. So far, no Covid at camp! I'm so grateful for this bit of normalcy in his life.
  13. Thanks for sharing this. ETA: I've notice that in my state, hospitalizations are going up while deaths are going down. I wonder if patients are being hospitalized sooner, and if that is contributing to fewer deaths.
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