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  1. Growing up, we had a neighbor who had a plum tree, and we could have as many as we could pick. So we made plum jam, and froze some, etc. Well, at one point mom discovered little white worms in one of the batches of plums. They were small, and I think we ate them anyhow. She grew up in Germany during and after WWII, and people didn't just throw food away due to a few worms, I guess.
  2. Serenade


    I was hoping you'd feel better today. Please try to drop any activities you have today and stay in bed. The kids can miss their stuff for a day. I bet if you'd stay in bed for a day, sipping. water or tea and sleeping as much as you can, that you'd feel better tomorrow. I know it's easier said than done.
  3. Serenade


    If you're not feeling better tomorrow, you may want to consider going back and demanding a flu test. Is there anybody who can go with you?
  4. Serenade


    I am sorry you are feeling so poorly. I hope you will feel at least a little better tomorrow. I think you have it much worse than I did. I felt really bad for 24 - 36 hours, and after that just icky, but not terrible. Today is the first day I don't have a sore throat, and it's day 8. I checked my temperature tonight, though, and I still have a low-grade fever. I'm hoping that will go away soon. Mostly I have felt better for the past 3 or 4 days, but I can't seem to beat the fever, and the sore throat just went away. I also still have thick congestion at the back of my head. It's weird congestion -- I can't blow it out. Maybe when that goes away the fever will go with it.
  5. Serenade


    The worst was the first 24 -36 hours, when the fever was up to 101.5. That's when my skin hurt and all the other symptoms were full-blown. But after that, I felt functional for the 5 additional days that I had it. Not great, because I still had a fever, but it was lower, and the headache mostly went away. I was still tired, and my throat annoyed me for a week. That was part of the worst at the beginning -- my neck ached a lot, on top of having a sore throat. When the neck ache went away, I felt better. It's hard to feel well when you can't move your head without pain. Yesterday morning I still had a fever (the 7th day), but by nighttime it went away, which I thought was unusual, since mostly fevers get worse as the day goes on. I am still fairly congested, and my big hope is that this thing doesn't move into my ears. That said, it sounds like you have it a bit worse than I did. I'd rest as long as you can, and certainly until your fever goes down a little. Drinking hot tea helped me to feel better, I guess because it soothed my throat and it seemed to loosen up the congestion, at least for a short while afterwards. Running errands is tiring. I wouldn't do that if you didn't have to. On one of my bad days I had to take a kid to the CC, and I could barely stay awake on the way home, so I asked my DH to pick him up. It was not a good idea for me to have driven, seriously. Anyhow, I hope you feel better. Feel free to vent here as much as you need to. I think sometimes that makes a person feel better, too. Sometimes it's hard to get sympathy from the regular folks in the house.
  6. Serenade


    Agreeing with Katy. It's the flu. And I just had it, too. I didn't go to the doctor, but I'm 100% sure it's what I had. I'm a week out now, and my fever has just now abated, and my sore throat, too. Everything I had fit the flu description to a T. BTW, I didn't know that a sore throat is often the last symptom to go with the flu. My sore throat lasted a week, along with my fever.
  7. I already had flu this year -- just last week and I'm still dealing with the after-effects. Meh. It was probably on the milder side as flus go, but still a pain to deal with. ETA: I think when my kids graduate I'm just going to either stay in my house or go camping and avoid the crowds during flu season.
  8. You know, I'd be willing to pay good money for good coffee. I can see how mums would do well. Our previous Troop sold wreaths, and they were always a good value and not too hard to sell. Although the problem was that they were delivered too early (sometimes before Thanksgiving), and they did not keep nicely till Christmas. I like mums because they are perennials and can be planted in the yard after they bloom.
  9. I think coffee would be wonderful and would be a popular and easy item to sell.
  10. I really wish BSA would step away from popcorn. Surely there must be something else?
  11. We don't use any camperships, and the Council gets 1/2 the money from camp cards. Camp cards are an easy sell. Council has to give us products that are easy to sell. Think about the Girl Scout cookie. So easy to buy, doesn't cost much, and everybody loves them. Unfortunately, popcorn is just not as popular, plus it's more expensive. That's why we go the camp card route.
  12. We did a lot of equipment as Christmas gifts, although it didn't always work out so neatly when there was a need. I am happy our Troop does not sell popcorn. We do an annual pasta dinner with a speaker, and we make a little money then, although we usually share with the Cub Scout pack. We also sell camp cards. I believe Council gets half the proceeds from them. I really dislike the popcorn thing -- it is too expensive to sell, and not really a popular item. I think that scouting needs to change to something else with a lower price point. Apparently people have asked, but leadership doesn't want to change. Camp cards are better -- they sell for $5, and the troop/boy gets $2.50, and the council gets $2.50, if I understand correctly. I have bought as many as 40 camp cards myself, back when they used to have $5 off $50 for shopping at Harris Teeter. Essentially the camp cards cost me nothing, and my kid got $2.50 in his scout account for each one I used. At any rate, people are willing to help a kid out and spend $5, but not $15 and up like popcorn was getting to be.
  13. I'm laughing because my son would be thrilled to make $200 a week. He is 16, and makes $100. I think if he returns next summer he'll make $110, lol. That's probably the difference between being in the rural east and being in Colorado. He did end up with some nice freebies after camp, though -- the counselors got to divide up all the unclaimed things in the lost and found. He ended up with a really nice backpack and even found $10 in a nameless scout book.
  14. Thanks for explaining.
  15. I think it's great that your Troop tries to keep costs so low. I think ours does well, but yours does even better! Our Troop keeps old merit badge books, too, and also outgrown uniforms to give to new scouts.
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