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  1. The Boy Scout camp my younger son works at is still planning sessions this summer, although they are shortening from 7 weeks of camp to 5. It is an overnight camp, so things will not be the same -- i.e., dining is going to be set up differently, there will be twice daily temperature checks and record keeping, some merit badge sessions like cooking won't be held at all, and if one kid in a troop gets sick, the whole troop has to go home. I'm not sure what the requirements are regarding masks, but my son as a counselor has been asked to bring two cloth masks. In reality, I'm not sure enough people will keep their camp reservations to make it viable. In our own troop, at least half the people have canceled because they don't want to deal with all the rules, and they know they will be difficult to enforce anyhow.. While my son does not love all the rules he will have to follow, he loves working at camp so he will be there as long as they are open.
  2. Just wanted to update. First, my son ended up taking the exam at the campground. We had a small problem with wifi, but we got it working OK and he had no further problems. Four problems had graphs that didn't show up, and at first we were concerned that it was an issue on our end, but it wasn't, so he e-mailed the teacher that he had put down random answers for those 4 problems. She didn't respond for a couple of days, so we didn't know what would happen with that, but she eventually e-mailed the class confirming that there was an issue, and she was going to drop those problems. Furthermore, she curved the test 12 points which allowed my son to get a "B" in the class. His finally class grade was 79.88, and she rounded up to a "B". I was happy for that, because he was maintaining a "B" in the class until everything went online, and then he struggled. I was even worried for a while that he might fail the class. I did speak with his disability advisor when the test wasn't posting. He had tried to contact the teacher several times himself, and given the time issue, I thought it was time to escalate things. I had FERPA authorization, thank goodness. The disability advisor was very helpful, and she tried to speak with the teacher to no avail. However, she could not really do anything further. She could not give him more extra time on the test since WiFi issues would not be considered a disability issue. I do think her call to the teacher was what eventually got the teacher to post the exam, though, as the exam posted shortly after she called so maybe the advisor was able to leave a message. At any rate, by the time the test posted, it was too late for my son to take the exam and for us to get to the beach before dark, so we took our chance on the wifi and headed out on our planned vacation. I don't know what the rules are for how late a teacher can post exams, but the fact that the teacher kept changing things was highly problematic, IMO. What if my son had had a flight to take? What if he had planned on working? I do know that the official schedule said that last Thursday classes met on May 7, and for the community college this is the last day of any particular class -- there is not a separate exam week or anything. At any rate, all's well that ends well. Thank you all for your input!
  3. I don't think a college teacher has the right to delay a final exam, do they? This is a schedule set by the college months in advance. The college made it clear that they are not extending the class schedule due to COVID. Thursday (yesterday) was supposed to be the very last session for this class. At the community college, exams are taken on the last scheduled day of class, not afterwards. There is no finals week or anything. The exam still hasn't posted. The students were supposed to be able to start the exam at 2 o'clock yesterday. Then she said the exam would post at midnight. She is not answering e-mails. Clearly something is wrong. FWIW, yesterday she told the class she had not completed writing the exam yet! I guess I will now have to get involved. My son has signed FERPA, so I am authorized to talk with his disability counselor. I will start there, and then if necessary, we'll take it up to the Dean.
  4. He e-mailed the teacher again, and he copied his disability advisor, so that there is a record of what is going on. We did find the name of the dean and assistant dean, and I guess if we don't hear back, we'll take it up a notch. My son, however, is very much afraid to rock the boat in case the teacher takes it out on his grade. Thanks for your help, Regentrude.
  5. We can leave a little later, but it's a long drive, and we want to get to our destination before dark. I guess we'll wait an hour from his e-mail to the teacher, and then see if we can contact disability. I can't even figure out which department the class is in or who the dean is. It's not clear -- I'm guessing micro-economics would be the business department? I'm seriously wondering if she never planned to give the exam at all. She's said some really strange things. Just last week, she told the students that when doing their class reviews, that they should not make any comments about her appearance because it hurts her feelings, and that they shouldn't think that their poor reviews of the class will affect her salary, because she's going to transfer to William and Mary anyhow. ???
  6. My son's final in microeconomics was supposed to be yesterday (Thursday) at 2 o'clock. On Tuesday the teacher told the class that instead of starting the exam at two as planned, she would give another lecture at that time, and they could take the exam afterwards. However, in class yesterday she said that the exam wasn't ready and that she would post it at midnight instead. This morning, she still hasn't posted the exam. We had planned to leave town today because the exam was supposed to be yesterday! Yesterday was supposed to be the last day of class for all the classes that meet on Thursday. Now it is Friday, and still no exam. My son gets time and a half per accommodations, and I'm thinking he should try to get in touch with his disability coordinator and ask for double time since we will be at a campground and wifi might be spotty. The test will be open for 3 days, but it does have a time limit once started. Honestly, I'm not even sure the teacher is in her right to extend the exam beyond the last day for classes, which was yesterday for my son's class. We would never have planned a trip during exams! The college did NOT extend the spring schedule due to Covid, but everything has been online, of course. This teacher has been "off" all semester, but especially since the Covid lockdown. She says really strange things to the class. Does anybody have any advice on how we should handle this? My son has the lowest grade he's ever had in this class (a high C), and I am worried about how this is going to affect his grade. He *needs* to pass this class because he's supposed to graduate with his associates this spring and transfer to a 4-year in the fall.
  7. I hope your husband relents. 🐕
  8. Mine was a couple of weeks ago. We were supposed to go camping and maybe get a meal out going or coming. Oh well. Instead, to bring a little joy to my day, I asked my husband to invent a new cocktail in honor of my coronavirus birthday. We call it the Covid-19. (Whisky, Goldschlagger, a touch of Cherry Heering, a splash of lime, a dash of bitters, and a sprinkling of Vitamin C powder. 😀)
  9. I saw some pretty and clean ones recently in an antique store, and I almost bought them just because they were so pretty. As a girl I had some that were simply printed upon with cute pictures, but also some that had needlework around the edge. I think I know in which container they are stored, but I don't know where that container is. Maybe I'll find it in my spare time during the quarantine. Although that spare time is still a lot more elusive than I thought it would be. And I was chuckling a bit at your old-T shirt use, because I'm saving a pile of them for use and wash toilet paper if worse comes to worse. I have major toilet paper angst! And this thread isn't helping that at all, lol.
  10. I grew up using handkerchiefs. I'm sure I kept some because many were quite pretty, but I don't know where they are. And I'm kind of wondering now in my old age, why did people take the time to make handkerchiefs pretty, given their use and all?
  11. Magnesium is a natural statin, and magnesium deficiency is linked to high cholesterol. If you choose to try this, buy magnesium citrate because it is the most absorbable. Also nicotinic acid (a form of niacin). Nicotinic acid used to be used to treat high cholesterol before statins became predominant.
  12. I ordered some movies with the deal. I went back today to order some other things, but unfortunately the sale is now over. Dang.
  13. Check to make sure things are open on the day you wish to see them. We were in Boston a couple of years ago (only for the day), and we really wanted to see the USS Constitution, but that attraction is closed on Mondays.
  14. 1 can black beans with liquid, 1 can diced tomatoes with liquid, 1 cup instant rice. Put in pot and heat until rice is done. Add cumin or other seasonings as desired. I buy the seasoned diced tomatoes when I can. Double and triple the recipe as needed. I usually double it for two teen boys and two adults. We eat it as bowl food with hot sauce.
  15. The bundle plans I mentioned are often available for both hips and knees.
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