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  1. This is on my short list of movies to see again. We have it on DVD and keep losing it, but I just found it again this week. "That'll do pig, that'll do." We use this phrase in our house for humans. 🙂
  2. Riding in a boat to Bear Island singing "Don't Rock the Boat." Maybe the summer after 6th grade? The things we do for love (Walking in the rain and the snow...). Walking through the zoo in DC, in the rain, singing this song with my 8th grade friends. Another Saturday Night -- guy playing it on his guitar at summer camp. First time I heard it. Dock of the Bay -- reminds me of an old boyfriend All Night Long -- dancing to this song at Discoteca Dianca in Sevilla in 1983/84 I Hear a Symphony -- always reminds me of my brother. Same with Searchin' for a Rainbow I could go on and on. Music is very evocative for me. I guess for me most songs have a memory attached to them, but the ones above in particular. Probably most of you young things don't even know most of those songs!
  3. I think this might have been one of the reasons my sis did it. While it was her first baby, she was in the high risk category for postpartum depression.
  4. My sister did it. I was shocked! I was kind of joking about people who eat their placenta, and then she told me. Oops. Well, OK, then. I think her midwife took her placenta away and did whatever they do to it. I can't remember if she took it in encapsulated form. I'm probably not going to ask, either.
  5. Just to be sure you know that in NC your dd could take classes at any of the CC's, not just the one that is most local. So you could try others if you don't like the first one. In fact, I plan to enroll my younger son at both Alamance and Durham Tech for this coming fall. I asked at Alamance if it would be legit to take classes at Durham Tech, too, and was told it was not a problem. You just have to enroll at both schools. Easy Peasy.
  6. How wonderful! I enjoyed seeing your baby plants.
  7. We generally eat lunch and dinner together. My boys eat breakfast together without my DH and me. Nobody here eats alone unless they are the only one in the house.
  8. In the Heart of Dakota World History program, there is an art elective that combines the study of art history and famous artists with 9 individual art projects. It is a good, solid, art program. The only downside is that you'd have to buy the HOD guide, and they are not cheap. I've done it before, though -- bought one of their guides for one specific component. If you're using it for two students it would probably be worthwhile. My older son did it, and now my younger son is doing it, too. Here is a link. If you scroll down, it's about the third package on the page.
  9. I used the grading service with Level 12, and I was willing to give it a try for the price, too. Anyhow, I thought it was well worth it. The feedback was good and not overwhelming and tended to make points in a positive way. If you want a lot of copious notes for editing a paper, this service would not be what you want. You essentially get one review per paper, so you want to make sure the paper is as polished as possible before you turn it in. I think this service really helped my son. A lot of emphasis was put on thesis statements and restating them, as well as things like paragraph organization. The recent review sheet from my son's English 2 class at the community college gave him positive feedback about his thesis statement and restatement, and I credit that to EIW. Editing: We've used EIW 11 and EIW 12. We did not use the grading service with 11.
  10. I'm with you. I'm not in a super cold state, but all it's done lately is rain and rain and rain some more. Forties and raining. (Which is probably better than 20s and snowing, I admit) So gloomy. We're heading to Myrtle Beach for a few days to go camping (RV), and I hope for a bit of sun therapy there. It won't be super warm, but it will be 10 degrees warmer than it is here, and that's enough.
  11. That is an interesting scheduling concept. It sounds hard, though! Although I like the idea of only having to focus on one thing.
  12. That could be it -- this is my kid who had the pin/pen problem. One of his biggest problems with Spanish is that the words often have many syllables, and he has hard time putting them in the proper order. He had a terrible time pronouncing "literatura." He just couldn't get the sounds out right. I finally broke it down for him like this: leader - ah- tour - ah. And we'd say it over and over and over that way, sometimes only two syllables at a time. He finally got it, but the way he says it now sounds very anglicized, although at least it works.
  13. My son has mild dyslexia, and Latin is easier for him than Spanish. I can't figure it out because Latin seems so much more complex to me.
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