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  1. This happened to me, too. I'd make the cards, but then not send them. Sometimes I sent them late, but then it got too late to send them. Last Christmas I sent cards again -- they were New Year's Cards instead of Christmas cards. I think that is what I'll do from now on, so that if they go out in January, it's no big deal. But I only send 20 or so.
  2. I've had my Chevy Traverse for over 10 years, and I love it. I feel so safe in it. I am at about 97.000 miles, and we've had hardly any problems with it. It's been a wonderful vehicle, and I hope I'll be driving it for many more years.
  3. I'm sorry. I think this is a really difficult point in the semester. My son, who is at home and attending community college, is stressed to the max like I have never seen him before. There is just so much work to do, and the tests all seem to happen at the same time. And I can't help him get organized. Well, he doesn't want my help, and I get that, but he is just having a hard time managing everything that is due. With some classes, he has work that is due every day except Sunday, so he feels like he can never take a break and relax. And while all my son's classes are live, in person classes, the teachers really use the online class management systems to constantly add assignments and due dates. A syllabus given at the beginning of the semester means nothing anymore. Anyhow, I'm just sharing because I don't know how common this is, but I can see how for anyone who struggles with the organizational aspects of college, how this can make things so much more stressful.
  4. Could you (or someone else) give a link to one of these? I'm googling, but I must be using the wrong search. terms.
  5. Last year I got some of these for some older teens in my extended family. I think they liked them.
  6. In my experience, lettuce used to keep better in the past -- in the days before all produce was continually soaked with sprayers. The constant water from the spray machines, that's supposed to keep veggies fresh, actually breaks down things like lettuce. I had always suspected that, but one time I read farmers talking about how a lot of rain destroys lettuce in the field in a similar manner. I love red leaf lettuce, but I rarely buy it anymore for the aforementioned reason. If I can get some from the farmers market I'll buy it there, because it keeps much longer. I also like to buy the lettuce where you get four small heads of different lettuce varieties in a plastic container -- I find these to keep much better as well.
  7. I have two sets of everyday ware. One is Vietri Campagna, because we live in the town where this company is headquartered and there is an outlet. A couple of times a year they have a wonderful clearance sale. We have mix and match with many of the different animals. They've changed the color tones lately to be a bit brighter, so I generally look for the older varieties that are not so bright and are a bit more muted. We also use Denby Harlequin, which we registered for when we got married. We truly use them both -- the Denby when we need to microwave and the Vietri when we don't. The Vietri gets hot in the microwave.
  8. My son's high school transcript is two pages. One page has all the key school and student info like address, birthdate, etc at the top, and all of the courses and grades listed on the bottom. I didn't feel I could make the course listings any smaller; my son has a lot of courses because he dual-enrolled. The second page is only the top of a page and it lists the grading scale, grade and has my signature as administrator. I copied this format from someone who's husband worked in admissions, so I figured it was OK.
  9. Serenade

    S/O Spanking?

    This is definitely true.
  10. I try to make as many pre-prepared foods as possible -- things that we can just pull out and serve. So ahead of time I make a hearty pasta salad with vinaigrette (keeps very well), and things like broccoli salad that provide a quick and tasty veggie. For sandwiches I tend to make fillings like tuna salad and pimiento cheese in advance -- things you can spread on bread and don't need condiments. We also like to take some pork barbecue, because that, too, can pretty much be dumped on buns, with a little slaw if desired, and dinner (or lunch) is done. I agree with the others who posted that it's best to cook outdoors. We rarely cook indoors with the exception of our traditional first night meal, which is frozen burritos or chimichangas, pre-cooked rice in a package, and canned beans -- these are all heated in the microwave. Our previous first night meal was hotdogs over a fire, but we tend to arrive late, so we switched to the burritos which we all like. Other than that, my DH or one of the boys cooks the meals outdoors on the camp stove or over a fire. Chili is a favorite. My favorite tip to share is to use foaming hand soap. You can get away with using only a little bit of soap, and it doesn't make a mess all over the place like bar soap or even regular liquid soap. Plus, if you're ever in a situation where you have to conserve water, it doesn't take a lot of water to rinse it off. Get your kids practicing water conservation early on. With 7, you'll be dumping like crazy. On another note, I like to take old thin towels in the camper because they dry faster. Also take plenty of quarters so you can throw stuff in the campground drier if it is humid out and things don't dry. Since you'll be only staying a night in most locations, this may not be a problem, but get yours kids in the habit of picking their stuff up and putting it away right away. Even with only 4 of us, if we let things go for even a day, the camper ends up looking very messy.
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