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  1. Since we did cost-plus, we were responsible for any cost over-runs, plus the builder's percent of those overruns. Every cost increase for us was, in effect, a profit increase for the builder. So there was no incentive to control costs, and our builder used the cost-plus terms to take advantage of us. We thought we could trust him because he was the president of a home-builder's association in a large city, but it turns out that he was not cost-conscious at all because he knew we had to pay -- cost plus. So often things cost more than were in the budget, but that didn't give us more money fr
  2. One thing to keep in mind with a construction loan is that the bank will only pay out the money as certain construction milestones are met. The house we built was cost-plus (which I don't recommend to anyone!), and there were a few times when we needed the bank to release money but they wouldn't because certain milestones weren't met yet. Then we had to find a way to pay the builder or construction on the house construction wouldn't continue. We had a few tight moments due to this problem. But then, our builder wasn't the most ethical person around, either.
  3. When my boys had their recent annual exam, I really pushed them to go in on their own. One would have done it, the other was adamant that I go in with them. They are both at ages where they really should go in on their own, especially my older son (let's just say he's almost aged out of the pediatrician). But he has ADHD, and he didn't want to, so I agreed to go one more time. While my boys went with the nurse to get their hearing checked, I quickly stepped into the docs office and explained that I really tried NOT to go with them this year, but that there were protests. Their doc, who ha
  4. On activity nights we tended to eat early and then have a dessert when we came home.
  5. I think I'm seeing a lot of this in my mother. She's 83, though.
  6. I met my husband through a dating service. This was before internet dating. I felt it was fairly safe because all participants were screened by the agency. He was my third person (date) in the program, and I was his first. ❤️ He was so perfect for me that I couldn't have dreamed him up. That was over 25 years ago so it worked out pretty well.
  7. I read it the summer after 6th grade. My mom read it, too, and we had all kinds of inside jokes from that book. I have not read it since, but it's on my shelf, and maybe this is the summer to re-read it.
  8. I would like to recommend the book, The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolan. I have not read the whole thread, so if someone has already mentioned this book, I'm sorry for being repetitive. https://www.amazon.com/Lemon-Tree-Arab-Heart-Middle/dp/1596913436/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=The+Lemon+Tree&qid=1621653711&sr=8-1 I'm going to copy one of the Amazon reviews here, as I feel this review very accurately portrays the book. I learned so much from reading it! "Except for the fact that I became depressed in the second half of the book, this is just about a perfect non-fictio
  9. Whatever happened to Tapestry of Grace? That was much talked about back in the day. I got a sample of it once, and while it looked like a good program, it was too intimidating for me. You don't hear much about WinterPromise anymore, either. I liked several of their programs when my boys were young -- "Animals and Their Worlds" and "Sea & Sky". One of my favorite homeschooling years was WinterPromise "Quest for the Ancients." I stopped using WinterPromise when they switched to mostly digital products. They used to have such issues with supply, and I guess going digital for the IGs
  10. According to WRAL, nearly 60 percent of gas stations in Raleigh are out of gas. My husband was in Durham this morning, and at that time there was still gas available there, but lines everywhere. https://www.wral.com/panic-buying-after-pipeline-hack-leads-to-long-lines-little-fuel-at-triangle-gas-stations/19672116/ I have a 10 hour round trip drive on Friday to pick up my son from Western, and I'm worried about finding enough gas to do that.
  11. Really, all I want is a day of rest, but I'm probably not going to get it. I have so many things I need to do. My younger son has a Calculus 2 exam tomorrow, my older son is 5 hours a way in the midst of exams, so there won't be a lot of mom-spoiling going on today. But I'm OK with that, although I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the days when my two little boys joyfully celebrated Mother's Day with me.
  12. I understand. I feel the same. I hate leaving messages and waiting for people to call back! Stresses me out tremendously. I feel like I have to constantly carry my phone around, and I'm not good at that.
  13. I used it, but it was about 13 years ago. My son loved it. That was my first year homeschooling with a "real" homeschool program, and we found the program interesting, engaging and varied. I'm sure it has changed since then, so I'm hoping that by bumping this, someone else will respond who has used it more recently.
  14. Yes. I love my mom, and I would say we have a good relationship, but sometimes it is difficult to visit or even to talk. So much of the talk is about health -- her health, her neighbor's health, and then other things that are problems. Every once in a while we have a really nice conversation that I enjoy, and that is what I look forward to. The rest of the time I try to do my duty without resentment. I am in a phase of life right now where it is difficult to give up an hour or two, but I am hoping that next year I can do this more freely.
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