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  1. Magnesium is a natural statin, and magnesium deficiency is linked to high cholesterol. If you choose to try this, buy magnesium citrate because it is the most absorbable. Also nicotinic acid (a form of niacin). Nicotinic acid used to be used to treat high cholesterol before statins became predominant.
  2. I ordered some movies with the deal. I went back today to order some other things, but unfortunately the sale is now over. Dang.
  3. Check to make sure things are open on the day you wish to see them. We were in Boston a couple of years ago (only for the day), and we really wanted to see the USS Constitution, but that attraction is closed on Mondays.
  4. 1 can black beans with liquid, 1 can diced tomatoes with liquid, 1 cup instant rice. Put in pot and heat until rice is done. Add cumin or other seasonings as desired. I buy the seasoned diced tomatoes when I can. Double and triple the recipe as needed. I usually double it for two teen boys and two adults. We eat it as bowl food with hot sauce.
  5. The bundle plans I mentioned are often available for both hips and knees.
  6. Seconding this. I had a total knee replacement last July, and with that surgery I met my total out-of-pocket expenses for the year. After that surgery, all of my medical expenses, including PT, were covered. So I decided to go ahead and have my second knee done the same year, since it didn't cost me anything additional. Also, to the OP, some insurance plans now have a bundle plan option for hip and knee replacements. If you have an option to choose this, it is a great choice because it included all of the services you need, and you pay once; you are not stuck analyzing all of the individual bills that come in. I was assigned a case manager, and if I got billed separately for anything related to the surgery and after care, she took care of it. I needed her help a couple of times for incorrect bills, but other than that, I did not have to deal with the billing at all.
  7. This is definitely something to think about. Thank you for posting. I've had a hard time convincing him to follow through with accommodations at all, but I think he is realizing how much they help him and he is now more willing to ask. His doctor note definitely gives him a distraction free place, and I believe he will get that for his statistics exams because his teacher doesn't want to stay extra so he will get a private testing room. For now he is comfortable in the chem room. Apparently there are a few other students who also come early and/or stay late, and I think that makes him feel more normal. 😀
  8. Just wanting to add that my son had the note from the doctor to request accommodations his first semester at the community college, but he didn't follow up. He mostly did OK until last semester, when he felt that he didn't have enough time on a chemistry test to demonstrate his true knowledge of the subject. That is what finally got him to request the accommodations. His Chem 2 teacher this semester is working with him easily, allowing him to come in early or stay later to finish the exam. My son likes that better than having to go to a separate room. Anyhow, he used every minute of his time and a half for his first chem test this semester, and he eeked out an 82. Afterwards I asked him if he felt he would have done that well without the extra time, and he said, "no way." So I think that is what helped him push for the accommodations in his statistics class. It's always hard to get something going, but once you've done it once, I think it gets easier. He is going away to a 4-year school next year, so this has been good practice for him. Thanks for your encouragement!
  9. Yes. I'm really excited for him. He has been so reluctant to advocate for himself. Today he got copied on an e-mail from the instructor to the disability advisor and the woman who will supervise his test on the local campus. I've noticed that this professor is very careful about detailing everything in a message, which is good. Even when the message detailed the instructor's lack of help for my son, it allowed my son to know what the situation was, and so he followed up. He copied that e-mail to the advisor in his response, and that got the ball rolling. I did suggest that he e-mail the instructor thanking him, to help make sure the instructor knows my son is not trying to be a pain.
  10. Well, I am proud of my son because he pushed back a little, on his own. He forwarded the instructor's e-mail to his disability advisor, and asked how he could schedule a room on the local campus and who he needed to talk to. And that if he couldn't take the exam locally, he would skip the accommodations for this first test. Anyhow, he got a message back from the advisor requesting his exam dates, and she said she would try to find him a room. Previously she suggested it might be necessary for him to go to the main campus, too. I'm hoping she will truly follow through and help him.
  11. I would check the policy at the community college. Our local community college allows one excused absence per semester, and it has to be requested 2 weeks in advance. There is a paper the students have to fill out and bring to the teacher, and the teacher signs it so there is documentation.. Between my two boys, they have requested a total of 3 excused absences with no problem from the teacher. Two times they had to take an exam in advance due to the excused absence, but that was documented beforehand. I think a lot of things are accepted as an excuse if the absence is requested in advance. I'm thinking of having my younger son request a day off so he can come along on a university visit with his brother this semester.
  12. Thanks for your input. Unfortunately, my son's instructor for this course has his office on the main campus, not at the satellite campus. Complicating matters for us is that my younger son has to be at yet a different CC at the same time the instructor would like my older son to be taking his accommodated test at the main campus. My younger son once was allowed to take an early exam (no accommodations) in the library after signing an honesty agreement, so he wasn't directly supervised, but it seems like this professor won't go for that. I'm in the process right now of urging my son to contact the disabilities advisor, but he is balking right now and just doesn't want to mess with it because it's too much of a bother. Not atypical for ADHD, I guess, but there is only so much I can do, especially if requiring him to go to the main campus is allowed under the law.
  13. My son, who is a second semester sophomore at a local satellite campus for a community college, has recently received accommodations for the first time. His accommodation is simply time and a half on tests. My son does not feel he needs a special quiet room to take a test, and he merely wants the time extension. One of his instructors is willing to let him stay after class and take his extra time in the same classroom as the other students. The other instructor wants him to take his tests through disability services. The problem with that is that it means he has to go to the main campus, which is in the downtown area of a large city. It is a minimum of a half hour drive one way from the campus where he takes all of his classes. My son does not drive. Which means, of course, that I or my husband would have to find a way to get him there. I don't understand why my son is not allowed to take the test on the same campus where he takes his classes. It seems to me that this penalizes students on the satellite campus. My son is thinking of just giving up the accommodation for that class because he doesn't want to deal with going to the other campus, and frankly, I really don't want to drive there, either. It's a horrid, nerve-wrecking drive. Which is why he attends classes at the local branch. Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone here knows if this is legal for them to require him to take his accommodated test on the other campus.
  14. If you or your daughter are not satisfied with the class, I think the best thing to do would be to officially withdraw by the indicated date for your CC. I don't really think you have a valid complaint about the class, with the exception of the teacher not e-mailing back. I have found syllabi or the lack thereof to vary greatly at the community college. My older son, for instance, just missed an assignment in his statistics class because he didn't realize there were two online assignments due in one day, rather than the one assignment that he did. He said to me, "But it's not on the syllabus!" Well, none of the assignments are on the syllabus. The syllabus only lists the chapters and topics they are covering. The online assignments are added a couple weeks at a time, and the student just has to check regularly to see what is due. Lesson learned. But it doesn't sound like your daughter has missed any assignments. Often these days instructors will just load assignments as they go, and I would expect this more for an online class. My younger son is also taking a totally online class at the CC, and he is always worried about missing something, too, especially if he has a deadline to respond to another person's forum post and then all the other students wait until the last minute, so he can't complete his assignment in a timely manner. I guess that's just the way it is now. One thing you might consider is, with your daughter's permission, going onto her online account and looking through it with a fine-tooth needle to see if there is something she is missing. I've had to do this a time or two, especially when my boys were newly dual-enrolled. After a semester or two, they understand better how to look for things themselves. Quite often important information is buried in a sub-folder that is not specifically pointed out. ETA: Does your daughter not have an advisor? In my state, all the dual-enrolled students have an advisor. Maybe she could explain the problem to her advisor who could possibly help her out.
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