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  1. I haven't read that book, but I am familiar with intermittent fasting and lower carb/higher fat eating. First, I assume you meant hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) rather than hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). The increasing salt comment will be to do with a lower carb diet. Refined carbs hold onto salt in your body. When you reduce the carbs you need to increase salt so that you don't get electrolyte imbalance (sometimes known as keto flu). The hours given for intermittent fasting refer to the time from your last food one day to your first food the next day. So if I eat only between 1pm and 7pm (which is my current norm) I have 6 eating hours and 18 fasting hours (often referred to as 18:6). Sorry I can't comment on this book specifically, but hopefully that has explained a few things for you.
  2. We are moving to level 1 as of Midnight tonight.
  3. Off topic, but I want to thank 8 for sharing these stories about her DS over the years. I remember having the same type of reaction initially, but am so glad that I have been able to learn from 8's experience with her DS and work on employability with my DS. We are not there yet, but I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel, and his chosen area of study seems to have employers who are Aspie friendly.
  4. This was our experience too with an ASD, ADHD, gifted kid (currently studying Electronics Engineering). Play with the rods, explore the relationships between them, don't even introduce written work until you know he gets the concept.
  5. Forgot to say that ds gets computer use as well as extra time. I'm not sure about NCEA, but uni only allows Word for the computer use so it is useless for maths. Make sure you ask for extra time as well as computer use, maybe even a writer for maths if that would help him. My ds prefers to do it himself but needs the extra time even if using the computer. If fatigue is an issue, another thing you can ask for is only morning exams (or only afternoon exams - whatever suits best) then you are guaranteed only one exam a day. We do only mornings, and it has been really helpful for uni tests scheduled 7-9pm. He just sits it the following morning.
  6. We did this test through Te Kura three years ago - not the typing part, just the handwriting. It is really basic. They just looked at words per minute. You can see the actual instructions here, including the cut off for extra time (under 12 wpm for year 11 - my ds tested at 6 wpm and gets time and a half for exams at uni). It is not meant to be something you prepare for beforehand. Just think of a topic and start writing. It is not judging quality, just quantity. So, yeah, take your time.
  7. Sorry, I can't help with lining them up, but I have just finished "reading" the unabridged (audio) through librivox. I don't have time to sit down with the book but can listen while getting other things done. Maybe something like this would help.
  8. I'm not sure that the mosquitoes are any worse here than anywhere else. Maybe once or twice a year I will hear one while I am trying to get to sleep, but that is all. If you are out camping or hiking it can be more of an issue but we have no bears, lions, snakes, poisonous spiders or ticks, so its not a bad place to be.
  9. No, it is not normal, but that is no normal house. That's 3500 sq ft of house on a huge chunk of land within commuting distance of Auckland city. If it had a price on in it would be in the Millions so I guess they are just trying to see what someone will offer. I had a look at what other properties in the area were selling for. An empty lot, 1/20th the size of theirs is close to half a million. So, yeah, nothing normal about that house.
  10. If he is allowed a writer in high school then he will be allowed one at Uni as well. My ds does not use a writer at Uni as he would rather type, but he is entitled to one if he wanted it. He does get 50% extra time on all his tests and exams because of his slow writing and has found that a huge help. The other thing we have done, that most people don't seem to consider as an option, is to take Uni at a slower pace. Ds is currently taking a half workload (straight A s) and we are hoping to get him to 3/4 but not sure how long that will take. We are also dealing with Autism and ADHD as well as the working slowly, so I would rather see him take it slowly and experience success than to attempt full time and crash and burn.
  11. I totally agree with this. There is no way, at age 11, that we could have predicted where DS would be (either academically or socially) at age 17. Keep your options open. Play it by ear. The right path will become clear when it is time.
  12. I have used level 4 through to Algebra, in three different situations. 1. For my gifted DS (who was doing Algebra at age 8) - I did reduce some of the repetition for him. 2. For a fifth grader who was way behind - he was caught up to grade level in just over a year. 3. Level 4 with a group of remedial 4th and 5th graders - they finally got what math was all about and made huge progress. I found it worked really well in all these situations. I haven't used the earlier levels because my DS started with Miquon.
  13. Just a few things to be aware of. Yes, this is very popular in NZ, but Christmas break is our summer and peak tourist time so extremely busy. All schools have at least six weeks off and most adults have three weeks over Christmas as well. You would have to have everything booked in advance to make sure there was space available. If you wanted to do both islands you would need a ferry booking as well, which may be too late at this stage. We don't have huge multi-lane highways so travel times can be a bit slower so you need to take that into account when planning travel distances each day. I see Rosie has answered while I was typing. I was also going to mention the distances in Aus. The country is roughly the same size as the US so "a few days" won't get you far. You are looking at a full day driving between each of Brisbane to Sydney or Sydney to Melbourne or Melbourne to Adelaide. If you let us know what you have booked so far we may be able to suggest something that would work.
  14. :grouphug: I'm right there with you. After 17 years they still do not get that cramming 21 people (including 9 under age 10) into a room to open Christmas presents is not going to work for us. Apparently it is all my kids fault for ruining Christmas.
  15. I would be more likely to think he meant ADD or ADHD
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