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  1. I am also interested in this as I am considering transitioning to an IT career. Google brings up so many options that I am not sure where to start.
  2. I would like an iPhone or iPad app to schedule my three daughters' homeschool schedule. I would like it to look like a MOTH schedule and allow me to drag and drop things in 15-60 minute increments. What I really need is the drag and drop feature because sometimes they finish something in more or less time and I want to adjust things to keep me on track. We also sometimes tweak and fine tune things. Google has not been helpful, sorry!
  3. Treatment options? Google tells me apple cider vinegar at home or have them frozen off at the dermatologist's. I'm not sure if it will be worth it to go to the dermatologist if they aren't bothersome enough to have frozen off and the dermatologist doesn't have any other options.
  4. We have Geico right now and I like that they are always available. We have only ever used the road side assistance though so I don't know if we would like how they handle other claims. The roadside assistance was fine and I liked that we could just use the app to request it. But we are looking to cut some expenses if possible so I will contact a broker or two to see what they can offer us.
  5. Is there a really great website for this? I see so many when I google and I wondered if there is one that people here have found to be better than others. Or is an independent agent likely to be better?
  6. Many insurance plans cover it, ours did. The numbers I have seen say that about 20% are likely to outgrow a peanut allergy. Our first allergist was not supportive and we ended up switching. OIT is not for everyone of course.
  7. This website has a list of doctors that offer OIT. http://www.oit101.org/find-an-oit-allergist/ My daughter finished OIT for her peanut allergy in May and it has been amazing! It is a miracle to see her eat peanuts everyday instead of constant anxiety about them. We are fortunate that our daughter does not dislike peanuts. Many parents have to get creative with giving the maintenance doses. Our daughter is free eating as much as she wants, but some children choose to stop at a smaller dose. That way they are bite proof from an accidental exposure, but do not have to eat as much of a maintenance dose. This facebook group is very supportive of OIT if anyone has questions for a larger audience: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OIT101/ We decided to do OIT because we knew that we could not avoid exposure no matter how careful we were. With OIT it was in a controlled way and our doctor's success rate is over 90% so it was highly likely to be successful. I believe they are doing studies about the long term effectiveness where participants stop taking the maintenance dose. We're happy to just give her peanuts everyday, but we are interested in the long term studies for when she is an adult and may or may not remember to take them without us.
  8. We use Santillana's Yabisí program that is used in Purto Rico. It was always a hassle to buy it from Santillana so now I purchase online from a company in Puerto Rico since the shipping is reasonable. Libreriaeducativa is the site I have purchased from for several years in a row.
  9. I was wondering about the smell. I have crocs right now because I can throw them in the washing machine, but I think I would find Keens much more comfortable.
  10. I looked at grade 6 math and it was about a year behind compared to something like Math Mammoth. I am waiting for the May sale to buy History/English 6. I would be fine just buying the English, but it looks like English and History are very intertwined. I'm hoping it will be a more gentle and creative way to get dd to do assigned reading and writing. She says she likes the idea of having a choice of options for the writing assignments so I am crossing my fingers! She is a Waldorfy/unschooly child, but I am a planner and box checker. I'm hoping this will be a good compromise for both of us.
  11. I signed up for this because my kids tried the free version and were frustrated that they couldn't do all the things that members can, and $12 for the year is a good price. When I create an assignment how do I assign it to a specific student? I don't see that option and would like to make specific assignments for my 5th grader to complete and leave things pretty open for the second grader. I already set them to the grade levels I wanted them at.
  12. Has anyone used this series? What did you think? They look like they might be the same level as the Prentice Hall Science Explorer series. http://www.nsta.org/publications/press/ebooks.aspx Or have you liked any other middle school level textbooks like this for any subject? My dd loves to watch videos, but I would like to up the amount of nonfiction reading she does. Something like this with reading and videos sounds like it might work well.
  13. Are there any brick and mortar chains that sell shoes with wide toe boxes? Or will a smaller, more expensive store be more likely to have them in stock? The department stores and large shoe stores around here that sell brands that make wides don't have size wides in stock, they can only order them for me. I have bunions that I need a wide toe box for (EE, double wide) without a wide heel. I've been buying at Amazon with a certain amount of success. I would love to be able to go to an actual store though. Right now I have to order 5-6 pairs of the same shoe in varying sizes and widths to hopefully keep one of them and return the others. Wides tend to cost more so it is a lot of money to order that many pairs even though I choose the free return options at Amazon. I feel like I need an expert, in person, shoe fitter.
  14. My children love audiobooks and I am looking for more Spanish audiobooks. Our library, Librivox and Audible have some, but the selection is very small compared to what is available in English. Finding books that are not translations is particularly difficult. Google is not helping today. Are there any services like Audible in Spanish speaking countries?

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