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  1. My Bible's text is just a little too small for my comfort level. I'm 51 and wear prescription readers. So I decided to buy a large print Bible thinking it might be better. Well, I was so excited to get home from work today to get my box. I couldn't wait to sit down with my new Bible. Well, I opened the box and was totally disappointed at the size of it! Apparently I ordered Super Giant Print so the Bible is really big. It's embarrassingly large. I can't carry this to church. So I've got to send it back AND I've got to pay the return shipping fee of $6. I found another one on Amazon that says it's just large print so I'm going to order it. So now I have to wait again.
  2. Perfect. Thank you for the clarification.
  3. I've thought about this but I find myself so often not understanding what I'm reading. I definitely need the commentary. I also like guided studies, like I like guided meditation. I need someone's interpretation to help me form my own thoughts rather than attempting to do it on my own and miss the points.
  4. Thank you! I'm putting all of these in my favories so I don't forget any of them.
  5. Thank you! I'm putting them on my list. I've never read any Kay Arthur so I'm looking forward to doing so.
  6. You're welcome! Yes, Homeschool Mom, explain the difference between the study guide and journal. The Amazon description of the journal says it's a one year study, so is it tied to the book or something totally extra to be done after you've completed the study? I already bought the Kindle version of the book. I just need to know if I should buy both other books you recommend.
  7. Can anyone recommend a study I can do on my own at home? I have devotionals and am following a plan to read through the Bible in a year but I want to go more in depth. I did a Beth Moore study online years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed her lectures and doing the homework throughout the week. What I need now is another study I can do that isn't expensive. It doesn't have to be a video, maybe a book that gives me a chance to delve into the Bible on my own. I don't have a particular need so any topic may work. Recommendations?
  8. Thank you for the thoughts. I trust my friend's opinions about God as she's been an enormous influence as I've rediscovered my faith. However, I did disagree with this statement. I told her I didn't think God would purposefully make things difficult for people but then I started thinking about how God is supposed to never give us more than we can handle. In the past, my ds and I have discussed his autism and he said he doesn't see it as a problem. He likes the way he is and feels he's just different and he's okay with that. I must confess I can't really know the causes of his difficulties. They could be directly related to his autism or I could have caused them in the way I raised him. By homeschooling him and always seeking to find comfortable situations for him, I might have created his difficulties. I protected him. I let him choose how to school. I let him decide when to be social and when to withdraw. He doesn't believe in God. His perspective is intellectual and he doesn't go on faith in anything. I think the concept of God is too big and vague for him to contemplate. So I pray for him every day. I pray for many things about his life and I tell God I've laid it in His hands and that I'm open to being His vessel to help my ds. It's all I know to do.
  9. My friend got onto me for lamenting my ds's autism and told me that God chose to make my son special for reasons only He knows. Am I truly not seeing this as true? I see his autism as an affliction a mess of obstacles that complicate his life. I often wish he were like his peers and able to do the things that normal peers do. I'm so worried about his present and future. I pray for him every day and try to lay my worries at the feet of Jesus but I'm having a hard time letting go of these concerns. What do others of special needs children do? What else can I do to feel good about my ds's life and how can I help him without being the hovering parent? He's 22 and just started a 2-year degree at a technical college. I have doubts he'll finish based on prior experience with college. I'm just a mess of nerves where he's concerned.
  10. Ds wants to go back to the dermatologist because his acne is getting worse again. We have the high dosage of Retin-A that we've been using but I think he should probably go back on antibiotics. He can't wash with benzoyl peroxide because it makes his face red and tingly. He also has some eczema on his wrists and back of his thumbs and knuckles that I'd like to have seen. Last time we went, we saw a MD and she was super nice. She was patient and explained things to my ds in a way he could understand. She listened to his questions and answered them fully to his satisfaction. The soonest I can get him in to see her is May 10th. Or I can go with a PA who can see him on May 3rd. We have no experience with this person. What would you do? FWIW, ds stopped washing his face and using the Retin-A so it's no surprise his acne has returned. It's all over his face again. The Retin-A is making a small difference but he would like the opinion of a professional that it will clear up just using this topical.
  11. Mine is much younger. I clearly remember Delta Dawn playing on the radio while my friends and I played on DeeDee's swing set. We were all singing as loudly as we could. Gosh, I was less than 10 years old but I don't recall the year, only the 70s.
  12. I think maybe part of the answer is the age of the kids. I was happy to share a floor when they were young but I much prefer being on a separate floor now that they're grown.
  13. Okay, I haven't read all of the replies but thought I'd jump in with my .02. I have hardly kept anything from my 15 years of homeschooling. When my kids outgrew books, I saved some of our favorites to read with grandchildren if I ever have any. I sold some. I donated the rest. I tossed all schoolwork papers from the lower grades. I did keep high school stuff at first because my ds wanted me to, but once my two youngest were in college, I realized I had no reason to hang on to any of that stuff. My kids certainly aren't sentimental about schoolwork. They preferred our unschooling years not the years we did actual scheduled subjects. I can't imagine there will ever be a time in my life I'll want to open a box and look at an algebra paper or essay to reminisce. It all seems like a lifetime ago. Two years ago, ds realized he would never want his high school stuff so we threw it all out. What we're left with is pictures of fun times we had together. That's all I really need. I kept very few things like a picture of a turkey made with a handprint, or a coloring paper of a footprint. I have a couple of poems the kids wrote which are funny and will serve as blackmail when they're married and have kids of their own. I've been a retired homeschooler for 4 years. I am happy for the memories we made. That's what the kids like too.
  14. Thursdays are my day off and we're closed Sundays. I work the other five days of the week. Usually I have one or two appointments on a Thursday so my days aren't empty. Today, however, I had absolutely nothing planned except housework. So I went in to work this morning, even earlier than I used to when I worked full time. My manager was there along with our other management team member. My manager knew I was coming in but I told her Shelly was going to think I was mad to want to be at the store on my day off. And sure enough, she was flabbergasted. I only worked 9:00 to 12:30 so I'd have the rest of the afternoon to do laundry and clean the kitchen. I also had ds follow me to the mechanic to drop off my car for an oil change. DH is going to come home a little early today to take me to pick it up. If I had not gone into work, I would have gone crazy with boredom, I'm sure.
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