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  1. The test was negative. I went back to work yesterday. 🙂
  2. It's got to be my job. Many of my customers don't wear masks. Our counter isn't large so I'm definitely not 6 feet away from them while I'm sorting out their merchandise. We have plexiglass in front of the register but it's rare that someone will step over to it while I'm ringing up their items and accepting their payment. Usually we just conduct all business over the small counter. So if I do have C19, I was exposed by a customer. So I can see returning to work isn't a good idea but I really hate the idea of being tested. The description of how they do it is so awful. Kaiser told me they usually look for a fever of 100.4 or higher so my 99.7 is close enough to that so they want me to test. But it went back down to between 97.9 to 98.4 the rest of the day. I was just thinking if I had the virus, wouldn't my fever be continual?
  3. I've had a mild cough since this weekend. I'm talking extremely sporadic throughout the day. It's just a regular dry cough. No hacking. Nothing wet. No fits. Just a light cough and it's over. This morning I woke up with a low grade fever, 99.7. The thing that concerned me was that I never run a fever. Not even when I'm sick with a cold. I haven't had a fever since I was a kid. So I called Kaiser and talked to the front line, who then put me through to the advice nurse, who advised I have a video appointment with a doctor. The doctor decided I should quarantine until Thursday and be tested Thursday morning to give the virus time to settle in my body if I even do have the virus. He gave me a work excuse through Thursday and said I could return to work Friday. However, I have coughed very little today and my temp went back down to normal and stayed that way all day. Should I still go get tested if I don't have a fever? Should I really stay out of work? I feel like this is being blown out of proportion because of the caution everyone is taking. I feel fine. WWYD?
  4. We haven't stopped our regular eating out each week. DS eats out 5 nights a week at least. We've had no problems. Ds's birthday is in July. I'm thinking we'll order from his favorite restaurant which is a sit-down restaurant and get curbside service which they offered even before Covid started.
  5. Okay, I'm going to answer this because what I did worked. In my case, my enthusiasm and predisposition led to an eating disorder. When I lost weight back in 2012, I lost 45 lbs. with Weight Watchers and never exercised. It was simply a reduction in calories from what I was eating and it worked. Then my doctor told me to watch my carbs and when I did, I dropped another 10 lbs. in 5 weeks. I maintained that for years without exercise but continuing to eat low calorie, enter in eating disorder. *laugh* So yes, it is definitely possible to lose weight without exercising.
  6. My manager contacted me and asked me to return as the current cashier is not working out. She said no one can match me and she wanted me back. So I decided to give it a try. I'm not going back as a manager, only a regular employee. I'll be working on Saturdays 9:30-5:00 and 2-3 weekdays 3:00-5:00. I'm in my ED treatment program until 2:30 pm every day so I can't work more than 2 hours. She said she would take what she could get. I told her the topic of my ED was off limits and anyone who brought it up, I was going to just tell them I don't want to talk about it. I'll try to stay away from the one person who bothers me the most. So with that, I'm willing to give it a try. DH's work is reducing his pay from July 1st through October 31st so any income I can bring in will be helpful. I just hope they don't extend it past October. We can handle the paycut but not for long. Then we'll be dipping into our savings and I really don't want to do that.
  7. I need a mask for my ds who does not want it hooked around his ears. He also can't tie bows well so that's out. What is an alternative that he can live with? He's starting college classes in August and I'm assuming people will still be wearing masks.
  8. Make the schedule work for you, don't try to fit into hers. I have my bathrooms scheduled for a weekly clean. This is everything you mentioned. When it's the bathroom zone, I do more serious things like wash the walls, scrub the tub with Easy Off Fume Free (the only cleaner I've found that will take that layer of yuck off the tub/shower), scrub baseboards. All the stuff that doesn't really need to be done weekly. I've got sweep the whole house on my schedule three times a week. I've got pets and pet hair accumulates everywhere. You could add mopping to your daily plan. My daily plan is short because I touch everything on a weekly basis. But some things are obviously daily like wiping down kitchen counters and stove top and her recommended bathroom tidy which is just a quick wipe. I should say I haven't seen Flylady's lists in a very long time. I modified them to fit my home. I think I took her weekly blessing hour and added it to my weekly plan. That way I touch the whole house at least once a week. I have certain chores that are done on certain days of the week, then I have a short daily plan of things that need to be done every day. Zones are for deep cleaning only.
  9. You can't get into my house without going up steps. We took ours around the house on a hand truck and took it up the deck steps which were long and shallow. It's in our bedroom. Just put it wherever it fits. I like a closed room myself because I watch tv when I walk and my treadmill is so loud I have to turn the tv volume up high. I don't want to disturb anyone else in the house.
  10. That is so awesome!!
  11. We let ds quit this grocery job because it wasn't a good fit for him. He did ask if there was anything else in the store he could do and they didn't have any other openings. It took him over a month to find that job. He put in a lot of applications and was rejected for a few jobs which was disappointing. How does one get rejected for being a cart attendant at a hardware warehouse? This is just a bad time to be job hunting. I don't mind him not working outside the home because he does help around the house. He's not totally sitting idle, anymore than I am I guess. We did look into the disability office of the first college he went to and they had a lot of paperwork that needed to be turned in that we didn't have. He's only ever had one testing experience and that was when he was 10 years old. I don't even know where that report is and it doesn't matter anyway because his name is only halfway through the report while another boy's name is in the other half. I was totally disappointed. We were told he'd have to go to a different college that did testing for Aspergers and participate in a 2-day testing situation that lasted about 8 hours each day. Both DH and ds refused to do that, so he just took courses without any disability help. I don't know why DH and ds refuse assistance. Ds is a straight A student so he's done well in all classes. He's smart as a whip. He can write beautifully, he just doesn't like to do so. He insists that he'll have a better attitude this time around. We'll see. As for the specific degree, I don't think it really matters. Just having a degree of any kind is better than nothing. His dream is to open his own game company and hire people to do all the work while he manages the company. I seriously doubt he'll be able to break into the industry but I'm not going to squelch his enthusiasm for working on this degree. Everyone has a right to chase a dream and he's got support while he does so. That has got to count for something. He'll learn through trial and error like most of us. If he can't get into the industry, maybe another door will open.
  12. No, we've never done anything like that. He has been to counseling and one of those times was to talk careers. That counselor didn't help a great deal. I did speak to a couple of attorneys about the possibility of disability and both of them told me the same thing. He's got too much going for him to qualify. One even told me he didn't need voc rehab because he's proven he can find and keep work and voc rehab would put him in any job they found and he'd probably not like it. I have no idea if that is true but at the time he was just leaving trade school and was trying to figure out what to do. He was job hunting so at least he was on the right path.
  13. Yes, he's been working on that for a while and loving it.
  14. As some of you know, he has Aspergers. He'll be 24 years old in July and we've seen him mature in leaps and bounds so far in this calendar year. I think it's really true that Aspies can be 5 years behind peers. He's done some awesome things that I didn't think he'd ever do. So the latest, however, is not a comforting thing. He quit his job at the grocery store after only 2 weeks there. He hated it and it's not moving him towards his personal goal to be involved in the gaming industry. So he asked if he could go back to college to pursue a game development degree. It's a 4-year bachelor's program. He's been to one 4-year university and a trade school and hated both of them. He hated school and said he'd rather work a menial job than go back. Now, he's changed his mind? He even said he was going to take a full load which is something he's never done. So we spent some time Saturday applying to the college and requesting transcripts from the previous two schools. I'm waiting to hear back from them to see if he needs his high school transcript and his SAT report. I'm hoping not because it's more than 5 years old and I don't want him to have to retake the SAT to get into this school. He has 29 credit hours between the two schools he attended but we don't know if they'll accept his trade school classes. So that's what he's currently planning. I'll be praying for him a lot!
  15. I survived my morning trip to the store. Only the manager was in the front. The lady I have the most trouble with stayed in back for which I was grateful. Carol and I talked for a few minutes and she told me that when I ready to get better, I'd get better and that she loved me. I started crying and she said it was okay to cry because this is a big change in my life. We agreed again that when I get out of program, I'll call her and see if she needs help. I didn't tell her I didn't think I'd actually do that. I kind of feel like this chapter in my life is over and it's time to move on to something new. So now I feel lots better because my contact with them is officially over. I have no need to speak with them again and I certainly won't be shopping there even though they have some really good deals. We'll see.
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