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  1. Night Elf

    Non-traditional holidays meals?

    My local Chinese restaurant is closed for holidays. So that's not an option for us which is really too bad because ds won't eat lasagna. He'll probably eat frozen chicken and boxed herbed pasta.
  2. Thanks Lanny. I'm warning my dd. She uses Lyft and Uber and that article says someone reports that Uber won't work. My dd would be lost without Lyft and Uber.
  3. Night Elf

    Non-traditional holidays meals?

    The only traditions I know of are the ones we grew up with. Both DH and I, as kids, had turkey and ham and stuff like mashed potatoes, sweet peas, green beans, rolls, cranberry sauce, turkey dressing. For a few Christmases when our kids were really young, we let each person choose one food and we cooked all 5 of them and that was our meal. I remember chicken tenders, pizza, spaghetti, hot dogs and velveeta macaroni and cheese the most. *laugh*
  4. We had tenderloin steak for Thanksgiving with my favorite side dishes from a traditional Thanksgiving. None of us wanted ham or turkey. So now we're thinking about Christmas. I've decided to make homemade lasagna. I found an easy recipe online and will use that. I've done this once before and used no-boil noodles and it was really good but I didn't save the recipe. Do you have a non-traditional Christmas meal?
  5. Night Elf

    How do busy people work in cardio?

    I don't do intake which is where they take in donations. My main job is cashier so whatever else I'm doing, I'm constantly walking to a place in the store where I can see if there are any customers at the register. I'm most active when I'm hanging clothes on the floor. I have to take them off the rack and then walk them to the right section, i.e. women's short sleeve shirts, men's long pants, etc. I try to combine trips but that doesn't happen a lot. I usually grab one or two items and walk them to the right place. Then I check the register. Then I go back to the rack and get another couple of items, walk them to the right place, then check the register. That's how I get most of my steps in. At the register, I can sort through clothes, weeding out bad clothes from good. Then I hang them on a rack. Then I use a price gun and tag them. Then I take them to the floor to put away. We're always way behind in clothing so I'm basically doing two jobs all day. I also help out in other areas. I might need to help move a piece of furniture but only if it's light. I still love my job. I'm so glad I am full time.
  6. Night Elf

    How do busy people work in cardio?

    And I appreciate your care and concern but I really think exercising isn't going to be a problem of obsession. I have NEVER liked to exercise. I do not feel good after I do it. I do not get the high from it that others think about. I don't feel a sense of accomplishment after it. Usually it puts me in a bad mood because I had to do it. So no, I will definitely not become obsessive about it. I also don't obsess over my daily steps. I love feeling the fitbit vibrate at 10K but I don't go to pieces if I haven't reached that goal. I don't do extra walking or anything like that to increase my number of steps. I only get so much in because my job has me moving constantly. I don't feel like it's exercise at all. It's just now that I've gone full time, I'm trying to figure out how I can add in cardio without hating it so much that I just quit. I don't know why the recommendation is to have a fast heart beat for 30 minutes most days of the week but that's what my doctor said. I'm going to try the treadmill on my off days. If I hate it, I'll stop. I'm not going to force myself to do it. I'm just being open to trying. I just was asking how do people work it in. It seems crazy to be so busy all day and then find time to exercise my body as well.
  7. Night Elf

    How do busy people work in cardio?

    Um... just no. I generally don't walk outside because I dislike being outside. Period. When I do go walking with my DH, it's in the spring or fall when the temps are such that I can wear leggings and short sleeve shirts. I don't like wearing shorts out in public. I don't like walking in the summer when it's hot because I sweat too much and I detest sweating. I don't like walking in the winter because my face gets cold. I have found no lip treatment that prevents me from getting chapped lips. I can wear layers of clothing to protect my body but then I feel like the michelin man and that's uncomfortable. Nope, definitely not a nature girl.
  8. Night Elf

    How do busy people work in cardio?

    I'm really not stressing about this. The reason I started exercising in the first place was because my doctor really stressed its importance, especially for someone of my age. Once I started working though, I stopped walking on the treadmill. I don't do anything to get my heart rate up and she told me that was the important thing. I need my heart rate up for 30 minutes most days of the week. So I know my 15K steps is good but I figure I should be doing something more. My counselor says to start slowly, by using my treadmill on my two days off work. Once I get into that habit, then add in a weekday, perhaps doing 15 minutes in the morning and 15 at night. It's just I'm so tired and achy at night. I don't see the connection between my eating and exercise. I've never exercised to lose weight not even when I lost 55 lbs. in a year. I just want to exercise my heart. I'm not even really interested in strength training but I know it's a good thing to do for a body. I can do 10 minutes of something but I have no interest in developing a plan that takes longer.
  9. Night Elf

    Three observations while working retail

    I still write checks for some utilities. My dd26 uses checks. She pays me monthly for her cell phone and writes me a check. Then I use my mobile app to deposit it. We've just always done it that way.
  10. Night Elf

    How do busy people work in cardio?

    I work on Saturday. I'm off on Thursday and Sunday. It's just too cold to go outside and I've tried numerous indoor exercises like tapes. I find my treadmill is the best because I can watch tv while walking and the time goes by fast. My 96 year old grandmother worked in a department store for decades so she was on her feet for hours daily. She seems to be doing well. It's just my doctor always asks me how I'm doing and encourages me to do cardio most days of the week. Last time I told her I was getting in 15K steps on my working days and she said that was good but I needed to do something that had me breathing hard.
  11. Night Elf

    How do busy people work in cardio?

    I don't have a clear goal in mind. I just want to move my body for health. I'm glad to hear my 15K steps counts toward exercise. I'm busy gal at work. When I was walking on the treadmill, I choose a tv series, always BritComs, and I don't watch them at any other time. I've missed watching them but haven't been on my treadmill since I increased my work hours in August. DH thinks I should try to split it up and do 15 minutes twice a day. That might be more doable. I suppose I should make an effort on my off days. I just feel I need total relaxation on my days off. I try to do some housework but most of the time I run a couple of errands and then just rest and read.
  12. I work five days a week. I wear a fitbit so I know I'm taking about 15K steps each day. On my two days off, I'm lucky to get 5K steps. I feel good that I'm getting movement in five days a week but it's not cardio. I don't see how I can add it into my busy days though. The only time of the day I can do it is in the early a.m. after DH goes to work and before I go to work. I'm not excited by that though. So I guess I'm asking how important is it to get 30 minutes of cardio when I'm walking so much during the day. DH runs on a treadmill on his break but his job is flexible. He can take a short lunch and then later in the afternoon take a 30 minute break to go to their workout room. I get 30 minutes lunch but I need to sit down and rest my legs and back and eat something. I don't want to go out into the cold weather and walk fast for any length of time. If you work full time, are you getting cardio in? Strength training is a different problem. That is pure laziness on my part. I understand I don't have to do much to tone some areas of my body but I always find an excuse not to get up and do exercises with my hand weights. Also, I get home from work at 6:30 pm. DH has dinner ready for me. We eat and watch a little television until 7:30 pm. Then he and my son watch Jeopardy so I get into bed to read. This way I can lock up the dog with me and let the cat go into the living room and socialize with the guys and generally have the run of the house since he's cooped up in the back of the house all day until 7:30 pm. By then, I'm too tired to get on my treadmill for a fast walk. My legs and back ache and sometimes I get into a hot bath and soak for an hour to relieve my aches and pains. Sorry, I'm rambling. Just early morning thoughts now that I'm trying to change the way I eat. I'm worrying about exercise as well.
  13. I put my tree up the day after Thanksgiving and it's got lights. I've got one decoration that lights up but I don't turn it on. I bought it because I liked the scene. I turn on the lights when I get up in the morning, always when it's dark. My tree does both white lights and colored lights. I turn on the white lights in the a.m. and when I get home from work, DH has changed them to the colored lights. I go to bed early to read so DH turns out the lights when he comes to bed around 9:30 pm. We don't leave the lights on all night any night. On Christmas morning, I was always up before the kids so the lights were on when they woke up.
  14. Night Elf

    Year in Review days 5, 6, 7

    I wouldn't even know where to go for such a thing. We have a cleaners but I don't think they do regular laundry. Dh doesn't mind doing it. It's just before I started working, I was doing one load most days. Today is my day off so I have the laundry in right now. Then we can it again this weekend.
  15. Night Elf

    Year in Review days 5, 6, 7

    Day 5: Teaching ds to drive. It's scary to be in a car with someone who is just learning but I persevered and he got better. Day 6: Buying driving lessons for ds22. We did spend time teaching him but I wanted a professional instructor to cover all the bases. It cost a lot but was worth it. Day 7: I guess working again. My house became messy because I'm too tired to clean it. The laundry is never done until someone NEEDS something. Dealing with back pain and aching feet. It's gotten better but I still need to find a way to do housework on a regular basis. DH has been doing laundry when he gets home from work.
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