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  1. I leave my phone on and on my bedside table. I want to be available to my daughters 24/7. I have only once gotten a spam text that woke me and my DH in the wee hours of the morning. I just didn't answer and they didn't contact me again. However, my rule is no calls or texts between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am, unless it's an emergency. I personally do not text unless I know my child is awake. I don't text for them to get the next morning because I don't want it waking them up. I just wait until the morning. If it's something important, I set an alarm to remind me why I need to contact them.
  2. If her bed is regular size, meaning not a bunk, and has an end table, this may not be necessary, but when my dd was a freshman I bought her a bedside caddy to hang on her bed. She said it was super helpful. A desk lamp was a must. Both she and her roommate studied at different times, usually at night when the other was asleep so they couldn't have the top light on. We put a soft low wattage bulb, just bright enough to illuminate her work space but not bright enough to disturb her roommate.
  3. Thanks Rosie. You made me laugh and that felt good! Better square 3 than 1!
  4. That dumb scale is definitely a trigger point but now it's also my clothing. What had been loose 3 months ago is now snug. I know what I weighed 2 weeks ago and that explains why my clothes are snug. I agreed on a new weight with DH and I went over it 2 weeks ago so our agreement was that I would back off eating so much so I'd lose back down at least 3 lbs. That shouldn't be difficult really because I've been eating way too many calories each day. That's why I've gained weight. I have a couple of donuts as breakfast in addition to toast and an egg, maybe a fast food burger and fries for lunch, a large portion of one of our Home Chef or Hello Fresh meals for dinner, and about 600-700 calories of snacks throughout the day. That's just the wrong kinds of foods to eat, not to mention too much. So I've done better over the past two weeks but I started panicking several days ago that I wasn't losing weight. That's what triggered this last backwards step.
  5. 🙏 Prayed! I hope you find the help you need for your lovely family.
  6. That's what I tried last February and ended up with an intern. I felt okay with it because she discusses her cases with her boss so I felt like I was going to be getting good counseling. But she didn't ever talk about my disordered eating and I was getting tired of reaching back into my childhood looking for reasons I feel guilty today. Maybe I didn't give her enough of a chance. There were a few other names on the list for the employee assistance program but they were hard to get an appointment with so I finally settled on the one who had an intern.
  7. I might. I made an appointment with my counselor from last year to see if I'm at place where she can help me. She's worked with disordered eating before so it's not a new subject for her. It's just she couldn't help me get started with recovery because I was still in denial that I had a real problem. Now that I've recognized it and have taken true steps to recovery, I just a need an attitude adjustment. So I'm going to see her first. I have 8 free visits because of my DH's employee assistance program. The counselor I saw last February for 3 times isn't in their network but her fee was cheap because she was an intern. Her boss, the owner of the practice, wouldn't take me on as a patient with the employee assistance program because of some problems she was having with them. She didn't want anything to do with them so she suggested I meet with her intern. So if Shirley doesn't work out, I'll go back to the intern because I can afford her out of pocket. Thanks.
  8. I started to see a counselor but I didn't get good vibes from her. I saw her 3 times and we didn't even start talking about my disordered eating, only guilt. I have a former counselor that might be able to help me put things into perspective. I haven't seen her since last December. We had ended our sessions because we were talking in circles and not getting anything accomplished. I had resolved one of my main issues and the eating disorder was just kind of swinging in the wind. I can talk to her at least once and see if she can help me find the cause. If I can determine WHY I developed the eating disorder, then maybe I'll have somewhere to start. I'm just so scared of gaining weight and I can't pinpoint exactly why.
  9. It's been nearly 3 months since I began a cold turkey approach to recover from my bulimia. I have done well and only slipped up for two brief moments, like half a day. Well now I've stepped backwards 2 steps. I'm so unhappy. I bought new clothes when I gained weight and thank goodness I bought elastic banded pants and skirts so they're a little flexible. However, they are feeling snug and if I continue gaining, I'll have to buy new sizes. I'm freaking out. I did say I didn't mind gaining weight but the last time I weighed which I shouldn't have done, was last week and I had gained 9 lbs. since March 8th. I'm not being a great sensible eater. I've gone overboard and now that I've gained so much, I'm wanting to restrict which means going back to My Fitness Pal again. I tried it but couldn't stay at their suggested calorie level to lose half a pound a week. I need more calories, so I changed it to maintain my weight and got more calories. Plus I gain some by my daily step goal of 10K steps a day. But that allotted daily calories seems way too much so I've been trying to stay under. I've been on My Fitness Pal for 3 days now. I'm praying a lot and I thought my prayers were being answered but now I'm back to square one and I don't know what happened. Really, if I can learn to be okay with me being a little heavier, I'd probably not have a problem but I'm now 14 lbs. over where my comfort weight was back when I was restricting heavily. I slowly gained so I was okay with it. Now I'm not. So if you're a praying person, I'd appreciate remembering me in your prayers. I think my prayer warriors have stopped praying for me so I need to ask them again. I'm not through this struggle yet. I am wondering if this is an addiction that can never be totally cured, just recovered with the possibility of sliding back into it at any time. Not good.
  10. I've got a tshirt that says "But First ... Coffee" I wear it to work and usually get a favorable comment or two each time. 🙂 I learned how to make coffee with the power out. I boil water on my gas stove and pour it over the grounds in the coffee maker. It drips just like it does when it has electricity. I remember the first time I thought about that, I was ecstatic. I didn't even mind the power was out. I had coffee and my Kindle. Yay!
  11. I think part of is insurance and what doctors your insurance will cover. My dd lives in a college city which is fairly large but the Kaiser there does not have a Behavioral Health department. So they use an outside resource. And in all the city there is only one psychiatrist and one therapist that takes Kaiser. For me, I see a psychiatrist at Kaiser but getting an appointment with her is difficult because there is only one psychiatrist and one therapist on staff at that facility. The demand is too great for them. I've resorted to seeing a therapist outside of Kaiser and have to pay out of pocket costs. There are a number of psychiatrists in my area but none of them take Kaiser patients because Kaiser won't approve their request for affiliation. Kaiser feels their Behavioral Health department is large enough. Ugh.
  12. So glad you found it! 🙂
  13. I get home from work sort of late and enjoy a cup of coffee. However, it has to be decaf at that time of night. So I made a cup of regular coffee and didn't realize it until I sat down with it prepared and ready to drink. So got up, dumped it out, and started a new pot of decaf. I had to turn the machine off while I refilled it and turn it on again. Well, nothing happened. The machine wasn't working. So I figure maybe it was still too hot from the first run so I turned it off and let it sit for 5 minutes then turned it back on again. Still nothing happened. I told DH he was going to have to go to Walmart right then and get me a new coffee maker, not that he would have. I felt so disappointed because I really love my coffee at certain times of the day. So I opened the machine and looked inside. Dumb me had forgotten to put the water in!! No wonder it wasn't working! So I filled it with water, turned it back on, and voila! Got coffee. Yay! Oh, and the dinner DH prepared was yummy, but the coffee caps it off so my dinner didn't feel complete without the coffee.
  14. We have both Hello Fresh and Home Chef. We see which has the best choices for a particular week we need a box. I prefer Home Chef as they have more choices. Many meals from both services have potatoes of some kind, usually roasted. Some have roasted veggies. We've had Hello Fresh longer and we find repeat meals. We try to get something new each time. We save the recipe cards in a binder and cook the meals on our own on weeks we don't get a box.
  15. I've tried them both and prefer Trunk Club because I can preview what they're sending so I can veto stuff right away. Of course they substitute things and I don't get a second chance to veto. I usually get at least two of the items. They're expensive though. The past two times, I've gotten Amazon Prime Wardrobe. It's a little frustrating because they don't offer all sizes or colors. They'll say this particular item is Prime eligible but when I click on my size, it isn't. But still, I've gotten some great things. I usually order two of the same things in different sizes and I find that extremely helpful.
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