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  1. Thanks everyone! I'll sit down with Jeffrey later this afternoon and show him this thread and review all the resources mentioned. He can choose one or more of them to try. We're open to anything!
  2. Is there such a thing? My ds25 wants to learn to draw but we've been unsuccessful in finding him a tutor. He tried beginning drawing classes in college because the advisor told him they were designed for true beginners who knew nothing. Well, that turned out not to be true. In the second class of each course, the students were working on stuff they all knew how to do and my ds had no clue. In one class he gave up, packed up and left in the middle of class. He was so disappointed. I tried buying him books on how to draw but they aren't what he's looking for. He wants to eventually become a graphics design artist of video games. It is his dream and it hurts my heart to think his dream is too big. I remember buying a homeschooling art program when my kids were little and it started off with drawing, but I can't remember the name of the program. I'd appreciate any assistance anyone can offer. I've tried asking for help in my local facebook group and got one response. She said her friend could teach my ds and told me how to reach this friend. It was through instagram. So I sent a message and she never responded. So that avenue didn't pan out. Ideas?? He doesn't care if the program is for kids. He just wants to learn the basics and grow from there.
  3. Great minds think alike. I called them a little while ago asking that very question. *laugh* She wrote it in my appointment notes so they know I want to come into the building. They're still being covid cautious so most appointments you meet them at the side door or they come get your pet from your car and you stay in the car while they're inside. Yesterday they escorted me in and straight into a room.
  4. I take him in every day for them to give him fluids. If he still needs them on the weekend, I will do it and try not to show my anxiety. They did offer to keep him for the week but I didn't want him to be away from family who can comfort him. I figured he'd stress more if he was there all day and night.
  5. Thank you! It occurred to me I shouldn't have said they have stopped working. That implies they're beyond help but the doctor feels if we flush them out he has a greater chance of living longer. So pray for us making it through this critical week. 🙂
  6. Update: Marley's kidney's are not working. He's in dire straits. He must have fluids every day in an effort to flush him out to get his kidneys working again. They did teach me but I suffer from anxiety and we all realized that he'd react to my high anxiety so I'll only do it if needed. I'm paying $25/day for them to do it. I bought the bag of saline today, that's why the rest of the week it's only $25/day. I'll take him in every morning at 8:30 am. I told my boss I cannot work the rest of this week. The tech told me Marley could die any time so I have to be really careful with him. I'm going to try to get him back on his original renal food that he loved for so long. I'll be doing a transition using chicken and rice and slowly adding in more crunchies and giving less chicken and rice. He already gets a Pepcid 10 mg daily so I'm to give that to him 30 minutes before he eats. Normally this dog scarfs down anything edible so I have no doubt he'll take the Pepcid with a little chicken. I don't know what to expect from him when he realizes there are crunchies in the rice and chicken and what I'll do if he refuses it. We didn't discuss it. I'll find out tonight when I feed him.
  7. Yes, my dog will eat table food all day long. He tries to bury the renal stuff! I've been researching online and people have found ways to doctor it up to make it more palatable. I now have 3 types in my home. I have Royal Canin, Purina RX both kibble and canned. The canned went over like a lead balloon. What he did eat he threw up. I'll talk to her about how I can change the kibble to something more palatable by adding something to it. I'd love her approval because I trust her. I don't know if he'll fight me on fluids. He's such a laid back dog. He seems to be okay with anything you do to him. I'll ask her about it today though.
  8. I have an appointment in 2 hours but I've been crying so much today that I was hoping for information now. My dog is 12.5 years old. He had standard senior lab work at his physical and it showed an elevated something for his kidneys. The doctor put him on a renal food which he has been eating with no problems. All of a sudden he stopped eating it. So they switched him to a different brand. Nope, that lasted two days and he stopped eating it. That was last Saturday so I cooked chicken and rice and he ate it with gusto. Monday I took him to the vet to have his mouth and ears checked. He had 5 teeth pulled recently so I was thinking he stopped eating his prescribed diet because it was crunchies and maybe his mouth was hurting. She ran new lab work. Whatever test showed something elevated was even higher. It went from 3.2 to 9.2. She gave me canned food and gave him fluids. Well, he reluctantly ate the canned food last night but it took him a while to do it. He'd eat and walk away and go back later. This morning he flat out refused it. I called the vet and they want to see him today. They're going to give him more fluids and want to teach me how to do it. What is going on? What is elevated? She said this was super bad news. Is he on the verge of dying? Will I have to give him fluids every day for the rest of his life? Why? Yes I know to ask her all these questions today but it's driving me batty!! I don't know what to think. They told me this morning not to worry about feeding him but I just couldn't stop myself. I finally fed him at noon because he was sitting next to me watching me eat every bite of my lunch. He was hungry!! I hope I didn't hurt anything as I gave him the chicken and rice again. I looked up food for dogs who won't eat their prescription food and found a recipe that I printed out and will show my vet. If he won't eat his food, I'll just cook for him. It will be a nuisance but I'd rather do that and he live obviously.
  9. Yes, my job is stressful. It always has been. I've quit twice. The 3rd time I just had to take a medical leave when I was put in rehab for 6 weeks. I was floored that my manager stayed as accommodating as she had been. She's a good friend who knows a lot about my life and struggles. She's had her share of trauma and drama so she can totally relate to me on many levels. We're having a weird situation at work right now. Our Board of Directors has changed. One person dropped out and we now have a new President. He's coming in with guns blazing. He raised our prices, put a minimum credit card purchase limit of $15, and won't let us hang any signs that aren't required by law. He says signs confine the customer?? The man is insane. I've had so many complaints and told him about how the credit card limit was losing us customers, so he took that away. However, he's now reconsidering it using $10. I suggested $5. I'll still lose a lot of business. I have many transactions under $5 and people don't carry cash. He went back to original clothing prices from 2019. Dresses are $5. Shirts are $4. Jeans are $5. etc. Before that we've been selling all clothing except special marked up clothing at $2 per piece. We sold A LOT of clothes. We had merchandise moving through the store just like you want a retail store to do. We got in so many donations that we couldn't put clothing on the racks fast enough. Now that the prices are higher, all of our racks are stuffed and we can't put anymore clothing out. Donations are piling up in the backroom. We have to pull items off the floor and poundage them to make room for some new stuff. No, he's really doing our business a disservice. You can tell by looking at the numbers and he doesn't understand the financials. For a man who brags about resuscitating failing businesses, he's ruining ours. My manager has basically had her power taken away from her as the Board is making all decisions now. The President asks fore some things that the manager says No to and he gets mad at her. She finally did one thing though. He told her to call the churches around our community and ask if they can put an announcement in their bulletins or announcements during service that we have positions open for employment. They all acted as if she was nuts just like she knew they would. But he asked her to do it so she did it. He thinks we should have 30 applications on file at all times so we can call the next person on the list and get them working the next day. Um.. do you not see every business around us with Now Hiring signs out? No one has 30 applications on file, or there wouldn't be so many now hiring signs. So my job is uncertain. If Carol is fired, I may quit. Then I won't be working at all which my therapist doesn't like. I need an outlet that provides purpose and social interaction. I could stay and see who they bring in for a manager but they may promote a current employee who is a very young guy with absolutely no managerial experience. We believe our President has a thing against women which is why he offered to increase the salaries of the two young men working for us but wants to reduce the salaries, that are actually under what he's offering to start the young men at. So Carol has already consulted an attorney, She's has written notes from a Board Member who left her notes on the table after a Board meeting and a customer found them and returned them to the manager of the store. But how embarrassing! It's 5 pages of how awful Carol is as a manager and they need to get her to quit so they don't have to pay her anymore. Anyway, I don't quit because I'm very loyal to her and I still care about the store. If my job is affected in any way, I may have my hand forced to make a decision. Until then, I'm just going to do my job. It really is good for me to be there. For a little while each day, I can forget I have an eating disorder. I've even gotten to where I can share lunch with them sometimes. We brought in Chick-fil-A one day and it was so nice to sit down with them and eat the same food as them. They are all aware of my ED, including my new behavior of binging. Shelly hid some food from me the other day because I kept going into the break area and eating more and complaining how I couldn't stop. Well she stopped me! *laugh* I was so very grateful she did that. I hate feeling out of control when I eat. I don't know what's going to happen. And if I'm not working at the store, I don't know if I'll pursue a different job. I kind of like the idea of cashiering at a grocery store but it will be a more rigid job that the relaxed one I have right now. I'm truly blessed that my family does not need a 2nd income which is why my salary doesn't really matter. I'm only working again because I love my coworkers to bits and pieces. There are 5 of us and we have so much fun together. I love going into work now. I went over a year of dreading it and it being a toxic place for me. Well, all the toxic people are gone so my job is a very supportive place now. I love it. Sorry for this being so long. 🙂
  10. Yeah, ds24 is doing phenomenal. He asked if he could return to college and now that it's his decision, he's doing fairly well, getting A's and B's. He's in Game Development in the programming track. He tried to be in the art department's digital something or other, but he found out with the first two beginning classes that you need to have the basics of art instruction down pat to fit into the class. He doesn't know how to draw. He wants someone to teach him but we haven't found anyone. So he went back to programming. He said he's okay with it but he'd really rather be on the creative side of things. But he's doing well. He has surprised us by driving new places. He uses google maps and prints out the directions. He doesn't know how to use his phone as a GPS and isn't interested in learning, which I don't understand, but he's doing so well I'm not going to push it. 🙂
  11. So for those interested, here goes. 🙂 Yes, I'm still battling atypical anorexia. Every time I think I'm turning a corner, bam!, I fall back down. I'm currently in a complete relapse. I'm not following my meal plan. I'm eating very little. I'm avoiding many foods and my mindset is strongly anorexic. I feel as large as an elephant. My therapist and dietitian have been trying to help me but to no avail. I am just willful and resistant. The newest problem is that my psych doc is changing some of of my meds around. She put me on Zyprexa and I suffered increased appetite. In me, that presented as binging and I began purging, horrifying my therapist and dietitian. I'm in the process of getting off the Zyprexa. To help me sleep, she has given me Gabapentin again, but it didn't work before so I have very little hope now. Waiting on tap is Lunesta. My psych Doc had to fill out a request form for Kaiser to consider that a covered medication and they did approve it so I think I'll order it and have it on hand in case the Gabapentin doesn't work. I'm suffering awful insomnia. It can have so many causes we can't pin it down. I fall asleep with meds but I don't stay asleep. I'm usually awake for 3-4 hours. So I've been told to not leave my bedroom and to have a thermos of milk next to my bed for if I'm hungry in an effort to prevent a binge. So far it's not working. I stay in bed, drink the milk, fall back asleep and am awake again within the hour. I go ahead and get up. I think I've trained my brain to want to be awake because I'm usually working on my Bible studies. Those hold my attention so much that I force myself to ignore the signs to go back to bed. Stupid! So I'm trying to to read a long boring book instead, something that I can do until I feel sleepy again. I don't always stick with it, but sometimes I do. I'm working again, 30 hours a week. It's more than I want but we're so short staffed. We're down to 5 employees. It's crazy. There are now hiring signs everywhere. People don't want to work. I've given out 6 applications and no one has returned it. Our Board President has made some stupid decisions that has caused us to lose business. The Board has been mean to my manager. We think they are trying to get her to quit but she's not going to leave until they fire her. I'm on the fence about what to do. I told her if she got fired, I'd walk out with her. I really don't want to work without her. But my Dh wants me to hang in there and see what they do next. The Board President has spoken to the two guys we have working for us, the longest one of them has been there is 4 months. He's offered them a much higher salary that the rest of us and wants to groom them for management. One guy was in the act of quitting and decided he didn't want to work under someone who was so sneaky. Three of us have been at the store for 3 years without raises, and the President even told Carol he think he's going to lower her salary and Shelly's salary. I already knew I wasn't being paid as much so maybe he's okay with my huge $12/hour salary. I refuse to work for less so if he tries to cut my salary back to my trial period salary of $10/hour, I probably will quit. So there's lots of stress and tension in the store right now. I'm so bummed because I finally feel good about working again and the President is suck all the joy right out of my life. I spent 6 weeks in a rehab facility for depression and suicidal thoughts. My therapist is watching me closely and is ready to suggest I be readmitted. My DH is still holding all of my meds because my whole support team is worried I'll act in a moment of unhappiness. I'm waiting for my psych doc to release my meds back to me. I feel so stupid having to get my meds from my DH on a daily basis. That's about all. Fun times!!
  12. So far tonight I've gotten 2 hrs. 20 mins. sleep. I've been awake for 3 hours now and am just now feeling a little tired. I should try to go back to sleep but I've been working on Bible studies for the past 3 hours and thoroughly enjoying myself which unfortunately is brain stimulating.
  13. I bought everything she needed for her college dorm room. It was a fair amount so we considered it a gift. We also gave her $100 spending money to use on things she may have forgotten once she moved in. If your dd isn't going away to college, you might want to consider something like a chunky knit blanket. They're fairly pricey. I gave one to my son for Christmas and he loves it. Does she like purses? You could go for a top brand with a matching wallet. Jewelry? Diamond earrings or necklace.
  14. Don't worry, my job is sort of like a trial run. My store manager asked me to come back for the 2 weeks she's out for surgery. She'll really need me there because I know how the store runs as much as the other assistant manager. I am sure I'm not going back in a managerial position though. Anyway, her surgery is within the next month. The idea is to work until she's back and then we'll make a decision based on how things are going. Yes, I could look for another job but as much as these women have crossed lines, I love them and I know they love me. We've had so much happen together. Even though they've said some things that seemed over the line, they have been very supportive. I mean, what other job would put up with my changing my schedule every 5-6 weeks and quitting 3 times? I start getting burned out and lower my hours and then they start creeping up again and I get burned out, repeat cycle. This time I'm telling Carol up front that she cannot increase my hours as we both know I fall apart. And if I really did reach burnout, I have been known to take a week off just to relax. I just don't think I can find another job with the same benefits as this one. I've learned how to cope with my coworkers. Like, when they start talking politics they don't say anything when I walk away. The truth is since I'm up front and everyone else is in the back rooms, I don't interact with them as much as I'd like. Anyway, I appreciate the concern and it may be that you all turn out right, in which case I'll quit again and tell Carol that job is just wrong for me. As for the moment though, I'm way excited to be returning. I've missed the people but I've really missed my regular customers. They've all asked after me and my coworkers have just told them I'm taking some personal time. I miss running the front of the store and running the register. I miss sorting out and pricing jewelry and keeping the other cabinets looking nice. I miss working with one of our volunteers on keeping the special purses display full. I had the responsibility of that case. I know they've changed some things since I was gone, but it's all going back to the way I like it. I doubt Carol will say anything. I ran the front of that store extremely well. I have a system and I'm looking forward to getting back to it. And I did talk to my therapist about it last Tuesday and once we discussed potential problems, she did agree it would be good for me to try again. I decided to hold off a week until I met with my treatment case manager just to make sure she was on board. I told her I didn't want to rush my treatment but she said their center is never in the business to keep people from getting back to life. She was very excited at my wanting to find a way to stop thinking about my eating disorder and she knows that work does distract me. I also talked to my dietitian. That may sound funny but we've become like friends over the last 13 months so I wanted her opinion. She also likes the idea. She did talk to me about skipping meals and snacks when I get too busy. She wants me to continue following my meal plan. I've been meal compliant for 27 days and that's the longest I've ever gone so she said she's hopeful.
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