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  1. Night Elf

    Atlanta used car dealers???

    We've used CarMax before and had great experiences. Good prices but they don't haggle. However, for the last two cars, we went to the dealerships for older models in their used car sections. We were able to haggle a bit to get to a price we liked.
  2. Night Elf

    SAD light?

    Okay, thanks everyone. She wants to research it a bit more. I'm not sure why. I've offered to pay for it. She's wondering if she'll actually use it. She just can't shake her depression and her days are draggy and mentally draining. She stays inside most of the time. She only has a couple of classes each day but the buildings are close together so she isn't outside a lot. She's skeptical it will work. I told her what the heck, why not try?
  3. Night Elf

    SAD light?

    So I can see where it's helpful during the winter. Is there any benefit to using it during other seasons? I imagine she wouldn't use it during the summer on hot bright days, right?
  4. Night Elf

    SAD light?

    My dd20 is interested in trying a light. She thinks she's affected by seasons and winter is really rough on her. Can anyone advise me on this?
  5. Night Elf

    Repeating unpleasant dreams

    My dd had a bad breakup last school year. The guy really just dumped her with no explanation and it devastated her. He refused to talk to her after telling her he was just going through some stuff. Then when she tried to text him or his friend, they just never responded. So she never got closure. So for the longest time she's had dreams about him, usually very pleasant ones where she's so happy in the dream, then wakes up and realizes it's not true. She suffers from depression so this doesn't help her elevate her daily moods. She's in counseling and they talk about the dreams a lot but dd is unable to find a way to deal with them, so I thought I'd check here. In your non-medical opinion, how do you get past a traumatic experience that haunts you? When she has a dream, she cries off and on all day, so it's really affecting the way she's functioning. She's doing well in her classes so she isn't completely shut down but she just wants to lay in bed and sleep but is afraid to sleep because she doesn't want to dream. I don't know what to do.
  6. DH and I are headed to dd's school this afternoon to take her to the doctor. She's been doing well so far in getting to her appointments although she's texting me until the doctor walks in. She needs the assurance that she's doing everything right. I don't believe she's gotten a proper diagnosis yet so she asked if I would go with her to help talk to the doctor. At least she's only 90 minutes away. That's not too bad.
  7. Night Elf

    Can I brag a moment?

    Good for you! That's wonderful!
  8. Night Elf

    For those who are curious about my road to recovery

    Thank you ladies. I appreciate the support. I still have a ways to go but so far so good!
  9. From bulimia. I officially stopped weighing and tracking on December 5th, but have weighed myself probably 4 times since then. I have found that when I weigh, I respond by restricting. Either I'm happy with my weight and want to restrict to maintain it or it's higher than I want it to be so I want to restrict to lose again. Well, I weighed myself yesterday. I was about where I expected to be and was fine with it and had no desire to track and restrict. So since Dec. 5th, I have gained 8 lbs. and I'm okay with it. I know I'll still gain some more but it's coming on slow enough for me to handle it. I still have late night binges that leaves me regretting them in the morning. I find that those days are days I don't eat decent meals. I eat lightly, usually because I'm not hungry, but by the time it hits about 9:00 pm, I'm ravenous. So I'm trying to avoid that by eating breakfast and lunch even if I'm not overly hungry. I also keep a snack at work with me to eat in the afternoon when I feel like I'm lagging. I stopped seeing my counselor. Once again we were just talking in circles, i.e. the same stuff every visit. She thinks I'm doing remarkably well and told me her door is always open even if I just want to come for a single visit to talk about my progress. She's been a great help. So that's it. 🙂
  10. Night Elf

    Rice conversion?

    Thank you!
  11. Night Elf

    Rice conversion?

    How much dry rice will yield 3 cups cooked rice?
  12. I think I'll try the Texas Rice Salad on pg. 25. DH isn't home so I don't have to prepare a full meal. This sounds pretty good for something light. I have to leave out the cilantro though. I hate that taste. It tastes like soap!
  13. I have it too. I never did use it though. I bought it because I wanted to see the diversity of recipes and try something new. Then I put it in my cabinet and never opened it again. Now that I enjoy cooking, maybe I'll try something. Thanks for reminding me about it.
  14. Night Elf

    Georgia in winter

    Ok, DH just checked the weather and the snow should be over by lunch but the temperature may drop causing the roads to ice up. We'll see what happens!
  15. Night Elf

    Georgia in winter

    I just got called into work. I don't know if our store will be open or not. Yesterday the manager mentioned a tidying day. We'll be working about 9:30 - 2:00 or earlier if the weather is turning too fast. She lives 45 minutes north of our store and has to travel on winding back roads so she's definitely going to be watching the weather closely. I'm just happy because I've been up since 6:00 am and I'm already bored out of my mind. I've just been reading. At my house, we're getting a very light rain right now. The temperature is 42 degrees right now and was 46 degrees an hour ago.