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  1. Thanks everyone. I will tip my usual 20%.
  2. Hi! I'm still around although not as much. I do try to check the boards every couple of days but haven't been replying. I'm reading though!
  3. We're ordering food from a restaurant and picking up curb side. Am I supposed to tip?
  4. I dropped the hydrocodone. I think it was the culprit. I took it 2 nights and was awake both nights. I took only a muscle relaxer last night with no problems. I do not take either around the clock. I thought taking them at bedtime would help me sleep. It hurts to lay down. They gave me a prescription strength ibuprofen and am taking that only now. It's been a week and I still hurt. My chiropractor can't help because my pain is in the sternum. I just have to wait for it to get better. I did go car shopping. I replaced my wrecked Hyundai Sonata with a 2019 Kia Optima. I really like it! It's
  5. I was in an accident last Tuesday. I injured my chest, probably because I was thrown forward and the seatbelt locked. Anyway, I was prescribed a muscle relaxer and a pain pill. So I've noticed that when I take both of those at night near bedtime, I cannot get to sleep! I feel sleepy for a little while and try to close my eyes but I don't fall asleep. It's now nearly 2:30 am and I'm still not ready for bed. All I want to do is sleep! I've got the chiropractor super early in the morning and then plan on going car shopping tomorrow. If I'm dead tired, I won't be able to make good decisions. Ugh.
  6. Well, I'll be honest and say they sell to people like me. I always buy through my eye doctor. We get insurance every other year and we all go for exams. In the past 10 years, I've only had my prescription change twice, minor changes. I have no desire to price glasses online or go to a separate shop. It's just much easier to get my exam and glasses at the same time. My insurance only pays $150 towards glasses and lenses so I usually a lot out of pocket. I guess since I don't get a new pair every year, it just doesn't faze me.
  7. I recently took the test because my therapist wanted to see my types. I scored extremely high on type 9 The Peacemaker and Type 6 The Loyalist. She has me researching Type 6 because she thinks it's playing a role in my eating disorder. My DH took it too and the interesting thing is his highest type was my lowest, The Challenger. Did you find the test online? It was free to take but if you wanted an indepth report, you'd need to pay for it. I am just researching the information online for free.
  8. The 1st day of school for my neighboring countyd was Monday. That night one of the 2nd graders was diagnosed with Covid so his teacher and all his classmates have to stay home for the next 2 weeks. That's in a contained classroom. What will happen in middle and high school when the kids are bumping each other in the hallways? I have two kids in college in the fall. Thankfully, the universities are trying to social distance as much as possible. My ds starting a new college just got an email today from his calculus teacher saying that he will be streaming and recording his classes for any s
  9. So tomorrow I'm discharging from my ED treatment program and moving into the next phase. I've been in treatment 5.5 months so I'm scared to be discharged. I have an aftercare dietitian and therapist and like them both very much. We're all working together and I like the treatment plan they have put together for me. Well, mostly like. I'm still not fond of the hard work it takes to recover. I'm working on a couple of things right now that are unpleasant but necessary. I've been told if things don't go well, I can always go back into program. My problem is I've been willful and resistant to trea
  10. The test was negative. I went back to work yesterday. 🙂
  11. It's got to be my job. Many of my customers don't wear masks. Our counter isn't large so I'm definitely not 6 feet away from them while I'm sorting out their merchandise. We have plexiglass in front of the register but it's rare that someone will step over to it while I'm ringing up their items and accepting their payment. Usually we just conduct all business over the small counter. So if I do have C19, I was exposed by a customer. So I can see returning to work isn't a good idea but I really hate the idea of being tested. The description of how they do it is so awful. Kaiser told me they
  12. I've had a mild cough since this weekend. I'm talking extremely sporadic throughout the day. It's just a regular dry cough. No hacking. Nothing wet. No fits. Just a light cough and it's over. This morning I woke up with a low grade fever, 99.7. The thing that concerned me was that I never run a fever. Not even when I'm sick with a cold. I haven't had a fever since I was a kid. So I called Kaiser and talked to the front line, who then put me through to the advice nurse, who advised I have a video appointment with a doctor. The doctor decided I should quarantine until Thursday and be tested Thur
  13. We haven't stopped our regular eating out each week. DS eats out 5 nights a week at least. We've had no problems. Ds's birthday is in July. I'm thinking we'll order from his favorite restaurant which is a sit-down restaurant and get curbside service which they offered even before Covid started.
  14. Okay, I'm going to answer this because what I did worked. In my case, my enthusiasm and predisposition led to an eating disorder. When I lost weight back in 2012, I lost 45 lbs. with Weight Watchers and never exercised. It was simply a reduction in calories from what I was eating and it worked. Then my doctor told me to watch my carbs and when I did, I dropped another 10 lbs. in 5 weeks. I maintained that for years without exercise but continuing to eat low calorie, enter in eating disorder. *laugh* So yes, it is definitely possible to lose weight without exercising.
  15. My manager contacted me and asked me to return as the current cashier is not working out. She said no one can match me and she wanted me back. So I decided to give it a try. I'm not going back as a manager, only a regular employee. I'll be working on Saturdays 9:30-5:00 and 2-3 weekdays 3:00-5:00. I'm in my ED treatment program until 2:30 pm every day so I can't work more than 2 hours. She said she would take what she could get. I told her the topic of my ED was off limits and anyone who brought it up, I was going to just tell them I don't want to talk about it. I'll try to stay away from the
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