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  1. I had to add in more calories but I have an eating disorder. I was eating less than 1200 calories but was sedentary. I was maintaining a low weight, right at the edge of what was considered healthy for me. DH and my mom decided I was too low and convinced me to talk to my psychiatrist about it who diagnosed me with bulimia because of my heavy restrictions and guilt for eating anything that wasn't "on" plan. I started off by adding in foods like nuts and avocado. Then I added in larger portions of dinner. I ended up gaining 10 lbs. I won't go further into the story at this time. I had to accept my low weight and low calorie acceptance was not healthy. I suggest, if he hasn't done so already, a physical with the doctor to see if his health is good and to talk about the caloric needs to maintain a good weight range.
  2. Whew! I was looking at guided tours for Scotland and some of them are so pricey. How does one choose a reputable company that offers tours? We were talking about Scotland and seeing castles, Loch Ness, Culloden, etc. Sounds pretty cool but I don't think we can afford it. The tour itself is pricey and we'd have to pay our own airfare. Never been to Canada. Yes, still thinking of cruises. I'm just getting a few ideas to know which direction to take. I'll probably research some on my days off when I'm not so tired and can spend 2-3 hours on the computer.
  3. Our problem is we have no hobbies other than reading. We aren't normally traveling type people. We're homebodies. 20 years ago we went to sci-fi conventions with friends and had a blast. That no longer appeals to me. We're not necessarily water people so staying on a beach for several days holds no appeal. With a cruise ship, there are things to do. We went on a real sailing boat that had less than 50 passengers for our honeymoon and it was fun. A cruise on a liner would be so very different. We like to walk but I'm talking short trips, like walking an hour at most. Wouldn't want to spend hours on a trail. We don't like camping. We like museums just to explore. We like eating in restaurants. We like having time to read. We're not big nappers, maybe for an hour in the day if we feel tired. I always thought I wanted to go to London but now I don't remember why I felt that way. Ireland seems like it would be so pretty but what would we do? I like the idea of looking at some travel books. I'll go see what I can find on my day off from work.
  4. Next October is my 25th wedding anniversary. DH and I want to do a trip somewhere. We did a sailing ship cruise for our honeymoon. We're starting to save money out of each paycheck to go towards this trip plus we'll have some other money we can use by then, so we'll have about $3000 give or take. What to do?? Cruise like Carnival or some other line? We did the Caribbean for our honeymoon. There are a few features of a large ship that would hold our attention but for the most part we'd be sitting on the deck reading books. I don't know what we'd do in a port. I looked at Carnival today and they seem to have two stops on a 5 or 6-day cruise. So would we get bored? Washington D.C. - DH hasn't been in 50 years and I've never been so we could explore together. We like the idea of the Smithsonian and the National Mall. I don't know what else we'd do. We'd fly there and use taxis. Or would Uber be better? Would we enjoy a destination like that over a cruise where we were limited to what we could do? Any other ideas? I'm clueless!! A beach would be beautiful but I'd only want one day on a beach. So if we went somewhere with a beach, there would have to be other things to do. We also like the idea of a cabin in the woods. We'd love walking trails but we won't want to walk every day for a week. We'd need other things to do. We've considered the possibility of out of the country but feel that would get even more expensive than we would like. For example, I'd love to visit Iceland but I don't have the wardrobe for it. *laugh* We could do England or Scotland or Ireland. How does one keep a trip like that on the frugal side? We can be gone up to 7 days but would prefer to not be over that. We'll have to board our dog and one week is all I can think of doing to him. Thoughts? If we could make a decision soon, we could maybe alter how much we can save so we can be better prepared.
  5. My 23 year old has Aspergers. He was diagnosed at age 9 and we never hid it from him. He's happy the way he is and doesn't wish to be otherwise, so I think that's good. To be honest, I see nothing to be gained by him being diagnosed. Nothing in his childhood or adulthood has been horribly affected. I also understand it presents differently in individuals. My son's childhood isn't like your son's but my son did exhibit autistic traits. When he was about 16-17, I learned it was typical of Aspergers to be behind peers a few years and that has made a lot of difference in understanding why he was behaving the way he did. Being an Aspie does affect his life on a daily basis. He's limited in things he can do and is always tunnel focused on one thing or another. His obsessions have changed over the years but in 23 years he's only had 3 major obsessions, so he hangs onto them for quite a while. I recently talked to an attorney about getting disability and she said there was no way my ds would win that case. He's extremely intelligent. Had a 4.0 in high school and made all A's when he was in college. He took 2 college classes each for 2 semesters then quit, stating he hated school with a passion. He got a job as an overnight stock clerk in a grocery store. He did very well there and proved he could hold down a job. He only left because they wouldn't reduce his hours and because they gave him the responsibility of inventory which I never understood what he meant. He wanted to work about 25 hours but was consistently given 37-39 and they always said it was because they were short staffed. I full believe if he'd been able to work his preferred hours, he would have stayed. When he quit, he stayed home and lived on his savings for 14 months. Then he came to me and asked how he could live on his own. We discussed options and he decided to go to a technical school. Well, he took 2 classes Spring semester, 1 class Summer semester, and is now in 2 classes again. He doesn't want to take more than 2 classes a semester and hates the idea that it's going to take him 5 years to earn an Associates Degree, especially when he's not even sure he wants to work in the field in which he is studying. So last week he decided to finish this semester and then quit again. He'll get a job, probably at the grocery store again. He was making $10/hr at his last job because he was in a union. I don't know if that union is for all employees or just his job. He'll be hired on at minimum wage and he doesn't seem to care. He said he wants an easy job with no customer contact, no major responsibilities, and limited hours. I think he should go back to being an overnight stock clerk but at a different store. When he's hired, he can tell them what days he cannot work and maybe they'll keep him at 25 hours. Obviously with a unskilled job like that, he'll never be able to live on his own. All I can hope is that when we move in 8 years, and he's 31 years old, he'll decide to return to school to get a degree that will put him in a better position to support himself. I have no idea. I try not to worry about it, but I do. So that's my story.
  6. Well changing that flat tire was an ordeal!! We too wondered if a tire repaired with sealant would result in us buying a new tire so DH decided to take the flat off and take it to the tire place for them to fix. Great idea! However, not easy. First he discovered that we had one lug nut that was locked. It required a special key to unlock. DH looked in the car. Nothing. We were not happy. So I called the tire place and they said if I could get the car to them, they probably had something that would work. Probably? What does that mean? You either do or your don't. DH called the dealership to see if they had one for sale. They acted like they didn't know what he was talking about. Finally they took his name and number and said they'd call back. So, we wondered what to do. Call a tow truck at our expense to get the car to the tire place or wait for a call from the dealership? Then DH brightened up and ran into the garage. He had found the wheel key kit! He remembered that when we bought the car last January, he had taken the kit out of the car and put it in a box in the garage. Why?? Good grief! So now DH was finally able to unlock the wheel. Was that it? No! So now, the tire wouldn't come off the car. He struggled with it and finally came inside to look up a you tube video of what to do when the tire won't come off. Well, the solution was easy enough. Kick it! *laugh* So DH laid on the ground in front of the car and awkwardly aimed his foot at the tire and started kicking. It still wouldn't come off. Finally, I started pulling while he was kicking and it came off. 🙂 I finally got it to the tire place. They fixed it. $21.40. Took it home. DH put it back on the car. I got to work 5 hours late. All for one flat tire. Oh and the dealership did eventually call us back, at 7:15 am the next morning.
  7. DH looked it up and read about 1/3'rd of new cars don't have one. Instead, my car did come with that sealant you use but the AAA lady couldn't use it due to liability and I didn't know how to use it so DH came home from work to take care of it. He wasn't sure about it but then got the idea to take the flat off and take it up to the tire place for them to fix. We called ahead and they said that was good and the guy told DH the very same thing happened to him and his wife with the same car I've got! LOL
  8. I have a flat tire. I called AAA and they came out to fix it, only to find out I had no spare in the car. Apparently newer cars are not equipped with them. 2015, which is what I have, is the first year Hyundai stopped including them. Ugh! So AAA called in for a tow truck to take my car to the tire dealership. Supposedly I have a kit in the car that I can use to pump up the tire but the AAA lady couldn't do it do to liability and I have no idea how to use it and DH said he can't come home right now. So I'm waiting for a call from the tow truck service. She said they'd call within 15-20 minutes and it's been 45 minutes. I'm giving it 15 more minutes then I'm calling AAA back and ask them why the hold-up. I need this all under one ticket so it won't cost me anything. If I have to open a second ticket, I may be charged. I'll find out for sure when I call them back in 15 minutes. So, I'm late to work. Good thing my manager is laid back. We have enough employees so I'm covered but still, good grief! At least I had the flat in the garage and not on the road where I'd be waiting all this time for help.
  9. We made my oldest dd guardian of our two younger children when oldest DD was 21 I think. She wasn't settled but we have great insurance and a decent retirement plan that would help out a great deal. However, we did ask my BIL to be the executor so he was in charge of the money. I made sure that oldest dd knew she could go to any of her aunts and uncles for help. We just didn't want our children living with any of them because at the time we made this decision, there were some life issues with each that we felt weren't compatible with our parental plan. Oldest dd knew what was important to us and we knew she'd do whatever it took to carry out those plans as long as it didn't interfere with her life, i.e. if she was married and her husband objected to anything. I also talked to my cousin who was our guardian when all 3 of my children were minors and she agreed to help oldest dd if needed. We felt we covered our bases as well as we could.
  10. My sister and I attended a Beth Moore Simulcast women's convention. We were lucky that it was so close to our house. It felt surreal to sit in the audience when in the past I've done some of her studies and watched videos and thought how cool it would be to be one of the live audience. The message was great. The music was super. We got serious in the Word and also danced to 80's music. Such a great experience to have with my sister. What a great day! God is good!!
  11. We're thinking about the part-time school. She refuses to give up her job. They've already worked with her to take her down from the company minimum of 16 hours per week to the 10 hours a week she's currently working. They absolutely do not want to lose her and have bent rules for her more than once. I'm the one who suggested she drop classes this semester. She's slated to graduate May 2020 but if she goes part-time it will delay her graduation by a year. She's not sure how she feels about that. She talked to her therapist yesterday about it and the therapist told my dd that dd needed to think about her health and what was best for her in the long run. So IOW, she supported the idea of dropping classes. DD has an appointment with her school adviser today to talk about it. The school adviser already exchanged emails with dd and assured her she didn't need to be going full-time to continue getting her scholarship or to be in her special program that has her working on her graduate degree early. I worried that program was what was causing her so much stress but she said the graduate level courses were not really more difficult than her undergraduate courses. So, basically she'd drop 3 of her 4 classes for this semester and play it by ear for Spring semester. There is a special 2-class sequence she has to take to graduate. The first class is Fall semester and the second is Spring semester. She needs to stay in those for sure. I told her she could drop only 2 classes if she didn't want to drop down to only 1 class. I'm hoping she and her adviser work out a plan today.
  12. She's on birth control pills. The only digestion problem she has is frequent burping. Who do we ask about testing for PCOS? Her primary physician or her GYN?
  13. She's been combating fatigue for quite some time. She says she feels drained all of the time. It's affecting her daily functioning. She's taking a full load of classes at college and is working part-time 2 hours a day each weekday. She cries at least once a day, sometimes multiple times, because she doesn't feel like she can make it any longer and just wants to go home and lay down. She goes to bed early and is in bed 8 - 9 hours but she says she doesn't feel she actually got any sleep. She's also complaining of sweating a lot. She is overweight but I don't know how much. I'd say a lot. She won't share her weight. She just had a physical and the doctor did tests but everything came back normal. The only thyroid test she did was a TSH and it was within the normal range. Her Vitamin B12 is within normal range. Only her IRON SAT was a low. It was 18% and the normal range begins with 20%. The doctor told her it was not a problem. The doctor gave her a referral for a sleep study. Dd complains of being congested all of the time and her girlfriend says she snores, so the doctor is wondering if she's not getting a good night's sleep. She hasn't yet made the appointment but she promised me she will because she's interested to know if the sleeping issue is the problem. What else should I be looking for? I'm at the end of my rope. She's about a 90 minute drive from me so it's not easy for me to go to her doctor's appointments with her. Is there a specialist I should take her to? We don't need referrals for specialists.
  14. Can anyone recommend a brand that is not high priced but is a decent product? I've been using Puritan's Pride but I worry if I'm getting the best supplements and vitamins I can. My chiropractor wants me to take something new and double up on something else and said cheap supplements aren't worth the money.
  15. My church has missions that are good causes but I've always donated to the general fund because I know the costs of overhead are high. I do feel I'm being led to put my money towards causes though and not just the upkeep of the church. I'm going to pray about it more. I can ask my pastor. It would be interesting to hear his answer. He'll probably say to tithe towards our ministries such as specific mission trips and local community causes. It's all good stuff. I'd give more to each but I tithe such a small amount that it amounts to me giving $5 here and $5 there. It just seems like a paltry amount, especially when my household income is so much higher. Oh well, I can't do anything about that.
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