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  1. I bought everything she needed for her college dorm room. It was a fair amount so we considered it a gift. We also gave her $100 spending money to use on things she may have forgotten once she moved in. If your dd isn't going away to college, you might want to consider something like a chunky knit blanket. They're fairly pricey. I gave one to my son for Christmas and he loves it. Does she like purses? You could go for a top brand with a matching wallet. Jewelry? Diamond earrings or necklace.
  2. Don't worry, my job is sort of like a trial run. My store manager asked me to come back for the 2 weeks she's out for surgery. She'll really need me there because I know how the store runs as much as the other assistant manager. I am sure I'm not going back in a managerial position though. Anyway, her surgery is within the next month. The idea is to work until she's back and then we'll make a decision based on how things are going. Yes, I could look for another job but as much as these women have crossed lines, I love them and I know they love me. We've had so much happen together. Even
  3. Thank you. My DH is a bit concerned as well but my store manager is my close friend and if I have any serious problems, I can count on her to help me out. She already stuck up for me once so I know she'll do it again. She has opinions too but somehow they're easier to hear from her. But she's also respectful so I don't think I'll have a problem. It's really our two volunteers that give me the most grief. One is a Board Member and the other has been there for 6 years, so neither of them are going anywhere. They're the ones I need to watch out for. I know they care for me a great deal. I honestl
  4. I actually had set up some boundaries before I quit last December. I told everyone that my eating disorder was no longer a topic for conversation. The only reason it was brought up recently was when I visited 2-3 weeks ago, they asked me how things were going. Then they all started in on their 'this is your choice to stop' and 'you don't need treatment' and 'we can be more effective therapists than the ones you're paying for.' Once I start tomorrow, if my ED is brought up at all, I will just say I don't want to talk about it. I'm coming to work to get away from my thinking about my ED. They al
  5. I quit December 16th, just two days before I went back to my treatment center for my eating disorder. I wasn't sure I'd ever work again, but I really miss being there. So I talked to my treatment case manager about setting boundaries with my coworkers and I'll talk to my therapist about it as well tomorrow. She won't be as happy. She wants me in treatment, 5 days a week, for the next 2 months. My case manager said it's not good to stay in program too long. She's ready to cut back my hours now so she told me to work out a schedule with my store manager and then she (case manager) will adjust my
  6. I love these! I'll share them with my treatment team. They'll think I'm seriously committed. 🙂 In a way I am. I've had some epiphanies that have changed how I am looking at my eating disorder. I'm so ready to be done with it.
  7. Thank you Lori! I just couldn't wrap my mind around any of those letters in a positive way, probably because I'm having a difficult time being positive right now. But I'm on my way!
  8. My dietitian was trying to come up with something for the word commit. She came up with the first word, courageous. She's going for something positive, encouraging and uplifting as I commit to my new agreement I've made with my support team. Any ideas? Ex. FEAR - false evidence appearing real
  9. UPDATE! GREAT NEWS! I got a call from my treatment center today. Apparently the upper management of Kaiser met this morning and decided they should adhere to CDC guidelines and they'll continue paying for telehealth visits after all, so I'm back in the program. They said I could log in tomorrow but I'd like a confirmation and information about my level of care. I was only approved through Monday the 4th and that was when my case manager faxed the information to Kaiser to get me another week of upper level care, when on Tuesday they contacted Walden and said they were not approving me for anyt
  10. I tried sending you a message but got an error message saying you are not receiving messages right now. I'm in Georgia, just let me know what information you need. I'd love clarification of the policy as well. Member services acted like they had no idea what I was talking about. Is it just mental telehealth or all outside telehealth? Kaiser does not have any resources for me for an E.D. which is why they are affiliated with my treatment center. I didn't even need a referral. So now I have no idea what will happen. I'm hoping someone admits it was a mistake and I can get back into treatment asa
  11. I had returned to my eating disorder treatment center that I was at earlier this year for more treatment. This time around I was in a higher level of care. I've been in program 2 weeks. I just found out today that Kaiser has decided they will no longer cover telehealth services so I was discharged from my program today. At a time when COVID is high and people aren't meeting in groups, or at least shouldn't be meeting in groups, Kaiser is feeling like Telehealth isn't necessary. Even they are doing more video and phone appointments right now! They're super cautious about who goes into their fac
  12. I've been on this forum for so long that I love to write updates for those who know me. What's it been? Like 18 years? Wow! I miss my kids being little and homeschooling. Enjoy your littles!! They grow up so fast!
  13. 1st: My oldest dd got engaged but they want to wait until 2022 because they want to get married on their anniversary of their first date. That's what they celebrate every year so they don't want a second date to worry about. It will be on a Friday in 2022, so dd plans to have an evening wedding. She chose a wonderful venue but I haven't seen it in person yet. Her dad paid the deposit and said he didn't need to see it but she really wants to share it with me so we need to choose a day I can make it. 2nd: My hours at work increased again. I'm full time again. We just don't have the staff w
  14. Thanks everyone. I will tip my usual 20%.
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