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  1. Night Elf

    Another please pray for job interview post :)

    I wonder if he'll be told today. How did it go??
  2. Night Elf

    Getting a GA drivers license (18+)

    Yes, I've renewed it every 2 years. I'm doing the same thing for my dd who is 20 who doesn't want to drive yet.
  3. Night Elf

    Okay, help me out again please.

    My ds hasn;t given up on driving. Heck, he was on the road minutes after he wrecked my car on the tree in our yard. He was rattled but he wasn't too scared to drive. We've been taking him out 3 days a week but I'm already planning on asking him to drive 30-45 minutes a day. It can be early afternoon on the weekend and on my day off work on Thursday, but the other days it will have to be after 7:00 pm. I know he'll do it. The only thing he resisted at the moment is professional driving instruction. He doesn't want to do it right now. That's fine. DH and I have been doing well planning routes that take him on different types of roads. I just made his road test appointment. It's December 27 at 3:00 pm. If he isn't ready I'll reschedule it. I'm going to call the driving school today to see if I can set up lessons for early December. I'm assuming they'll fill up since it's a month that kids are out of school. One thing I like about them is that they take the student on the actual route the DDS uses for their road test so ds won't be surprised on the day of the test.
  4. In another thread, someone told me my ds who is 22 won't need the 40 hours of supervised driving as an adult. I said I had read it somewhere and now I've found it. When you click on the link to schedule the road test, it says specifically the adult 18+ will have to sign an affidavit saying they have completed the supervised driving. Ds has had his learners permit since he was 17. We've tried driving 3 times since then. I don't know how many hours we racked up so far but if we drive every day at least 30 minutes, and lately we've been doing 45 minutes, he should be ready to test in December. Just an FYI.
  5. Night Elf

    Okay, help me out again please.

    DH agrees testing is paramount but he would like to hear back from ds's psychiatrist first. I don't know how long it will take her to get back to ds. He said the money doesn't matter. We need answers to questions we haven't even thought about yet probably. We need to know how to help ds move forward. Going to school is a great first step. Once he's accepted, I'll have him set up an advising appointment to discuss his transfer classes and set up a schedule. As for driving, we're absolutely going to get him lessons. We are trying to decide how many. I only did 6 hours behind the wheel training for both dds. Ds might need more. However, we will respect his desire to drive with us a little longer before he gets with an instructor. I understand some parents don't feel the same way I do but I absolutely refuse to push anyone, child or adult, into being in control of a killer machine if he or she doesn't feel ready to do so. I also understand instructors know how to handle new drivers and that will be good for ds. He's agreed to think about starting lessons next month and take his test in December. If for some reason he doesn't get a license and car by the time school starts, we'll have to sit down as a family and see how we can best help him. My oldest dd has also agreed to take him or pick him up. She can leave work for a little while. She did it a few times when he was in college a couple of years ago.
  6. Night Elf

    HI everyone

    He does some things but most of the housework falls to me. DH does laundry and all of us fold and put away our own laundry. Ds will help load the dishwasher and unload it on his own when asked. He has two meals he prepares for himself. He eats out the rest of the time. DH does all outside work. Ds will sweep areas of the house when I ask. I am in charge of bathrooms because no one likes to do them and I don't mind. We live in a small house with no small children so our house isn't messy. It doesn't take much to clean it unless I'm deep cleaning something which doesn't happen often. We do not have a chore chart of what needs to be done and when. I had one when I was doing Flylady and I was keeping my house clean by working on it less than 30 minutes on weekdays only.
  7. Night Elf

    Okay, help me out again please.

    Thank you but we have Kaiser Permanente. They do everything in house or you're on your own. DH's work has an Employee Assistance Program that grants 8 free sessions for behavioral health but I bet they won't pay for testing. Still it would help save us a little money if we didn't have to pay for the actual sessions.
  8. Night Elf

    Okay, help me out again please.

    The confirmation page said up to 3 weeks. Getting his transcript from his college has an extra step. They needed his signature so we had to print an authorization form for him to sign. It can be faxed or mailed. I'm taking it to the UPS store tomorrow to find out how much it costs to have something faxed. If it's outrageous I'll put a stamp on the envelope and mail it. We just finished his FAFSA too. I can't think of anything else we need to do.
  9. Night Elf

    Okay, help me out again please.

    Done! He applied online and we had transcripts sent from his high school and college and his old SAT scores. I called the tech school and they do use old SAT scores. So that's good. No, I"m not making excuses for him and frankly I'm tired of being accused of that. I'm trying to do what is best for my son and asking him to participate in the decision making. I do not have all the answers which is why I ask questions here, hopefully from people who understand something I do not.
  10. Night Elf

    Okay, help me out again please.

    DH just told me in email he wants ds to start in January too. It just worries me. I don't know if ds is just putting off doing anything. He knows if he isn't in school he'll have to be working. So he'd be doing something regardless. What worries me most is his transportation to and from school. His classes may be staggered and not back to back. They may also be every day. He'll absolutely have to be driving and have his own car. I can't take off work every day to run him around. It's a relatively small campus so I doubt they have lots of sections of one class. He may be stuck with a schedule he doesn't like which is going to be added stress. He's been working on his sleep schedule. Right now he's waking up at 12:00 noon. He may have morning classes so we'll need to get him to wake up earlier and he's digging his feet into this subject. He doesn't want to wake up any earlier. He's just so resistant to change! It takes months to get him moving towards a new idea. I've been told that's common with ASD. The deadline to apply for January is October 23rd and I don't know if that's just getting the application in or getting all of the information in. We'll need to have his transcripts from high school and college sent over as well as his SAT score. Wish me luck!
  11. Night Elf

    Okay, help me out again please.

    Yes, I know. That's what scares me about getting DH to agree. It's not that he doesn't want to help his son, but he doesn't believe he'll ever qualify for disability so he may think testing is a waste of time and money. I don't want to paint a negative picture of it. He paid for our dd to have extensive testing without any complaint. My guess is he'll agree to the testing, if for no other reason than to get a true diagnosis and how to proceed in the future.
  12. Night Elf

    Okay, help me out again please.

    I just talked to ds. He agreed to the testing so I just need to talk to DH. Ds told me he doesn't want to rush learning to drive so he doesn't think he can start school in January. So I told him to seriously consider going back to Kroger to work in whatever job they have available just as a temporary measure until school starts next school year. He has enough money for a used car but he'll need money for insurance, gas and maintenance so the more he can earn before school starts, the less we'll have to pay for him. He can't work and go to school full time and I want him taking more than 2 classes at a time. Technical school should be easier than the university he attended in 2016.
  13. Night Elf

    Okay, help me out again please.

    I think my DH's Employee Assistance Program will help cover these costs. I know we can get 8 sessions free but we'll probably have to pay for the testing. I have to have ds call though. Because he's an adult, they need him to ask for help. Thank you! We'll see where this goes.
  14. Night Elf

    HI everyone

    I did go to a running store. I already had a pair of Zoots and Brooks. I bought Hokas and inserts with arch support that I can transfer from shoe to shoe. I rotate through the shoes too. I don't just wear one pair all of the time. I do not feel any difference between them though. The Hokas are my favorite. I tried on many shoes before choosing them as they are way more padded than my other shoes. I like how my feet sit in them, if that makes sense.
  15. Night Elf

    Okay, help me out again please.

    Thank you. I'll show this to DH and ds. This is really my idea and they aren't sold on it yet.
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