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  1. Night Elf

    I want but I don't need.

    Well, so much for my extra money! I've been having back aches after working. My back has also started to hurt when driving and when exercising. So my chiropractor did some xrays and found two spots on my spine that seem to be the cause of it. He plans to bill my insurance but they've already extended my benefits once this year. They aren't going to do it again. This means this is all going to be out of pocket. And I've also got to get some more dental work done and I'm out of dental benefits for the year. I have been using my paycheck to help my college dd's expenses but now it looks like my paychecks are going to go to the chiropractor and dentist. So, no TC for me right now.
  2. Night Elf

    I broke my glasses :(

    Thankfully I have another pair. I keep one in the car and one in the house. Now that my house pair is broken, I'm wearing my others. I just need to remember to wear them to work. I cannot function in my job without my glasses. I've put a reminder on my phone on work days to remember my glasses. 🙂
  3. Night Elf

    I want but I don't need.

    I'd love to order another trunk from Trunk Club but I'm truly set for clothes for all seasons. All I wear are tshirts and sweatshirts. I have my work tshirts, then I come home and change into either another tshirt or a casual top.When it gets cold, I'm going to ask if I can wear my sweatshirts to work instead of my work tshirts. I've seen employees wearing regular clothing so I don't think it will be a problem. I've finally got the money for a trunk and there's nothing I need! Ugh! Do people wear ankle length pants or capris in the cold weather? It seems like it wouldn't work.
  4. Night Elf

    I broke my glasses :(

    I have Kaiser insurance. I don't know how it would work to order glasses from a non-affiliate. The guy who does the repairs wasn't in today but the lady said the way they snapped, there's a problem with the barrel. She said if they have a screw that will fit, he could probably put that in and it would just be a backup pair because it likely wouldn't last long. She said if I got a pair of glasses just like the pair I'm replacing, my portion will be about $130 and that's for frames, lenses and the anti reflective coating. I don't think that's too bad. Your price is definitely better but I best Kaiser doesn't do that.
  5. Night Elf

    I broke my glasses :(

    I stepped on them and broke the side piece off. I'm overdue for an examination anyway so I called my Kaiser member services to verify my regular eye doctor is still in their system. Apparently my benefits is a $45 copay for the exam and $100 towards glasses every 24 months. I'm going to take my broken glasses in and get an estimate on the repair fees. I have no idea how much they charge to repair such a break. Thank goodness I have an extra pair. I just had to pay for two new tires and now this.
  6. Night Elf

    Am I being too sensitive? (Update down thread)

    The Hive usually is. That's why we all ask so many questions!
  7. Night Elf

    Am I being too sensitive? (Update down thread)

    Update: I worked with my boss for a few hours today and she was as sweet as could be. The person on the register during the morning/early afternoon has her own department to take care of but she works the register when there is no one else to do so. So she and I took turns. My department got very little in so I was at the register for 3 of my 4 hour shift. My boss didn't say so, but I think she wanted me cross trained just for this purpose, to give the other lady time to get to her own department. So when the lady I'm covering for comes back, I may spend more time on the register because there may not be enough work for both of us to do in that department. I'm okay with that. I love my department but the register isn't bad. I've still much to learn though. The kittens/cats at our shelter are under quarantine due to illness. I asked my boss if she still knew if they were and she said she didn't know. I told her that's how I ended up at the thrift store. The kitten room was quarantined because of ringworm. I volunteered to go in and clean it and darned if I didn't get ringworm! I couldn't go back to the shelter until my rash cleared up and after sitting home for 2 weeks doing nothing, I went in to the thrift store. My boss said she was extremely glad I did so because I've been a wonderful employee. So I knew then there were no hard feelings about what happened with the email. 🙂
  8. Night Elf

    Not sure this worked out

    My DH and I thought about this, but my new dentist said they were very small and that they could have developed fairly quickly and others might have been missed. When I saw my first dentist last November, he found a cavity that had formed in the 6 months since I had been there last and was surprised at how big it was considering there was nothing there 6 months prior. I have had lots of dental work done over my lifetime and so I know I don't have the best dental health. I'll see what 1st dentist has to say and maybe will find a 3rd dentist.
  9. Night Elf

    Not sure this worked out

    My dentist that I've been with for almost 20 years is 40 minutes away. Due to my extreme anxiety in driving, especially on highways, I decided to transfer my records to a new dentist. She took xrays and discovered I had 7 small cavities and need 2 crowns replaced. I thought about having the xrays sent to my first dentist to get his opinion but his new receptionist who doesn't know me said I'd have to have a consultation appointment. So I decided since there were areas of my mouth that hurt and were sensitive, I'd assume this new dentist knew was she was talking about and started her suggested treatment. To date, she has filled 5 of my cavities. I had an appt. to have the last 2 filled next week but have had a change of mind. My yearly benefits are almost out. I'll have to pay more out of pocket to have these last 2 cavities filled. So instead, I made the consultation appointment with my first dentist and will ask him if she knew was she talking about. I'll be so disappointed if he disagrees with her treatment plan. Mostly, I want to know what he thinks of her saying I need two crowns replaced. I can't afford to have that done this year with no dental benefits left. Each one is about $1300. So I'll see what my first dentist says and will probably just go back to him and deal with the driving. It's a nuisance and my anxiety shoots through the roof when I have to drive but my mouth health is very important to me.
  10. Night Elf

    Earning calories after exercising

    I was trying to eat intuitively but it was just too much change at one time. So instead, I'm slowly gaining to get to a weight range that both my DH and I agreed upon and then I will maintain that. I've gained a few lbs. so far and have about 3-5 more to go. I believe I'm gaining so slowly because I'm moving more than I used to do. It's like I'm exercising but not eating those earned calories. The past few days, I've tried to track just what I'm eating without manipulating my diet to stay under a certain calorie total like I used to. I'm averaging about 1500 calories a day. That's why 1700 seems so high just to maintain.
  11. I have never eaten exercise calories burned. I figured if I burned them off, why would I want to put them right back into my body? But someone was telling me it would be better for my body to eat more calories, especially when I've been active. I've been tracking on My Fitness Pal for the last couple of days after being off of it for a while. I'm eating more than I used to do when I was heavily restricting my eating to a very low calorie diet. However, MFP wants me to eat 1700 calories a day and that seems like a lot to me to maintain my weight. And then it wants me to eat calories I've earned through exercising. How accurate is MFP when determining an appropriate daily calorie goal? Also, I'm very active while at work. Do I count that as exercise? The only activity I can find that's similar is walking and their walking choices are speeds. I walk a certain speed on my treadmill. I don't walk a certain speed at work. I'm just on my feet for 4 hours. How do I put that into MFP?
  12. Night Elf

    Need iPhone 7 help

    I have no idea. The only time I ever power down my phone is when I need to restart it because an app is acting up.
  13. Night Elf

    Am I being too sensitive? (Update down thread)

    That's a good idea. I don't know much about how other departments do things so I could learn. Our clothing department is always busy and they always have help, whether it's volunteers or community service workers. Maybe I could cross train there as well and ask her if she needs help doing something. She stops what she's doing to help me when I have a question. That department just seems overwhelming! Also, the front of the store is where all our glassware and many decor items are located. I could dust shelves and just make things look nice. I plan to tell her I just want to be helpful to her in whatever capacity she needs me and I'm happy to work any hours she thinks is best. I love being there, except when all I am doing is folding sheets. It's just so tedious, especially when I'm doing it by myself. But it's part of the job and I've gotten pretty good at it, even the Queen and King sizes which is hard to do by myself.
  14. Night Elf

    Need iPhone 7 help

    Ok. I forget to close out of apps completely. And I do the same thing in safari, just have pages open. I also turned off background refresh. I use my phone to text my daughters. Not a great deal during the day but I'd say between the two of them I'm hitting more than 25 but less than 75. I use safari at work when I need to look up something for work, like a pet bed to see how much it's going for used on ebay so I know how to price it, so I don't use it a lot. That's all I use my phone for every day. I don't even make calls on it anymore.
  15. Night Elf

    Am I being too sensitive? (Update down thread)

    That's what I'm hoping. I hope she doesn't bring it up. I just want to drop it and let it alone. It certainly won't happen again.
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