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  1. My church has missions that are good causes but I've always donated to the general fund because I know the costs of overhead are high. I do feel I'm being led to put my money towards causes though and not just the upkeep of the church. I'm going to pray about it more. I can ask my pastor. It would be interesting to hear his answer. He'll probably say to tithe towards our ministries such as specific mission trips and local community causes. It's all good stuff. I'd give more to each but I tithe such a small amount that it amounts to me giving $5 here and $5 there. It just seems like a paltry amount, especially when my household income is so much higher. Oh well, I can't do anything about that.
  2. I believe in tithing and tithe the top off my paycheck. I do not tithe my DH's income because he's not a believer. So naturally my tithing amount is small. So my question is where am I supposed to tithe? I've been giving 10% to my church's general offering fund that they pull out general expenses. I sometimes add a few dollars to another ministry as well. However I have found a world missions ministry that truly touches my heart. I'd love to give to them on a regular basis but I cannot afford to tithe to my church and gift this missions program as well. Can I tithe to this missions program instead of my church? I'm thinking tithing is to the church but is it my specific church building or to the church body of all Christians? FWIW, I volunteer in the Preschool Ministry teaching Sunday School and working in Wednesday night Awana program. Would it be wrong of me to think of my volunteering hours as my contribution to my church and give my tithing money to the world missions organization? I don't know exactly how tithing works in this way.
  3. We have ATT U-Verse and our tv/internet/phone are bundled. We've been without them for 8 days. We were scheduled for repair but then the workers went on strike and they had no one to come out to our house to do the repair until today. My DH and ds were so mad! We've had problems with U-Verse before, with it going down and ATT taking 3-4 days to get a tech to us. So DH has decided to switch us to Xfinity internet and tv. We're finally dropping our landline. The only reason we were keeping it was because of our security system but we're going wireless on that. I hope we're not trading one set of problems for another. We don't know anything about Xfinity but DH is willing to try them because we've had ATT for for about 8 years and lots of problems in that time.
  4. Good, I'm happy to hear I just need to keep up with it and it will get easier. 🙂
  5. For decades, teaching young children has been my passion, specifically birth to age 5. So for this school year, I am volunteering in the preschool ministry at my church. I'm co-teaching an older 2's class every other Sunday and am helping with the 4/5 year olds in Awana Cubbies on Wednesdays. Two weeks ago was my first Sunday School class. As the parents were dropping off the children, I felt so awkward! My co-teacher is a young mom and was handling all the transitioning. I was trying to help some of the children play with toys until story time but I felt I wasn't connecting with them. I didn't speak to any of the parents. I didn't pick up a crying child. I did get down on the floor while a couple of the kids sat in my lap. My job was to tell the story using an interactive story board and my co-teacher prepared the Bible craft. I felt my story was disjointed. I had to make it extremely short because of the attention span of a 2 year old. It was the story of Jonah and I gave only the highlights. They're getting the same story for 4 consecutive Sundays though, so maybe this Sunday, which will be their 3rd, they'll look a little more interested. Anyway, when it was time for me to leave, I felt relieved that it was over and that made me feel guilty. I really hope this Sunday goes better! Last night was our first Awana meeting. There are 3 of us adults in the room. A lead teacher and then me and another lady are the helpers. We had 17 kids. It was a full room! We rotated to our different stations for the evening and the entire time I just felt like I wasn't connecting with the kids. I did get on the floor and comfort a few children who were having moments of missing Mom/Dad. When a child would talk to me, I'd get down on their level and respond in a positive manner. I just didn't know what to say! All I kept thinking was I'm was so glad I wasn't a lead teacher. She has served in the preschool ministry for quite a few years so she was on top of everything. I just felt bad I wasn't and was hoping she wasn't thinking I was going to be of no help at all. I'm 51 years old and the last time I worked with preschoolers was 9 years ago. I was the lead teacher in the 1 year old room at a daycare center. So what on earth has happened in these last 9 years? Why am I feeling awkward with these children?
  6. Thank you. I'm trying to stay positive but I know I can only do it with God's help right now. So many stressful things are happening to quickly. I"m trying to focus and regroup. 🙂
  7. I actually have an appointment with my counselor this morning. I may need to go weekly again for a while.
  8. I like to add an update once a month because I know some of you are interested in what's going on with my life after being a housewife so long and getting a job. And of course there's my struggle with bulimia. So... here we go... At work, we have lost two people. One was a rehire after she had been fired almost 3 months ago. I wasn't totally on board for rehiring her believing she'll be as toxic this time as she was last time. Well, sure enough, she was the same. She's been working in the store for 2 weeks and my life has gone downhill during that time. First, I talked to my manager that I may need to reduce my hours because I was feeling like I was working too much and wasn't enjoying my job. We decided that when we get more employees she'll see what she can do. A couple of days later, she said she had been talking to her husband about it and he suggested the problem was not with my job dissatisfaction but the fact that I was working in a toxic environment. The rehired employee has made the store an unhappy place. I didn't realize it was affecting me that way but maybe it's the truth. Maybe I'm just dissatisfied with my job environment. Second, my bulimia has come back full force. I thought I had things under control but I was out of control and blew up last night. I just can't live this way anymore. So I talked to my manager who is a prayer warrior for me and she said my problem is that I keep taking the burden away from God. I pray that God take the burden from me and to help me help myself. I've done this at least 3 times. Well, it's gotten steadily worse in the past 2 weeks. So in talking to my manager last night, she again feels that my behavior is in response to my work environment. I talked to my DH about it and he said he knows I don't handle stress well, or at least negative stress. So he can see that my problems have increased since the rehired employee is back. So... !! Today, neither the rehired employee or her tenant who is our intake (takes donations and processes them) guy showed up for work. No call, no show. This is not the first time this has happened. So my manager texted me this morning when the store opened and asked if I could come in. So.. cutting short this story, both are fired and we're down to the 3 of us management team and two volunteers. This means I have to work full time again. I'm kind of bummed about it, but at the same time I did tell my manager last week that I'd rather work full time with the rehired employee gone than work with her anymore. And it looks like that's happening. So, I need prayer. Please. I'm journaling more including my prayers. I'm trying to pull myself up out of my negativity. Today was such a nice day at work without her there and especially knowing she won't be back. We all must work harder but that's not anything new. As far as my eating disorder, I had DH hide the scale again and he suggested that if I ask for it, he'll hold it for a day and ask me again if I truly want it. I agreed. Then a little while later, I talked to him again and told him I absolutely had to stop tracking. He suggested he block My Fitness Pal and Spark People on my computer so I can't access those sites. I agreed. I told him I could cheat and download the MFP app on my phone again but I'm going to try my best to not do that. So once again, I'm giving this burden to God and will try to exercise self-control. I need to eat moderately. Today I have eaten way too much, which is backlash from restricting the past 2 weeks. That's expected but I hope it doesn't last as long. Not a great update but thought I'd write it out. As Joyce Meyer says, I may not be where I need to be but at least I'm not where I used to be. I have never gotten as bad as I was a year ago when I was only eating 1100 calories a day but I was still restricting more than I should have been doing. I was supposed to not restrict at all. And that's it for now.
  9. I tried to file a claim but it said my package was either in transit or had been delivered and I had to wait 24 hours.
  10. Honestly, not in my neighborhood. We're a one street neighborhood tucked away behind trees off a highway. I know the neighbors on either side of me who have lived here longer than we have and no one has ever told us there were any problems. My house is down a long driveway too. I had to get in my car last night to drive to the mailbox because I wasn't going to walk up that hill.
  11. I was supposed to get two packages last night and UPS sent me emails saying they were both dropped on my front porch at 8:02 pm. I checked around 9:00 pm and they weren't there. I looked all around the front of my house and even went to the top of my driveway to see if they were in or near the mailbox. Nope! So this morning I went to my neighbors on either side of me and asked if they received my packages. Nope! So one package was from an eBay seller. I contacted him and he said he could send me another or refund my money. I asked him to send me another item. I thought that was very generous of him. If I do get the original one back, I'm going to pay shipping and send it back to him so he's not out money. The other package was from Joyce Myers Ministries. I just emailed them so I don't know how long it may take to hear back from them. I just replied to the confirmation email that told me my package had been shipped. I don't even know if they check those emails. Do you think I should send the same message to them through a "contact us" form?
  12. Hmm... I'll talk to my manager. I just looked it up and Georgia is an at-will state. We can fire someone for no cause if we so choose provided we are not firing her for illegal reasons. I don't know what my manager is waiting for. I dread today.
  13. I had a good day today. I was super busy and the time just flew by. I wasn't watching the clock. I get kind of lonely up front all by myself though. Usually everyone is in back working. I go back there just to talk for a minute in between customers at the register. Unfortunately I messed up twice today .I sold a $50 set of dishes for $20 and a $50 cabinet for $35. In both cases the price tags were on the floor and I didn't see them and came up with a price on my own. I was way off. My manager told me not to stress about it because I'm not the only one who does it. Then I broke a customer's item. I went to reach for it to put it in the bag and my hand hit and it hit the concrete floor and shattered. It was only $1 but still, I felt terrible. I gave her 20% off the other item that hit the floor too but it wasn't damaged. So despite those bumps, the day was nice. I am hesitant to give up my managerial position because I like the title and responsibility. Usually I don't mind filling in where I'm needed. I've just struggled since we fired our cashier two weeks ago. I was the only one of us 3 managers who didn't want to fire her so I was outvoted. I thought the girl was sweet even though she was a bit distracted. After she left, I had at least 3 customers ask me about her and then proceed to tell me something stupid she had done. An example is she overcharged someone by $7 and when the customer pointed it out to her, she said to the customer Well can't you just pay it? It goes to a good cause. I was horrified! Egads! The customer that witnessed that said she was surprised but didn't want to complain about her because she wasn't personally involved. I'm going to keep my current schedule for a couple more weeks and see if we advertise for employees. Hopefully we'll get one in. Then I do think I'll ask if I can do four 8-hour days. I dislike long days but knowing I have 3 days off a week is a nice trade off. Thanks for helping me think this through. I really don't want to quit. I know I'll feel relieved for a few weeks and then I'll be bored again and miss working. I just know that's what will happen. I do like getting out of the house. I also like getting a paycheck and helping my youngest dd with college expenses. I also like being able to tithe at church. I can't tithe my DH's money as he's not a believer and most assuredly would not go along with it. He says I can do whatever I want with my money. I do think I'll ask for an extra vacation day next week, just for a fun day to be at home with nothing to do. I usually use my day off to run errands or make appointments. Rarely do I have absolutely nothing to do. And even Sundays I have church and grocery shopping. A day to sleep all morning if I want to will be glorious. 🙂
  14. Yeah, I know. I have a hard time accepting that for myself though because I'm only working to get me out of the house. The extra money is good. It allows us some wiggle room since we have two in college. The truth is that I don't have to work. We'd be okay just on DH's salary as we were for years and years. I'm in this job because it developed from a volunteer position to a paid position to a management position. I moved up the ladder very quickly. I've enjoyed my time there but now I'm starting to dread it and I keep wondering how long am I willing to be unhappy. If we could find two employees who work well in our store, things would get better. I wouldn't feel so pressured and stressed out. Right now I'm doing two job. If we got an employee in clothing, I could focus on being the cashier and keeping the front of the store clean. It's much less stressful than having to run back and forth all day. I'm getting in close to 15,000 steps a day because I'm constantly on the move. It's just tiring.
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