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  1. He's thinking about his last resort job, stocking at Kroger which is what he did in 2017. He didn't want to go back and do that but with all the research we've done at other retail stores, he is realizing Kroger might be his best job. He's just so picky. I haven't talked to him about Instacart and Shipt yet. I was waiting to read some of the posts in this thread to get an idea of what to expect. At our Kroger, I see Click List shoppers going around the store. I've never seen anyone in any store wearing an Instacart tshirt. My dd is an Instacart customer so obviously they are around. If he doesn't like this idea, I'm going to ask him to go ahead and reapply at Kroger.
  2. I'm trying to help my son find a job. He's 23 and has Aspergers. He used to work for a grocery store so he knows how to find things so he'd have no problem with that. The only concern I have is delivering the groceries to someone's house. He'll need to use a GPS app and he's never used one before. I figured this would be a good job because he can set his own hours. So explain to me how instacart works. I thought one person accepted the order, went and did the shopping, then delivered it to the customer's house.
  3. Does anyone work for a company like InstaCart or Shipt? What can you tell me about them?
  4. My iPhone has Maps. I also tried Google Maps but got confused on how it worked. What app do you use to get around?
  5. Thank you ladies. That means a lot.
  6. Just wanted to let those of you who have supported me know that I have started the process of being assessed by an eating disorder clinic. My psychiatrist last wanted me to seek a partial hospitalization program for my E.D. and anxiety but I don't want to go to that facility. I think I have a handle on my anxiety as I'm seeing a counselor for that outside of Kaiser. So now to address my E.D. I'm going to go to clinic. I still feel they'll tell me I do not have a serious enough problem to warrant any type of treatment but at least I'll have their professional opinion to give to my psychiatrist and my husband, both of whom have talked to me about facing this issue. First I have to deal with insurance and then getting labwork done and my actual assessment is next Friday. I have Kaiser and they aren't "user friendly", meaning I am not quite certain how I actually get the labwork done and faxed to the clinic. I tried talking to them this morning about how to do that and she just kept repeating to me that the clinic will ask Kaiser to fax them and it will be handled then. So how do they get my permission to send the lab results to the clinic? Seems like I need to sign something but she acted like she didn't understand what I was asking. So we'll see if this can all happen by Friday. I cannot be assessed without the lab work. I'm not happy about doing this as I feel like I'll look stupid. I hate looking stupid.
  7. Oh no, that's purely laziness! I "CAN" do the work, I just don't want to do it. I say I don't have energy but that's not the truth. I just prefer to sleep and read. I thought I'd have the motivation to do it in the mornings before I had to go in for noon but I was never in the mood to do it. I clean some parts of my house several days a week but never a good thorough cleaning. Then there is stuff that should be done weekly, i.e. bathrooms. Or daily, i.e. kitchen. DH helps a great deal but he fell down some time in November and got a slight compression fracture and he's unable to help with the housework as much. So rather than stepping up and just getting it done, I've continued to procrastinate. I just don't like housework. Now, I'll do laundry all day long! That's always been my favorite chore. No, I don't think I"m depressed. I don't feel down about anything, not even my disordered eating. Things are just happening the way they are and I'm trying to roll with them. I know what depression feels like. I"ve got bipolar 2 and used to suffer terribly with depression. No, I don't feel hopeless or worthless or anything negative like that. I do feel exasperated sometimes! Like why can't I just become a normal person but DH reminds me there is no such thing as one normal. 🙂 Oh, and I take morning naps on most days because my dippy dog wakes up around 5:00 am ready to eat and go outside. I can't begin my day that early every day. So I'm not sleeping due to depression. I'm just lacking in sleep!
  8. Just curious, a few of you mentioned my boss. What in my post did I say that raised a red flag for you? She is nothing but supportive in everything I'm doing. The only thing she is refusing is about me quitting my job because she knows working is good for me. DH thinks the same thing. Neither of them want me sitting at home all day doing nothing. She also won't take my managerial status away from me just because I'm reducing my hours. She has no problem giving me the time off if I need to go into the partial hospitalization program. I explained to her that I wanted to put it off while I dealt with my mammogram issues and had a few meetings with my out of network therapist. I don't see anything negative she's doing or saying right now.
  9. No, I've been doing well with my eating plan. I'm eating more variety and larger portions. I'm not counting calories or measuring my food. I'm not weighing myself. On Dec. 31st, I ate 3 donuts at work and some other stuff and then panicked that I had put too much in my body at one time. So I ate a small dinner and didn't have a bedtime snack. I tracked all day on Jan. 1st and ate 1200 calories. I started tracking on Thursday the 2nd but by lunch, I knew I'd never make it all day. I continued to track but I ate more that day than the day before. At bedtime, I was hungry and in prayer, I realized (I prefer to say I had a God moment) that I was falling back into my old patterns and I didn't want to do that, not after how well things had been going. So I ate the snack I really wanted and didn't track it. Instead, I deleted My Fitness Pal again. The morning of the 3rd, I was thinking of what I really wanted to do just to be sure I wasn't making a spur of the moment decision. I talked to DH and he agreed I was falling back into my old pattern so I stopped thinking about it and went about my day. I've been fine since. I didn't even cringe today when I had both pizza and a PBJ for lunch. I haven't had a chance to check in with my psychiatrist about my current eating plan. She doesn't monitor me. We rarely discuss it. She only diagnosed me based on an email I had sent her once asking for a referral to a dietician because I was binging and restricting and was ready to eat normally again. So I don't consider my psychiatrist a current help at all to be honest. The reason she said I relapsed was because I sent her an email some time in November asking her the name of the eating disorder clinics she recommended as I wanted to look at their programs. I should have been more specific. What I was looking for was their resources list. I wanted to see book recommendations. I wasn't interested in participating in their programs. I did get the book recs I needed and that put me on my current eating plan. I do not feel I'm under an illusion of control. I do not feel a need to control my food like I did when I was in the thick of the problem. In 2019, I alternated between tracking and not tracking, weighing and not weighing. I never went below 1500 calories which was the number given to me by the dietician I saw in 2018. I think I'm doing extremely well. Relapses are part of the road to recovery and each time I relapsed I got back on track. This latest time was the easiest to get back on track. So no, I don't think I need anyone trained in eating disorders to monitor my progress. As for the rest of my life, it's my anxiety that is affecting it all. All I need is therapy by a trained therapist. I do not feel I need a partial hospitalization program to do that. I don't see how sitting in a group will help me learn to cope. My weighted blanket still helps and a long hot bath. My current therapist is going to go more in detail about anxiety when we meet again next week. For now she reminded me to focus on my breathing like meditation. I haven't been doing that so I'm working on it this week. Hope that helps clear some things up.
  10. Eating disorder, work, anxiety and spiritual I have mini anxiety attacks, meaning slight physical symptoms and lots of worrying, a few times a week despite the medication I'm on. Then occasionally I have a big one. The last big one was last Monday. It was bad enough that it sent me to the hospital because they wanted to make sure I wasn't having cardiac issues. I knew it was anxiety but they wanted to be sure. So I emailed my psychiatrist and she added an additional anxiety medication to my regular meds, and said due to my relapsing with both my eating disorder and my anxiety attacks, she wants me to participate in a partial hospitalization program at a psychiatric hospital. Um.. what? So I looked into it and it can last 1 week to 3 weeks and is 5 days a week from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. That means whole weeks off work. Just to update on my eating disorder, yes I have relapsed more than once, but I've got hope now that I've found my way to the road to recovery. I stopped tracking and weighing December 8th and made it to Tuesday December 31st when I ate 3 donuts in one day and it sent me into a panic. I spent the next two days tracking but my DH wouldn't give me the scale. It's hidden. Then on the morning of the 3rd, I came to my senses and realized I definitely did not want to fall back into my old habits so I got back on track. I'm doing well. I do not feel I need a program as I'm already working through one and have a good support team as long as I'm honest with them. So I do not feel I need to go to the psychiatric hospital. Instead, I've gone back to my regular out of network counselor. I will be seeing her weekly for anxiety and some monitoring of my progress in my eating disorder. She's not trained in eating disorders but I don't need her to come up with a plan. I've got my plan. I just need support to stay on track. Work is a source of stress for me. I've been wanting to reduce my hours yet again but have been afraid to talk to my boss about it. So after my counseling yesterday, I did go in and have a meeting with my boss, who is also on my support team for my eating disorder. She's also one of my prayer partners. She cares about me and knows I've been having a rough time. She refuses to allow me to quit and doesn't want to take away my managerial status. She did agree to reducing my hours until I feel ready to increase them again. So I've dropped down from 31 hours a week to 23 hours a week. I'm not excited about getting a much smaller paycheck, but I've got to take care of me for a while. I've started an exercise program I'm really enjoying. My next goal is to get back into a cleaning routine ala Flylady. I'll be home longer each day and will have the time, and hopefully , the energy I need to maintain a clean house. The last time I was doing my routine successfully, I was cleaning 15-30 minutes a day. If I have energy back, I will have no problem getting back into that routine. I'll be 52 years old next week and I feel like my life has gotten off track. I even stopped going to church except when I'm teaching preschoolers some Sunday mornings and on Wednesday evenings. I stopped doing my own Bible study and the one my own Sunday School class was working on. My own spiritual needs were not being met. So here's hoping I can make the necessary changes to get my life back on a peaceful track. I'll be relying on the Holy Spirit a lot!
  11. When I got my FItbit Inspire, I bought a 3rd party band to go along with it because it had a buckle on it which I prefer to the type of band that comes with the Fitbit. The band was a Maledan I think. I successfully put it on but it only lasted maybe a week before one hinge came undone. I fixed it and it broke again. I contacted the seller who said that sometimes the bands aren't a perfect fit, or something close to that. I don't know why I didn't return it but I didn't. I just put the original band on and I've hated it. So now I just bought a new one that was even cheaper but has 4.5 out of 5 stars. It's called Tobfit. Does anyone know about this brand? Just curious. I was SO disappointed when my Maledan band wouldn't work. The design on it was paw prints and it was as cute as could be. This new one is a solid color, rose gold. It should be pretty but I'm just worried the hinge won't be stable again. I lost two Fitbit Flex 2's before buying this Inspire and I'm worried I'll lose this one as well. If I do lose it, I am not replacing it again. I'm over it.
  12. I understand your need to come up with a solution right away but it may not be as simple a breakdown as you think. a. she may have no idea what might help. Her thoughts will likely be negative, glass half empty, why bother trying, etc. You then might come up with a plan but she may not be able to follow through. Depending on the rules in her head, they may be screaming more loudly than your plan. Make sense? b. make the routine extremely simple. Ask her what her showering rules are first so you can meet her needs. It may be something as simple as she doesn't like the sensation of rain falling on her skin. So maybe a bath would help. Maybe she doesn't want to wash her hair in the tub so how would she feel with you helping her wash it in the sink. Standing naked in the shower may make her feel vulnerable. Perhaps with that she can start sponge bathing some of her body at a time rather than immersing her entire body in the water. I realize it may not be as clean but it's better than foregoing a cleaning at all. c. this will be the hardest. If her body doesn't want to move, any force to make her move may make her feel miserable. I'd suggest you find something y'all can do together. Maybe it will be a little easier with your company. Dancing to a couple of songs. Taking a short walk around the neighborhood. How about a rebounder? I hear those are a great alternative to brisk walking. She can bounce while listening to music. All I'm saying is it may not be in her best interest to try to overrule her rules with yours. I have no idea what a child therapist might say. I had to work through my rules by creating new habits and it took a long time. I'm still a work in progress.
  13. Wow, you gals have some great goals. Mine are baby goals as I have never managed any type of exercise program more than a few months. However, I have found something new that is lots of fun and easy to do. It's called Body Groove. It's basically dancing but she does workouts in 4-5 minute segments. So I tried to do her 30-day challenge and each day is 30 minutes long. After a week of working out, the longest I've lasted is 20 minutes. I'm thinking this challenge is going to take me a lot longer than 30 days. But that's okay because I'm moving. I've discovered I'm not walking as much as I had thought I was. I had to get a new Fitbit and it's like a watch so I wear it on my wrist. I'm a cashier. I move my arms a lot. Those movements register on my Fitbit as steps. So I have no way of knowing exactly how many steps I'm getting and how many arm movements I'm doing. So I'm not sure I should think of my regular daily movements as exercise of even the smallest form. My goal for the end of the year is to workout 5 days a week, 30 minutes. She does yoga too so I'd like to mix up my exercise by doing yoga on some days. I'm starting slowly though. Right now I'm doing 5 days but I'm doing 2-3 segments of Body Groove so that's about 8 - 12 minutes a day. I can handle that much. I thought about doing 3 days a week and trying to go for longer, but I know I won't stick to that because the session will be hard and I'll start dreading it and quit. I may post sporadically as I haven't been spending nearly as much time on the computer as usual. I wish you all the best with your goals!
  14. Praying that God places His hand on every member of the family and her medical support team.
  15. I got two cool gifts this year that I'm really excited about. I got a fleece throw blanket with my dog's face on it. My dd sent the company a picture she liked and they imprinted it on the blanket. His face fills the whole blanket! 😂 I wish I knew how to get a picture off my phone and onto this page because I'd love to show it off. The other gift is a hoodie from I love that site! DH got me one that says "I just hope both teams had fun". Yay! Every time he watches a sports game, I always comment on how sad the losing team looks. The fans faces just hang down and I feel so bad for them. Naturally I'm happy when my team wins but I just wish everyone could be a winner!
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