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  1. I have had insomnia for years but the nature of it has changed. It's gotten worse now. I am lucky if I can sleep 4 hours in one stretch but it's usually more like 2 at a time. My psychiatrist has had me on all kinds of sleep meds but nothing helps. I have a sleep study scheduled for Oct. 25th. It's a class that teaches ho to use equipment, CPAP?, for 3 nights, then an individual appt. to discuss results and figure out next step. My youngest son has a form of narcolepsy and has settled into a routine of getting in at least one nap a day. His mentor/advisor in grad school pulled strings to get my son his own office so he can lock the door and sleep during the day. We all thought that was incredibly nice of him. I'm hoping for some answers from my sleep study. I'm going against medical advice from my eating disorder support team and getting out of bed when I wake up. They want me to stay in bed. I have a difficult time laying in bed wide awake. Tonight I woke up at 2:00 am and it's now 5:00 am. I really should try to get back to sleep but I'm fighting it. I just don't want to go to bed. I wish I knew why I was like this. My support teams believes I have trained my brain into sleeping like this. I purposefully scheduled work hours to be in the afternoon to have my mornings to sleep. I don't have to go into work until 1:00 pm and I'm usually functional before then. If it's too early, I cannot drive myself. We all fear I'll have an accident because I nod off while driving and then jerk awake again. It's quite scary.
  2. Yes, she said it was drama with the teachers and didn't mention management which made me feel better.
  3. Thanks everyone! I had a high school student in my room one evening and she said there was a lot of drama at the school. Ugh! I thought I was escaping the drama. Her last job was with teens, even the manager and co-manager were in their early 20's. She thought working with adults would be different. I told her she'd meet people like that at every job. As long as the drama stays away from me, I'm good. 🙂
  4. I finally quit the thrift store. Again. This time for good. I used indeed.com and sent out numerous resumes to both retail stores and preschools. At this same time, I heard back from Publix from an application I put in the month before. I interviewed for a pharmacy clerk position. They called the next day to hire me but without any specifics. I didn't know how much they were offering or what hours they needed covered. He said he'd call me back on Monday. Well, on Monday I got a call from a head hunter (what else do you call them?) who worked for The Goddard School. It was funny because I interviewed that morning for a different Goddard School and wasn't really impressed by it. She insisted I do a recorded interview and she sent it along with my resume to The Goddard School only 10 minutes from my house. I got a text from the co-owner about an hour after I did the recorded interview and he wanted to meet me and for me to see his school. I told him about Publix but he insisted their school was special and even if I didn't take their position, he wanted to meet me. So I said okay and went in. Boy am I glad I did! That preschool is very impressive, very different from the first Goddard School I interviewed at. So I went home and talked to DH and he said my acceptance to Publix wasn't final yet because they didn't tell me the specifics yet and I should follow my heart. So an hour after I met with the co-manager, I texted him and told him if he had a position for me, I'd love to work there. I had expressed an interest in the infant room but was willing to work wherever they needed me just to get on that staff. He texted back so excited that I wanted to work there. He offered me the infant room at a fair salary we discussed, at least to start. I work 1:00 - 6:30 pm, the hours I told him would be my ideal. So he offered me everything I wanted in a job. I took it. I still waited to be contacted by Publix, but they didn't call. So I called them back and told the assistant store manager that since I had not heard anything back from the pharmacy, I decided to accept a job offer in the field I preferred. She was surprised and said she was disappointed. She thought I'd fit in and would love the job. I thanked her and told her I had to make the decision based on what was best for me and my future employer. So I started at the preschool on Friday August 27th. I love it! The other teachers are nice and helpful. The babies are getting used to me. We have infants to about 12 months. They start transitioning into the one year room as soon as they outgrow the infant room. Our youngest is 3 months old and is so precious. I'm having a blast, even despite the fact that we have to clean and sanitize everything in the room. We're all on a staggered schedule and I'm the last to go, so I'm alone with 2 babies at 5:30 pm. Most of the days though, I've had someone come in and help me. We both finish the cleaning and then I sit there with the one baby I have left until his mom shows up between 6:00 - 6:15 pm. When he leaves, I have a couple of things to do and then I can leave. It's going quite well and I'm extremely happy I took the chance of leaving the thrift store and finding a different job.
  5. We have dedicated sleep clinics here that do these tests that aren't attached to a hospital. My ds went to one and I know of one near my home that I will ask about. Our insurance is really good so the expense out of pocket is small.
  6. Definitely reading, and it's always a book I've read many times so there is no way I can get excited by it. I already know what is going to happen so I can put it down anytime I want, even in the middle of a chapter. I used to get on the computer and watch sermons but then fought sleep because I wanted to finish watching.
  7. My regular doctor did the referral but I don't know to what department. I have Kaiser insurance. My son is away at college at the Kaiser facility near him doesn't do sleep studies. He was referred to an in-network affiliated provider which was a sleep specialist in a clinic. I'm closed to several Kaiser facilities. I've got an appointment with a respiratory therapist but they say it's a class appointment, not a one-on-one visit. The woman who made the appointment for me said everyone is instructed on how to use the machine during the class. Then I get a second appointment where I discuss the results. My son's first overnight stay was to rule out sleep apnea. His daytime study was to find out more and that's when they determined it was a form of narcolepsy.
  8. I've suffered from insomnia for a long time. It started where I couldn't get to sleep. I'd be up all night sometimes then sleep all morning. I started meds and was able to fall asleep more easily. After a while on meds, I started waking up early. Since I loved the quiet of the morning, I wasn't bothered by this. I was getting 7-8 hours sleep and was find all day. That went on for quite a while, then it got to where I was waking earlier and earlier. We changed my meds to something that was supposed to help me stay asleep. Nothing has worked. Then it got to be where I was waking up 2-3 times a time a night, staying up 2-3 hours each time. I was still getting 8-9 hours sleep, so I just accepted things as they were while my doctor tried to figure out how to get me back to sleep. Then my restrictive eating disorder changed and I started binging at night. I've put on 20 lbs. in 2.5 months. Now *I'm* the one freaking out. My doctor is still trying to change my meds. My dietitian and therapist are trying to help me with the binging which grew into a daytime thing too. I was sometimes binging twice a day. So my therapist diagnosed me with binge eating disorder. Great. So I was unable to leave the bedroom. I had a pallet on the bathroom floor. I'd stay in bed and if I couldn't fall asleep in 30 minutes, I would go to the bathroom and read, going back to bed after 2-3 hours awake. The binging at night slowed down but the daytime binging stayed the same. So with a strong will and coping skills, I've gotten better and binge must less frequently. BUT sleep is still a problem. I schedule a sleep study. Meanwhile, I'm no longer getting enough sleep. I sleep a total of 3-6 hours a night. If I'm lucky, I can take a morning nap for an hour but that's it. My days are not going well. I'm sleepy and groggy until about 12:00 - 12:30 pm. I changed my work hours to work 12:00 - 5:00 pm, finally quit that job, and now work 1:00 - 6:30 pm at a preschool. I literally am unable to do much of anything in the mornings because I can't concentrate and I feel lethargic. My sleep study is in mid-October. It's a take-home study where I sleep with a CPAP machine for 3 nights. How will this help me? My youngest son had a problem of sleeping too much all day and all night, and his sleep study was an overnight clinic where they monitored his sleep with electrodes on his head. Then he had a day study where he had to take a nap for 20 minutes and was forced to wake up for 4 hours then take another 20 minute nap, all day. They diagnosed him with a form of narcolepsy. He takes a med in the morning to help him wake up for the day but has instructions to take 20 - 30 minute naps periodically through the day. Even as a graduate student, he's able to do this. He was hired on as an assistant to his advisor to do research so he got his own office because his professor pulled strings to give it to him. He has a sleep mat, blanket and pillow in his office for naps. He just locks his door and no one messes with him. What is going to happen to me? My quality of life is getting poorer because I'm so tired all of the time. At least by lunch, I'm able to drive my car and function. I'm still tired but things are manageable, but this is not how I want to continue living. I have an opportunity to either increase my job to full time hours or begin school while still working beginning in January. It will make for a long day but I think I can handle either one, but it means I have to be doing stuff in the morning! If I'm still doing then how I'm doing now, it will be impossible. I'm so disappointed. What are they looking for with the CPAP machine? Why are they not doing an overnight study with me? Let me add that when left alone in the mornings, I can sleep more sometimes and get a total of 11-12 hours and finally wake up feeling rested. But I rarely have the opportunity to get this much sleep.
  9. I'm seeing videos of people shuffle dancing and they're all Asian. Is this an Asian dance? I've never heard of it or seen it before. There are 3 year olds doing it and people in their 70s. They're all looking like they're having so much fun! I want to learn!
  10. Oldest dd yes. She's getting married in April of next year and hopes to get pregnant right away. She's been with her fiancé about 9 years and she's ready for marriage and family. Two sons, no. Neither have any interest in kids. Jeffrey doesn't think he'll ever marry. Allen is iffy on the subject. He says he doesn't see it as necessary. If I can have at least 1 grandchild, I'll be a happy camper.
  11. Their application did not ask for personal references, names of supervisors/managers, or phone numbers of previous work places. My resume did not contain that information either. They could have looked up the information for my latest job, the thrift store, but the management was fired and there is only one person who knew me well enough to give me a reference and she did agree but since I didn't have to list references, I had no chance to list her. The last place they won't know because it's a chain and it was 11 years ago. There are many of those daycare centers in my city now and I don't see them calling around asking if there was ever a KBM who worked for them that long ago. FWIW, I did not have to give references to The Goddard School yet. I got fingerprinted today and will go in soon for orientation and training soon. I didn't even fill out an application yet. They hired me based on my recorded interview which got me in the door, my resume, and my in-person interview. So who knows, maybe I'll fill out an application when I go in for orientation? She thought I'd be able to start late this week as she just needed the fingerprinting results. Oh, I also got an official offer letter that I had to sign along with the co-owner. It gave all the details.
  12. I did end up doing that. I was waiting to hear back from the guy who said he was going to call me. Finally I realized he wasn't going to call me back and I needed to cancel my appointment for pre-employment paperwork. They didn't ask for references or phone numbers of previous work places. Besides, I'd assume they would do all of that before hiring someone, not after. I spoke to a woman in the business office and cancelled my appointment tomorrow. When she asked about rescheduling, I explained I had not yet received a firm job offer with important information so wasn't turning away calls about other potential jobs. I told her I had received an offer in my preferred field that was just too good to pass up, so rather than wait for someone at Publix to call me, I needed to make the decision between them and chose the job that will suit my needs better at this time. I also told her I was disappointed and sorry because I've wanted to work for Publix for years and was so happy I was finally called. She told me she was disappointed they were losing me but understood. And that was that.
  13. The pharmacy manager is out and the asst. manager was busy so she did the initial interview. I was told there were 2 other candidates. She then told me she was going to get together with the asst. pharmacy manager and share information and I guess impressions of the candidates and I'd hear back on Monday. Instead the asst. pharmacy manager called me Friday. I have no idea if she decided who she liked best or if she really left it up to him. I did give them my resume.
  14. Very helpful, thank you. This brings a new element to the decision. I had fast pace days at the thrift store but it was really limited to Tuesday which was Senior day, and Saturday. I also had help so two of us were ringing people up by working together on each customer. One calling out what to ring up while the other used the register and handled the money.
  15. Good point. The first Goddard School I looked at had 3 teachers out in quarantine but she didn't say anything about the kids being out, just doubled up. I'll be sure to ask about this.
  16. I am hoping he'll leave the info on voicemail like he left his last voicemail when he offered me the job. If not, I feel I should know the preschool's offer first so I can hear his and make a decision then and there without having to call him back and say, Oh I've thought about it and I changed my mind. For some reason I feel more uneasy with that option. I've even got an appointment for Wednesday at 1:00 pm to do pre-employment paperwork. Someone from the business office called me to set up that appt.
  17. No I don't. I know the owner of the one I'm visiting today has 3 other schools. I do not know if the other owner has more than that one I saw.
  18. I did look but didn't find many. A couple of glowing ones, and 3 not so great. One was a parent who witnessed a preK teacher, a contracted teacher, spank a child. When she brought the matter to the attention of management they said they'd look into it. She took her daughter out that day. When she called back a couple of weeks later, they wouldn't give her any information because she was no longer part of the school. The owner did reply to that review and explained the process they went through and after the state talking to kids and parents, found no wrong doing. I have no idea if she lied but she made it sound like did all the right things.
  19. Too true. My first therapist told me more than once that she'd hire me to keep her planner in order because I had such good attention to detail. She said my love for numbers was a great asset. That's why she liked that I was a cashier at the thrift store.
  20. I've thought about the stress level. When the pharmacy asst. manager called me he told me I was hired but then proceeded to ask me 4 interview questions specific to the pharmacy. Two involved impatient and rude customers. Of course I gave a good answer. I dealt with people like that when I was at the thrift store. But he was basically telling me it's a stressful position and asking how I'd handle myself. As for the infants, I don't like babies crying. I want to pick them up and comfort them. However, in an infant room where there are less teachers than babies, there may always be a crying infant. I cannot pick them all up at the same time. So I've asked myself, how would I feel mentally of day in and day out of listening to babies crying. I'm not sure. When I was in the infant room at the Montessori School when in college, we had a good group. There were 2 teachers and me, so there wasn't a lot of crying. I thoroughly enjoyed rocking the babies and giving bottles, or feeding them at the table, or even changing diapers. I loved getting down on the floor and playing with them. When I worked in the 1 year old room at my last daycare job, I did very well. I kept them busy and happy. It wasn't a perfect group, afterall, they were only young toddlers, but I was able to handle them with an assistant. I got moved up to lead teacher quickly because the turnover there was kind of high as well. There is always drama in every job, at least every one I've held in my 35 years of working various jobs. It's probably going to come down to how do I feel about the vibes of the preschool. How many teachers are there. The first Goddard School I interviewed at last week didn't impress me. She had 3 teachers out and classes were being doubled and I heard lots of crying the whole time I was there. I saw the gym and the kids were running around playing while the teacher sat against a wall on her phone. That surprised the heck out of me. I didn't feel I'd be happy there. I do not know anything about the Publix Pharmacy. I wasn't interviewed there and wasn't given a tour or introduced to potential co-workers. I'd be going in blind. So do I want to deal with unhappy adults who will use very unkind words and possibly make me cry, or unhappy babies who can't talk to me and tell me what they need or want. I am looking forward to my appt. at 2:00 pm today with the preschool to see what it's like. My oldest dd and my sister think I should go with the preschool job as I've loved working with preschoolers for so long. DH thinks I should stick to the pharmacy because if I don't like it, there will always be a preschool opening to go into, but if I start at the preschool and don't like it, it would be more difficult to get on as a pharmacy clerk. The job is usually pharmacy tech and they have certification and are registered with the state. I'd have to work on that before job hunting in that field. He makes a lot of sense, but is my heart in it? I'll admit I'm more excited by being hired by Publix than I am that it's in the pharmacy. When I filled out the application over a month ago, I checked I'd be interested in cashier or pharmacy tech. That's the second time I've put an application on file with Publix. It's hard to get on there because it's a competitive job. It's popular. I guess I'll know more after I meet with the preschool this afternoon.
  21. I'm job hunting. I got an offer from a reputable grocery store chain to be a pharmacy clerk. I've been trying to get on with Publix for quite some time and I think I'd do very well in the pharmacy. However, when he called to tell me he was hiring me, he didn't have any particulars. No salary or schedule information. He said he'd get back to me Monday (today). Okay I said. I was just so happy. Now the pharmacy manager is on maternity leave and I was speaking with the assistant manager. However, I was actually interviewed by the general grocery store manager. She said she had never interviewed for the pharmacy before because they're like a separate entity. She said she "thinks" the salary is between $12.50-$13.00 per hour. Since I was making only $12/hr at my last job, I figured this was at least a step in the right direction. About 30 minutes after that phone call, I was contacted by a preschool, The Goddard School, asking me to please come in for an interview. He was very excited to meet me and show me his school. I told him I had just accepted a job offer. He said it didn't matter, that he thinks I'll love it there and he pays better than most preschools. After hearing him talk a few minutes, I decided what the heck, I'll go in on Monday and see what he had to offer. I told him I did not anticipate changing my mind and rescinding my acceptance offer to this other job. Again, he said he understood but just wanted to meet with me. He said I could call him any time if the pharmacy job doesn't work out. Now, that chain of schools has an employment service that seeks out potential employees. Someone from that company called and I told her all about my interview at the other Goddard School and their salary offer. She was surprised but said she wanted to send my information to the other school in my city which is closer to me than the first one. `I did a recorded interview and she sent it to the school. That was on Thursday, the day before I got my job offer from the grocery store. So now, I have an interview this afternoon with the preschool. They know I want part-time and that I'm only interested in the infant room. I've worked with all ages from birth to age 8, and right now, I just want to work with infants. So they supposedly know that information about me. Publix Pharmacy is supposed to call me back with the job specifics today. I'm thinking if the pharmacy calls me this morning, I won't answer the phone. I'll let him leave voicemail like he did Friday when he offered me the job. Then I'll go to the preschool and see what they have to offer. I might not like the vibe in the school. I didn't with the first Goddard School I interviewed with. But what if I really like it? What if they really do have an opening in the infant room? I want to hear how much they're willing to pay, then go home and call the pharmacy for the specifics. Then I'll need to decide which job will meet my needs. I've tried pros and cons and they come out mostly equal, with the preschool leading by a little. At the preschool, I'd get to wear anything I want and sit down most of my shift. I've worked in an infant room before so know what it's like. At the pharmacy, I'll have a certain outfit I have to wear and I don't think there's time to sit down. I was in the store Sunday and saw two people at the counter waiting to help customers and they were just standing there doing nothing. I don't think I'd like that. At my last job I was able to sit down between customers. At the preschool, I'll be working 12:30 - 6:30 pm so no mornings, nights or weekends. At the pharmacy I'd be working 3:00 - 9:00 pm which is nights and also on weekends. I'm looking to get 30 hours or less per week. The preschool has a fixed schedule while the pharmacy has a weekly schedule so I won't know what nights I'll be working or even how many hours I'll get from week to week. This situation has me stressed out. What if I love the preschool? How do I professionally tell the pharmacy thanks for the offer, sorry I accepted so fast, but I got a better job offer? Then again, the preschool might be awful and I'll choose the pharmacy job. If they offer me $13/hr and the preschool offers me $14/hr, is that enough of a difference to validate changing my mind and going with the higher pay? My therapist said changing my mind is not unethical, just not good manners. She and I talked about things that I'm looking for in a job so I'm able to compare both to my needs. My DH is supportive of whatever I do; he just wants me happy. What do you think? Would it be awful for me to tell the pharmacy, after they've offered the job and I've accepted it, that I'm going with the better offer that just came today? By 5:00 pm today, I'll either be a pharmacy clerk or an infant teacher. How do I know which is best for me? I want them both! UPDATE: I just got home from my interview. That preschool is the most awesome school I have ever walked through and I have a lot of experience not only from volunteering and working for pay, but also when education classes put me in preschools for class credit. I knew 5 minutes in this was the place for me. He took me on a full tour and talked about everything the school offered. He can get me in the infant room or 1 year old room, since those are the ages I prefer. He accepted my hours of 1:00 - 6:30 pm. The pay will be at least $13/hour and may be higher depending on what role they place me in. He needs to speak with the other owner and the director to settle a firm salary. He said there was no rush in getting back to him as he understood I needed to handle Publix first. I thought that was nice although I was ready to sign on the dotted line right then. I most certainly heard angels singing and feel a peace and joy inside me that tells me this is where God wants me to be. I told Shawn that I really did want to work there because both myself and his school will benefit from my passion for preschoolers. I have no passion about a pharmacy. So he gave me a soft hiring. He never came out and asked and he didn't ask me fill out an application, but he did tell me to text/call him when I decided I was ready to work for the school. So yes, this is the job I am taking and I'm ecstatic. He's had teachers with him for over a decade, the most recent hiring he had was in 2020. He said teachers stay at his school because they get so much support from the business operations. He did not show me upstairs but said there was a teacher's lounge. I guess I won't be seeing it though because I'll be eating lunch at home before I go to work. If Publix doesn't call me back by 6:30 pm, I'm going to text Shawn that if he has an opening for me and is willing to hire me, I'd love to work at his school. Then when Publix does call, I'll just tell them I accepted an offer somewhere else and thank them for considering me for their job. Yay!
  22. Big changes have occurred since I last posted an update in late June. Basically I got tired of bad attitudes and behaviors of my manager and other keyholder, as well as a close friend of them. They talk politics and religion a lot, lots of cussing, crazy ideas, just things that made me feel so uncomfortable. So I quit. A Board member had just told me she'd give me a raise to stay so she called and asked why I left. I told her the truth. Apparently that was the straw that broke the camel's back. It was only us 4 employees, me and the three women I was starting to dislike. No one was being hired in so the Board stepped in and tried to help. Carol, the manager, got extremely belligerent and hostile towards them. It was crazy! So the Board member called me back and asked if they were gone, would I come back to work. I said yes. The next day I got another call from her saying they were all gone and could I start the next day. Wow, that was fast!! So I am back to work as of Wednesday of this week. I'm still a keyholder. Everyone on the Board likes me. We've called in past crew members who all left because of poor management. They've hired 2 new people with 2 more possibilities with interviews next week. I believe we're going to have a full store soon. It's so awesome! Everyone is pulling together. Three Board members are working in the store every day until we are fully staffed. I had to train one on the register today and he was so funny. They all praise me up and down and it's quite embarrassing, but I appreciate they acknowledge my hard work and knowledge I've gained. So... between the time I quit and was rehired, I decided to apply to a technical school for Early Childhood Education, Infants and Toddlers, my passion since I was 21 years old. (I'm now 53. Ack!) I've got over 125 credit hours in college but never graduated. If I go to this technical school, I can get an Associate's degree. With it, I'll have a better chance at landing a job as a teacher making $1-$2/hour more than I'm making now. That's not really that much. There is also a certification I can get for only $400 total that should help if I don't get the A.S. The idea of going back to work is exciting. I teacher older 2's in Sunday School and older 4's/young 5's on Wednesday nights, so I get my kid fix for the week. I don't necessarily need to go back to school. I only applied because I was totally fed up with the thrift store and honestly thought I'd never return. So I have a decision to make. Should I stay in retail or work with children? I thoroughly enjoy both! I found many daycare jobs that are part-time which is what I want so it's a very real possibility I can do this. But if the environment of the thrift store changes and everyone is happy and getting along, and the store is doing well again, I can see me staying there. I could work and go to school, but I worry at my age it will just be too much. Part of my classwork is working in a daycare with children gaining experience. I don't see how I'll fit all of that into my lift. Both my dietitian and therapist have expressed concern because I'm still working towards recovery. I've developed Binge Eating Disorder now in addition to Atypical Anorexia. I'm trying to break that cycle of restricting leads to binging which leads back to restricting. It's rough, I won't lie. I still have many days I backslide and restrict to less than 1000 calories a day which is heading into starvation mode. My support team and husband get so exasperated with me when I say I don't know what happened or how to stop it. I've learned many techniques and I can call on them whenever I need support. I'm trying so hard to stop being willful and resistant. I just can't let go of my dream to be super skinny and I'm far from it. That dumb medication my psychiatrist had me on caused me to gain 10 lbs. and it's not coming off. So I was having trouble accepting me at that weight and now I'd give my right arm to be back down 10 lbs. I think that is everything going on with me, as if that wasn't enough. I have until January to decide about school, go part-time and work part-time, go to school full-time and stop working, or stay at work part-time as I am now and don't do school. It all comes down to what do I want to do with the next 10 years of my life. Work in retail or with children? Ugh! I thought about it, and I can't decide just yet. I have to see how things at the store progresses over the next 3-4 months. PS - The Board members are a lot nicer than Carol led me to believe. I like them all. I now know 4 out of 5 of them and they're all really cool. I think I was on the wrong side of the fence all this time. I have been praying for something to come along and make things better. And now all this happens and people around me are noticing a change in me. Today my chiropractor and his assistant were going on and on about how light and happy I looked and I had to catch them up on what had happened. They both said I was weighed down by Carol and Shelly without realizing it. Maybe they're right. Carol and Shelly dropped me like a hot cake when I last quit and said mean things about me on facebook and at the store. That made me sad.
  23. Thanks everyone! I'll sit down with Jeffrey later this afternoon and show him this thread and review all the resources mentioned. He can choose one or more of them to try. We're open to anything!
  24. Is there such a thing? My ds25 wants to learn to draw but we've been unsuccessful in finding him a tutor. He tried beginning drawing classes in college because the advisor told him they were designed for true beginners who knew nothing. Well, that turned out not to be true. In the second class of each course, the students were working on stuff they all knew how to do and my ds had no clue. In one class he gave up, packed up and left in the middle of class. He was so disappointed. I tried buying him books on how to draw but they aren't what he's looking for. He wants to eventually become a graphics design artist of video games. It is his dream and it hurts my heart to think his dream is too big. I remember buying a homeschooling art program when my kids were little and it started off with drawing, but I can't remember the name of the program. I'd appreciate any assistance anyone can offer. I've tried asking for help in my local facebook group and got one response. She said her friend could teach my ds and told me how to reach this friend. It was through instagram. So I sent a message and she never responded. So that avenue didn't pan out. Ideas?? He doesn't care if the program is for kids. He just wants to learn the basics and grow from there.
  25. Great minds think alike. I called them a little while ago asking that very question. *laugh* She wrote it in my appointment notes so they know I want to come into the building. They're still being covid cautious so most appointments you meet them at the side door or they come get your pet from your car and you stay in the car while they're inside. Yesterday they escorted me in and straight into a room.
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