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  1. We have both Hello Fresh and Home Chef. We see which has the best choices for a particular week we need a box. I prefer Home Chef as they have more choices. Many meals from both services have potatoes of some kind, usually roasted. Some have roasted veggies. We've had Hello Fresh longer and we find repeat meals. We try to get something new each time. We save the recipe cards in a binder and cook the meals on our own on weeks we don't get a box.
  2. I've tried them both and prefer Trunk Club because I can preview what they're sending so I can veto stuff right away. Of course they substitute things and I don't get a second chance to veto. I usually get at least two of the items. They're expensive though. The past two times, I've gotten Amazon Prime Wardrobe. It's a little frustrating because they don't offer all sizes or colors. They'll say this particular item is Prime eligible but when I click on my size, it isn't. But still, I've gotten some great things. I usually order two of the same things in different sizes and I find that extremely helpful.
  3. I'd do it for my DH, why not my son? Good grief.
  4. He hopes to find it as a Buy It Now. He wasn't thrilled with the idea of an auction but thought he'd give it a try since it was such a good old item in excellent shape and would fit his needs perfectly. He's just trying to avoid paying hundreds of dollars by buying new. He's got the money to spend but he'd rather not if he doesn't have to spend that much.
  5. My ds has Aspergers and is probably more like a 17/18 year old. I still support him sort of scaffolding so that he can become independent. Yes, I do still help my kids a lot. I admit I'm a helicopter parent and I've gotten much better about it. I actually do not interfere in his finances. He makes his own decisions. He also pays for things on his own like medical, clothing, entertainment. He's living on his savings from his working a job in 2017 and I don't want him depleting that money. We have chosen to support our children while they are in college and I try to spend money on him to save his money as much as I can without going overboard. We spend a great deal more on his sister in college in another city. I actually intended to give him the money that went over his budget of $200. I wasn't trying to spend his money. The ebay account is mine and the auction ended at a time he was still asleep. I offered to watch it for him. I didn't want him to wake up early just to watch that auction end. That seems silly.
  6. Well, okay. I do agree with y'all. He'll find something else and maybe at a lower price so he's not spending so much of his money. He bought an alternative at an electronics store in mid-April but this past weekend decided it wasn't what he really wanted. We couldn't find the receipt and he was willing to donate it to my thrift store. But it was $250! I didn't want him to lose that much money so we took it to the store and they were able to pull up his invoice and refund his money. Whew!
  7. DH just told me to leave it alone as well. Ugh, this hurts! I'm so used to trying to make things easier for my kids. Dd21 talks about me in counseling, for heaven's sake! Ok, I'll leave it alone. But the increments are $2.50 so he'll likely lose by that much unless the other 3 bidders are waiting until the last moment. I won't feel as bad if he loses by a lot, like $50. But if he loses by a couple of bucks, I'll be disappointed. I'm trying to be proud of him for at least trying to buy what he needs used rather than spending way more on a new item, but ebay is so iffy. He may learn he needs to increase his expectations.
  8. Ds22 is bidding on an ebay item and said his top bid is $200. There are 20 minutes left in the auction and his bid is at $197.50. Someone will surely outbid him by that much. I wanted to bid more in the hopes he'll win the item. Dd21 told me to stay out of it that he'll need to eventually learn how to deal with disappointing situations and I'm not helping by continuing to help him. What say the hive? Should I increase the bid in hopes he'll win or leave it alone and let him lose?
  9. This is about my dd21. She didn't graduate homeschool but thought I'd share her story anyway. -- What led you to homeschool? I was already homeschooling my ds so I just added dd into our day. However, between Kindergarten and 5th grades, she tried attending school for various lengths of time. She seemed to prefer the brick and mortar way but there was always a reason she decided to come back home. I knew we could provide a better education for her but she had other ideas. -- How was your child homeschooled in the high school years? (Did you use WTM as a guide? Did your child take out of the home, online classes, or college classes?) She chose not to homeschool high school. I was terribly disappointed that she wanted to go to a B&M high school. Fortunately she did extremely well so I know her years at home really helped her. -- What did your child do after graduating? What is your child doing now? She went straight into a 4-year university and is currently in her junior year. She is a statistics major.
  10. -- What led you to homeschool? I withdrew my ds from Kindergarten and homeschooled him until 4th grade when he spent 11 days in public school, then returned home and homeschooled until he graduated. School was not a good fit for him in Kindergarten. We didn't know it at the time but he has Aspergers so the classroom was just too much for him. The 11 days in 4th grade were a disaster. I was selfish putting him back in school and realized that fairly quickly and pulled him out again. -- How was your child homeschooled in the high school years? (Did you use WTM as a guide? Did your child take out of the home, online classes, or college classes?) Like my older dd, he used an accredited online high school. He took the minimum number of classes to graduate but I made sure they included the core set of classes required by Georgia colleges. -- What did your child do after graduating? What is your child doing now? After graduating, he went straight into a 4-year college and went part-time for one year. He hated it. He left school and got a stocking job in a grocery store. He worked there 13 months and hated it. He quit and stayed home for almost a year before deciding he needed to do something productive with his life. He is currently attending a technical school working for an associate's degree to become a Network Specialist.
  11. -- What led you to homeschool? My oldest dd will be 27 this month. She homeschooled her junior and senior years in high school. I was already homeschooling my two younger children and she hated the brick and mortar scchooll -- How was your child homeschooled in the high school years? (Did you use WTM as a guide? Did your child take out of the home, online classes, or college classes?) Unfortunately, homeschooling high school terrified me. Instead, I used an accredited online high school. She took the minimum number of classes to graduate with a diploma. -- What did your child do after graduating? What is your child doing now? She was working nearly full time before she graduated as a server in a restaurant. She continued with that job after she graduated. After doing that for a few years, she was approached by the owner of a business who lured her away from the restaurant to work for his company. She's been with them for 5 years now. It's hard to explain the nature of her work. It's incredibly stressful and she often talks about moving on to something else. However, she receives a high salary and knows she cannot go anywhere else for that amount of money unless she has a higher education. Right now she's just hanging in there. She doesn't want to go to college. Her home life is happy so she considers her job to be just a paycheck. She doesn't allow it to interfere with her home life. I think her future plans are to marry and be a SAHM. I know her boyfriend wants her to have the opportunity to be a SAHM. He's currently in school and I think they are waiting to get married when he graduates and gets a good paying job. I pray that happens within the next couple of years. She really wants to have a baby by the age of 30.
  12. Glad you found a job that suits you. 🙂
  13. I don't think I posted so if I did, forgive this post. I just hit my 2 month anniversary from the day I started seriously recovering from bulimia. I've been eating intuitively as much as possible but I don't always wait to be hungry to eat. I eat more than I should and I have gained about 8 lbs and am okay with that. I was worried I was going to be gaining a pound a week or more. In the past month, I've had one minor setback. I weighed myself and didn't have DH hide the scale again so I weighed like 3 days in a row and started feeling anxious about it. I was wanting to go back to My Fitness Pal and start restricting again. I tracked food for half a day and realized what I was doing was really bad so I immediately deleted MFP yet again. I no longer even look at calories on packages. I am eating a greater variety of foods, most are healthy like fruits, dried fruits, avocados, and nuts. I still eat small amounts in one sitting and the downside to that is by the night time I am hungry. So I do eat more at night than the rest of the day. But I'm not packing on the pounds like I feared and I'm slowly coming to accept the fact that being skinny was not the be all of everything. I'm okay if I gain more weight. The downside to that is I've had to buy new clothes already and if I gain more, I'll be replacing those too. I don't think I was as skinny as DH and others thought I was because of my size. I was in a size 6 jeans but when I tried buying size 6 pants they were too small. I was really in a size 8 and that is not too small. So I've been telling DH he was freaking out for nothing. I totally freaked out when I had to buy a size 10 in a few things but DH reassured me that clothing styles vary and that doesn't mean I'm a size 10 in everything. So all in all, I'm doing well. I am doing it with prayer and that is making all the difference.
  14. Yes. I'm a little nervous but I think she'll work out. I can tell she'll do things the way she wants them done but as I have no preferences, I'm okay with that. I have no surfaces that could be damaged. We're getting a new shower stall the week after next so I'll ask her to make sure it doesn't get scratched but she says she uses good products. I'll find out next Thursday! 🙂
  15. I hired someone. She starts next Thursday. I think it will be okay. There isn't anything harmful she can do to my house. I think the $25 per hour is a fair price. Our minimum wage is $7.25, isn't that federal? I told her I would hire her if she would agree to my terms of spending 2 hours a week cleaning my house and anything leftover will be my responsibility. I want her to start with the bathrooms and kitchen and if she has time she can work on the bedroom and living room. But honestly, all she'd need to do was dust and sweep. I don't have little kids anymore so our house just isn't messy in general. It's just dusty because I don't dust. It's my bathrooms and kitchen that need weekly cleaning. Everything else is simple enough that I can do in 5 minutes. She's going to work for me for a month on a probationary basis. If she's working out, I'll close out the job on which I currently have paused. If she doesn't work out, I'll message some of the other applicants and start the process again. I haven't had a housekeeper in 21 years. I'm looking forward to this. 🙂
  16. Sorry about responding late. I've been so wrapped up in finding a housekeeper that I forgot about this thread! 🙂 I was evaluated. I had blood work and an ultrasound. They didn't find a blood clot or cyst. The doctor suggested it was arthritis or sciatic pain. I've never heard of sciatic pain affecting the ankle so bad. I think it's arthritis as I've already been told I have it in my right big toe and my doctor said my right hip and left elbow are probably affected. I was just seen last week for those two things. So the doctor at the advanced care center scheduled me an appointment with my regular doctor for Friday afternoon and gave me a work excuse through that day. I emailed my doctor and told her what had happened and asked if I could go to work Friday if I had zero pain but she responded telling me she didn't want me working until she evaluates me. I just got my physical therapy referral papers in the mail today too. Now I have no idea what she's going to suggest. The doctor at the advanced care center put me on 6 days of gradually reducing prednizone. My right hip hasn't hurt at all today but my left ankle is still hurting a bit, but I can walk without limping. I hate that I can't go to work tomorrow. I hate missing so much work! I'll admit I was glad I had yesterday off because I needed an extra vacation day as I've just been so tired lately. Add that day to my normal day off today and that would have been a nice little work break. I am not happy that I can't work tomorrow though. Surely I'll be back at work Saturday! I'm hoping my regular doctor will go ahead and refer me to a specialist rather than giving PT a try for 3 weeks as she originally prescribed for my right hip pain. With these new pains in my left knee and ankle, it complicates matters.
  17. That's what I told DH. He suggested we ask if they'll come in every two weeks then which would balance out how much we're budgeting for the month. I'm waiting to hear from them this evening. My gut it telling me to go with the first woman though. She's got two college degrees and moved here from Lithuania when she was 33 years old. Her college degrees are useless here for some reason but she's finding fulfillment with cleaning and caring for families. She is working for two other families right now. One is a family with young kids that she cares for sometimes and light cleaning. The other is an older woman that requires daily cleaning and meal preparation. She said she'd have no problem fitting me into a Thursday.
  18. I've talked with two other people and they said they were interested and asked questions and I answered them and haven't heard back. I gave my number to one of the women who said she'd call me today but it's 5:30 pm and I haven't heard from her. There were some other applicants but I declined them for various reasons. I just didn't get a good vibe from their messages.
  19. Good. That's what I was thinking. I just sent an email to the first woman describing that. I agree to pay her whatever her fee is for the first cleaning but I'm only hiring her for two hours a week after that. I also said if we decide more needs to be done than what can be done in 2 hours, we'll plan a day for that so I'm not surprised with her working more than 2 hours. We'll see what she comes back with. I hope she'll agree. Both DH and I liked her.
  20. Okay, here's an update. 🙂 Just had my second interview. Very strange. The person on was named Katy but her sister texted me and said Katy asked if her sister could come along. When the car drove in, it was only the sister. I asked her why Katy didn't come and she said Katy wouldn't be the one doing the job. It would be her or her cousin. By the end of the interview, she was admitting it would be her cousin. Keep in mind I'd be hiring someone I've never met. I think Katy and her family are running a business so they're approaching my job as a business transaction rather than personal. What I mean is the cousin would just be someone else's employee coming to my home, whereas the first person I interviewed this morning would be my personal housekeeper. Not a huge distinction, but one to keep in mind when I'm considering who I want to hire. This company doesn't charge by the hour. They have a flat rate of $150 for the first time which is a deep cleaning and then $100 every time after that. I told her I couldn't afford $100 weekly and we got down to $75 a week. That would be for the whole house regardless of how long it took her. There is a certain appeal to that because I'd be getting a clean house every week for one consistent dollar amount. The first lady I interviewed, who charges by the hour, may work longer than 3 hours and I may end up paying $75 anyway. So do I hire the hourly woman I met personally and liked even though I think she's more than I need, or do I hire the person I've never met for the flat rate?
  21. All I really want done is 2 full bathrooms (not deep cleaning every week, just regular cleaning of toilet, sink and bathtub/shower and sweeping the floor), and the kitchen (wiping down counters, top of stove and microwave). That's all I need help with but I don't think I can find someone to do that because it would take me about an hour to do all of that so surely they can do it in less than 2 hours. So I don't mind paying her to deep clean the house on the first go but I want light cleaning after that. I tried to impress that upon her. Should I choose to hire her, I'm going to repeat it before we finalize the deal.
  22. Awww... how absolutely beautiful!! Enjoy your new little one.
  23. I just had my first interview with a Lithuanian woman who spoke English with an accent so she was hard to understand. She is older than me by 6 years but seems highly energetic. I asked her if she could estimate how much time she'd need to clean my home as I can do it in under 2 hours. She exploded! LOL She said her first time here would be hours as she had so much to clean and proceeded to walk around my house and point out all the dirty parts of my home. I must confess my house is in bad shape. Doors, baseboards, cobwebs, ceiling fixtures, and walls all need to be cleaned. I told her I had no problem paying her for however long it took her to clean the first time but that every time after that should be much less as it's only maintained. IOW, I don't want my house deep cleaned weekly. I can't afford it! We agreed on $25/hour and I was hoping she could keep to 2 hours a week. She just seems to be a stronger housekeeper than I was thinking of, but I did like her. Luckily, DH is home today so he was able to talk with her and hear her and see my problems with communication and agreeing to a limit each week. I have another interview this afternoon. I'll see how she works out. Obviously I don't want a slacker but I'm not sure I want someone too detailed. Do you think it's reasonable to expect her to do light cleaning after her first week here? I bet she's here at least 3 hours a week. That's $75. DH and I have to talk budget. I don't know if we can afford that.
  24. Update. It's not a blood clot or baker's cyst. They suggested arthritis or sciatica and based on my hip and elbow pain since late March, it seems arthritis is favored. They made me an appointment with my regular doctor for Friday and suggested I stay off my leg as much as possible, elevate and ice if it helps. I'm waiting for a referral to physical therapy for my right hip pain and now I've got problems with my left leg. I think when I see my doctor on Friday that I will ask her to please send me to a doctor who can diagnose arthritis so we can see if that is the problem. Work. Ugh! We have such a small base of employees that when one of us is out, all of us feel it. I was told today to stay out of work until my appointment on Friday at 3:40 pm. So I've been texting my manager today keeping her up to date on how I was feeling and the last text I sent was when I was discharged and I told her I couldn't work Friday. I haven't heard back from her. I bet she's ticked off. Friday and Saturday are the two worst days for me to be out. I don't know if I'll still be in pain on Friday but I told DH that if the pain is completely gone, I'm going to go in Friday morning and work as long as I feel well enough to do so, hopefully to my appointment time. My doctor's office is 10 minutes from my work. If I'm still in pain and can't work, I'll have to find out from my doctor on Friday afternoon if I have to stay out of work on Saturday. I hope I'm still not in pain. But my hip pain has been constant for at least 3 weeks now. It hurts when I walk but it doesn't impair my daily functioning. With my knee and ankle hurting, I am having a difficult time walking. I'm hobbling and every step hurts. So I don't want to go in to work if I'm still feeling like I am right now.
  25. She did ask me if I had been treated for a blood clot or DVT. I said no, but just remembered that some time last year I had pain in the back of my right knee and the nurse sent me to the ACC that time too. They didn't find a clot but diagnosed me with something else, although I don't remember. I was just told to stay off of it for a couple of days and to go back if the pain persisted. But why would my ankle hurt so bad?
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