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  1. I am super Coronacasual, so I would never engage in any of the rest of the steps suggested in this post, but I will add my anecdotal experience in case it gives the OP some comfort: At his actual (not host) mom's request, I picked up an exchange student ("G," and G is not the one who lives with me, but one of my student's friends) from his host home to take him for a covid test because his host brother had had symptoms. He was sniffling when he got in the car, so I opened my car's sun roof for ventilation but did not otherwise take any precautions. We were in the car together, front seats, for
  2. I already have. It took us 4 packed planes to get there and back. The cabin complex where we stayed was sold out during our visit over Christmas.
  3. Since taking in a Central American exchange student, I have learned a couple of new things about teen boy hair, and one is that there are Dominican and Black-hair specializing barbershops all over the place. My boy and one of his friends (who is isolating in my house as we speak because of a positive covid test) have very curly hair (one is coarse and curly, the other is finer and curly) that they keep long on top and very short on the sides. They actually go to a shop here that has all Black barbers, but my super-white son with his straight hair now goes there also because the guys do such a
  4. I crashed the pre-Christmas board game thread looking for ideas for games that would be equally playable by our exchange student ("ES"), whose native language is Spanish, and PFN was one of the suggestions. We first tried it while he was home for Christmas but played for the first time with him last night. It was very fun. Easy to learn; the inflatable club is surprisingly fun; and he was surprisingly good at it. You know who's NOT good at it and keeps getting clubbed? Me. We still have Uno Flip and Concept to play with him.
  5. We just returned from our annual ski trip; it was four flights in packed planes and two layovers of about one hour each. One Uber. Multiple meals out at our destination. My exchange student and his mom are coming tomorrow from their home country where he has been for Christmas except for a three-day round trip from his home country to south Florida. His mom will stay with us until she returns home (without him!) later in the week. My exchange student traveled from GA to California for Thanksgiving and back. Another exchange student went to Florida for Thanksgiving. My 20 yo daughter flew three
  6. This is really super out-there (although I love the cleaning service before the home study), but how about semi-professional pictures of them for their introductory package? I don't mean a photo shoot with a professional, necessarily, but perhaps with someone who will take pics with something that reproduces better than an iphone on a selfie stick.
  7. I thought of this thread Christmas Eve when Amazon dropped a huge, heavy box on our porch, addressed to my exchange student, who is in his home country for Christmas. The box was so heavy that it was broken, so I could see inside well enough to tell that it was a 40 pound bag of dog food, which seems an unlikely gift for a 16 year old boy! He has relatives in California who occasionally send him things here via Amazon, so his mom gave her sister/his aunt my info, and it turns out that I was the inadvertent recipient not only of a bag of dog food but also of three Christmas gifts for her daught
  8. Is he Justin, the guy talking? Nice fight!
  9. Oh geez, we're watching this right now! I hope I haven't missed him, as I've just been watching my husband and son watch Battlebots while I noodle around on the internet. They LOVE Battlebots, and I love to watch them watch it. I only actually watch Faruq's part, because Faruq is amazing. ETA: I haven't missed him! They just announced that he's coming up.
  10. Not a newspaper, but I tip the guys who pick up my garbage because they are awesome. I leave them $60, 3 $20 bills, every year, because there are usually 3 of them. They come twice a week for reference, all the way up my driveway to the back of my house. They only holiday they take is Christmas Day. Even Thanksgiving and New Year's, if it's a normal pick-up day, they pick up.
  11. A profit sharing contribution to our 401(k). I've been with the same firm for 20 years (and bought it a year ago), and the former owner was quite generous in years that the firm did well. A very good LTD plan with an "own occupation" definition of disability. My former owner has benefited from this, and I've retained it even though it costs me a bundle.
  12. I just came across this at Target and added it to the list of games my 20 yo is picking up for us. It looks perfect for our exchange student, especially since my most often-repeated admonition to him is, "Use your words!" We also pulled out Five Crowns, which will work, but we have to replace it because our cards are so worn out that they can't be shuffled any more, and we are replacing Catch Phrase because, despite the fact that it has never been played, a piece is missing. I haven't played games with my kids in easily 10 years. It was something my husband did while I cooked dinner or cleaned
  13. Update on my game quest: My exchange student ("ES") is home for Christmas (with his actual family, not his wannabe family, i.e., us), but I announced family game night last night and pulled out, first, Tenzi. Lots of fun, but I see why my husband won't play with my 20 yo any more. I wish I could pit the 20 yo against ES. ES has great reflexes and vision; I think he could give her a run for her money (their schedules here just rarely overlap). Anyway, Tenzi will be a keeper. I also found a game no one remembered that we had: Anomia. We were just learning to play, and I think this one will
  14. Oh, I meant "risk" of something going wrong, of rules changing and his not being allowed to come back or getting quarantined on his second return to his home country. I am not actually concerned that a healthy 16 yo or anyone else in my immediate household will contract covid except to the extent that a positive test would keep him from flying back to the US. If he's gonna get covid, let it be under my roof on US soil so he can get over it without interfering with his travel. It's that little jaunt to Florida that concerns me.
  15. Yikes. That sounds awful! One of these boys (mine!) is taking a quick trip from his home country to an event in Florida, flying back to his home country for two days and then flying back to the US (and my home). I really, really wish he were just flying straight here from Florida. I've told his mom that I'll even drive to Florida and get him. I feel like we're all just pushing our luck at that point; for only 2 days at home, it is a lot of risk. Two of the boys (not mine) are on expired student visas that they've been unable to renew because of embassy closures, although they are hoping to get
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