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  1. There at least used to be someone on College Confidential (under the Financial Aid forum, Outside Scholarships, then National Merit) who maintained and updated a list of schools with automatic scholarships for anyone who reaches finalist status for a National Merit Scholarship and designates that school as her first choice school (first-choice designation is not required until fairly late in the process, I think spring of senior year). IF your student has a PSAT at or above the cutoff for semi-finalist status in your state, and IF she completes the finalist application, she is almost guarantee
  2. Oh, no, to be clear, there IS a possibility of athletic money, but it is extremely unlikely to be a full ride.
  3. Yes, I am getting a little ahead of myself with my exchange student, to whom I have already grown ridiculously attached. I know international students are not eligible for federal student aid, but are there colleges that provide need-based aid to international students? Is there a list somewhere? I don't know a whole lot about his parents' financial status. They are not without means, as they are both working professionals in his home country and are paying his tuition at our private school. I gather it is a stretch, however, and want to be prepared as I suggest colleges. This is assuming we g
  4. I just want to comment on the inability to do HS writing. You've gotten some great advice in this thread (I plan to use some of it for my exchange student, actually). I came here 6 or 7 years ago looking for similar advice on one of my kid's writing. She could not write her way out of a paper bag. She is not dyslexic, but she has something going on that made writing very difficult for her. I tried IEW and hated it, although I understand the appeal. I tried all sorts of things. She is now a junior in college and doing fine, so I'll share the best things we did: (1) Focus on grammar. Her gr
  5. This and others who have suggested the SAT--this was exactly my thought, but I have not paid any attention to the SAT since it was revamped, so I appreciate the confirmation. Taking both is not really on the table; getting prepped for one is likely going to be all we can manage.
  6. I was also going to suggest OSU. I found them recently doing an intense search for online Chinese classes. One benefit is that their online classes are at the in-state tuition rate.
  7. Yes, I think he and his family are aware of some of the bureaucratic hurdles. He is an athlete and hopes to have athletic department $ and, just as importantly, logistical assistance in navigating the entrance requirements. My daughter is a college athlete and has many teammates from a variety of foreign countries--Serbia, Mexico and South Africa to name a few, and both colleges have been quite helpful to their international student athletes. Hoping my bonus kid can likewise benefit from their expertise one day! But, first, I'm back in homeschool mom mode to help him catch up in school. Thank
  8. I have unexpectedly acquired an exchange student from a Central American country. He is a junior and has been in the U.S. a whole week now, so I don't yet know much about his strengths and weaknesses as a student. He wants to finish high school here and go to college in the U.S. Is there a consensus as to whether the SAT or ACT is better for someone whose first language is not English? Obviously he is not taking either immediately, but the question came up today, so I thought I would ask here.
  9. My son (C/O '22) has done three in-person visits to mostly-empty campuses. They have been helpful, but I am worried that they've led to wrong conclusions about at least two of the three. One campus of a great fit on paper (UAH) was deserted on a Saturday; it looked unkempt; he just thought the campus was ugly. I didn't go, so I don't know--maybe it IS ugly, but it at least suffered from not having a tour guide to hype it up. It is now probably off of the table for him just because of that negative impression. On the other hand, he loved another school that, on paper, is NOT a good fit. His st
  10. Zero percent worried. I am more worried about drastic lockdown measures in the event that a roommate in an on-campus apartment tests positive, so she's moving off campus. We have known multiple teens and young adults with positive Covid tests (as I imagine most everyone else on here has), and they've all been either asymptomatic or had a slight fever for 24 hours or less and been done with it. In the very unlikely event that she were to get really sick, she has friends, teammates and a coach who could check in on her until one of us could get to her.
  11. Oregon State and Northern State University (Aberdeen, SD) both seem to have robust online language offerings, including Chinese. NS is on the quarter system in case that's of help for scheduling (it is for us). I've emailed both of their admissions or DE departments and received prompt responses. Tuition for Oregon State's online courses is at the in-state rate; I had to email NS for theirs but don't remember what it was. I am looking for spring, 2021, so we have no experience yet with the actual instruction. Also, Georgia Tech has some online courses in Japanese and Russian that are open
  12. In case anyone else finds this in a search one day, I want to update with at least one option I've found: Oregon State University offers three 100- and two 200-level Chinese courses completely online. They are on a quarter system, and tuition is $318'ish/credit hour, which is still less than the JHY AP class and pretty much guarantees college credit, as opposed to the AP option, which does not. I believe Northern State University in South Dakota also offers online Chinese, but I am waiting on confirmation. The OSU option for winter quarter (January through the end of March) works out very
  13. I've always heard that the language APs are the hardest in which to score 5s because the majority of kids taking them speak the language at home. My son (like your daughter, I assume) does not. That's encouraging, though, that she placed into second-year courses in college. Interesting about the placement test--maybe I will have him take it just to see. I'm a little put off by the $2,000 (!!!) tuition at JHY. DE, if I could find a course that would fit his schedule, would be a fraction of that. Thanks for the info!
  14. Haven't been on here in about a thousand years, but I find myself in need of an online AP Chinese course, preferably spring semester only. JHY has one, it looks like, and I'm trying to see if my kiddo's PSAT scores qualify him for it (he has the reading score but is 10 points shy on the math, and I can't tell if that is enough for a non-math/science class). While I wait for their response, does anyone have another option, or any input on JHY's? He is at a small private school, and our plan forever has been to do DE when he got to this point. Now that the schedule is out, though, it looks n
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