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  1. Oregon State and Northern State University (Aberdeen, SD) both seem to have robust online language offerings, including Chinese. NS is on the quarter system in case that's of help for scheduling (it is for us). I've emailed both of their admissions or DE departments and received prompt responses. Tuition for Oregon State's online courses is at the in-state rate; I had to email NS for theirs but don't remember what it was. I am looking for spring, 2021, so we have no experience yet with the actual instruction. Also, Georgia Tech has some online courses in Japanese and Russian that are open to high school students through their professional education department if space is available.
  2. In case anyone else finds this in a search one day, I want to update with at least one option I've found: Oregon State University offers three 100- and two 200-level Chinese courses completely online. They are on a quarter system, and tuition is $318'ish/credit hour, which is still less than the JHY AP class and pretty much guarantees college credit, as opposed to the AP option, which does not. I believe Northern State University in South Dakota also offers online Chinese, but I am waiting on confirmation. The OSU option for winter quarter (January through the end of March) works out very well for my kiddo (rising junior), so that is probably where we will end up. He may or may not then self-study for AP Chinese in May. For his senior year, we will just hope that the on-campus DE schedule works out for a 300-level class, because I am pretty sure that he will be out of online DE options. OR, I could just beg him to talk daily, in Chinese, with some of the native Chinese speakers at his school to keep up his language!
  3. I've always heard that the language APs are the hardest in which to score 5s because the majority of kids taking them speak the language at home. My son (like your daughter, I assume) does not. That's encouraging, though, that she placed into second-year courses in college. Interesting about the placement test--maybe I will have him take it just to see. I'm a little put off by the $2,000 (!!!) tuition at JHY. DE, if I could find a course that would fit his schedule, would be a fraction of that. Thanks for the info!
  4. Haven't been on here in about a thousand years, but I find myself in need of an online AP Chinese course, preferably spring semester only. JHY has one, it looks like, and I'm trying to see if my kiddo's PSAT scores qualify him for it (he has the reading score but is 10 points shy on the math, and I can't tell if that is enough for a non-math/science class). While I wait for their response, does anyone have another option, or any input on JHY's? He is at a small private school, and our plan forever has been to do DE when he got to this point. Now that the schedule is out, though, it looks nearly impossible to fit it in. He doesn't need the credit, but he needs the accountability and the test prep; self-study is probably not going to be ideal.
  5. I don't even know what a Karen move is, but are you seriously stating that there is no room to disagree on here about the suitability of calling the police to report a theft of toilet paper? Is it really so universally accepted that this is an appropriate use of a police officer's time, to come to the apartment, take a report, hunt down and arrest the roommate, fingerprint her, and give her a police record that will follow her for life, over toilet paper? As for why I am generally not on board with the hysteria, do you want to know what happened today? Someone I know DIED today, with a brain infection that made him mentally incompetent for the last couple of days. He was in a state whose governor, just hours before he was admitted to the hospital with what turned out to be a brain infection, prohibited all hospital visitation. The neurologist told his parents, "The governor just signed this order. Your son will not leave this hospital alive. This will kill him. You have to leave." When the parents asked about an end-of-life exception, Dr. Asshat told them, "This doesn't apply to your son," because--news flash--doctors can be jerks, too. And they kicked the parents out of the hospital, where their now-mentally-impaired son died ALONE, conscious but incapable of understanding where his parents were, because the governor was in a race to out-quarantine the governors of other states. Prohibiting these parents from seeing their son, who was in no condition to make decisions about or even contribute to his own medical care, in a hospital that has zero--ZERO--coronavirus cases, in a state with ZERO coronavirus deaths, makes zero sense. And don't start telling me what these parents should have or could have done to override the doctor. The hospital administrators, and their phones, were covered up with other families trying to do the same thing, and they couldn't make any headway. And if objecting to the kind of hysteria that makes multiple posters want to call the police on a roommate who took toilet paper, or makes a young man die alone in a hospital room because he had the poor timing to contract a brain infection hours before the governor closed the state's hospitals to visitors, is a Karen move, then so be it. But the fact that none of you can even acknowledge that there just might be a case to be made for a more measured response is appalling.
  6. I read my comment again and see no ambiguity, so I don't know why you're asking what I recommend. My recommendations are no more binding than the CDC's or the President's, or yours, for that matter.
  7. Gotta say, the suggestion that one might want to file a police report over toilet paper "theft" by a roommate--a ROOMMATE, not a stranger brandishing a knife, is one of the scariest things I've read on here about CV and what it's doing to people.
  8. Nope. Not a bit. She came home Tuesday, and I hugged her tightly; I hugged her again when she went back Saturday night; I'll hug her when she picks me up at the airport this week when I go out there to help her move out of campus housing and either back home or into an off-campus apartment so she can stay and train with her college coach after she is booted from her on-campus apartment. When I leave, I'll hug her again; heck, I might even kiss her forehead. I just cannot go around assuming everyone has coronavirus all the time. It is not Ebola, and I am mystified as to we healthy people are all losing our ever-loving minds over it. I'm not sure whatever happened to the rallying cry, "My body, my choice" and why it's okay for abortion (with its 100% fatality rate) and not corona (with its .001%, or whatever it turns out to be) fatality rate. But clearly this is not the thread I need to be on to debate this topic, so y'all just ignore it.
  9. I love that the guy actually tried to fill out his own school's application; more vendors should do that! But this is not entirelynew. I got into my undergraduate alma mater (Auburn) without ever applying, and this was back in the mid-80s; I put them down on my ACT registration to get my scores, and they sent me a "congratulations, you're admitted" letter. I decided on them shortly thereafter and never actually applied to any of the schools I had been considering. But I can certainly see why it is effective; everyone wants to be wanted.
  10. Y'all do know the CDC can recommend all they want, but it is not binding? The CDC has no police power or even regulatory power, for that matter. Your organization or governing authority can choose to implement their recommendations, or not, but unless or until they do, it's just an advisory along the lines of, "Get a flu shot."
  11. I also loved it but have not watched the last season yet. I don't have anything similar to recommend, just wanted to agree!
  12. My son's was canceled; it never appeared on the CB's website, but it was being hosted at his high school, and he asked there Friday. A recording at the CB says you can call Monday and be transferred to the May test date. My son is only a sophomore but needed an SAT score to meet a DE deadline. I have asked the DE provider if they will extend the testing deadline, and they have not yet responded.
  13. I went on a hunt a few days ago to find one to send to my grad student daughter, as I knew she didn't have one. I scoured my Walgreen's and found two lying around in the most unlikely of places--one was with shampoo, and the other with socks or somesuch. I mailed one off to California and am sending one back with another daughter who had one that she claims did not work. I tried them both out on myself and compared them to my glass alcohol (I presume) thermometer, to see if they were consistent with each other, and they were all within .2. I'm really surprised that so many people apparently did not already have thermometers. It's like toilet paper--did this many of us really not already have at least two weeks' of TP stockpiled???
  14. Oooh, I know this one! My passport and DL names did not match for OVER FIFTEEN YEARS. And it was never, not once, a problem. The story is that I was married for over 20 years before I changed my name on my Social Security record and drivers' license. When I got my passport a few years into our marriage, however, I sent in my ID and my marriage license, and the passport was issued in my married name. I used both names for different purposes for a long time before I got around to syncing them up. It was surprising to me how much of a non-issue it was.
  15. The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. I think every girl in my school read it when we were that age. I read When Hell Was in Session by Jeremiah Denton when I was 13, but it's not for everyone and is OOP (but still available). He was a POW during the Vietnam War and, later, an Alabama senator (which is how I know exactly when I read it). For the Glory is the true and more complete story of Eric Liddell, of Chariots of Fire fame. After the Olympics, he became a missionary to China and was eventually held in a Japanese work camp, where he died. It is an excellent book but may be a little more dry than the others because it focuses on Liddell's entire life, not just his POW experience. I have heard good things about, but have not read, John McCain's book about his experience as a POW.
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