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  1. Could you hang it with ribbon or cord? It could be looped through the scrollwork and then securely tied to a decorative hook or screw. I hung some pictures like this once, and they looked great.
  2. How about using Ikea kitchen cabinets instead of Pax? If you search "Ikea kitchen cabinets for wardrobe storage," you will find a lot of examples of people who make essentially make closets out of Ikea kitchen cabinets. Drawers are drawers, and for hanging clothes, you could just put in a bar. Bonus is that you can often find Ikea cabinets used.
  3. No, I do not mind getting it. I've figured all along that it was inevitable.
  4. I have no idea what their precautions were, but I did not really care. I'm not worried about covid. The only reason I think that is where it is from is that it was the only place I had been that the entire household wasn't, and the friend I accompanied (age 18) also had some sniffles at almost exactly the same time that I did. She did not get tested. My husband has tested negative with both tests. I truly think he is negative. He is well within the window that he should have tested positive if he were.
  5. Well, I've never actually had my guard UP, so no worries there.
  6. I just had it a couple of weeks ago. I think I picked it up at the ER with a friend. I had a positive test about a week later, but the symptoms--as mild as they are--started at Day 5 after the ER visit. Sniffles, partial loss of taste and almost complete loss of smell that are, thankfully, coming back (smelling is my super power). I did not have a fever, body aches or breathing issues. My home is rapidly approaching herd immunity, as one of my exchange students had it in January (before he lived here full-time, but he quarantined here); the other I think had it about a month ago (but I did not
  7. Thank you for that perspective. I really love this bunch of kids and what they bring to our lives, so when I told one this weekend that I do things for them out of love and not obligation, I completely meant it. But of course I do hope they look back on me with fondness many years down the road!
  8. Closets are not stupid. I recently had the Container Store do an Elfa system in my small'ish walk-in master BR closet, which had its original fixtures from the late 70s when the house was built. My new closet makes me happy every stinkin' day. To the actual question, my closet research came up with a lot of surprising info, including that a reach-in closet can be a much more efficient use of space than a walk-in. If Pax is 2' deep, it's going to be deep enough.
  9. Thank you for this suggestion. I will definitely pursue it, or encourage her to do so. I had not even thought about STDs. She is not pregnant. But the STD issue is a good thing to bring up to her. In the few minutes we had last night, I did not want the first thing out of my mouth to be asking for more details. But this is a great point--someone needs to know whether STD testing is necessary. Not me, necessarily, but I will talk to her about it. Thank you all for your input. I told my husband last night that I had literally no idea what to do with this information or who to ask.
  10. Please don't quote! It is a long story how she came to be my house guest, but I have an 18 yo international student (we'll call her A) living with me for a few weeks. I know her mom through WhatsApp and a couple of phone calls over the last six months or so because her son was my bonus (now he is my actual) exchange student. While driving home with A tonight, she told me she had recently been the victim of a sexual assault in her home country, by a friend (former friend) at a party. She told me this within blocks of my house, so I suggested we talk more tomorrow. She has not told her pare
  11. Well if that isn't a snotty thing to suggest about the people caring for your father, that they are too stupid and uneducated to make a reasonable decision about a vaccine. Can employers legally require it? Probably. Will they? My healthcare clients (hospitals mostly) are constantly, desperately trying to attract workers. If 60% of their existing workforce doesn't want to take a vaccine, are you really going to risk alienating them and 60% of their potential replacements by requiring it?
  12. TurboTax gets buggier every year I use it. I used H&R Block last year, and it was marginally better; or maybe it was only annoying in a different way. I swear that TurboTax used to be better.
  13. Nearly-four-year-old thread. But since we're here--how's the family doing?
  14. But in a divorce, everyone knows who owns what, and the person quitclaiming has an incentive to do so. Wading through the county bureaucracy to find someone who is willing and authorized to issue a quitclaim deed is not for the faint of heart, and I say this is someone who works with county governments on a near-daily basis. At the very least, a lawyer has to draw up the deed. In most states, the county can't just go give you something of value for no reason; it would violate what is commonly called a gratuities clause in a state constitution (the anti-gratuities statute or constitutional prov
  15. Whoever owns the easement (the county, I presume?) would have to execute a quitclaim deed to you if I understand the facts. I gather that this is not currently your property? Or is it your property but with an easement over it? Either way, it sounds like the problem is going to be getting the county to agree to execute a quitclaim deed in your favor. That will cost more than a survey. A quitclaim is a deed from the owner of property or of an easement saying, "I am not providing any sort of guarantee that I own this property or this easement, but whatever I DO own, I hereby deed to Dawn."
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