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  1. Between Atlanta and Chattanooga, I much prefer Chattanooga's penguins. Penguins are the best. If any penguin fans reading this have littles, I cannot recommend highly enough the Tacky the Penguin series. My youngest is 17, and we all still regularly quote lines from the Tacky series.
  2. One of my exchange students (who are more than exchange students, but not my actual sons, but that's a long story) has gastro issues about which he is pretty frank (thanks, Kiddo, for sharing. . .). I've considered offering him a probiotic to see if it will help, but (1) I don't know one from another, and (2) if his issue is too many, as opposed to constipation, could Florastor make it worse? I'm not really up on such things but have been meaning to do some research. Ideally, of course, he could get a good gastro workup, but is this worth trying first?
  3. Definitely try moving out of boys' sizes into men's sizes at AE, Hollister, H&M and other hip brands that target teen boys. At 5'5", he is tall enough for men's sizes. I remember trying to fit both my son and my daughters when they were at that age, and it was always just easier to find adult sizes that ran small than kids' sizes that ran in the correct proportions.
  4. Have you ever taken aptitude and interest tests? Two of my kids did youscience, which was about $35 at the time, and it was absolutely spot-on with their interests and aptitudes. I wanted to do it but was afraid it would persuade me that I needed a different career, and I didn't want a different career.
  5. Everyone I have ever known who has participated in an MLM has had other options for producing income, and the simplest is handing the kids off to Dad when he gets home or on weekends. Obviously this is not an option with deployed military dads (but I prefaced this with "everyone I have ever known," and I don't run in military circles), but free evenings and weekends are neither a Constitutional nor God-given right. You don't have to pick up many shifts waiting tables (I often made $100/night at a mid-priced Mexican restaurant 30 years ago!) to cover the income you produce shilling leggings or nail stickers. And you can make people happy with queso and margaritas instead of imposing on your friends to buy MLM Product of the Month--that's win-win, as they say. Dads have, practically since the dawn of time, served in the National Guard or whatever, to help make ends' meet. I've never understood why so many families struggle rather than have Mom serve one weekend a month when that $500 (or whatever) could be life-changing. I know this wasn't the point of the post, but the extra pennies one makes with MLMs has always baffled me. FWIW, I've known tons of women who've participated, and almost all of them were outside of church.
  6. I am pretty sure it was this one and that I got it at Home Depot. I just screwed it into the drywall ceiling, and it's hanging on just fine.
  7. I was reminded of something else yesterday. We have had an upright freezer in our basement for probably had it for 20 years, and it has always been in this same dark corner, under the stairs, down a short hall. And it's dark. We were trying to have some more work done on our basement (new floors, repairing an HVAC leak) and asked the guy to put in a hard-wired overhead light in that little hall. Our guy never responded with a price, so we got the new floor and had the HVAC leak fixed, and I installed a small, not ugly $20 motion-activated LED light on the ceiling in front of the freezer. Every stinkin' time I go to the freezer and that light pops on, I love my light again. My husband does, too, and remarks upon it regularly. I explained to him, "Take the joy you feel about the light, and multiply it by the amount of smugness I have about thinking of and installing the light, and that's how much joy **I** have about the light."
  8. I've developed a sudden averse reaction to the smell of cilantro, after a lifetime of cilantro love. Some cilantro smells like--underarms? Feces? Something dead? I dunno. I can stick the smelly bunches in everyone else's face and say "smell," and they're all just, "It smells like cilantro." Meanwhile, I can barely keep from vomiting. I had no idea it could be tied to hormones, but that would explain why it's not every bunch. I keep thinking I'm buying rotten cilantro. Anyway--thanks for the tip!
  9. Employee benefits attorney here. You can always roll a 401(k) distribution into a traditional IRA, even if you are not eligible to make new, pre-tax contributions to one. A solo 401(k) is a one-person 401(k) plan for purposes of making new contributions out of income as a sole proprietor. You don't need a solo 401(k) to roll a distribution from a previous employer's 401(k).
  10. I also have a Highlander, my third Toyota in a row over the last 17 years (Sienna, Venza, Highlander). I don't even look at other brands; I just determine what kind of car I need for this stage of life and buy the Toyota version of it. When my other family members' cars are having problems (last week, we basically paid our garage guy's mortgage), my Toyota is humming along, thriving on neglect. For inspiration on the longevity of your Highlander, my bought my grandmother's Camry when she died. The Camry was 13 yo with 35K miles. My daughter drove it for 4 years, until she moved to California. She is HARD on cars because she is not a great driver, but we never had any work done on it other than tires (when we got it, it had the ORIGINAL 13 yo tires on it) and the like. We gave it to my nephew, who is still driving it. It is 20 years old!
  11. I threw away all of my kitchen towels and wash cloths and started fresh with a whole new batch that match and are not stained. You know how kitchen towels get so ugly from stains even though they are perfectly fine? Those have now been relegated to the garbage or my garage. Makes me ridiculously happy to open the drawer and see pretty towels.
  12. I've never heard of this school before but looked at their website, and now I wanna go there. It looks so--happy!
  13. I am glad you mentioned this option. We did look at this, but barring automatic merit aid, we are full-pay, and adding an extra year to an already-expensive four (fingers crossed!) just did not seem prudent. Plus, I know it's first love and all of that, but his girlfriend is already a year ahead of him (she is a college freshman), and adding yet another year to their separation would be a hard sell.
  14. I am perplexed that you are perplexed. This is our only kitchen trash can. We just access it through the cut-out. Everything goes in there. We probably fill it up every day-and-a-half.
  15. Oh I meant overhang on trash bags! I use a 30 or 33 gallon bag in a 23 gallon can so it hangs over even when people stuff to-go containers through the hole in the island and into the trashcan underneath. The skimpy trash bag shown on the can I linked would never work with my set-up. But overhang on the island is also key so you get as much depth as possible.
  16. I have black cabinets on the perimeter and island, but a walnut countertop on my island. I love it more than I love my children. Well, maybe not more. . . Anyway, the one thing I always always always recommend for an island is a cutout for a giant trashcan underneath. My trashcan is in a full-height narrow (maybe 10") cabinet on one end of my island, and the cutout is about 5x7. I love that I do not have to open the door to throw stuff away. When I cook, I can just sweep things in there. I also love not having a trash can visible. I think this is the trashcan I use, but I use 30 gallon bags in it--overhang is key, as is having a can as tall as your base cabinet. Also--drawers. You want all the drawers in your island. I have bookshelves on the back side of mine, the side that faces the living area, but the kitchen side is deep drawers and trash.
  17. I bought one for my house full of teen boys to use. Bought them a rice cooker for the same reason. They use both on a near-daily basis. They eat frozen chicken nuggets and the like and rice for Second Dinner (they're pretty much hobbits) after evening workouts or for lunch on weekends. I like that I can keep them on the counter in my breakfast room and out of my kitchen, as I am super stingy re. permanent-resident status on my actual kitchen counter. (No application for permanent residence has ever been approved.) I never use it, but it wasn't for me. It does not make a mess, and that is key. I also hated the IP if that gives my opinion any credibility.
  18. I knew of a Novalee. She is probably 3 now; Swedish dad, Knoxville-native mom. I think it's pretty.
  19. I've never had surgery (or stitches, for that matter), but my daughters have, between them, had 6 or 7 orthopedic surgeries, and the post-surgical itching is not fun. I think cortisone can thin skin and cause worse scarring, but I could be 100% remembering that wrong. Benadryl cream, maybe? One of them had hives from, we think, the surgical glue, and she used topical Benadryl. I also want to say ice might have helped. It's been a while, so my suggestions are not really helpful; I mostly want to commiserate.
  20. Update: Grove City is now definitely on the list, and we're working on scheduling a visit.
  21. This was an early contender, but it fell off of the list for some reason I never understood. Location, maybe? It gets rave reviews on College Confidential, though.
  22. That's good to hear, as it is attractive for other reasons. He visited once when campus was closed but is visiting again in a couple of weeks.
  23. Thanks. I will have him take a look at both.
  24. On the table: Rose-Hulman Calvin Missouri S&T UAH Mines Letourneau Rejected: Bucknell; Kettering; Olin; CalTech (etc., likely not competitive for tippy-tops due to XCs), probably some others I'm not thinking of. He is probably not applying to all of these, but we all feel like we need one or two more to consider. Assume money is not an object. It IS, of course, but not at this stage.
  25. Because the teachers make him. I presume so they will be ready for pre-calc? I dunno. But I do not disagree with you at all.
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