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  1. On Wednesday, my freshman SON took 13 pairs of shoes. He was most concerned about transporting them! We bought one of those hanging shoe bags with the pockets, filled it with shoes, and then laid it across the top of all his boxes. His roommate brought 3 pairs.
  2. That's amazing! Never, never, never give up!!!
  3. Hey! I, too, am a Clemson Alum, and my ds was accepted for the 2018-2019 school year with only 2 years of the same language.
  4. Thank you, Plansrme! And best of luck to your dd at Stanford!!!
  5. Full tuition is very attractive!
  6. You had me at "significant enough amount of merit aid"...My son's calculus tutor has a PhD in mathematics from Baylor. I'll ask :-)
  7. Ds of amathis229 will be attending the Georgia Institute of Technology! Why: Large-ish school in a big city with a challenging science and math-based liberal arts/business curriculum. A state-funded scholarship pays tuition for qualified students. Major: Global Economics and Modern Languages Any other important info you would like to share: The liberal arts college has around 800 undergraduate students total, and I believe it has the potential to be a nurturing environment for ds - if he's willing to be nurtured!
  8. I love that he took the initiative. Mission accomplished!!!
  9. Ha! He is making the transition very bearable!
  10. Trying! I've been way too invested in the process. Time to back off (okay, probably way past time). I appreciate your encouragement!
  11. Thank you, GoodGrief1. Back when we started this process, GT was his dream school, but like you said, I wasn't sure that he would get in. I hope we get to that peaceful outcome soon.
  12. We visited GT on Friday for a Liberal Arts Shadow Day and South Carolina on Monday for an admitted Honors College Students tour and business school info session. Friday at GT eased any concerns I had regarding the liberal arts school - sharp students, outstanding advisors, small class sizes (1:5), and plentiful resources. If these two visits had not been scheduled so close together, we most likely would not have been making a second trip to South Carolina. But...we did, and ds wants to go to South Carolina. My husband believes that ds likes whichever school he visits last. I'm glad I canceled
  13. Yes! That was the article included with the newsletter!
  14. The December article about your dd was included in a newsletter my ds received from Tech yesterday. I just read it and all I can say is, "WOW!" Quite amazing!
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