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  1. nature girl


    You mentioned that it costs $100, and I see there's a program called Growing Minds Every Day for a little over that. Their description is below, but none of those bulleted items is really an issue for her (other than attention), so I don't know... Growing Brains Everyday is perfect for the homeschooler or a parent who wants to improve on the child's education. There is 150 day guide with new exercises throughout that, in 10 minutes a day will increase memory, processing speed, reading, writing and math! This is designed to specifically improve the following: Anxiety and nervousness Attention, ADD/ADHD Hypersensitivity Memory Processing Speed Logic Auditory skills development Visual skills development Reading skills - blending, segmenting, phoneme manipulation Handwriting Organization Time mangaement and ability to tell time
  2. nature girl


    Thanks so much. So is Pyramid of Potential different from the videos you see on exercises to integrate reflexes, or different enough that it's worth the cost? Or is it mostly the same? And you did it 6 times a day for how long each session? (We MIGHT be able to do that on weekends, I don't see how we could do more than 2 on weekdays since she's already exhausted.) It's a great idea to try to distract her during the exercises...I was playing music to try to calm her, but I bet a video would work much better. She loves them and I mostly keep her off media. (Trying to figure out how we might make that work with some of the exercises that require a lot of movement.) It's amazing that it's worked so well for your DS, wow. I've always kind of dismissed reflexes, because her distraction/impulsivity seems so much more intense than just a result of sitting crooked or her body moving in the wrong way. But that you could see such a difference in aggression is amazing. I keep thinking reflexes might be part of the issue, because she was late in all gross motor, I had her in EI early and their exercises pushed her along probably faster than she should have gone to develop those skills naturally. 😞 Who knew...
  3. nature girl


    We've been taking weekend breaks to reduce tolerance, which is when we see most of our issues. So it's not withdrawal (we actually see it more on the 2nd day off than the first.) Evenings have actually been pretty good recently, mornings as well, although we have had a couple of evenings with a 5 minute aggressive interlude which really scared me, and made me want to figure out better answers. Again it's mostly weekends, though. And because she's okay for most of the weekend (super hyper, no focus, but nothing severe), I'm not sure how we can modify full days in order to prevent the outbursts. (I should probably go back to doing heavy work, though, which I've slacked on.)
  4. nature girl


    I'd looked into Pyramid of Potential awhile back...So do you think that's worthwhile to invest in? I tried doing some reflex integration using youtube vids awhile ago, and she was SO resistant. She'd just break down whenever things got remotely hard, even simple things like hand exercises for Moro, so I gave up after a few days. 😞 I'll definitely post when we get our results. They said 6 weeks? So we may have another month to go, but their progress bar says they've done the extraction and such already, so I'm not sure how much time it might take. (Did you go through Promethease after 23andMe? Or is there another analysis program that gives the info. you found? Looking at Promethease, I can't find much of the information it seems like you got for DS.)
  5. nature girl


    We actually sent in a 23andMe sample for her a couple of weeks ago based on one of your posts. 🙂 Thanks, OhE, this all makes a lot of sense. I did also ask the woman who'd recommended it whether her daughter has SPD as well as ADHD...We've got some mild SPD going on here, she's somewhat sensory seeking, but also over-sensitive to touch, there are some issues with clothing and having her hair brushed, but nothing severe. You're right that our main issue is dysregulation, and mostly while unmedicated...We've been working on that for years with Zones, We Thinkers and the use of tokens, and it hasn't gotten much better. Recently it's actually gotten somewhat worse, which is why I'm looking into other options. The woman who wrote to me said that her daughters moods and aggression decreased substantially after starting, but again I'm waiting for clarification on whether she had sensory issues. It makes sense that sensory integration would help in those areas when you're dealing with SPD, but probably not when it's as mild as we're seeing.
  6. nature girl


    DD was in OT for many months, and I was really turned off by the therapist (and it was a long drive), so we gave up. It's the only option we have in the area. I'm asking the person who wrote to me for more specifics, because I want to see whether there's more to the program than there seems to be. But all you're saying makes sense, thank you...I may try some of the activities on my own (diffusing scents while having her feel different textures or listen to music, etc.) to see whether there are any improvements. But yeah, the price does seem unreasonable if that really is all there is. (I did just find one peer-reviewed study with 1,000 kids, and they had impressive results, but it was only ASD kids, and it's hard to tell what level of impairment they had before starting.)
  7. nature girl


    Yes, I know it does seem too good to be true. But I started looking into it because someone told me they'd seen significant improvement after a few weeks using the program, so I wanted to see whether anyone here had any experience.
  8. nature girl


    Have any of you heard of, or tried, the Mendability program? It's mainly a sensory integration program, looks like it's basically exposing kids to more than one sense at one time...I'm curious whether it makes sense to try it. My daughter has been balking at any neuroplasticity/reflex integration activities I try, and I'm drawn to this because it looks like it takes so little time and effort on the child's part. But it also looks a little too good to be true, and I can't find peer-review studies. Thoughts? Mendability
  9. We don't have firsthand experience, but I've heard a lot from others, as well as Barkley, about non-stimulants being especially beneficial for leveling moods (although not so helpful for focus and impulsivity.)
  10. nature girl

    Want to know more about genetic testing

    Is that the Ancestry bit that you can get for $79? I've bought the Health and Ancestry for $99 (for myself and my husband) but I'm now thinking of buying it for DD. Do they give you the same sequencing when you buy just the Ancestry piece?
  11. Is she able to figure out the sound words begins with? Say the word and then that beginning sound? If so, I wonder if letter writing could somehow help her connect the look of the letter to a word beginning with that sound, and then to the sound itself? So, for example, she could draw a B, and then turn it into a bear, saying the beginning sound as she draws...(I realize I may be underestimating how difficult it is for a child with APD to break apart sounds.)
  12. nature girl

    S/O countercultural kids on GE board

    A NT adult friend of my SIL still sleeps with her stuffed bear from childhood!! (And she's married!)
  13. nature girl

    S/O countercultural kids on GE board

    OneStep, after hearing your son's story I think I've fallen in love. :) I've wrestled with this as well with my daughter, so I'll be following along with this conversation. We're lucky that it hasn't been too much of an issue so far (2nd grade), but I'm sure it will be as she gets older and kids get more clique-y. As an example, since she was very little, 2 or 3, she's made up various imaginary friends. And for the past 3 years that friend has been "Tweetie," a little bird she makes by fluttering her fingers, talking to it (it makes bird songs back), blaming it for little pranks, etc...I think she uses it too when she feels uncomfortable about situations or doesn't know what to say, it helps having that little friend at her side. So I wouldn't want to tell her to stop, but for a long while I was telling her it would be best not to talk about it with her classmates (I suggested she keep Tweetie in her pocket...) and she didn't mention it when she first started PS last year. But sometime since then, everyone in her class has come to know about Tweetie. She says they think he's cute, that they talk to Tweetie and acknowledge him as a real presence, and one of the girls in her class actually has started making her own bird with her fingers that she calls "Sweetie..." :wub: So we've been REALLY lucky so far, but I know that won't last forever. And that eventually a certain type of kid might use it as an opportunity to tease. SaveSave
  14. nature girl

    Thinking of you, PeterPan

    Promethease IS overwhelming! I used it on 23andMe data for myself last year. But if you know what you're looking for and search on those things, it becomes more manageable. It also flagged big risks I wasn't aware of. Peter Pan, how did you decide on the Niacin, D and K2? Was it the result of testing, or just something you wanted to try on him? I've considered doing testing on DD, to see whether there was anything we were missing. (I actually bought the aforementioned kit for her! But then saw they said not to use it on kids...even though they didn't explain why, I got worried they might be suggesting they might not be able to ensure privacy in the distant future, so just used it on myself. Now I'm guessing it's actually because kids under 18 can't give consent..) Anyway, DD's behavior on meds is good, but we're starting to see issues creep in, she's developing tolerance, and I really don't want to increase her dose. I've been keeping her off meds on weekends to try to reduce tolerance, and I can see how big some of the behavioral issues still are...and they're getting harder to contain as she gets older. So I've been wondering whether there's something dietary we can try...She's had digestive issues (constipation as an infant, a lot of spitting up, and then 2 years of diarrhea between 2 and 4, so even though those have resolved, I've been wondering whether there's something going on in her gut. We've done elimination diets, and tried various supplements, but stopped searching when we gave up on trying to help her naturally. Now, I really want to try again...But I don't know whether a genetic test will give us the info we need to know.
  15. I think one of the things that drew me to the program was the idea that there's some interaction between everyone participating...(I might be wrong about what this involves, that's just the impression I got from a cursory view.) I guess I'll try the 2 week free trial to see if DD wants to continue. Thanks for the feedback!
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