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  1. Kate Snow's new Kindergarten Math With Confidence looks really good and gentle. That would be a good way to do math with a 6 year old. Maybe something like torchlight kindergarten for both kids so they get exposure to lots of books on all topics but it has a lot of picture books. Since it sounds like they have not been in school much but they do seem to do well when they do get exposed a good systematic phonics program that starts from the beginning would be good to start with. I really like using the I See Sam readers with a beginning reader to go along with whatever phonics lessons.
  2. I personally am avoiding social media but I do not avoid the news altogether or anything related the pandemic. I just limit when I check things to one time of the day and to reliable news sources. I check the site that show the measures of how different parts of the country are doing, the world meter and reliable news sources. I do feel it is important to be informed but too much is not good for the mental health. Control the things you can control like decisions related to the church but other things are out of your control.
  3. There already is a lot of data being collected on any person especially if they have a smart phone, use social media or a smart home device. It keeps track key words which can be used to advertise. It targets ads based on what you search for and buy. They know there is traffic on the GPS because of how many phones are on the street. Etc... So why is contact tracing to keep a pandemic at bay but also allow businesses to open such a problem that is going to lead to an authoritarian government and turn us into China!? Other countries like Australia and Europe will turn into China too? The poin
  4. I honestly would have a hard time just ignoring something racist. I would be tempted to post back but I am not sure I would or not. I know it will not change their mind but I still feel that calling out racism shows the others that don’t feel like that there are others out there. I have snoozed or unfollowed people but I would consider unfriending too. I am taking a break altogether for now and when I go back I will be unfollowing or unfriending more.
  5. Yes I agree. Contact tracing and testing is one piece of it. The other is to look at hospital capacity to handle cases and how cases are rising. They do have good guidelines and info on the what each place looks out there and when they can take the first steps slowly two weeks at a time as numbers continue to look good. Unfortunately not everywhere is following the guidelines and some are taking steps before all the criteria is in place which can lead us right back to where we were in March.
  6. Contact tracing is what allows businesses to open while still keeping things under control. It is not only China doing it. It has worked in any place that has done it. When we first became aware of the virus and it’s spread we did not have enough testing and the ability to contact trace and we were starting to get exponential spread. We had to many cases at that point for it to be effective so we had to take the step we did to hammer down the cases to prepare hospitals with PPE and to get enough testing. If we open things back up before there is an ability to test more or find out contact
  7. Yes exactly! You will never have a perfect count and there can be instances with someone counted that did not have it but overall the numbers are undercounted by quite a lot.
  8. Ugh I thought there seemed to not be conspiracies shared here at least but I guess I was wrong. I have posted a huge thing of facts about this with tons of links that show that numbers are most definitely undercounted not overcounted. In all places with outbreaks there are a ton of excess deaths that are not even getting counted. The hospital is filled with covid-19 patients and they used more ICU beds then are available. The hospitalization rates and deaths have soared in places with outbreaks. The morgues and funeral homes cannot keep up. The way deaths are counted for covid-19 is much less
  9. This was really starting to get to me and I was seeing it shared by people who usually don't fall prey to that sort of thing. The Plandemic one got shared like crazy. Another thing I saw being shared a lot was claims that we were counting lots of deaths as covid-19 that are not. Then there are lots of stuff being shared about how it is no worse then the flu like those two doctors who ended up in the Plandemic video too. I tried to counter it with the facts and about the reliability of the sources things were coming from but it is like talking to brick walls. It is actually being shared by peop
  10. I used it with BYL 7 last year. As we were reading about a continent they worked on the seterra map for that continent until they could get 100%.
  11. I have no problem with them doing stuff like that but they probably should just describe the different areas so people with very young children could avoid the amputation if they wanted. One time my ds was watching a Ken Burns Civil War thing and I was really surprised my dd was watching it too because she usually is not into that sort of thing. A short while later she was running downstairs because they were showing an amputation. She was older and it was on tv not something that looked real like what you saw.
  12. I use both. I prefer digital quality but I have taken cell phone pictures that are good too. I never bring my digital camera on a beach though or somewhere with sand though.
  13. If more people in an area get diagnosed then it leads to more awareness which leads to even more getting diagnosed and that can especially happen in certain areas. I think it is more awareness in the case of the increase in NJ and not something in the environment especially over the last four years. NJ did have a lot of industry and pollution in the past but lead paint and pollution would not lead to an increase recently it would have been earlier. Things have improved in that area. The vaccine link has been studied more then anything and has been disproven plus there is nothing remarkable abo
  14. FAN math gives more explicit instruction on how to do a problem but has less problems overall. So they both can be used if you want explicit instruction and practice.
  15. She has forgotten some arithmetic too. I was leaning towards getting a spiral math but adding conceptual teaching to it as it fits. I think I will try CLE as a base and add things like Beast Academy which she prefers to MM or the FAN math books to do when she needs to learn a concept or alongside when it works out time wise.
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