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  1. I used it with BYL 7 last year. As we were reading about a continent they worked on the seterra map for that continent until they could get 100%.
  2. I have no problem with them doing stuff like that but they probably should just describe the different areas so people with very young children could avoid the amputation if they wanted. One time my ds was watching a Ken Burns Civil War thing and I was really surprised my dd was watching it too because she usually is not into that sort of thing. A short while later she was running downstairs because they were showing an amputation. She was older and it was on tv not something that looked real like what you saw.
  3. I use both. I prefer digital quality but I have taken cell phone pictures that are good too. I never bring my digital camera on a beach though or somewhere with sand though.
  4. If more people in an area get diagnosed then it leads to more awareness which leads to even more getting diagnosed and that can especially happen in certain areas. I think it is more awareness in the case of the increase in NJ and not something in the environment especially over the last four years. NJ did have a lot of industry and pollution in the past but lead paint and pollution would not lead to an increase recently it would have been earlier. Things have improved in that area. The vaccine link has been studied more then anything and has been disproven plus there is nothing remarkable about the vaccine rates in NJ to lead to a NJ specific increase. If there is more awareness about the more subtle end of the spectrum and they start screening then you will see an increase in people getting diagnosed. It could have been just chalked up to quirkiness or adhd or something else before. Doctors also may be more aware themselves. In past years it was common to hear things like they are too social and they make eye contact so it cannot be autism. I do think autism itself could have environmental triggers in addition to it being genetic. There are probably lots of genes involved so it could very well not be seen in two people but when they get together it is seen in their children. Even in identical twins there are some differences based on what genes get turned on or off or mutations etc.
  5. FAN math gives more explicit instruction on how to do a problem but has less problems overall. So they both can be used if you want explicit instruction and practice.
  6. She has forgotten some arithmetic too. I was leaning towards getting a spiral math but adding conceptual teaching to it as it fits. I think I will try CLE as a base and add things like Beast Academy which she prefers to MM or the FAN math books to do when she needs to learn a concept or alongside when it works out time wise.
  7. My kids went to a school like that and the homework got worse every year especially in 4th grade. My dd at that point had no free time because homework took too long. That was one of several reasons I decided to just homeschool. The reason I waited longer to decide to pull them was because I knew once I made the decision I could not go back because we could not get in again.
  8. My youngest dd can pick up on math concepts well and does well with learning things conceptually like how numbers can break up. She was working above grade level and she did good learning things with Cuisenaire rods, ten frames and base ten blocks. An issue I am running into though is she forgets what she learned if she is not regularly reviewing previous concepts. I was using conceptual mastery curricuoums like Signpaore and Beast Academy and at first it seemed like she was doing well but when we return to topics she actually has forgotten stuff. I am trying to decide whether to try to add spiral practice to a mastery program or use CLE but add hands on conceptual learning to it. I am trying adding spiral practice (mathematical reasoning) to math mammoth but it seems to be too much since math mammoth lessons take a while and not the right kind of spiral.
  9. Yes that law was put in place for a reason and even if I was in a state without that rule I would enforce it. We know someone who lost their teen because of this.
  10. I tried it on two garden beds. We had a lot of wood anyway and I covered them with topsoil. It was successful the first year but my sheet mulching style beds were more successful in subsequent years. It did not use woodchips or a cover like clover
  11. Guessing rather then sounding out is something that needs to be addressed. It is a habit that is hard to break since it gets ingrained but it can be done. I personally prefer things similar to ElizabethB materials then Barton but there are those that do like Barton.
  12. This among many other things was an issue with Barton for my child when I was trying to use it with a first grader. She did not engage with the Barton stories at all and therefore was not comprehending. Once we switched the problem went away and she was very much was engaging with and understanding what she read with no issues. She started predicting and wondering as she read, making comments and could answer questions. It was not really a level problem because she can understand stories that are above grade level.
  13. I tend to not be bothered by kids that are allowed to play by themselves but this child obviously needs supervision based on her behavior. Pushing kids into a pool is a very unsafe situation and all her behavior is very obnoxious and a nuisance. I am really surprised they are so nonchalant about this kid with so many people complaining. It is extremely reckless to let a child that age unsupervised in a pool. Even if she could swim she could get in trouble and drown. Drowning is a leading cause of death for children. I like the idea of giving them a warming before contacting corporate. I would ask for a supervisor and tell them that I was very disturbed that the child was left alone to push people into the pool and that it is extremely dangerous for that child and a safety issue and must be rectified immediately. I would tell them the reason you stayed there is for the pool and you did not get to enjoy it because of what occurred. I would tell them that I would be going higher up and might even involve CPS if the situation was not immediately and permanently resolved.
  14. I hate having debt but in your situation i would not go back yet. I would at least wait a year and try to get the school age kids reading especially if the school does balanced literacy which so many schools seem to do. If they are struggling but not encouraged to sound out words it is much hard to fix that because they develop bad habits. Reevaluate next year when your 3 year old is older and you have a chance to get the other two reading better.
  15. That would not be in our budget at all to do something like that. If I could take a trip like that I probably prefer to do it when I had more time then a weekend and could spend time with them.
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