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  1. Just a little check in. I'm working out only a fraction of what I previously did. School has definitely taken over my life. Aiming to make it to the gym 3 days a week. Last week I managed one. I'm doing my best to park far away, take the stairs, and eat well. Just wanted to say hi!
  2. You should call the local police for her. I don't think people on the internet can help as much as local law enforcement.
  3. Artichokes are a weekly thing in our house when they're in season (this might be a California thing). If you have an instant pot, that's the absolute best way to cook them. About 10 minutes (12 if it's really big). My family loves to dip in butter but I prefer garlic aioli (mayo, garlic, squeeze of lemon). The heart is the grand finale and I would recommend Youtubing how to eat it because you're going to need to scoop out the middle part, not a big deal, but best to just see it done. Next level artichoke experience is to steam them, then cut them in half and put in a balsamic marinade. The next day, throw those babies on the grill and heat through. It's a real crowd pleaser.
  4. There are some groups that I would argue cursing increases one’s ability to witness to. Behavior modification is a pretty ineffective discipling approach. But I don’t view all “bad” language as sinful. Even Paul used the equivalent of sh*t in his letter to the Philippians.
  5. I always try to think of what a first-timer would experience. I think it's probably 50/50. Some would feel exposed, others would feel seen. Overall, I lean toward it being a good idea. I like the idea of it being like a once a month thing, or something.
  6. I have teens in high level sports. We spend thousands.
  7. Ok, I get your frustration with the pouting. But, you know, this is probably not about tea. My guess is that it’s about time together and connection. What he’s feeling is rejection and that’s a valid feeling. You (like most moms) are very ready to prioritize your connection to your kids- their emotions, their comfort... you can see where I’m going here. Your feelings are valid, too. I just wouldn’t be so quick to distill his down to purely tea.
  8. I would do it. I’ve never regretted prioritizing my husband and marriage. And my kids have always been fine. Better than I thought they would be.
  9. I’m ashamed to admit that I read through the entire Twilight series last summer because I was craving twaddle. Sometimes you need that candy!
  10. I’m so glad the seizures didn’t start while she was driving. Thank God you and your husband were right there. So many scary possibilities and I would call that best-case. She will need to stay off the roads until she has been seizure free for a length of time. In my state, it’s 6 months. I’m so sorry.
  11. I think you’ve captured the essence of how cats feel about cones.
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