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  1. That does bring up an interesting question that I have. I've seen tons of evidence for asymptomatic positive PCR tests (the ones that dx active infection) but I don't know that I've seen any for people who had no symptoms at all being positive for antibodies (and if I'm wrong, I'd love some links). That makes me wonder if the asymptomatic people even develop antibodies and maybe that's where we are seeing people who get infected twice? Just musing...
  2. Church and homeschool group was our number one but also sports teams and neighborhood. The only way I know how to make friends and help my kids make friends is through time together. That takes a heavy dose of intention. When I realized my son was really lacking in friendships, I worked really hard to set up consistent time with people. I set up weekly skate park dates and pushed him out the door to play with a neighbor kid. It worked. Those kids are still his best friends 7 years later. They’re closer than any friends he’s made in his last 4 years of public school.
  3. @square_25 can you link me to your calculations where you landed on 10%? I‘M having a hard time finding the post. Thanks!
  4. It depends on which one you get. I linked a reference page above which lays out the reliability of the currently approved tests. I intentionally waited till I could get either the Abbott Architect or Roche test. Abbott was easier to find.
  5. No, we decided to just do me and assume that our results are the same.
  6. Results came in fast- Negative. BOOOOO! but not shocked. As a reminder, these were my symptoms back in late Feb. I was more hopeful based on how sick dd was more than myself. I got the Abbott Architect test.
  7. Bummer! I think you and I discussed having very similar symptoms. I'm not going to say that my hopes aren't up, but I am actively reminding myself that this is a long shot.
  8. My county dashboard has it tracked as a thirty day supply. My nurse friends tell me that it's plentiful at our local hospitals right now.
  9. I found a great page about that last week. I'll go search and see if I can find it again. Found it!
  10. I've seen a few people mention that they have or will shortly get antibody testing and I thought it might be interesting to group those results together. Post as much info as you're comfortable with: symptoms, dates, the test used (if you know which one), and results. I should have my results sometime next week.
  11. I'm coming from an entirely high school perspective. Yes masks, and some sort of hybrid situation to lower the number of kids on campus at once. Like upperclassmen and lowerclassmen on campus opposite days or hours. These kids need social lives, too. They need their sports back. I guess in this way, I'm a little more let it fly. I think the cost of shutting down schools is way too high.
  12. Oh yeah, no one in our area is arguing for full herd immunity. The arguments here are basically cautious opening vs full shelter in place forevermore. We have a lot of wealthy people in my area who can afford to just live like this until the end. My biggest concern is school opening. I think we really need to let kids return next year. Distance learning was crap. I think the evidence supports letting kids return. But some people don't even like seeing people taking a walk without a mask on. Those are the divides that I am seeing. Indoor masks are mandatory here and almost entirely adhered to. I saw one lady walking around Safeway without one yesterday, but it's definitely a social norm.
  13. I totally agree that no matter what we do, this will affect the economy. No escaping that. Definitely, there will be a range of behavior changes depending on actual and perceived risk and those changes will and already are impacting the economy. I don't think I've heard anyone argue otherwise.
  14. Oh, for sure it would change someone’s behavior. I can’t remember the name of the cognitive bias- the one where you overestimate the likelihood of an event based on having seen the event before?
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