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  1. I love that area. This is so sad.
  2. I took my son up to SR for an appointment on Thursday and was shocked to see a fire right near the Kmart that burned down. The fire was nearly at the freeway and they had tankers dropping retardant on it. I think they got that one out but it was jarring to see a fire right where the Tubbs burned through.
  3. The Southern Hemisphere has already gone before us and the answer is yes, flu prevalence is MUCH lower this season.
  4. It doesn't matter if it's been less than a year. We get them at all different times of the year, depending on how together I am. This year we're definitely getting everyone done asap. Three down, two to go. I'm getting the next one done on Monday. My 18yo is being squirrely, and to be fair, his schedule is completely packed right now, but I'm trying to get him in soon. Kaiser is doing a drive through flu clinic.
  5. I am going into nursing and I decided both to protect my body and, tbh, to make me more marketable, I needed to lose about 40lb. I've gained about 5 of that back over quarantine but I'm determined not to fall back into old habits. I also REALLY notice how crappy I feel when I'm eating poorly. I've been sliding into some bad habits the last few weeks but I have a plan to turn it around.
  6. Don't do it!!!! This is a grass is greener situation. Moving is SO HARD. Discovering all the hidden, expensive issues in a house is hard and expensive. I'm telling you, find another outlet. My neighbor, who can't be happy without a home project, put up a she-shed in her back yard. They did all the work and it's an adorable work space. Then after that, they bought a small cabin in the woods to fix up. Maybe you'd like to rehab an RV? IDK, anything to not sacrifice a paid off house that already works for your family.
  7. It's a privately owned space, so I think SWB can do whatever she wants.
  8. This has been mostly a season of loss, but here's a few good things: With my classes moving online, I'm losing much less family time than I would have otherwise. DS had a nagging injury that was able to fully heal because his baseball season was delayed. DD was able to get her license despite the chaos.
  9. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I’m in a fairly dense neighborhood but it’s also pretty quiet. I’d call myself noise sensitive. I could never do actual country living. I’m too spoiled by the convenience of the suburbs. To the OP- if you’re going to move, I would actually do it soon. You can’t beat these interest rates.
  10. I don’t have thinning hair and they don’t sell it, so...
  11. My friends with thinning hair rave about Monat.
  12. The news says we're supposed to go bad again this weekend but we're still in the green at the moment. I really hope we don't have to cancel church again. We have a whole outdoor tent set up and it's been so nice to go in person.
  13. I've taken MANY online college courses and the typo thing is a common problem in online tests. It is completely standard for instructors to issue credit for those questions. I've never had an instructor refuse to adjust a test grade when it is clearly a computer formatting issue. She's a jerk.
  14. 16. Twelve were in our first 11 years of marriage.
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