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  1. Prayers and love to you, dear Stella.
  2. I was looking over my sylabus today and discovered that my stats class is at a completely different campus than my usual! Thank goodness I noticed before Wednesday. It's not a huge deal because the other campus isn't that much further and being in the opposite direction, it'll be a reverse commute. I also noticed that the instructor has a completely different textbook listed than what the bookstore had listed for the section. Fortunately, I'm still in the window to return my rental, but the correct textbook won't get here until after the first class. Whew. I hope that's the last of the surprises.
  3. Yes, on apple. The app is basically the name of the exam. Does the company that makes the test sell study material?
  4. I found one app for your test in the app store. It's $2.99, so not much to lose!
  5. I haven't heard of this particular test but for the TEAS, which is a nursing program entrance exam, I joined a FB group that was very helpful. There was a lot of info about what specifically to study for the science section. I also used an app for practice questions, which helped a ton. The science section for the TEAS definitely covered the largest breadth of information and took the most dedicated study time.
  6. sassenach

    Question for pool owners

    Glad I wasn’t the first to say this! OP, check out to see if you have an instructor in your area. Don’t let the name turn you off, most instructors work with kids of all ages. This is hands down the best approach to swim instruction I’ve ever experienced. It’s worth every penny.
  7. sassenach

    Bed, Bath, and Beyond's stupid return policy

    But it’s kind of the opposite, they were gaming me so I ended up with more store credit than I started with! I think I might have lost my cool in your situation!
  8. I bought 2 fairly expensive items, paid $100 using a gift card, and $120 using my visa. I went to return the $80 item today and they wanted to give me part of it on gift card and about $50 on my Visa. I said, no, I want it all on my visa since I charged the greater amount on my visa. The manager would NOT do it. He said that it was their policy to return proportional amounts. I took the item home with me and will now be returning BOTH items and repurchasing the item that I want to keep. So DUMB.
  9. sassenach

    Those who’ve done Whole 30 and coffee - questions

    I'm trying intermittent fasting right now and drinking black coffee in the mornings. Blech. I reward myself with coffee and cream in the afternoon. Worst case scenario, you only have 2 weeks to go. When you go finish W30 try to just have coffee and cream, without the sugar. I bet it will taste like heaven after a month of black coffee. Sorry I don't have any suggestions to spice it up!
  10. sassenach

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    Did you all see this? 😂
  11. sassenach

    I am going to need a whole wardrobe.....GRRRR

    The whole country is Konmariing right now so I’d hit up your local thrift stores.
  12. sassenach

    Kids movies I hate

    Loved Megamind! It was totally eclipsed by Despicable Me, but I thought it was a much better movie. Just thought if another I hated, Wall-E! Slowest movie EVER.
  13. sassenach

    Kids movies I hate

    Dumbo and Pinocchio- hate with fiery passion. Bambi- love/hate. Hunchback of Notre Dame- weirdly sexual and creepy. Barbie anything- NO.
  14. sassenach

    I need prayers

  15. sassenach

    living with chronic pain resources?

    The most helpful thing for my husband was to see a good counselor. The pain persists despite trying dozens (and dozens) of interventions, but his counselor was able to help him mentally/emotionally/spiritually increase his capacity to endure the pain and experience joy in the midst of it.
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