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  1. Oh, yeah, this wasn't a dramatic threat to leave or anything! I'll never be here as much as I used to be but I don't think I'll ever bail out completely. The responses were pretty much what I expected and I don't have the desire to engage with all of them. I probably shouldn't have bothered posting about it at all because I never for a second thought it would be received well. We're way past that around here.
  2. Sincerely, I haven't personally felt jumped on except maybe once, and it was because someone chose to nitpic ONE word of my post and turn it into a character issue. I have observed MANY people get "jumped on" and in my opinion, which will clearly be disagreed with here, it's not about having a minority opinion, it's about the use of extreme language and bold judgements about a person's character in light of a different personal choices. I'm not here to convince you that this has been a problem on this board. I'm telling you that a whole other board of people now exists because it absolutely is
  3. I think on this point, you all should just realize that you guys actually *do* jump on people with differing Covid opinions pretty heavily. To the point that there has been a whole migration of people off of this board and those who have stuck around here tend to just stay quiet now. I would call myself moderate and I mostly stay out of the conversations now because I just find them way too rabid. So, maybe there's nuance but that gets lost in the pile-ons. My sense is that the hardliners don't care much that people have left or don't participate, as long as their voices are the loudest. It's
  4. Group homes can actually be a very good experience for mild and moderately disabled adults. It sounds like he would be capable of communicating anything abusive. Your remark about getting stuck with the bulk of the work- this is me with my FIL right now. I don't blame you for anticipating that.
  5. Yep, that's right where ds and I were sitting. He at 130 and I was more like 120's when I was awake. I dropped into the 90's when I was sleeping.
  6. Both Ds and I got mild tachycardia with our respective vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) but I didn't think anything of it. It's a go-to reaction for both of our bodies so I just figured our immune system was working. Interestingly, I have a heart rate tracker and you could see the graph where my heart rate went from in the 90's in the middle of the night at about the 36hr mark and dropped into my normal low-70's. It was like a time stamp of when my immune system went back to normal post-vaccine.
  7. Mild to moderate joint aches and arm soreness. Nothing major. I had the most significant first shot reaction in our family but I wouldn’t call it significant.
  8. Final tally of second dose reactions: Moderna: me- BAD headache, fever, chills, muscle aches. Resolved after 36-48 hr. Felt off for a few more days. ds- sore arm for one day. Otherwise fine. pfizer: dh: no reaction. Nada. dd: slept for 18 hours. Felt good enough to go to the beach the next day. ds: low grade fever for 36hr. He’s non-verbal so I don’t know how he specifically felt but I would say he didn’t look happy. We kept him on Tylenol until the 2nd day. Day 2 he woke up smiling.
  9. I’m very interested in those if you could share. When I did some investigating, I was actually surprised by how much the ADE question (as immunity wanes) was still up in the air. I can post some of what I found tomorrow. ETA: I agree about the source but it did send me down a rabbit hole. Dh had me watch the video because he’s a pastor and he gets sent this stuff and needs an intelligent response.
  10. That’s what I thought, too, but it’s actually still a concern as immunity wanes. But I hope boosters will be the solution.
  11. There's a video circulating from Dr. Simone Gold of America's Frontline Doctors. In it, she brings up several unknowns about the vaccine, including antibody dependent enhancement. ADE as vaccine immunity wanes is a total unknown right now. Even the FDA documents put it in the category of unknown. Her claim is that previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines failed in part due to ADE observed in animal studies and that we should be concerned that this vaccine is being given to everyone without that question answered. She says a lot of other stuff that I found easy to blow off but ADE is actu
  12. I think they're going to have to work their way through this over time. Neither person can make the other be in or out of relationship with the mom. Going through the Boundaries book together is an excellent idea. I, too, have taught my kids to spot toxic from a mile away and I can kind of imagine myself in this type of situation. All you can do is encourage them to make each other the priority and work through the rest as it comes. I think minimizing your input is a good idea. They will truly need to navigate this together as a team if it's going to work (says the lady with a very toxic MIL).
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