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  1. I know it was a tough decision for you, but I’m glad that you won’t feel the need to get a job at the PS! What are you doing for yourself next school year?
  2. The list is too much, IMO. Things like drawer inspections are, IMO, demeaning and hard to keep up with. Honestly, I would focus on the public areas and let their rooms be what they’ll be. Give each kid an area of responsibility and designate a tidying hour. Rotate as desired.
  3. We had a ball python-, they’re super friendly snakes.
  4. Dh got me these for Christmas and they're great.
  5. I think part of it is I grew up with a dad who literally said yes to everything and it severely impacted our time/relationship with him. Even into adulthood, he couldn’t fly out to see my family because he had to help an elderly lady take care of her CAT. So I’m pretty ruthless about prioritizing my family over the rest of the world.
  6. I should really read the whole thread first before posting but I get lazy!
  7. You should really try chiropractic. It’s been years since I got an adjustment but when I did, you could instantly feel the eustachian tubes “stretch” out and open up.
  8. I would not agree to his plan (and I’m shocked that insurance sent the entire payout to him!). Your van needs to be professionally repaired. Period.
  9. We do this. It totally works as long as you don’t use this month’s money to pay last month’s bills. It could be a recipe for disaster if you did that.
  10. It does sound like there’s something else behind your emotions that is not connected to this particular conflict. It would not have bothered me in the least if dh helped me prepare paperwork. I would receive that as a thoughtful gesture. I would have been annoyed with myself if I didn’t look over that paperwork and ended up with a wasted dmv trip.
  11. We have a similar law in our state, and it's true, almost no parents hold their kids to it. We are the "strict" parents who do. Our son did get caught breaking the rule and taking friends out at lunch break. He was grounded from going out at lunch for several months after that but understood that was the consequence. Had our son resisted this correction, we would have taken his keys for a few weeks.
  12. I think they must drink 12 cups of coffee a day, no joke. Morning to night. ETA: I've never really thought about it, but when they got into town the other night, they said "Can you make me some coffee, I'm pretty amped up from the drive." It didn't occur to me till just now that they really do self medicate with coffee to produce a calming effect.
  13. I have a family member in town who is really hard to communicate with. They ask a ton of questions- starting as soon as you get up (so 6:30am for me today). But they often don't actually listen to the answer, or start talking over me halfway through. Some of their questions are really off the wall. I find myself saying, "I don't understand what you mean" at least 20 times a day. They switch between subjects on a dime, so it's sometimes very hard to follow what they are talking about. This person is neurotypical (except I think they probably have undiagnosed adhd) and very loving, but it's exhausting to spend the whole day like this. The kids and dh also struggle with this communication style. Just venting here because I have a few more days of navigating this!
  14. Gluten gives me reflux. I'm not terribly gluten sensitive (it doesn't really do anything else to me) but reflux is a really distinct consequence for me. He needs to make lifestyle changes or he is going to permenantly damage his kidneys. there's no way around that. I would really push for him (with you) to do an elimination diet like whole 30.
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