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  1. What I am most looking forward to about tomorrow is NOT being told to go vote. Or how to vote. Or what my vote means. Or how lucky I am to vote. I'm over it. I voted a week ago, leave me alone.


    1. texasmom33


      Amen sister. Or texts begging for money every five second. I'll be glad to see that go too. 

    2. Angie in VA

      Angie in VA

      I am so offended when others tell me to vote. Duh. I've been doing it for decades. It's not a new fad. It is the responsible thing to do. 

  2. sassenach

    Broken Ankle

    Just saw this and thought of you!
  3. sassenach

    What job that you have had that you really liked?

    Strangely, I liked waiting tables. Fast paced, I enjoy taking care of people, the shifts tend to be shorter, people were mostly generous tippers, and pounds just melted off of me.
  4. My most shut down answer was, “Oh yeah, I really love sex. It’s my favorite.” Conversation stopper.
  5. Rabbit trail- how was your trip? I thought of you when I saw the fleet week planes flying overhead. Did you get everything you hoped in?
  6. sassenach

    When two of your friends dont like each other

    All you can control is you. You either entertain these comments or you put up a boundary. I would say, "I love you, Susie, but I can't be the person you complain to anymore. It puts me in an uncomfortable position and I don't enjoy it." This may be indelicate, but when my dh was dealing with some life altering medical stuff, he used it as both motivation and justification to make some shifts in some relationships. New (healthier) boundaries were respected by the other party because when he said "life is short and I'm not doing this anymore," it carried some weight.
  7. This is my new favorite winery. They produce wine and olive oil, both INCREDIBLE, and I believe they ship anywhere. I’ve tasted nearly everything they put out and it’s all gift worthy.
  8. sassenach

    Updated: Horror movie shown to my little one

    Yeah, I don't need to particularly win this debate, but I would not call wikipedia a credible source for defining anything.
  9. sassenach

    Updated: Horror movie shown to my little one

    I would probably stop calling it a horror movie because in the generally accepted definition of the word, it is not. It comes across as over-reactive. I've dealt with a ton of school administration garbage and I have learned to position myself through my words, actions, and tone of voice to be the most reasonable, well-spoken, emotionally level parent that I have the ability to be. I don't give them any reason to write me off if I can help it. That said, it was inappropriate and the teacher should be held accountable for exposing your little to the content. PG=PARENTAL guidance for good reason.
  10. sassenach

    Age to Trick or Treat without adults?

    I think my kids were around 9 or 10?
  11. sassenach

    Dishwasher that really washes?

    Our Bosch is amazing. The dishes absolutely sparkle. Do you think maybe yours needs work? Our needed the water pump replaced recently. The dishes were coming out *almost* clean but not quite and I knew something was wrong.
  12. sassenach

    Jewelry from failed marriage

    Give it to your son. My mom gave me her jewelry from my dad and I really appreciate having it.
  13. sassenach

    On any typical average night...

    I think I'm right at 30 min, which totally works for me. My problem is if I wake up in the MIDDLE of the night, which happens pretty regularly because of my special needs son, it takes me 1-2 hours to fall back asleep. If he wakes me up at 4 or later, I'm screwed. There's no way to get back to sleep and actually make it through a cycle before I need to get up at 5:50. I try, but usually end up throwing in the towel.
  14. sassenach

    We're not sleeping

    Don’t wait to get a CO2 detector. They’re cheap. Go pick one up today.
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