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  1. All urgent care will do is prescribe an anti inflammatory and maybe give you a muscle relaxer. Now, muscle relaxers are the bomb, and may actually do the trick, but they’ll also completely incapacitate you.
  2. Teach in a different district? They’re not all run the same I second the head hunter suggestion Best of luck!
  3. sassenach


    Hey Chris, Just want to acknowledge that you went through hell with your son. I remember. I totally get why this is throwing up so many flags for you. Any parent that went through what you did would be a fool not to be extra aware of drug and alcohol use. Even at 21, I had a little fear around my dd starting to drink. The hard part is that we can't do it for them. They have to learn what's healthy and what's not. We have a lot of over-drinkers in my family, so there's plenty of object lessons available. I try to balance allowing her to enter this adult space and also put in my mom-caution when it's appropriate. (((HUGS)))
  4. For yoga, I like a little thinner. For pilates and stretch I like thicker.
  5. In middle school, they plan, they arrange rides, they do all the texting. My roles were as follows: 1) if they were going to someone's house I call and verify that a parent will be present and is aware that their house is being invaded, 2) I'm often the parent that gives other kids rides (my kids will say, "so and so needs a ride, can we pick them up?"). That's it. I definitely was never the person coordinating or texting parents.
  6. Done with stats and micro! Micro was my last prereq for program application, but unfortunately, I have to wait allllllll the way until January for the next application cycle. So now is a year of twidling my thumbs. I will take a few BSN corequisites next semester, then a full semester off. I plan on seeking out volunteer work at our local hospitals. Other than that, a lot more gym time! Next semester I'm only taking one class in person.
  7. It sounds like the snooper has a lot of amends to make.
  8. I think the snooper did more wrong. The journal writer created an effective trap and I have a hard time finding fault with that.
  9. sassenach


    See, now I feel like any sort of faux painting is very dated compared to wallpaper.
  10. sassenach


    It's for sure coming back but I don't feel that brave. I live in a pretty chi chi area and have a friend who hangs wallpaper for a living.
  11. I’m a semi-conservative living in an 80%+ liberal county. You can only imagine after the last election... Most people assume that I am liberal so if politics comes up, which it doesn’t really that often, I either have to out myself or let it go. Stay off of NextDoor.
  12. I’m having a hard time putting the silent treatment into the abuse category. Not every unhealthy or even manipulative behavior rises to the level of abuse, in my mind. I can see how silent treatment coupled with other emotionally abusive actions can be part of the package, but taken by itself... I get a little weary of labeling every individual action as abuse in itself. Does that make sense?
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