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  1. I have 2 friends that I would do an overnight with every 6 months for years and years, but both of them have recently moved away. I've never done an overnight by myself but I think it sounds lovely. Just do it!
  2. I think if we look at it as only the number of cases connected to the number of total vaccinations, that's one thing. But taking into account that it's all young women...there are a whole lot less number of vaccinations in that group. Whether it makes vaccines look bad or not, they really must take a minute to analyze the data for safety's sake.
  3. I. feel. your. pain. This is my 24yo. I can totally imagine a similar situation happening to me. No big words of advice. It's so hard to see her drowning in her own self pity and victimhood. It's a toxic way of being but I don't see any way to help her out of it, so I just pray for her. (((hugs)))
  4. It doesn't put you in a bad light at all. This is the real stuff of taking care of aging parents. We're in the thick of it with my FIL right now. It's a duty. I think you're right about going on a work day and leaving your weekends untouched. Is there a treat that you really like nearby? I reward myself with a Starbucks sometimes when I go take care of FIL. Things I give myself permission to do: Keep a visit short, skip a week, put boundaries on conversations
  5. Group homes can actually be a very good experience for mild and moderately disabled adults. It sounds like he would be capable of communicating anything abusive. Your remark about getting stuck with the bulk of the work- this is me with my FIL right now. I don't blame you for anticipating that.
  6. Yep, that's right where ds and I were sitting. He at 130 and I was more like 120's when I was awake. I dropped into the 90's when I was sleeping.
  7. Both Ds and I got mild tachycardia with our respective vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) but I didn't think anything of it. It's a go-to reaction for both of our bodies so I just figured our immune system was working. Interestingly, I have a heart rate tracker and you could see the graph where my heart rate went from in the 90's in the middle of the night at about the 36hr mark and dropped into my normal low-70's. It was like a time stamp of when my immune system went back to normal post-vaccine.
  8. Mild to moderate joint aches and arm soreness. Nothing major. I had the most significant first shot reaction in our family but I wouldn’t call it significant.
  9. Final tally of second dose reactions: Moderna: me- BAD headache, fever, chills, muscle aches. Resolved after 36-48 hr. Felt off for a few more days. ds- sore arm for one day. Otherwise fine. pfizer: dh: no reaction. Nada. dd: slept for 18 hours. Felt good enough to go to the beach the next day. ds: low grade fever for 36hr. He’s non-verbal so I don’t know how he specifically felt but I would say he didn’t look happy. We kept him on Tylenol until the 2nd day. Day 2 he woke up smiling.
  10. I think they're going to have to work their way through this over time. Neither person can make the other be in or out of relationship with the mom. Going through the Boundaries book together is an excellent idea. I, too, have taught my kids to spot toxic from a mile away and I can kind of imagine myself in this type of situation. All you can do is encourage them to make each other the priority and work through the rest as it comes. I think minimizing your input is a good idea. They will truly need to navigate this together as a team if it's going to work (says the lady with a very toxic MIL).
  11. How did you react to the first one? Moderna has a higher side effect profile than Pfizer. Each body is different, but I think you'll be fine.
  12. I might go Pretty Woman style for awhile. Somehow kissing feels more risky than the rest of it.
  13. Believe your kids. If they tell you something is happening, do not wait to see it for yourself. Have conversations about manipulative people, in general and those in power. I feel like my kids are amazing at spotting toxic people because we've had so many conversations about friends, classmates, or adults in which I pointed out unhealthy behavior and they were later able to spot it themselves. Be present. You don't need to be a helicopter parent in order to be there enough to spot things. Drop in on practice occasionally. Volunteer. Be the driver. Talk, talk, talk. My kids talk to me about s
  14. As a mom to a kid that has done tons of club level sports, this comes down to the parents. There is ALWAYS a choice. In club level, you can choose to pull your kid from a team, or go to the board, or both. At high school level, you can go to administration. At rec level, you can go to the board. The parents are the ones who decide if that coach gets to be a coach to their kid. Some parents will expose their kids to anything if it fulfills their fantasy of launching their kid into professional sports. It's so unhealthy and it totally exists. However, my own experience has been pretty good accou
  15. It's kind of amazing to me that no matter how wild or hard the circumstance, there is usually someone who has btdt and can tell you that it will be ok.
  16. I gave up on yard sales because dh absolutely loathes the part where I save stuff up in the garage for months. I finally made my peace with just donating.
  17. Dd and I were just having this discussion. It does feel so intimate to see a person’s whole face now! It has definitely given me new insight into traditions that cover.
  18. Most (maybe all?) of the people I know who aren't getting it don't do other vaccines either. It seems like most people who are selective with vaccines (me) decided to go ahead and get it. But those who don't do any vaccine (and I'm not going to degrade them with "anti-vax" because that's such a charged word and I know their stories and they have legit reasons behind their decisions) are certainly not doing this one.
  19. I haven't put much thought into this because my state is so extreme in its controls that there's no chance that we'll open up earlier than I'm comfortable. I think full vaccine access is my key. Whenever we can move from mass vaccine sites to this being a normal doctor's appointment thing, that will probably be a good sign. I'm pretty concerned that my state has no clear bottom to the controls. We've been told a mysterious green tier is coming but no one has defined it yet. Yellow tier is <1 case per 100K people per day. For my county that would be about 3 people a day. So if we have l
  20. For my family, in 2 1/2 weeks. We'll be fully vaccinated by Thursday of next week and we're going full normal, people in the house, unmasked, sleepovers, all of it. For society, I agree with whoever posted when everyone has full vaccine access.
  21. Yeah, I work as a vaccinator and that's a definite no. But this is a good example of how mistakes happen sometimes. At one of our mass vaccine sites, someone under 18 got Moderna and nobody caught it until she came in for her second dose. People were assuming that if they got the appointment, they had already been screened and when you have a site vaccinating 6k+ people a day, things can get lax.
  22. also, Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock
  23. I should have added "other" to my vote because I've also heard it called Roshambo.
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