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  1. For sure, I wouldn't bother confronting her. It won't change anything and will only serve to engage you further into her narrative.
  2. I think western culture's emphasis (especially mom culture) is to prioritize the kids over the husband. The general drift always seems to be in that direction. Dh and I work with a lot of couples and families and I truly cannot recall a single time that I've witnessed an unhealthy prioritizing of the marriage over the children. However, I have seen countless couples faltering under the prioritization of the children over the marriage. Countless. So, I think when people say "prioritize the marriage" what they're saying is "don't neglect the marriage."
  3. I can see why you feel the way you do. My suggestion would be to 1) be willing to spend a little money, 2) be willing to not bring the kids, 3) be willing to eat out. *What* you can do is actually endless. I do think it would be good to invite him to be the planner while you try to be the enthusiastic passenger. I think your main job right now is to embrace the idea and not put obstacles up. ETA: I want to clarify the be willing to eat out. It's not that food has to be involved but it is that it's a pretty convenient obstacle if you eliminate it from the options. I think you shoul
  4. Dh and I are big, big fans of date night. I have no problems leaving my kids home while we go out. For dh and I, this is one way we nurture our relationship. Of course, there are many ways to accomplish this, but for us, dedicated time together as a couple is a cornerstone. Having older teens and young adult children, I can also say with all confidence that those kids leave and don't look back. They build their own lives, separate from yours (as they should), and what you are left with is your marriage. So, date night or not, IMO you have to find some space for the marriage to flourish in the
  5. We're taking at least one legit vacation and probably a couple of college trips.
  6. I miss our king. We have the most comfortable mattress I've ever experienced (tempurpedic) but I still miss the space of our king. We had to down size when we moved.
  7. ZOMBIE. Also, I think we found our runaway ex.
  8. As a business move, I think it's necessary. I was a little nervous about the mRNA technology at first but now I'm pretty excited about the simplicity and adaptability of it. I think this will be an important tool for humanity.
  9. Pfizer is going to be out-competed by Moderna in the long run. The storage/transport issues and fragility are just way too cumbersome.
  10. She was so bad that I started an iPhone note with the titles of her threads. They were always incredibly anti-Christian. I just deleted it recently when I was purging my phone. That was allowed to go on for way too long.
  11. Day 3 update: The joint pain increased to moderate on day one, decreased to mild on day 2, and is so far gone on day 3. Arm pain was pretty bad yesterday and limited my range of motion but is about 80% better today. I've been taking Tylenol on and off, though I'm not sure it makes a huge difference. So that's about it! It'll be interesting to see the difference for my second shot.
  12. Y’all were right, I was wrong.
  13. This might only make sense to a limited audience but it’s definitely Bay Area funny.
  14. Got the Moderna vaccine this morning. Not painful at all going in. I’m having some mild joint pain. My arm feels normal sore.
  15. Sounds like that polio-like virus that seems to come in waves.
  16. There was an outbreak at LPCH, too, due to a staff potluck. They managed to keep that one out of the press. This about 6 weeks ago. Also, there are definitely staff still taking vacations to Cabo and getting back on the job right away. The feeling is that Kaiser is using the costume to push blame rather than acknowledge that they're doing a terrible job with employee testing and giving people the time off that they need.
  17. I have my appointment tomorrow morning! I am phase 1A, tier 2 in CA. Ds, who truly is the most at-risk person in our family, will be phase 1C. I wish I could give my dose to him.
  18. Word on the street is that Kaiser is pushing the employee in a costume narrative but the real reason for the outbreak is that they have had inadequate testing for employees and very cramped break rooms and crappy leave allowances for infected employees. That outbreak was already underway at SJ.
  19. You're back! Nosy question, how did things with your sister and her kids turn out?
  20. This is similar to our situation except my oldest is like your youngest and even though we haven't actually launched the last 2 yet, I am absolutely convinced it will be easier than the oldest. Our biggest challenge has been that the oldest wants to bring our younger kids along on her journey, so in addition to letting her experience her own consequences, we have had to set up some major boundaries as far as the younger kids are concerned. The most helpful part of all this is that she lives 7 hours away, so it's easier to manage than if she were here all the time. It's exhausting
  21. Family budget. This one is going to a vacation this summer.
  22. My butcher told me this today: Bring it to room temp for 2 hours before cooking (V important) Cook at 425 for 30 min Cook at 325 for approx 1 1/2hr (until the very center reaches temp of 120) Take out and rest 30 min, no tinfoil. Rest for another 15-30+ min with tinfoil. (minimum rest time 45 min but he says the more the better)
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