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  1. Our first wave of transmission was based on zero behavior modification. As we go back, we’re already adjusted to huge modifications. That in itself will lead to less transmission. If we add readily available testing on top of that, I’m very hopeful that we can keep things at a slow burn. I live in CA so there’s no fear of too few restrictions here but a lot of angst over how we’re already seeing the economy crumble. We’ve lost SO MANY businesses already. Not just small. We’ve had several big ones close their SF offices. Our food bank demand has doubled. I’m incredibly concerned.
  2. You’re right. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people feel hoodwinked from this round and won’t be as cooperative in the future.
  3. Ok, as someone who has worked in food service, this made me LOL.
  4. I don’t like every meme posted here but that’s ok. If we only post memes that every person likes, we will post zero memes.
  5. IIRC, by definition, case fatality rates cannot even be calculated until the event has completed.
  6. Nah. I've left store bought eggs on the counter with no problem. But do toss the mayo.
  7. I’d probably keep all the dairy because it’s easy to tell when that’s turned. Sniff test before serving. I’d expect you’ll ultimately end up tossing a lot of it but I’d rather eat what I could over the next few days. Toss any meat, leftovers, etc. Sorry, that’s a huge bummer.
  8. Just so you know, many (all?) N95s offer no protection to the person not wearing the mask because they have exit valves. You’d be safer if they are wearing a surgical mask (this is why surgeons wear surgical masks and not N95s). N95s only protect the wearer.
  9. My friend who is an ICU nurse has treated a lot of people who did not come in right away for stroke, MI, or other major symptoms and suffered the consequences. She’s only had 1 Covid patient this whole time but many delayed treatment patients.
  10. I hate cooking on anything but gas. It would be a real sacrifice for me to give it up. Give it a try!
  11. I think that’s totally fine.
  12. Has this been posted yet? This both makes me feel worse and better.
  13. After my semester is done (In about 2 weeks) I am most certainly doing another round of whole 30. I’ve been eating like crap. My goal isn’t really weight loss at this point (ok, maybe 5 lb max). The real goal is maintaining my 40 lb of weight loss that was hard earned in 2019.
  14. I hear you. But also, don’t you think a bacterial infection is inherently different than a viral one?
  15. I can only speak to our church, but counseling has continued via Zoom. All of our gospel communities, youth, women's and men's groups are still meeting via zoom. We facilitate a food bank on the weekends and that has also continued, but completely modified. It's the only time that we see any of our people in person. We're still caring for the elderly/those in need by staying in contact and dispatching people to help supply needs. But nothing replaces corporate worship. It's a big hole in my heart to not gather with God's people. We'll get it back one day, but it's sorely missed right now.
  16. Despite the unknown on what exactly antibodies mean, I still want to know. Roche and Abbott both have FDA approved, non-rapid tests that I will be looking into this week. They both look fairly reliable.
  17. That seems to correlate more with population density and public health measures than latitude, don't you think?
  18. This week I've seen: Anthony Fauci framed a scientist (not sure why) Bill Gates patented Coronavirus in 2006 (wtf?) Coronavirus researcher on the verge of a breakthrough murdered What about you?
  19. Oh, I'm so sorry! I totally think that's possible for us. Such a large portion of the tests they have done are coming back negative and lots of people thought they had it but didn't. I definitely don't want to bank on it.
  20. Yeah, can you imagine? Disney, convention center, airports, airplanes, all the food places.... the good news is that she had very little movement in her latent phase because she came home from that big trip and it was spring break, so she mostly stayed home to recover from the trip. She got sick before school started back up and then missed a whole week of school. So thankfully, she didn't expose anyone outside of our family.
  21. That's not a bad idea though it's been almost 3 months so I doubt they would do anything tracing wise.
  22. I feel like whether it comes back positive or negative, it would not change my overall behavior much. But I am more prone to assume a negative is a negative to keep myself in the right mindset. Dd is a totally typical 15yo, so she's fully capable of making the adjustment. She has just ALWAYS been that kid. Like I looked down once at a tourist attraction and she was literally licking the handrail as we walked the line (she was 3). THAT KID.
  23. Some of you saw my previous post about my plan to get antibody testing, followed by my decision to wait for a more reliable test. So while I wait, let's make some predictions. I'll be taking bets whenever I finally get the testing. My symptoms are not that convincing by themselves but when you combine them with dd's symptoms, it's much more suspicious. Mid-February, dd traveled to LA and honestly could not have been more exposed. She went to a multi-day cheer competition with 15k attendees (think of the projected droplets?!). She also went to Disney, flew round trip, and slept in a hotel room with 8 girls. Also, she's our family's forever patient zero because she is terrible about putting her hands/random objects in her mouth. She got sick 5 days after arriving home. High fever, sore throat, exhaustion, diarrhea, loss of taste, body aches (more like body exhaustion, like she had a hard time making her muscles get her out of bed), chills, cough. She recovered after about a week but it took her another 2 weeks to shake the exhaustion. I caught the virus from her. My dominant symptom was sore throat. Like the sorest I've had outside of strep. I had a mid-range fever, chills, diarrhea. Light cough that came up at the tail end but was not terrible. My chest felt heavy for about a month following (kicking myself for never checking my O2 sat). I did not feel as sick as dd. I've had my worst season of Raynaud's syndrome ever. My toes have been angry since November. So when they got this weird rash/flaking at the tips, I totally thought it was that. Cut to me seeing a news article last week with toes that look JUST like my weird toes. Walking it back, I do think it started around the same time as I was sick, but I didn't connect the 2 things at all, so I can't be sure. What do you guys think? If you have Raynaud's, do you get weird flakiness at the tips of your toes? UPDATE: Nope, negative for antibodies.
  24. No one is working right now but it’s been a topic of discussion for the summer. No final decisions yet but we will probably let them work with masks on (which is the law here anyway).
  25. They almost always subsided shortly after birth except pesto with one kid, which took me about a year to get back to.
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